SkyMall Releases BlackBerry App For On The Go Shopping

By Bla1ze on 5 May 2010 11:19 am EDT
SkyMall Releases BlackBerry App For On The Go Shopping

Yes, that's right. The app you all have been secretly waiting for has finally arrived in BlackBerry App World. SkyMall, the magazine we all love to read while on long flights, has realeased their catalog in mobile format for all your impulse buys.

The application, which is put together by the folks at Digby, actually works quite nicely. You can grab the application download from BlackBerry App World today to get started on finding some unique, hard to find items. The mobile catalog currently boasts over 10,000 iems, so finding something to suit your taste shouldn't be all that difficult. Mad respect to the person who buys the Big Foot for their front yard -- seriously.

Reader comments

SkyMall Releases BlackBerry App For On The Go Shopping


Sounds cool and might load after a flight just to purchase something but.....If I added this app what would I do while flying. I would have already read all the information in the skymall mag.

oh yeah they do... I actually sat right near a guy on a flight to LA who bought like 12 things right on the flight. He used the phone mounted in the seat.. whipped out his AMEX and started buyin. I was trying to follow what he was buyin.. but it was too hard to find the item numbers as he said them.

As someone who flips through the SkyMall magazine, oh let's say, about 80 to 110 times per year -- the last place I want to see it is on my BlackBerry.

I tried to download this app and app world told me that its not available for my device or my carrier

Are there restrictions for this app? Do I need to be from a certain country or on a certain carrier? I have a 8900 btw.

Skymall is basically a magazine people read on flights as a pleasant distraction. A "CHUCKLE" at the ridiculous products being pushed on us... now theres a berry app for their garbage!

I sincerly hope we get better app development for OS 6-

Beside finding items that you are looking for....can you actually make purchase with this application? i don't think this application is cool and this ridiculous.

they should spend their money somewhere else.