Skype to be available for the BlackBerry Q10 at launch

By Adam Zeis on 24 Apr 2013 10:24 am EDT

Well as if the hint of Skype from our BlackBerry Q10 review unit wasn't enough, we just got word from BlackBerry that Skype will indeed be available for the BlackBerry Q10 at launch. With just about a week to go before the Q10 hits Canada, BlackBerry fans all over can rest easy knowing that we'll soon enough be able to Skype on the go from the Q10. 

We tested out the Android-ported Skype a bit during our review and couldn't be happier that it's finally landing on BlackBerry 10.

No word on if Skype will also be available for the Z10 as well, but we'd expect that to show up sometime around the release of OS 10.1 in the coming weeks.

Other apps such as Angry Birds, Box, Nobex Radio, Dropbox, USA Today, Press Reader, WSJ and Need for Speed Undercover will all be available for the Q10 at launch as well. 

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Skype to be available for the BlackBerry Q10 at launch


Don't worry. It will change from 'when is Skype available' to... "I wish Skype was a native App" threads... people always have to complain about something.

Instead of where is Skype threads, we will get "Why isn't Skype Working" and "Skype should be a native App" threads.

But I will gladly take the change.

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an rightly so. because port = loss

android will go 5.0 and all apps will be upped for it.

and BB will again be stuck with obsolete runtimes and obsolete old ports. always behind

They showed the skype ICON on the home screen, but the video calls in the Q10 review were using BBM Video chat.

Interesting though, even though the Q10 is a SQUARE screen, it looked like it was SENDING video in a Z10 tall aspect ratio to adam on the other end.

No they aren't, go to the review and look at the photo of the video call, the Skype logo is in the corner.

Nah... everyone will just complain about it not being a native app instead.. ;)

Yeah.. from the ZED on CB10

Glad to see this coming to BlackBerry.

Now that more major developers are building for BlackBerry, hopefully this encourages others to build too.

lol. I was one of the early PB purchasers who originally bought the screenshots and posting with Skype and hulu 2 years ago. still holding out hope, but glad my ipad does all these things. My son can facetime with his grandparents, the games, the apps etc. Was a crackhead for a long time. Even with the upgrade to 10, doubt my PB will be any more than a glorified media player for the lil guy. There's not a thing about it that's better at this point.

Due to the massive reach and popularity of ios (no flash) and the apps that just about every content producer has made for that platform, I would say that flash in a mobile (and tablet) browser has become irrelevant and rather pushed other better technologies. In addition, i like that the ads all over pages aren't moving around and talking.. for now.

I've been in situations in the past when I'm looking something up online, such as going to a restaurant's website and those using their iPads could not get to the page while I was able to successfully load and navigate the page, check the menu, etc. So I would hardly say it's irrelevant.

If BB10 ever comes to the PlayBook. Kinda disappointed that us early adopters still have to wait for Skype tho.

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Please lets not start this lol Having it available on 1 BlackBerry device is a breakthrough, it will only be a matter of time before it makes it's way to the Z10 and PB

It's not a breakthrough. It's table scraps. Almost like a novelty for skype to say "look, we're on iPhones, on tv's, in cars, in refrigerators, and even on blackberry!

I think Jordan meant it's a breakthrough for BlackBerry, not for Skype. I think after so many years, I would agree that BlackBerry is finally getting some good top apps. Can't get them all at once but at least we are getting them.

Holy veldacy, take your attitude to or something. PB is awesome piece of hardware, can do several things better than I pad and wherever it comes up short is due to developer interest not physical capabilities.

As for Skype coming to BlackBerry, it is not table scraps. BlackBerry and Microsoft are locked in a death race for third. Microsoft holding off on Skype for the BlackBerry platform makes sense for Microsoft from a competitive standpoint. Be glad we have Skype now. If your still cranky, grab your iPad and head off to another non flash site.

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Finally!!! Instagram.....then Netfilx!!! then maybe others will see us Blackberry Users as Real People, with feelings and stuff!!

I don't use it that often but I will be very happy I won't have to read another post complaining how we don't have it!!

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Awesome!!!! Just throw in some U.S banking apps and Instagram, which I can care less about knowing what people eat and the amount of babies they have, and we will be good to go!!!!

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Please define, "OS 10.1 in the coming weeks".

Can you put that into an exact time frame for us?

"Coming Weeks" is a term used on CrackBerry very loosely. It usually (if not always) leads to continuous frustration for many in CrackBerry Nation.


