Skype on BlackBerry 10 - Not as widely used as many of us thought

By James Richardson on 3 Sep 2014 02:33 pm EDT

Earlier this week I decided to ask the question if you use Skype on BlackBerry 10. If you missed the original post, I had the idea to run the poll as I very rarely use Skype even though it was one of those apps that before it was available, I was gagging for on BB10.

I'm fairly sure that the reason I don't use it is because BBM does a much better job in my opinion. If the Skype app was a native BlackBerry 10 one and not an Android port things may be different, but for instant messaging, BBM has more to offer. And with BBM voice and video offering such fantastic sound quality I find it a lot less hassle to hit up a buddy on BBM rather than firing up Skype.

Will we see a native BlackBerry 10 Skype app? I doubt it anytime soon, but if the likes of the BlackBerry Passport and Classic take off in the enterprise sector you never know. Skype may change their minds. Only time will tell.

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Skype on BlackBerry 10 - Not as widely used as many of us thought



And many other places in the world.

Besides, according to the survey, most people are using Skype - not sure about the title.

Truth is, Skype sucks on Windows too. It's shoddy everywhere. But there isn't a more ubiquitous and free video chat service available. If BBM would go cross platform video chat, including desktop, it would start to peck away at Skype dominance.

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Isn't Blend solving the cross platform problem??? and simultaneously eliminating the need of multiple logins?

Also, multiple logins is a security and logistics nightmare - Skype only addressed this problem recently, and in turn eliminated the app being functional on my win7 phone - and their solution is still rather insecure.

Exactly, you can't compare native to a broken port that never got updated in months.
My guess is a lot of people as myself want to use it, but it's not working properly, bad survey...terribly skewed.

Yeah I've noticed that, how about the windows phone version, I have to assume that version has to be the most stable.

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Well I use Windows Phone 7... and it was buggy and slow, and now it doesn't even work anymore :'(

But Skype is spotty at best in a Windows environment. So if it's crappy there (where it should be at its best) what does that say about the service in general? At least BBM is great on its home turf.

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Yup, +1 that comment!

I'd like to use Skype more but it is just too unreliable on BB10. Fortunately there is no shortage of alternatives these days.

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I avoid using it on my Z10 so I use it on PC. But I always used if before on my previous Androids

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It's not just slow. It asks for blood samples too! Way too many permissions required to run this. I prefer to pass on it.

In all fairness Skype is equally crappy on windows and Android and Apple.
Like another user already said, if BBM Video went cross platform, people would see how the service should be working.
But I have friends on Android that opt to call me on BBM Voice without even thinking about it, because their is no denying the call quality

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The call quality is redic on bbm voice!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureever

Whenever I call someone on android through BBM I hear the echo of my voice. I get no such issues when I call an Iphone or a blackberry phone or tablet.

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Not surprised. Everyone was drooling over it and now nobody uses it. Again to the debate about apps being over rated.

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Shhhhh. Don't make Skype think that BlackBerry users are not interested in Skype. 55%+ do use it so some extent, although assuredly usage would increased if the version offered operated a bit better. Right now, it's passable but does nothing to encourage additional use.

The point I want to make that I'm in the group those that open it when needed, but the truth be told, I use Skype the exact same way on my Windows desktop, my iMac and my Android tablet. Therefore I submit that 55% utilization isn't such a bad number.

I agree with you 100%. Skype and Whatsapp were among the must have apps that people clamored for when BB 10 was in discussion stages. How quickly we forget.

Blackberry always.....

"Skype on BlackBerry 10 - Not as widely used as many of us thought. By James Richardson"

This is the title of the article. However, a casual glance at the poll analysis sows that 65% of the respondents use Skype.

Crackberry, please!! You can do better.

Blackberry always.....

Also, a look at the comments of where the poll is tells you that it's because it's a poor experience, not because we use bbm instead.

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He said not as widely used as many thought. Not that a small majority use it sometimes.

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Of you look at the results, they show about 85% of respondents either don't use it at all, or sometimes use it. Not the results I would expect to see back when there was all this complaining, to put it cleanly, about what an absolute must have app this is, and how could BB not have this app, and whine....and cry....and whine some more....

Got a year and a half from BlackBerry's promotion, very very very happy!

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I would use it more if it was native and integrated in the hub to send and receive messages.

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Exactly my point as well.
And if I could close it whenever I wanted and it didn't take over the whole device in terms of access control.

Terrible programming.

