Skyfire Releases Statement About Their BlackBerry Web Browser Development

By Bla1ze on 7 Apr 2010 05:46 pm EDT
Skyfire Releases Statement About Their BlackBerry Development

We've been following Skyfire ever since they had announced their browser was being rebuilt for the BlackBerry platform. We've seen some beta releases that well, honestly didn't live up to the hype of Skyfire on other platforms yet, they did show promise. That is, until Skyfire news went silent when it came to their BlackBerry development. So after many months of silence, Skyfire has now spoken out about what exactly is going on for them in the BlackBerry space. In a statement posted on the Skyfire blog, they let loose the reasoning as to why they chose Android development over BlackBerry. In my opinion, an admission of what we already knew anyways.

  • We see Android as a fast-rising ecosystem, with a rich, totally open developer environment, a healthy app market and a healthy advertising and search ecosystem.  The Android OS has a tremendous amount of interest from handset makers and carriers, and also has a strong need for making the explosion of video more network optimized (Skyfire’s wheelhouse).
  • The Blackberry developer environment is not as favorable for cutting-edge application development.  The APIs are fragmented and inconsistent, and the Java virtual machine Blackberry requires is not efficient. While Blackberry users are desperate for a better browser - we know, and we hear them - we only want to bring out something that meets our high standards and is truly great.
  • The timing makes sense to return to Blackberry in the future.  Blackberry has pledged to improve their developer environment in their 6.0 OS coming at the end of this year, and we can’t wait to see it.  Blackberry has said at that time they will introduce a webkit browser with server-side assist on html and text, developed based on their acquisition of Torch Mobile.  We understand it will be a long way from able to handle native Flash 10.1 and similar rich media plug-ins, and we think we can build on that webkit engine and add cloud-based new features around it.

That's quite a low blow to the BlackBerry platform if you ask me. BlackBerry has for a long time had the reputation of being a system that is not easy to develop on. Research In Motion has recognized this and as of late have made big steps to open things up to make it easier for developers out there. So, while Skyfire mentions they see this as well, I can't imagine that we'll see Skyfire releasing their browser on the BlackBerry platform anytime soon. Thoughts folks?

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Skyfire Releases Statement About Their BlackBerry Web Browser Development


Wow? Because Rim has a shit environment to develop for? Not Skyfire's fault, but what else expect from a fanboy.

if other companies can make great software for BB there is no reason skyfire shouldn't be able too...

if other companies can make great software for BB there is no reason skyfire shouldn't be able too...

Well because this Skyfire browser that never was is much more advanced than your standard Bolt, or Opera Mini browser. Did you ever see Opera Mobile 10?

Nor do you seem to know much about development.

I will assume you have never used the Skyfire browser. Skyfire is far better than the factory BB Browser. Both Bolt and Opera are not any better. I never understand why people like Bolt. Bolt took to long to load and slowed down doing many others things on my Storm and Tour.

I had Skyfire on a Winmo device and it was great. Loaded faster than any other browser and could play flash video. I have now moved on to the Droid. Droid blows away any Blackberry Device.

Blackberry really needs to circle the wagons to get a better operating system and phone design. They also need to put in Processors that are current. To the best of my knowledge they have yet to put the 1GHZ Snap Dragon process in any of the phones. The processor was out before there most recent handsets were produced.

Bolt 2.0 is extremely fast considering this is being loaded on, dare I say it............. A CELL PHONE. If this were my laptop loading it, I'd find something else.

Some of you seriously need to develop some patience in life.

Go to Verizon and check out the Droid. Watch how fast the browser loads. Also try Dolphin which is even faster. Yes it is a cell phone but have a good operating system and things run better. My data connection is even faster on my Droid than either of my prev. two BB.

It is clear my BB fans are not pleased with operating software development. Why does it take BB SOOOO long to reboot? My Droid, iTouch and prev. WinMo took less than 2 minutes. How come they still can't fix the memory leak issue in the last three Operating Systems(4.5, 4.7,& 5.0). Android doesn't have this issue and neither does WinMo.

