Skype Announces Closed Beta For Blackberry Users

By Adam Zeis on 19 May 2009 01:57 pm EDT


It's not much, but it's a good start.  According to the Skype Community Forum, a closed beta is in full swing.  The details are near non-existent, but it's definitely a good sign that Skype for BlackBerry will be available at some point in the (hopefully near) future.  It looks like all the spots are full for now, so if you didn't already sign up then unfortunately you're out of luck for the time being. 

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Skype Announces Closed Beta For Blackberry Users


I hope this happens quickly (as do all software releases) and that it works with my BES Storm, but I may be asking too much...

I've been following the skype blackberry process pretty closely and didn't even see a beta being available. pretty sneaky. if it's the 19th and they're now just doing a closed beta, it won't be done by month end in my opinion. Signing an NDA on it almost makes it complete though.

That's a no VoIP Skype, right? If so then it's pretty useless, might as well use IM+ Otherwise, this could be friggin' awesome !

another reason why i'm growing tired of having a blackberry.

great phone, but i think an iphone would serve me better.

it should work w/ wifi and skype. cell carriers at least in the us don't want skype used over edge/3g networks. i'm cool w/ it on wifi if possible. use im+ and iskoot and works fine but an official skype app would be awesome

looks like iskoot might get pushed out soon then huh?

Can't wait just hope the connection/refreshing is reliable.

It would be very interesting to see BB Data plans being used for phone calls if Skype for BB allows VoIP.

Very interesting...

Closed betas suck! Screw you, Skype!

(No, seriously, just hurry up and release it already!)

It's unlikely you'll see true VOIP on the BlackBerry. The data connection is not the bottleneck; I use Skype with webcam both directions over my tethered Bold. The problem is that BlackBerries (and probably iPhones too) just don't have the horsepower under the hood to run VOIP applications. Skype's previous official statements have been that it uses wireless minutes, like all the other existing Skype clients.

However, Skype says that Skype-to-Skype calls using the official client won't require skypeout credits the way all the existing clients do. This is really just Skype giving preferential treatment to its official client, but this is hardly unusual behavior for Skype.

Khalnath: supposedly RIM developed a true VOIP app for Skype that worked great, but killed the project because they didn't want to upset their carrier partners.

ill doubt blackberry dont have the power the bold is way more powerful that the htc tilt and the tilt got voip its not the phone its the software, and im certain its another marketing scheme as to over throw blackberry since its taking on more power users getting work done traveling around. as to why people buy iphones since it fits into there daily use, its annoying how the world is coming, who the hell make these decision on what we should and shouldn't use, costing consumers to spending more money instead of being usable its spendable, for those who cant afford high data costs. imo for this nonsence there should be a voip for users that need it even if its not going to be free eventually it will pay for itself over time. hope we see something to fill this gap in the near future.

I almost went out to buy a phone from 3. They are the only ones I know about that the skype phones. It would be nice to have this on my bold. Will keep eye and nose out LOL

according to press release of Skype this soft will NOT work as VoIP solution. messaging will work over data connection, but voice - over your cellular voice plan (incoming call).

So it's like a iSkoot

That suxxx!!! Skype has millions of $$$ but can't make a good application. Even for iPhone it works over WiFi as true VoIP...

Blackberry is much better that iPhone but still has no Fring or Skype - why is it so... Hate these guys!

You're curious as to why Cellphone manufacturers won't tick off their Carrier partners by created officially supported software to bypass the company's biggest way to make money, monthly minutes?

It seems pretty clear cut to me.

If Apple no longer has a mobile phone, they still have everything else to make them money. If RIM loses their Mobile phone market... No more RIM.

ill continue to use im+ for skype until skype be skype about there product for the blackberry and not a carrier skype for carriers. if you guys get it do let us know how it performs, for those who use im+ for skype and will still load this up whats the difference?