Ask for pretty much *all* permissions...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

That is intentional programming, not terrible. Android and Microsoft want to know everything you do..and now apple backs up your pictures in the cloud without you knowing it?!

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100% agree with you comment. I too might be persuaded to use it more if it were native and integrated into the HUB.

So far BBM voice and video working awesome for me

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I would argue that if the comments from others about the crappy quality on other mobile platforms is accurate, then it's the service itself that is lousy and making it a native application won't really improve it. I have been thoroughly disappointed by its performance in a Windows environment (warbly sound and chronic disconnects). It sounds like that is the common experience across all platforms. Therefore, no matter how fancy you dress that pig up, it's still a pig.

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I never needed Skype and don't have any friends or family that uses it. There are plenty other options out there.

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It hangs quite often when I used it and the quality deteriorates pretty fast. Installed it twice.... second installation to give it another chance but then decides to in install anyway. Unless they MS improve it for BB10, I'd use it only on my laptop.

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I use Skype, but the Skype app doesn't work well and is unreliable. I can't receive calls using the app, and that's a deal breaker for me.

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No one ever really needed it. It was just a high profile app that gave them something to rally around. They weren't users of it before anyways
These are the same people who ate mow in the forums slamming anything non native.

First they didn't have apps, then snap and improved runtime came along. Now it's complaints about native.

They just need something to complain about.

It's time for bbm video call to show up on android and iphone! My friends are waiting for that..

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Agreed. If BBM could get this done as well as BBM on the desktop, Skype could fall by the wayside. As it is now BBM can't cover the gap for business users.

I think Skype in general is dieing... blaze run this on the sister sites android windows ios

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I've heard its painful to use on every mobile platform, actually. Either because its slow, or because its annoying to get notified of the same message(s) on every device you have it on, at the same time.

I use it regularly on the desktop, but have yet to even bother installing it on my phone.

I would use is more if it was more stable. Let me also say, I find the UI quite confusing... :-)

Interestingly, just yesterday I heard the notification and got a message from an overseas friend I hadn't talked to for a while, just because I forgot to sign out of the app the day before...

So the app served its purpose, I guess...

(Ahh, when I asked him a while ago, he made it clear he didn't like BBM, need to ask him why....)

And today there's a poll "analysis" on CB...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I don't use Skype at all now, especially since BBM has video chat. When BBM video chat is released to the other platforms, Skype will be useless.


I honestly cannot wait for BBM video to go cross platform. That will be the day Skype never graces my phone ever again.

Funny it was one of the most requested apps when BlackBerry 10 was released and got bashed for not having Skype and now we claim we don't need it??

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How many apps do people have installed on their device that they never use?
Or install, use once and then never again?
I know I have bunch... and when people say "oh but BlackBerry's don't have such and such app" and with a flick to my apps, I show it to them and ask why not?

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If I could shut if 100% off and have it stay off instead of sucking my battery dry I would consider using it. The only reason I'd put it back is for a video chat with a desktop only usage. Otherwise it was pretty useless.

I could see myself using it if it was a smooth app. Whenever I use Skype I just use my tablet or the wife's Samsung. Problem solved.

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I use Skype, though only while traveling. It's a useful tool for me. However, I hope Skype doesn't bother making a native version. What's the point? Users here feel entitled to a native versions of everything /and yet/ don't use it. It's just another "we have it too" app.

BBM can't replace Skype until three things happen: 1. BBM provides a feature like SkypeOut, which allows calling to any landline/mobile, 2. has a desktop version (Windows, Macs, *and* GNU/Linux), and 3. more registered users.

No wonder, it's a shitty Android port that makes the battery of my Z10 melt down even faster.

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I personally use Skype more often on my Z30. I think BlackBerry needs to stop finding reasons to not support good apps.

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Ill be sincere.

I turn it on from time to time because my friends and I are in an skype group, but yes I have to admit it has annoying flaws.

The main ones being that is battery demanding, sometimes is buggy, and has that android feel I just dont like.

Im waiting for BBM video to get crossplatform and see how good it is, because sadly, since I bought my Q10, I have not been able to try BBM video with anyone since no one I know owns a BB10.

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I noticed, and this is actually BlackBerry's fault, if the phone is on silent, occasionally Android apps, like Skype, manage to still output noise through the speaker. The OS should prevent that embarrassing nonsense.