I hope many of these issues are finally addressed in 6.0 as I would look to go back. I just ask for a simple and reliable phone that does not display an hour glass repeatedly when trying to do something.

maybe more companies should come out and let RIM know how shitty there development platform is... maybe only then will RIM invest more time into redoing the OS instead of giving us the same OS with minor interface changes. It's all on RIM. You can't get mad at a company that wants to develop but the direction they want to go, is not supported. Plus its not just the development... they even stated Android is better advertised, and is growing fast. Blackberry does nothing for 3rd party developers RIM just promotes there own stuff. you never see a BB commercial featuring a 3rd party app.

And on top of that wtf is up with the 120-140mb of app space F U, RIM... fix that sh!t now. you can't build anything when you're limited to space knowing if you go over 1-2megs the user wont download your app.

Blackberry apps are sucky versions of the cool iphone or android versions. Sad. Opera Mini is a great browser option when you need more than the RIM browser.

Crackberry is RARELY negative towards a product or service designed to improve the BB experience. Is this some fanboy angst because they trashed the platform when they left? Would you rather they release a slow, buggy app for the BB like other developers?

BB is in a deep hole. QNX may save it. I don't blame Skyfire for getting on board with that potential change. Also, it looks like they are putting WinMo and Nokia ahead of RIM. How times have changed...

Yeah but, who can honestly say that they didn't see this coming?? When RIM announced the webkit browser and after the lack of Skyfire news, it was no surprise.

When ever that arrives, if this year. The current OS is ok on my Bold 9700 and the best blackberry I've owned. But watching RIM fall behind it's like the time I was in the Palm camp. It wasn't fun.

well its true.. there is a reason why so many apps are limited on a blackberry platform.. why youtube videos do not play as good on a blackberry as compared to other platforms.. i guess this will push blackberry to make their OS better.. and improve their platform to make it competitive ... right now they are lacking behind when looked at it from media perspective..

productivity wise.. you can't beat blackberry but it does lack in media.. and we all have come to accept it..

I'm glad Android and the iphone exist. Seriously. We might have never seen the Storm without the iphone. RIM losing customers to Android and the iphone might wake them up about this matter. We need BETTER apps. We need an easier SDK for programmers to make quality apps. While we're at it, we could throw in some extra ROM space and RAM, and a graphics card :). I've been a VERY long time supporter of BB, and I've had almost EVERY GSM device that has come out since the pearl. But I think come november, if RIM doesn't step up, my next device will be an Android device or a WinMo 7 device. I love BB, but every NEW device is only incremental, nothing ground breaking. I really hope RIM comes out with something AWESOME for this year :). I love BB :)

RIM has been milking the cow with all the devices since the 9000. I mean, come on if you look at how many devices RIM has released and compare that to the difference in features, it is miniscule. RIM, you need to step it up. I have procrastinated moving away from my Blackberry because I haven't seen anything that uite catches my eyes as a better all round device, but believe me I am looking and if HTC drops a nice Android device I am GONE.

That HTC you are looking for is the EVO for Sprint. Its due out this summer and it may be the thing that makes me bail the blackberry ship and go to Android. RIM has to do something epic to prevent me from doing this and soon

And don't forget about the HTC Incredible which is very similar in specs to the EVO w/o the 4G...The Incredible is launching this month - Come April 29th, I have a feeling a lot of BB owners will be making the move to Android.

I completely agree with you... Come this fall... If I don't see anything that really, REALLY shows me something new and innovative... I will jump ship as well. To be honest, the only thing that I will miss will be BBM too... everything else is getting stale, and FAST.

I agree with what you all are saying. This week my second BlackBerry Bold died and now I have absolutely no interest in RIM phones. Getting an Android for sure.

Same here. I'm currently teaching myself how to type on a touch screen without having to look at the keys like I do with my Blackberry. To get used to the EVO. Lol

Pretty good so far.


I don't understand why these 3rd party browers develop for the Android platform to begin with. The Google browser on these devices is superior in all ways and most likely always will be.