I've learned to take the "Coming Soon" to mean " we have no clue, but we think it may come within 3 months. Usually pans out about right.

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I downloaded the leaked version of the and it didn't have skype in it...and Skype is better on the full touch screen so logically they should have brought it to the Z10 first and have people try it and fix any issues by the time Q10 is launched.
I don't think Skype is willing to invest in a native app and their official response on their website was the following:
"If you have a new BlackBerry smartphone powered by the BlackBerry 10 platform, you will soon be able to download and run Skype on these devices. We are working closely with BlackBerry to ensure the Skype for Android app runs great in the BlackBerry 10 environment."

Native would be wonderful but if the port works fine, why is it necessary... unless integration with the hub isn't proper, etc? Once you establish a connection with someone, you won't be touching the device anyway so it's not like it will be laggy when scrolling, etc.

Well I noticed that once you install a new OS, and try to restore the backup data you took, all side loaded apps are lost and you have to install them again. So at least this is an important CON for now don't you think? And we would forced to wait for Android updates on the app for enhancements.

Congratulations to all who will get their Q10, first people to use Skype in their BB10. How about us Z10 users, when can we have skype in our phone? Hope to get skype soon so that I could show case my z10 to my colleagues...

Posted via BlackBerry Z10 for life...

Wonder what the reasoning for delaying skype to the z10 if there is any delay

Posted via CB10 with my Zed 10

Miketko.. my thoughts on the delay are what's in the 10.1 release. Once it drops, the Z10 should be good. I suspect.

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Finally, I've been patiently waiting for Skype to be available for the Z10! Thought it would have been ready ages ago. Maybe BlackBerry is hitting critical mass now.

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And the masses rejoice! Skype is restricted to wifi correct? So unless you are carrying your own wifi access point what is the big deal? if I ha e to sit at home and use Skype, I might as well use my computer.

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I don't know about where you live, but my entire downtown, work, home, coffee shops etc all have wifi. Seems manageable

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Where did you read that Skype was restricted to wifi? I haven't come across anything that says it is. Maybe video which is fine with me. I just need the chat capabilities for work. IM+ is horrible.

No skype is not restricted to wifi at least not in U.S and Europe. You can use it over the cellular network and it is a great video tool. I know BB10 now has video calls as well but the truth is not everyone has the new BB and most people either have an iPhone or an Android (Samsung Galazy, HTC, Motorolla). Skype for them has been a native app since the flinstones...and now we finally might get it BUT as an android app since this is an official response from Skype when asked when will Skype be on BlackBerry:

"If you have a new BlackBerry smartphone powered by the BlackBerry 10 platform, you will soon be able to download and run Skype on these devices. We are working closely with BlackBerry to ensure the Skype for Android app runs great in the BlackBerry 10 environment."


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I had read that, but you didn't make it clear if that was something you got from Skype or BlackBerry or something you did yourselves, such as with the Netflix App.

When 10.1 comes for the Z10, I'd guess Skype will be there. When will 10.1 be available for the Z10? I'd guess within 10 days to two weeks. Hard to see it taking much longer than that.

Happy for all of the people that use Skype and for BlackBerry! Keep it moving and keep the apps coming!

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Will be nice to see Dropbox as well, not that it's needed, but it will be nice to silence the dissenters who need a dedicated app as well as the file manager integration.

Dropbox? Do you mean Netflix? Dropbox could not be more integrated in BB10 than what it already is.

Where's Spotify? Where's Netflix? Where's Hulu? And for those who were early adopters to BlackBerry 10, where's Skype for the Z10? Seriously?

AMEN! I do want Skype, but I need Netflix, Hulu, rdio and SiriusXM... these are the only apps keeping me on ios. bring them to the Playbook and I guarantee BB10 sales will increase

@Morphius_Z.... I am not around a lot of free wifi in Milwaukee. Don't get me wrong it cool that Skype will arrive...but it is a eh whatever for me personally.

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Skype will appease dome but many have already moved to our platforms after not seeing Skype or Netflix on the z10. Netflix will never come to the z10 ever unless they switch to html5

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Great to hear, hope it won't be long until it's available for the Z10. Tired of seeing the Posts when will Skype be available. Next Posts will be is it android or native. Personally I don't care, if it works it works!

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Thank the conspiracy nuts can give it a rest (for a bit) ....see? Microsoft Skype, Netflix et. al are not colluding against Blackberry!