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The only time I ever use Skype is on my laptop to video call children and grandchildren who are stationed overseas for a few years. Never used it for calls or messaging. That's what we use phones for. If they ever get BBM video working on other platforms, and working reliably, I will try to talk my family into trying it I am the only one who has a BlackBerry. Everyone else has either Iphone or Android. I don't even try to use Skype on my phone.

Posted with my Z10 on Verizon

James, where did you learn about statistics and analysis? Your conclusion that it's not widely used is moronic. Firstly, Your sample set is biased. Then, even based on this bias, 65% of respondents use Skype.

Are you just trying to sell red meat to a fan base with a stupid headline? Don't you have better this to do with your time?

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What's moronic is that you missed the gist of what he was saying - what the article was about.

He was checking to see if the majority of BlackBerry 10 users have had a similar experience to his. The reason for the poll was to see if all of the whining and complaining by those crying for apps was really justified.

It's not meant to be a scientific survey, statistically speaking. It's more of a general consensus from BlackBerry 10 users.

I think you could find something better to do than to rag on James. He didn't put this up there to please you or meet your standards. So stop with the ignorant attacks.

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With 65% of respondents using skype, the headline shouldn't cast doubt on whether the app was needed. The gist of his article was "is skype really being used now that everyone bitched and moaned that it was a required app". The survey does not take into account all BB10 users, but just those that post on crackberry. Given this bias, the ones that post on crackberry and responded to this, 65% use skype. The moronic headline eluded to the contrary.

I use it a lot for job interviews is great and to chat with some friends.

And BTW, those poll options lead to biased results.

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I'm not among those who was complaining it wasn't available in the beginning. I knew I would have an occasional use for it but not enough to warrant feeling it was needed. The app's performance when I have used it was Less than stellar but it got the job done eventually.

I don't video chat with fellow BlackBerry users on BBM much either but, as little as I have done that, I have done it more than use Skype. So, even if Microsoft does get over whatever their excuse is for not doing a native app, it's still not going to be an app I use as heavily as it was once demanded. I do believe, however, as others have stated, the BlackBerry community's use of it would grow significantly if the app were built natively and/or ran efficiently.

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Because it is lousy application. It hangs. One cannot use without a wifi network.

From my Z30 Device using

I barely use Skype now, and when I do, it's on my computer! The app is too laggy!! The survey was bound to fail since there was not an option "no because it doesn't work"

I would probably be in the sometimes category

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Skype on Android and BB10 is a bad experience. It's not made for a phone, I'll only use it when have no choice

I'm not surprised it's not used that much - native app or not. Skype has its place and just not something most people have a need for on a regular basis. I use it once in a while.

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Why is Skype when have texting, video texting, bbm, bbm video, imessage, facetime, etc. The market for Skype is just too congested with many other apps, including native apps on most devices now.

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It was one of the first VOIP services period. It has a user base, a big one. But today's apps suck big time, desktop is still the most relevant one.

It doesn't matter whether people use it all the time or not. The reason it was in was in so much demand is because its an app that (for a great many people) simply needs to be your smartphone's toolbox.

I find that I don't use it all the time (or Desktop Skype either for that matter -- I use Google Hangouts), but when I HAVE needed it, it was a lifesaver.

Besides: What BlackBerry user in 2014 (other than James, apparently) has all their friends and coworkers available for BBM video?? And since when does BBM allow you to do things like call landlines overseas? When BBM video goes cross-platform, THEN Skypevideo chat will truly be surpassed by BBM. Until then, its going to stay a must-have app for many people -- EVEN if they don't often use it.

People are complaining about a "broken port" but if you look at any platform, even those PC based, Skype is not as well used as the app download stats would suggest. I remember a friend of mine bragging about Skype being on her Android device before BB10 was launched, she later admitted she only downloaded the app simply because she could, she used it a few times and it's sat dormant ever since. I've heard the same story over and over again from people from all over the spectrum. It's one of those "desirable" apps that really aren't that desirable after all.

^^This. Precisely this.^^

The shiny wore off and no one cares any more. Other phone users were merely issuing a talking point to make BlackBerry look bad. And BlackBerry users responded by beating BlackBerry about the head and shoulders.

I, for one, am glad it's a port. I would hate to think BlackBerry invested a lot of time into this app, only to see it languish.

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Here in the UK, I genuinely do not know a single person who ever uses Skype. Not one. Anecdotal and not evidence of anything I know, but amongst my peers (25-30 years old) I've never heard anyone say they use it, ask me if I use it or talking about Skyping anybody.