I have a Droid as my second phone and would never consider replacing the browser on it.

Now, the browser on my Tour is another story...

this does make sense. Blackberry users are in much greater need of a viable browser than Android users are. You would think developers would be aware of that and, in this specific category (browsers), would work towards that segment first. I understand the BB platform is difficult to develop for, but isn't that the whole point?

We have Bolt and Opera, and tbh I don't see how you could improve enough on either of them to grab a share.

This is probably why they are backing out, because they couldn't get the kind of prominence they want, and especially when the webkit browser arrives, they would get only a handful of people. I also think they have figured out that nothing can make a truly exciting browser on the screen space that traditional blackberries have.

I still think its a bit of a low blow to have such a bitch at RIM. I mean, the built in browser isn't awesome, but Bolt does youtube and most other embedded video (can't speak for Opera, but people use it for a reason), so whats the beef ?

I really don't know what people get so worked up about all of this. I can read every web page I want to, use forums, download stuff and so forth. The new bolt even has tabs.

What more do you really want from a mobile browser ? Sure flash and silverlight would be sweet, but no mobile browsers can do everything.

I think that if you are the sort of person who's life is genuinely adversely affected by being unable to see the kind of junk on youtube in HD, then you aren't RIM's core customer anyway.

I have never needed any functions that Bolt couldn't deliver. Nuff said...

We Know A 6.0 OS Is Coming And It's Just Not A Myth. I Think Skyfire Should Have Realized This Whole Thing Out Before Starting Developing A Browser For Blackberry Handhelds.

It requires building good development tools that makes it easy for developers to be productive. The computer space has always moved fast and it seems the mobile space is moving faster. It is extremely important to have tools that facilitate software development.

Being one of the first smartphone companies RIM should have had this at the for front. The reason the Android has has so much success is they have always had the developer in to forefront.


Maybe the 40% ready to jump ship is accurate. I will be shopping the smartphones when I upgrade instead of lining up for the newest "soon to be obsolete" blackberry as I used to do. After waiting all this time for Verizon/BB to release an official 5.0 OS, the browser click issue is a huge slap in the face. Bugs and glitches I can understand, but this is a major issue in a core program and they can't update it IMMEDIATELY because they're only interested in selling their NEXT phone. I'm about done waiting for the instrument I desire from BB.

i'm already, ready to jump ship. the device space limitation was enough for me. the 9700 will be my last BB. I need more space to handle everyday business emails and file sending while on the go. tired of seeing truncated emails

Good, I'm glad a credible developer has stood up and taken at a much deserved shot at RIM. We can only hope RIM gets the message.

If RIM does not start facing facts they are going down the tubes.

BB users who have enough loyalty to continue to stick around had better get more vocal about what they expect from RIM or this is only going to worsen.

of why I switched from my Bold 9000 to the Google Nexus One.

Most of us saw this writing on the wall quite some time ago.

Skyfire saying the new webkit will not be able to handle flash flies in the face if what RIM has been telling people.

RIM makes promises every year it never has any intention of keeping.

I don't blame the folks at Skyfire at all. I actually feel sorry for them. The one platform that REALLY needs a new browser cannot handle a nice, advanced browser.

you wrote "Skyfire saying the new webkit will not be able to handle flash flies in the face if what RIM has been telling people."

When did rim announce that they would have flash in the new browser? From what I remember, those were rumors posted on a couple of sites but never publicly announced. When you follow rumors, chances are that some of them will be wrong.

"Blackberry has said at that time they will introduce a webkit browser with server-side assist on html and text, developed based on their acquisition of Torch Mobile. We understand it will be a long way from able to handle native Flash 10.1"

Yeah that webkit sounds awesome..I'd wager it won't even be capable of half of what RIM claims it will. They lie about the future to keep users from leaving in the present.

i'll be willing to bet you won't see webkit for 2 years. and no current model will support it...just a guess, but i'd put money on it

Throw 6.0 in there as well. People who truly believe 6.0 will drop before year's end are out of their minds.