I think they are... I don't know why BlackBerry needs to practically kiss the Big Names asses to get their apps on their platform while OS and Android is the other way around. Apps from Big names are flocking through and always getting updates.
For the ones rejoicing about getting Skype; well it's going to be an Android app, skype didn't even bother to develop a native one. As for instagram, neflix, hulu, there's nothing out yet and not sure there will be. I just think it's politics...War against BlackBerry because of its Canadian Roots! :)

I don't use Skype that much really, but is nice to know that we're finally getting the promised apps. I'd like and official instagram next!

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I really don't care about Skype but it is a welcome addition for those who use it on a regular basis and can now take to BB10 without complaints

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Skype took too long. I canceled my membership and I've just been using bbm video instead. Works like gangbusters!

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Well BBM Video is great...but when all your friends have switched to OS or Android because BlackBerry was soo late in the game introducing a decent phone, you really can't use BBM Video :(
That's why you struggle and complain about getting the Big Name apps which have been on other platforms since the flintstone ages...don't know why BlackBerry needs to kiss their asses to get a big name unfair...maybe because they are Canadian? :)

Would love 10.1 to be available ASAP on the Z10 but they have to make sure it will run well, hence the couple more weeks we have to wait.

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Hope to see Skype come to the Z10 within a few days to a week of availability on the Q10 when the Q10 comes to market.

There was already an article that said it would come out on the 15th and was later updated to the 30th. I knew this for about a month. It will be for the Z10 and Q10.

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I feel like it's almost the same old thing with BlackBerry. Like back in the day when the Bold series would get all the attention and the all touch users became second class citizens. Skype for the Q10 first? Why not at the same time? I really hope history doesn't repeat itself and we are all treated equal... I am a proud Z10 owner, wont be switching for the Q10 even though I like the keyboard. My last two handsets were Bold 9700 and Bold 9930, so I was lucky, but I don't want to feel left out... that's my two cents for the day ;)

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Do you really care to know the reason or you just like whining?
Here is the reason:
Skype requires OS 10.1, Q10 ships with 10.1, but Z10 needs software upgrade which means carrier approval, etc, that is why it is on Q10 first, so it is not about first or second class citizens, if anything I bet BlackBerry wants it on Z10 faster, cause Z10 is more geared towards attracting people from other platforms and so they demand skype, vs. Q10 is for BlackBerry fans which are more adamant about third party app support

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I understand all that, all I am saying is I don't want it to become a habit. I realize that they are trying to launch a product right now, and that's why it is getting more attention. I just don't want it to be a continuing trend.

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You don't think that the Q10 users felt left out when the Z10 was released, because there still wasn't a release date for their phone only speculation. I think they deserve their time in the spot light and i'm not too unhappy that they get Skype first. Some Z10 users have had their phone for nearly 3 months while they have sat at home pondering a switch to Iphone but stayed loyal, you really don't believe that loyalty should be rewarded??

Thank the heavens, maybe now the community can start new threads about just instagram and Netflix every day now. :-D

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So... what is Skype anyways?

Haha I kid, I kid. I'm really hoping it gets released as a native app for my Z10 sooner than later.

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You mean Viber... well these guys have it backwards, they release the VIber with voice calls in Beta mode on BB7 and BB5 :)
They said they are working on a BB10 version but if it's going to take as long as it took to get on the BB7 platform then we're screwed cause I really like Viber

Lol i thought they said it weren't interested because they didn't think their fan base was going to grow if they had a bb app. Smh regardless i am happy good move skype (y)

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Um, I think that was a reason proposed for Netflix not coming, not increasing their subscribers.

And others are confusing 'Android port' with 'sideloaded' no, don't expect Skype to disappear if you have to wipe and restore from backup (assuming you can get a restore working from BlackBerry Link, that is. I've had to reinstall apps to PlayBook one by one after a 'full' restore. Never had one work for me yet.)

I got the z10 right after it launched in canada, with the understanding that skype is available. That is important to me because my gf is across the country. Nearly 3 months later, its still not here. I just felt like i been misleaded, and now q10 will have it before z10 owners do??

Another crackberry user pointed out that pricing the q10 $50 morethen the z10 is like slapping the most hardcore loyalists in the face, because they held out long only to find out they r getting punished with paying more.

Just my two cents. I love blackberry and had been loyal for 5 years. From bold 1 to putting up with the constant freeze to grabbing the z10 the first moment i can...i just hope blackberry would treat their ppl better...

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I feel your pain too..
I really feel BalckBerry should show some support to its real fans.
ON the other hand, BlackBerry know, the companies waiting for Q10 will buy it in the first couple of months so they need to keep the price up.
Once that wave is passed, as Z10, Price will come down for sure.