Doesn't appeal to me either.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

You didn't ask if people are using the native BlackBerry skype app. Lots of people are using it, and is great.


Use Skype on the ipad. Would use it on blackberry if it worked better. Now if BBM had video for other platforms. That would be awesome.

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That was an app I thought I NEEDED, year and a half later I still haven't used it. Quite surprised by that though.

I didn't install skype, was waiting for bbm video cross platform, apparently that's on the slow boat from China, and the reviews of the android port are lackluster to say the least.

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Skype was great once. When Microsoft took over its quality dropped. It does have a feature that BBM has not (yet). Skype Out: making cheap phone calls to land lines and even to cell phones. Plus cheap SMS. Quality is not great but acceptable.

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hey I have Skype installed on 2 of my Z10 and my Z30 and works awesome. no issues, I am a business user. Also been a blackberry since the beginning addicted. Skype saves me time and money being on the road and getting my international call. So i am surprised it is not widely used.

This is hilarious because people were ranting and raving about Skype not being on BlackBerry and people saying the it was a "must have" app. This was also the rant about the famous "app-gap." ROFL

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It is not as funny as you think. Many are not using Skype on BB10 because the Android port is terrible or doesn't work, not because they don't use Skype. To give you an idea, I myself have to also carry an iPhone or Android device (Currently a Nexus 5) next to my Z10 & Q10 just to cover for the shortcomings of the BB system, which include lack of properly working Skype and Viber apps.

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I uninstalled it and don't use because it's an Android port. I don't have any Android ports on my phone for security reasons and also because their performance is not good, IMO.

I'm switching to iPhone strictly for facetime with parents. Waited for video call for bbm cross-platform since z10 release. Sorry. Family comes first.

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It works pretty well for me, but I don't even use Skype that often in general anyway. But native would be a big plus

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Maybe if it was released two years ago and was also available for download on pc. Skype brings pc on to mobile.

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I don't trust Skype as it's already know that Microsoft shares all it's information including now conversations people have over Skype to the NSA. Call me crazy but when you have other countries turning down MS software licenses for Mac OSX and also buying their security network appliances from local companies and not Cisco; plus the Russian's have already stated that they are aware that the big IC and chip manufactures in the US are building back doors into their chips that they will have their own IC/chip manufacture by 2015, it's a sign the rest of the word wants to to say away from these companies who leak information intentionally to the NSA.

Personally I think Skype is Sh*te compared to BB10 :D

1. Skype takes too long to load whether that's on a laptop or a phone
2. It doesn't feel secure

I much prefer BBM Video as I can use it straight from my mobile phone quickly and securely and that's my main concern is the security side of things, that is why I say NO to Skype and 110% to BlackBerry

The app is horrendous it lags and it constantly crashes and every time I use it feels like my screen is going to melt

Posted via CB10

I have no use for it to be honest and it was horrible.

My wife has a Q10 and when I am in Florida on business the BBM Video chat is freakishly good!!

Posted via Digicel Z10

I think this article is rubbish. A lot of people use Skype: they're just discouraged because the app isn't fluid enough. Of there happened to be a native version of Skype with hub support, I'd say it'd be well up there in the top 5 apps.

Even though BlackBerry OS10 can support android apps, they're nowhere close to being as good as they would be to a native app experience.

You are absolutely right. What's interesting is that many of the posts already point that out, but there are people who still want to believe that needing a working native Skype app was just a hype!

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It is time to make BBM video calls.
I use Tango and quality is not so good but when BBM can make HD video chat available then more will use it

Posted via CB10

Yeh problem for me is that it is not native and does not blend nicely in the BlackBerry Hub and OS

Posted via CB10

It may not be "on" all the time but when needed it is useful

The DROID port does not work all that well anyway.

The poll questioning shows people do use it, just not all the time.

Posted via Verizon Z10!

Skype works quite well on my Q10 and Z10. I've never had any issues or regrets using it.

Of course I would prefer native and hopefully one day it will be.

I just wish it didn't need so many permissions.

Posted via CB10

I would video chat more period if bbm let me video chat over netwrk with non blackberry devices that have bbm.i thinks it's weird that only video chat u can do over the netwrk is with other blackberry devices.....