Put money on this....6.0 will be out in Nov with the S3...RIM has the developers to enhance the UI....all of it...webkit, 6.0 it all going to coincide with the S3 release to put RIM's focus to the consumer market...

F the S3 and anything else RIM plans on releasing. I'll put money that says the lame S3 will be the only device that will have 6.0 and that all other BB users will before forced to load beta and hybrid OS's...just like with 5.0. If RIM wants to keep us that are about to jump to Android, they better release OS 6.0 by the end of summer...and they won't.

Regardless of my feelings on Skyfire's decision, it is obvious RIM needs to get off their butts. This is just one more example of how behind RIM is in their own industry in terms of advancing their product and innovation. It's one thing to be lazy, it's another thing to comply and drag your feet begrudgingly. Time and again their competitors' operating system gets the love while BB users are left to complain. Its only a matter of time before enough BB users get tired of it and decided to switch to the ever-growing options that are smartphone platforms. There's iPhone, Symbian, Android (and all its wrinkles - MOTOBLUR, Sense), Windows Phone 7, etc.

So be mad at Skyfire, I am. But be more mad at RIM.

just one more brick on the "java platform is a dying animal" wall.. everything skyfire said was true, and the sad truth is, if RIM doesn't move away from java within the next 2 years, i don't think they'll survive long, or at least not like they are now. theres just too many other options, that are well, better. rim's stronghold on push services is it's last hope, but the others are closing in there. the only thing blackberry really offers as an experience is bbm. i mean lets be honest, RIM is stressing a platform that is equivalent to trying to run current video games like crysis on a windows 95 computer. it's just over for java. and i promise anyone who doubts that, that if RIM continues to use java for future os's they will slip into oblivion.

He said that 6.0 was coming later this year!!! Though we already knew this, it's nice to see it reinforced. Makes me feel better that the 9650 still isn't released....

"Hey, don't feel bad about my favouring your friend over you, since she's much prettier, has bigger tits, is younger and not that fat... But, when you get your act together in a year or two, lose some weight, put the silicons in and do a face job, I'll be back!" ... pathetic...

I guess that, if OS6 is not a better OS and does not truly seek to compete with Android, Apple and Palm, that 40% will skyrocket like crazy.

RIM, your turn.

While I'm glad they FINALLY made a statement, at this point, even when 6.0 comes out, I don't think I'll be using their services. Don't let the knob hit ya in a back Jack!

Yes, an obvious statement that RIM has been slow to acknowledge. If only they were forward thinking, and not reactionary? The smartphone space has changed drastically ever since the first gen iPhone came out, and still RIM has been slow to steer the ship. Seriously, finally purchase purchase webkit browser technology a full 2.5 years after the Phone launched?!

I still love my 9700, as it can run circles around all other phones when it comes to "smartphone" activity, but once developers leave the platform - there will be no growth, innovation and apps! I really, really hope RIM is taking this head on. What does Steve Ballmer say, "Developers, Developers, Developers!!!!!"

Everyone who is pissed at Skyfire doesn't know what they're talking about. Do you want a broken, half assed browser? Oh wait, we already have that with the native browser. Please tell me why Skyfire should WASTE their TIME and MONEY developing for a platform that doesn't care enough to further develop itself? Complicated and broken tools are NOT the way to convince developers to come over and produce worthy apps. It is promising to see someone step up walk away from BlackBerry. Yes, we will lose out on a great browsing experience, and one that I guarantee you would be miles ahead of your beloved webkit browser. Instead of hating on Skyfire out of spite, you should embrace the idea of RIM failing to provide for it's developer community. Stop being so blind. Do you REALLY think Skyfire just got lazy and said screw it for no good reason? THEY will lose on this move, so OBVIOUSLY they have a valid reason behind their decision.

Apparently, you missed the "Lol" part which shows the humor I found in his comment. I was just playing along too, dumbass. Find out the facts first!