Have patience guys. One step at a time. Skype obviously needs to run on OS 10.1 which is preloaded on the Q10.
Almost certain that Blackberry will roll out an OS update for us Z10 users on the day of or just after the Q10 launch. Seems to be the best strategy.
But that's just my take in it.

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Why is it only in q10 and not Z10.? That they are running the same OS the only requirement? Someone please explain

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Not exactly the same OS. The Q has 10.1 while the Z is still waiting for official updating to that release.

Awesome! I use Skype all the time on my Android smartphone. So now when I purchase my new BlackBerry Q10, I'll be able to sign in with my Skype name and use it there as well. This completes my list of "must have" apps in order to switch. Now I am 100% sure I am buying the Q10. Woot!

Amen to that! I am with you...I guess they launched it on BB7 in a beta version with voice since they were working on it way before the BB10 came out so they thought it is a shame not to release it for BB7 :)

I guess we still have to wait for the version running on BB10

I don't use skype that much, but it will be good to have it, I don't like to depend from others devices anymore. But I must say like some other people here that i'm waiting VIBER more than skype :p

Veldacy1...flash is hardly irrelevant as much as Apple would like it to be. I don't know how many times my wife has been on websites and tried to watch a video...the next thing I hear is "grrr I can't watch this video on this stupid IPad...pass me your BlackBerry." Our next tablet will be a Samsung which is way better than Ipad, but will wait to see what BlackBerry does with BB10 on PlayBook.

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But what are people going to complain about now?!? Oh well, we'll still have the "When is Netflix coming???" threads.

Posted via Zeppelin

People have the right to complain...because those big name apps like Netflix, Hulu, Skype, Viber, Instagram have been on other platforms since the flintstone ages! Why does BlackBerry have to practically kiss their asses to get their native app?!?!?
I hope these guys see the real value of BB10 and start developing native apps asap!

"Skype will indeed be available for the BlackBerry Q10 at launch. With just about a week to go before the Q10 hits Canada, BlackBerry fans all over can rest easy knowing that we'll soon enough be able to Skype on the go from the Q10. "...... sounds familiar, this do in was previously used to link the skype launch to the US Z10 roll out. Took 2 months after that. Wonder why BlackBerry thinks that the Z10 guys need to punished for bring the first to support them either our money. Am pissed because I bought the Z10 mainly for skype. God knows how many more months it will take, hope not "two" many.

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Unless I am mistaken Skype is now owned by Microsoft so I don't expect that they will go out of their way to spend any more time than necessary prepping it for BlackBerry. We will probably have to make do with an Android port for quite some time.

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I changed to z10 and all apps that I use to use aren't available to z10 this is way i carry now 2 phones: one that looks cool and one that I use... and now I used to it :)

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I more glad we can finally stop with the annoying thousands of "Spykesd is blackborry ?l" forum posts more than Skype itself!!!

This is soooooo awesome, we have Skype on our computer that we never use anymore and have managed to accumulate 2 whole contacts, as it's been very easy to convert family members to BlackBerry. All the grandparents, parents, and siblings have either a playbook or a Z10. So the 2 contacts we have are one of my wife's friends and my wife's aunt with the mustache. I hope all you complainers realize that now I may have to look at the FN mustache more often and if she shows up on my Z10 I'll throw it against the curb and buy a feature phone.

So just remember while many of us in this community have a lot in common, not all of us want to have more convenient access to the mustached aunt.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

It's just so ridiculous that Z10 owners have been waiting too long for it and when it launched it has been launched for Q10 only I don't how Skype thinks but this is stupidity

Posted via CB10

Who going cares, I don't understand the need for Skype. There are much better things to do instead if Skype. Big whoop.

Netflix would be cool, but I got in on mine and it works fine.

Enough Skype already!!!

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Skype for the next BlackBerry OS? Great news. I own a Sony Play Station Vita and it has Skype. One less piece of kit to lug around.

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I'm glad we've finally got Skype but what about Sky Go? I really would like to have that on my Playbook, everyone I know uses it on their devices. Phoned Sky but they said Blackberry not supported as they're not really suitable for watching tv!

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I hope skype will be available soon on z10, i have been waiting this so long.. i hope tango and viber will follow soon too

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Great that Skype is coming to the BlackBerry 10! :)

Question : being a android port, does that mean it will not have access to the hub or be present in the hub?

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I jus wanna kno y for the Q10 n not for the other blackberry the playbook...n the z10

Posted by crackberry Courtney Z10