Posted via CB10

I'm a regular user of Skype on my Q10, almost daily. Firstly, there is absolutely no hassle with connectivity or with call quality, whether skype to skype or to landline. Secondly, the interface is neat and all functions operate as expected. Only downside is that account services are not accessible, but this is a minor deficiency. International call costs are unbelievable low, nobody can do better. Connecting to VOIP phones is a dream, less than EUR 0,02 per minute! Group and video calls are easy and cheap too. I'm very surprised to see the negative poll, lot's of guys probably voted who have never used te app, or don't know how.

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Kind of curious but the last time I used Skype, it was very stable, but to be honest, I never felt encouraged to use it since its performance was really poor

Unfortunately it it works terrible on my Z10. Have to try and open several times before it actually opens.

Posted via CB10

I agree that bbm is better. I still use Skype with friends that don't have bbm but I only open the app when I am going to use it

Posted via CB10

I remember... heins told that Skype will be an premium android Port :D so funny...
It's women of the most worst running android apps on bb10 :D


Wenn du das Weinen verlernt hast, bist du bereits tot (Sayumi Whisp)

I was in Germany for the summer and used #BBM voice for my international chats. Not even a penny did it cost me... love the wifi in Europe! The quality was clear, crisp and very loud. Perfect for everyone. Long live #BlackBerry!

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Skype is the most important non-native application on BlackBerry World. I don't care what this biased survey says.

Posted via CB10

James Richardson- I would like to congratulate you. Once again you have tricked 'many people' into reading another one of your dross articles with the use of a biased sensationalist headline!
*slow sarcastic clapping*

I use Skype a lot on my computer but the app is not very good on blackberry, because of its lack if a good headless service

Posted via CB10

If BBM had voice and video on all non - BlackBerry platforms when introduced, those users would not have deleted BBM from their phones because they were so unhappy with it. Otherwise, now we would all be using BBM voice and video with our friends and no one would need Skype.

 BB10 is the best; on a Z30... awesome!

Skype would be a waste of precious onboard storage. I am perfectly happy with BBM. I see it heading towards a more social platform with channels. Once more of my friends migrate to BBM I will be glad to erase my Facebook account.

Posted via Z10

Skype is crappy ever since MS took it over...I have to use it on my PC, but that's about it. I tried it on BlackBerry, but it was useless...crappy quality, too many resources used, even happened that I couldn't close it.

...forever BlackBerry ...

It's shit.
Not much more needs to be said really.
Takes forever to start up, it's laggy and if that wasn't enough the UX is manky as hell.
I wouldn't mind if the voice calls were any good but guess what? They are shite too.

Z10 STL100-2 EE UK

Skype sucks in BB10. Very slugging & annoying. Kind of sucks on PC's too, but not quite as badly.

Posted via CB10 using white Z30!

I have never used Skype on any device. I use BBM video a lot but wish BlackBerry would open video up for cross platform

Posted via CB10

I/we use Skype as sparingly as possible for conversations with family and friends who haven't yet been convinced to use BBM. The rest understand the advantages.

The truth is, when I do have to use Skype, I prefer it on my BB10 devices because of portability. The quality and reliability is no better or worse than on our Win 7, Win 8.1, Vista, or Mac laptops, and we have a very fast internet connection. Skype, in general, rarely provides an exceptional experience. I used to use VSee, and it was miles better - more akin to BBM.

Q10  The Other Crackberry Pirate  Z30 | via CB10

I use skype only when pre arranged to talk to out of country family. What microsoft was thinking when it botched the merger of msn and skype together....

Posted via CB10

The Android port is not very freezes,lags, doesn't ring sometimes or doesn't connect. That is the reason it is not used widely. I prefer to use the desktop version or the Linux version on my laptop for this reason. BBM is excellent but a wide circle of my friends and business contacts prefer skype for their own reasons and until unless we do not get a native smooth running version of skype we won't be using it much on our bb 's.

Z30 STA-2 Posted via CB

I will use only a native version period.
And as many said it is buggy,slow and not worth to even try. I would in fact look for BBM to get video chat on cross platforms and once that happens, skype will be forgotten.

Posted via CB10

Am I missing something? There is no Skype for BlackBerry os10. If Skype was a native app (or if the ported version actually worked) this might be a legitimate poll. I tried to download and use it a while ago and it did not work well at all, ergo I don't use it. But I would like to use it! Where's the option for this circumstance in this poll?

STL100-4 /

I'd I could BBM video with android phones from my BlackBerry. I wouldn't need Skype. Get on it already blackberry.


My wife and I travel for business frequently, we used to use Skype for video chat. We both have Z30's now and BBM video kills Skype, not even close - Thanks Blackberry!