RIM needs to see this kick in the nuts for what it is, the dev community crying out for support by the platform. RIM has nobody to blame but themselves for the market passing them by. Sure they are still pumping out millions of devices, but that growth won't sustain against Apple and Google. Much as it pains me to type, it may be too late. No webkit browser for almost another full year is going to kill RIM.

watching the blind blackberry fanboy nonsense on here is mindnumbing. anyone holding their RIM flags up along with their middle finger to skyfire is crazy. what skyfire just said politely was. we have no interest in developing a killer browser for a dying platform. we heard os 6 was coming out later this year, we doubt it will actually be any better just like 5.0 wasn't actually any better, but we'll save face from looking like total jerks and claim we'll check it out again then. skyfire just bailed from blackberry, other developers have no interest because theres just not an ability to develop rich content for bb. if you don't understand why i would suggest you do some research. blacbkerry java os is dead, it's virtually the same os a motorola razr had 6 years ago..time to totally ditch java RIM, or the public will ditch YOU.

I'm not disputing Skyfire's comments. There has been this kind of talk out there for sometime. What I find odd is that they would feel it necessary to handle this in a public manner. I have been in business for a long time and I can't figure out why they would take this tact. These kind of remarks don't help in business, regardless how true they may be.

My hope is RIM is able to move forward and bring to the table a better browsing experience for its users, sooner rather than later. Competition is strong and it doesn't take long for users to jump ship.

At least they feel the need to inform the public of their decision and how they came to it. As a BlackBerry user, I appreciate that. It was also used to make them NOT totally look like the bad guy. If they remained silent and kept the news internal, every BlackBerry user would be bashing them to pieces. At least now the bashing it kept to only those blind fanboys.

They needed to say something. It was way too long. At least now the blackberry community knows where it stands with Skyfire.


Maybe what RIM needs is a BB Storm 3 that runs both BBOS and Android. Just like palm did with PalmOS and winCE when they were a respectable company

I am not kidding.

I am on the team that's ready to dump my BlackBerry. I've had 4 different models since 2007 and each one seems to be further and further behind the competition in every way, except for the email handling, which I'm starting to care less and less about. Who cares about >24 hour battery life or tactile keys when I can't even do what I want to do with my phone (e.g., my current 9700 vs something like an Nexus One). I'm also sick of paying +$20 a month for Exchange integration & BES access.

You only need to look at the o.s. "release of the week" to see that their development process lacks adequate methodology and controls.
As far as the development environment for 3rd party developers is concerned you only need to look at the app store... 4 versions of the same app?..

"The APIs are fragmented and inconsistent".. is perhaps one of the most polite things that could be said.

well Blackberry runs out of ideas,The Browser sucks, a lot of useless applications on App world. Everyday i look for something to write on my twitter, but Rims has nothing new to offer,nothing to say "wow". all Blackberry devices look the same.
I still going to support Blackberry,but they needs some fresh ideas.

Why doesn't RIM do a major overhaul and start running Android? I'm not a technical enough person to even know if this is feasible.

My only concern is that I don't want to sacrifice security if they open the platform up more.

As of right now the bb is the only phone that is CIA certified for security purposes, and I quite heavily rely on that security. I hope not to see it diminished and I hope the blackberry doesn't become more easily hackable with a more open OS.

I'm no genius, so that could have nothing to do with it. Idk.

Ive been saying for a while that they should offer a more open OS for consumer devices and keep the lock down craptackular OS for people who require security. Everything is permission driven, let the IT guys provision the phones based on the amount of security they need.

On a side note, BB better release some spy shots of something super hot to get the loyalists excited. Android added almost 10,000 aps in March alone!!!

at least release one Android touchscreen and keep the rest of the BB lineup just to see how it goes. A BB branded android device could be VERY popular, IMO!

well theyre basically saying that they will wait until OS 6.0 gets released along with webkit browser... and then they'll begin on developing their browser.. its a shame, but they are right, the APIs are a huge problem on developing a good app on BB OS, as they say, are very fragmented and inconsistent.

I hope BlackBerry is listening. I am thinking of going to an HTC EVO 4G for the Android functionality. What's up with the Applications development. Android is killing BB on that. Yea some of those are useless maybe but the only way you move forward is to develop new apps that we can use and improve. More MP cameras and functionality. HTC has 5MP out and 8MP being offered this summer.

Wow that's like a kick in the nutz. Hopefully this will finally slap some sense in RIM so we can get somewhere with their OS rather than coming out with 8-9 model of an identical phone. But knowing them 6.0 wouldnt be anything revolutionary but just some comestics on the current OS.

I would come back to BB in a flash if they released a BB/Android Hybrid. That would be too good to be true. Until then I will watch from the outside. C'mon BB do something special!

Rim has been dragging their feet for the past couple years, and now they have to play catchup. It's sad because so many of use feel "betrayed" by RIM...they have our loyal devotion as we sit back and see all of these new and exciting phones hit the market. How long do they expect us to wait before we jump ship? I love my S2 with the .517 O/S and I don't require too many apps, but I definitely want RIM to utilize my touchscreen more. It's getting harder and harder to defend them.

well that bites I have been waiting for some time for them to come out with a browser for BB.
Glad to hear that RIM is trying to make things easier and I hope that helps things in the future.
I love my Blackberry and I wouldn't give it up Android

maybe the high schoolers like to show off the "animated wallpaper" on their nexus ones, but that doesn't appeal to everyone.

after owning a Palm OS device, winmobile device and BB os device, I am tired of using something to get by. RIM will not go down the tubes ever. I don't think corporations want to partner up with google.

BB just needs to realize that everyday folks are using smartphones and that the name itself won't sell devices to the small business/ soccer mom type crowds....

I dont mind the blackberry browser all that much, I use it frequently, I tried Opra Mini and Bolt, both good but the native browser serves me well.

100% percent. RIM is really behind no matter how many incremental updates they make to the OS, they need drastic changes to compete from a cosmetic/fun perspective from consumers. Being the best at e-mail and having the best qwertys is not enough.

Does Anybody know how much money these sold called mystery machines cost? My BB Tour was 49.99 from Amazon Sprint. I'm not paying 299 for a portable VCR stroke stroke machine. If Strokin is your thing by all means get your stroke ON!

Well, I guess the posts and articles about BlackBerry users jumping ship are just having more and more added to it with this recent jump ship of Skyfire. I think RIM will still hold a vast majority of the corporate arena for the simple fact that BES exists. They could have gained more if providers, like VZW, weren't making small companies who wanted BESX get the data plans they are requiring. I guess large corporations aren't on the same wave length that President Obama is about "small business is what drives America's economy".

Then again, it is my personal opinion if once RIM releases the Tour2/Bold, they should since more of their money into R&D for their OS and other aspects of the phone instead of the phones themselves. Maybe doing this would drive people BACK to the RIM BlackBerry platform? Just my 2cents

if more companies like Skyfire stand up and let the public know how RIM is slacking maybe only then will RIM do something more to make a faster change.

Can't decide if I should be ticked at Skyfire for not trying harder...or...begin my list of reasons to go android when my upgrade comes due in July.

This is getting to be the easiest crack addiction to kick. Come upgrade time I'm done with BlackBerry.

Wow. Some company I never heard of canceled a program we don't even need. Another web browser?

I just wish I got here before all the android fanboys.

Wow. Some company I never heard of canceled a program we don't even need. Another web browser?

I just wish I got here before all the android fanboys.

I look at it this way, if RIM can't get their act together (and I mean soon) then we are all gonna switch to something better. Who wants to use a VCR when theres Blue Ray or a vinyl when theres Digital. I believe RIM knows it and is gonna start spitting out some great stuff.