If it could run in the background and not suck the life out of my battery as it does now, I would welcome it and keep it running all the time.
My niece and nephews love to use it all the time.

Posted via CB10

My company uses it all the time for meetings. I can't very well ask them to give up Skype because I have BB. It is a business requirement and BlackBerry must have it to be taken seriously.

In reality, the only way BlackBerry will survive is for 100% of all available apps work on it. Virtually every website that has a smart phone app has one available for iPhone and one for Android. These companies are NOT going to spend money for a 3rd platform. BlackBerry must work with 100% of Android apps or it will not matter how good the phone is.

In the world of pc's, there is Windows and Mac. With Smartphones, it is iPhone and Android. If BlackBerry can SEAMLESSLY run android apps all of the time, they stay in business
If not, they will fail. By the way, I love my Z10, but I am not the typical consumer. I like having a the "different " phone that works really well, but good hardware and a good operating system is not enough for BB SURVIVAL.

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What I wanna see is video supported cross platform on BBM Skype is pretty clunky

From my Zed 30 running

James, what kind of a title is this? How are we different from other fanboy sites? Even BBM is not widely used as many of us thought. I am sure you know very well the need of Skype. It is like closing your eyes and saying the world is dark!

This poll is chentastically stupid. I don't use Skype for the same reason many BB10 users don't: The Android port is non-performant. If we had a competitive native application, I might use it. That position should have been one of the answer choices. Leave it to our dumbass database salesman of a CEO to think that the Android runtime actually addresses the app gap in any meaningful way...

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Same can be said with BBM on other platforms, really it's only the install base that made the huge numbers, but users - not so much.

Still, Skype is widely used everywhere, mostly in businesses and public media.

Don't use Skype, but I wish BBM video would go cross platform ASAP. It would be a significant reason for whatsapp users to jump ship and for BBM to once again be the dominant messaging platform.

Zwiped from my Zed

My problem with BBM is that I'm in a small select few (I know maybe 3 other ppl that still use BlackBerry) so the video feature is useless to mii until it becomes available on the Android/iPhone/WinMo iterations. I can't use hangouts due to Google services being needed, so all I have is Skype truly.

Skype is sooo 2010!
Microsoft dropped the ball on it big time, it looks so old nowadays.

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I wish these CB polls would have more options. To me the poll choices are selected to get the results they are seeking prior to anyone voting. For example this poll should have additional choices. A choice that "I use Skype on my desktop and don't use the mobile version" or other choices should be listed. Maybe a simple yes choice or a no choice along with other choices.

Since Microsoft bought Skype I have no interest at all in using Skype ever.

Frustrating on the front line when headquarters won't support...

The funny thing is, that many people say, that bbm make a better job then skype...
Of course it the better chat client. Or Voicechat too... bit Skype is great to call all over the world to regulary phones.. I'm not sure, but I don't think bbm cam do that ;)
I like bbm more, and of course, like I said I'm using it on my bb, but always say bbm is the same like Skype, just better... that is wrong.

Wenn du das Weinen verlernt hast, bist du bereits tot (Sayumi Whisp)

Up here in Scandinavia, i would be very isolated if I would be using BBM as there is barely anybody using it. I will stick to Skype as basically all if my business associates use it.

Posted via CB10

I just dont want to use it as its screwing up my contact list. Its integrating to my current list with some junk (yes some of my contacts on Skype are junk). Only until I am able to control the Application Permission, will I then install Skype.

I use skype on my laptop, android tablet and I love it. I hope I can start using Skype on my Blackberry when my issues are resolved.

I don't use it because it messes up my address book.

And, I do not know people using it in a phone or iPad. Most cases Skype works at laptops only.

BBM is use as platform in the company only. As we all have a blackberry. Doubt people in the Netherlands are going to use BBM.

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My only reason to use Skype is that it is cross platform. If BBM video would be available on iPhone I would use that.
In business I use and like BlackBerry 10, whereas my personal phone is iphone.
And I have some friends on each platforms.

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I'm using Skype too and this is required at my work. Don't think about small percentage of Skype users, those are the guys that can surely dump blackberry when the Skype is in question. All user base consists of those small percentages.

And yes before considering BBM I'd want to have:
* reliable voice chat, it's clunky at my country, mostly unusable;
* desktop support, I don't want to switch from my phone anytime I need to chat;
* video would be great, some guys are not even considering BBM because of that.