But they are frackn' slowww

I wrote a comment about the ipad and all the fanboys bashed me. This is to funny. Never heard of a developer calling apple outdated and they don't wanna do business with them. What do u lifeless clowns have to say now. This is to damn funny

I just upgraded to a 9700 Bold and I like it. It does what I want, it lets me check 3 corporate email accounts (no other device I looked at would do that). I don't need to surf on my phone and Opera and the built in browser are enough. The new browser is much improved over my Pearl and see no reason to dump BB. With that said I would agree that app dev should be easier and if RIM doesn't get on the stick they will lose market share for the casual user. I don't see corporate america dumping their BB's because it is a functional device, not some toy to watch youtube on.

I got a Blackberry in March 2009... and I've seen the explosion of Android, I've had time to play around with the Iphone, I've owned an Omnia (windows 6.1)and my girlfriend has a Nokia E71 (Symbian)... All of these phones are better for geeks than BB... Windows can do so much stuff that its not even funny... Symbian is also right up there when it comes on to customization.... Iphone, while closed, has a ton of just cant get bored...

What I'm saying is that I feel like I chose the wrong platform...yeah the BB is great for Push notification and BBM but I want more... and beleive it or not, the other platforms are catching up to RIM when it comes on the enterprise service...and to be honest, email is not that important to me...

Whether we want to admit it, RIM is king when it comes to enterprise...but they havent realized that we (the 20ish to 30ish age group) will be the business men of tomorrow and we demand more than just enterprise services... we demand a full fledge smartphone... and they are failing miserably in that category...

I'm moving to either WebOs or Android this year... after a year with BB, i realize that its not the phone for me... My manager swears by her BB... but I demand more than just email... I demand total entertainment

I got my 8330 about a year ago now and I'm ready to kick it to the curb! I have ridiculously small number of apps on it and the apps don't compete with Iphone! I'm going to have to learn how to type on my workout partners. I'm watching the reports about VZW picking it up! Bye bye BB!

For all talking about the webkit browser its rumored that its only gonna be for the bold because of large flash. Its on the latest CB podcast. Again it is a rumor but will see

This just reaffirms my crazy theory for RIM's future. I think it'd be perfect if RIM could buy Palm. RIM desperately needs a new OS. Palm currently has the best OS ever. RIM has great reliable and respected hardware and very sub par software. Palm conversely has up and coming software but sub par hardware. I'm not sure if RIM could put there great push services and BES and BIS on WebOS, but it sure would be great. Now obviously I don't know enough about the business side things to know if this could ever happen, I just know that Palm is really hurting right now and RIM is still doing well, but won't be for very long if they don't change some things around. It just seems like a perfect fit.

Ok feel free to flame me now for why this couldn't/wouldn't happen. I know its really just a pipe dream.

I think it makes perfect sense. It would great synergy for BB to just port over the Web OS and integrate it into the BB hardware. Only problem I can see is that its taken RIM over a year to get the WebKit browser from Torch to the point that they were only able to preview it. Imagine how long it would take for them to integrate an entirely new OS.

What is really scary is what Kevin M. stated on the last podcast. He gave his opinion on RIM's future plans. Basically, RIM is waiting for this impending crunch on data where the blackberry will be the preferred device for carriers because they are so data efficient. Then carriers will charge less for data plans for bb users and the bb will be more popular than ever. Please tell me this isn't RIM's strategy going forward? Using the same old os with incremental improvements hoping that the pipes get clogged.

Apps are the future whether we like it or not. That is why android and iphone are racing to have huge app catalogs. RIM needs all the app developers it can get.

I remember that podcast. Yeah i can kinda see that i'm sure theres a little truth to it, but i don't doubt that RIM is exaggerating things so they look good...its all PR. Technology always catches up, sometimes slowly. If RIM is hoping that having an efficient platform is gonna save them, then its like the putting all their money on one number on a roulette table...and we know the chances of winning..

Speaking of which Vegas anyone??

of RIM's doom if they don't turn themselves around. I really like my 9000 but at the end of the year if RIM hasn't done anything to keep me proud to be a BlackBerry user i will probably be jumping ship sooner or later. RIM just seems to not be up with the times when it comes to consumers. I see so many other people at my place of work getting iPhone's and other similar phones. I still wouldn't make the switch but this is definitely not making me want to stay with BlackBerry. Quite a let down.