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Idk about your country but yeah, BBM video and BBM voice really require a good data connection that is reliable, fast, and has low latency. HSPA+ works but only with strong signal. Really LTE or cable Internet work to get consistent voice quality. Maybe even if the network's HSPA+ network is fast enough and has a low enough latency.

Over my sister's old T-Mobile phone with only HSPA+, with T-Mobile only being spotty here in LA, BBM Voice would sometimes get choppy when she calls me. Fortunately for me, I have AT&T and live in a city with fast, reliable and widely available LTE coverage. It also helps that my work Wi-Fi is like 100+ Mbps and my home Wi-Fi is 50 Mbps haha

And I definitely agree about desktop support and BBM video with screen share being unavailable on other platforms, mobile or otherwise. Maybe that BlackBerry Blend would end up fixing that?

Otherwise, BBM is great! Amazing even! Voice quality is phenomenal! BBM Video with screen share too. I just wish BlackBerry would make those more widely available.

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I have two phones - z10 and xperia TX (android), both connected over Wi-Fi. I can barely hear remote side.

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Given all the cries for "no this app, no that app..." when BB10 first launched, I'm amazed at this poll's stats. Some people even said at the time that the lack of the 'big appa' was a deal-breaker for them!

I wonder if we'd see a similar result for Netflix? This was another 'must have' app, the omission of which in BlackBerry World was cited as a fundamental failure on Blackberry's part.

It really shows that apps - or lack of them in BBW - should NOT be considered a reason to reject the BlackBerry OS. We have enough 'quality' ones as it is. Indeed, I've just heard on the BBC this morning that the downloading of apps (all platforms) is rapidly diminishing.

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I missed the poll. But I don't use it, I dabbled when Three were doing Skype phones with Skype free for life but I didn't rate it much. Then Microsoft bought it and last I heard it cost money. I just use texts and email and now BBM thanks to my new and first BlackBerry.

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Honestly I don't use Skype because the front facing camera on my Z30 sucks. It nearly impossible for someone to see my face unless I'm under the sun or under bright light. But I definitely use Skype on my iPod Touch

"Once You Go Black You Never Go Back"

I have just bought my first blackberry and it came with Skype...I just logged on and after that no problems at all...

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Skype is just terrible, even on my computer, which is the only medium I use it on. On my cell, BBM video is what I use because of much better quality and reliability!

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Android versions are a good to have. Doesn't work like a native application. Till date blackberry couldn't get major apps like skype and instagram on native mode. That has partly contributed towards the struggle BlackBerry is currently going through. It's never too late to learn....

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I downloaded Skype on all of my phones and used it once to see how well it worked. Haven't used it since. I use BBM voice and video on occasion, but not Skype.

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I dont know what's your definition of NATIVE but I do see Skype currently available free on BBworld. Mine's working smoothly. I use it via wifi voicevideochat people (my folks, relatives and friends-US,Canada, EU, middle east and southeast asia. ) who still uses it. Here in Dubai. Telcos block sites apps/website occasionally so we use what works for us.

Another reason. Its multi-platform!

Z10 ME Dubai

Because it sucks, it doesn't give you the option to change cameras, and it crashes a lot

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The author wrote "I'm fairly sure that the reason I don't use it is because BBM does a much better job in my opinion."

Skype out is something you probably do not use. For people with relatives and friends around the world, skype to skype video calls and skype out (call to mobile and landline) are unbeatable.

BB ported version sucks a million/ I miss my Nokia N9 - a beautifully skype integration in the OS

Skype of Blackberry 10 Native app does not work period. When BB announced the new OS they promised Skype, but utterly failed to deliver. Skype is as essential to me and my organization as much as email is. I cannot use it on Blackberry natively. However, when the 10.2.1 came along, finally was able to use Skype from Android. I installed the app through Snap, and although I hate using Android by given full permissions, open up Android apps to BB OS 10 is one of the smartest decision that BB made. Skype on Android works very well to the point of not needing the native one. I can call, chat as well as on the PC. People stating that Skype is not needed because of BBM fail to understand that many people internationally do not use BBM, and many people I communicate with who even have BBM, use Skype rather than BBM. I rarely use BBM, although I find it a very good app. Since BB OS will improve the Android emulations, there may not be a need for a native Skype app, or any native app, since BB deems it better not to invest in native apps.

I don't use it often as it is a pain on BB10. I rarely get notifications of incoming calls or notifications and the caller would literally have to text or bbm me to notify me to open up my Skype app.

As one who has followed Skype for over nine years, the author of an ebook on using Skype while also a long time user of BBM and BlackBerry supporter, let me make a few points:

1. From a voice and video quality on mobile devices, recent releases of Skype on iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10 have improved the video quality immensely over the past year to an HD level; it always supported the super wideband SILK voice codec on mobile. BBM for voice and video have always impressed me as to voice and video quality but then voice and video have only been available for the past 2-3 years. (I suspect they leveraged QNX's excellent voice and video experience to some degree).

2. Skype for BlackBerry 10 is a hybrid Android app with some BB 10 native integration: notifications, inclusion of Skype contact info into Contacts and background operation.

3. Skype is virtually platform agnostic; it is available on all major mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone, Amazon Fire) and on Windows (Modern and Desktop) and Mac OS/X. This is a major hurdle for BBM to overcome. I don't worry about what platform a contact I want to reach is using.

4. I can have Skype running on multiple platforms concurrently. (Type "/showplaces" in any Skype chat window to find where your account is logged in). On my recent 24 day travels through Europe I could go back to my Skype Desktop on Windows PC once at home and see all the conversation logs of whatever I used Skype for during my trip on my BlackBerry Z30 or my iPad while traveling. In order to test BBM on my iPhone I had to create a separate BBM account using a different email address.

5. I do like some of BBM's group features. During that trip I would add a picture daily to a family group; it was the virtual equivalent of sending an electronic post card every day.

6. I frequently use Skype screen sharing (on Windows and Mac only) to do troubleshooting. This morning when having issue filling out a form with someone in the UK, I simply turned on screen sharing and we quickly figures out the specific issue.

7. Skype chat is now buffered such that you can enter a message for a contact who is offline; they will see it whenever the open Skype (on any platform); it's closest equivalent to the D/R algorithm used by BBM. On the other hand,in addition to a voice message option, you can leave video messages using Skype on any of the supported platforms.

It's only since the last release of Skype for BlackBerry 4.9.507 that I have found I could leave it running in background and use it reliably. I made several voice calls over WiFi while traveling in Europe with no issues. (My WiFi connections were usually not robust enough to support video and I never really needed it.) But I also tracked all my individual and group Skype conversations through Recents and responded when appropriate. It's a bit slow to launch as it does use the Android player; hopefully this will improve with 10.3 and its Android 4.4 player. But once launched it works just as well as on my iPad, iPhone or Android tablet.

Contact count! In the end whether I use Skype or BBM depends on the contacts I have for each; contacts are the final driver for using any of the conversation offerings, whether Skype, BBM, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. Frankly BBM still needs to build up its user base. Many are still reluctant to install BBM; I find it a tough "sales" job when there are choices and many of my BBM contacts (especially on other platforms) do not keep their BBM running in background such that they see any message notifications.

I've to use skype or bbm video alot. Like more than 2-3 times a day. I wish skype was better than what it z on a BB10.

Plus not sure what happened to Viber. Apparently it is for BB10 but not for Q series which sucks : /

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If I'm going to have a Skype video chat, I'm going to do it on my PC with the large monitor.

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The problem is also its mandatory download of skype contacts but unlinked. This makes it very annoying. Linked contacts loses its link after awhiile so I rather not use it to keep contact list clean.

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In the Settings on Skype for BlackBerry you have the option "Don't sync" with respect to adding SkypeID info to your Contacts.

The App is awful!!! Crashes all the time. It's a joke on my Q10 honestly. It's gotten a little better but it's probably the most unstable app I've ever seen easily.

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I use my Android phone for Skype, and only on my Z10 when the Android battery dies. The main issue that I found on my Z10 is that running Skype has a big impact in the battery life, more than having bluetooth connection active. The performance is not great, but it´s ok. If there would be a native application maybe the situation would be different.

I think if you did a survay, you would find that Skype is used outside Canada and the US a lot more. I know people in Europe, Asia and Austraillia that have it running constantly. But I think if you did a survay, you would find in Canada and the US its only turned on on a need be on basis.

I work for a startup and our email is hosted by Google Apps, so we use hangouts. I expect that's the case for most startups and small companies.

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Skype is a terrible app on WP 8.1 and it is supposed to be native there. Microsoft really shafted it. They bought something awesome that everybody was using and made it totally crap but everyone still has to use it because it is the cross platform standard.