"I'm looking for an Android phone or iPhone on my next upgrade"

Aren't you tired of hearing that yet, RIM? or your head is too deep up in your @RS to hear any thing at all?

Get your head outta your @rss and get it moving. This is a bitch-slap-wake-up-call.

It's a shame to even consider comparing a BB browser to others.

IMO, this is a non-issue. RIM/BB are not and have no reason to capitolize on whateveryone else is doing. If people want all these features and apps, stop buying BlackBerries. Go get the device that suits your needs/wants. Stop comparing apples to oranges, thats what this dead horse boils down to. I have a BlackBerry for work. There was no need to buy a second phone for personal use but, I could have got a second BB, but the device for my personal needs wouldn't fit for another BB. RIM has been around long enough, that if they were planning on the direction other devices are going/have gone they would have done these things long ago. If your tired of waiting for the OS of your dreams, stop dreaming and get as far away from a BB as possible. I don't do a lot of surfing on mine, and a lot of others in the business world (in my experiance) do not either. If I need to get something quick, the browser is just fine. However, if I plan on spending a lot of time on the web, I go to the iPhone. The primary function of BlackBerry is the corporate market, where they do very well I might add. You don't see Apple and Android marketing to the business world at all if any. Bottom line, if your hoping/wishing for RIM to change their tune, bring a lunch-you'll be waiting awhile.

"The Blackberry developer environment is not as favorable for cutting-edge application development."

There is a giant pink elephant in the room on this one. Can people really not see it?

Which is why thier market share growth is slowing and will eventually begin to erode. Lets hope the realized thier mistake quicker than you have.

you are making the rediculous assumption that the success of RIM is CURRENTLY associated with the corporate market.
it is NOT... RIM chose to enter the consumer market with the curve and the pearl..
When these customers defect due to poor quality phones and inadequate consumer features then sales will plummet.. resulting in tanking share price, layoffs and misery for ALL BB customers...

RIM chose to enter the consumer market (look at Curve or Bold 9700)
RIM should hire more consumer-minded people, people that actually listen or know what the consumers want. Clearly, RIM is failing in this area.

Geez, I have a new BlackBerry Tour, my first BlackBerry.
I thought I had a nice phone until I read all this BlackBerry-bashing coming from BlackBerry's own users.
Guess I made a mistake I'll have to live with for 2 years.

I wouldn't worry about it. If you like your phone, then don't let it get you down.

Personally, I don't understand all of the bashing either. I've had a 9000 since late 2008 and it has never let me down. (Well ok, the browser yeah, but the new Opera is fantastic).

I think people are just upset that the BB doesn't have all of the bells and whistles that the iPhone or Android might have, and quite honestly, if someone bought a BB expecting a multimedia experience, I'd understand their being upset. However, the BB is first and foremost a solid, reliable communication device. Email, SMS, BBM, Phone calls, are all what it excels at; in this arena, it cannot be beat.

The comments from Skyfire are not a "low blow", they are a rational business decision based on sound business principles.

I am completely UNIMPRESSED with Blackberry Operating System Versions 4, 5, and probably 6. There has been very little progress or improvements made to the Operating System, or the Development Environment. The Blackberry Operating System is not robust enough to keep up, and RIM is about 2 years late in waking up.

RIM should buy the Palm WebOS Operating System and put it on their devices.

all they had was a limited beta that didnt work anyway. dead end company.

Good luck competing with free open source mates!


In all honesty, its not a very good web browser anyways. Ive ran it on my S60 phones. But its never good to lose any developer support. Hopefully OS 6.0 makes things easier for developers.

Kind of sad to see Skyfire go, oh well. RIM has some catching up to do. We need Web Kit; Wireless N; higher resolution screens; way more app memory; faster processors; and a OS that isn't based off of the OS running on devices from 10 years ago just reskinned and patched er I mean updated .

I really think RIM should buy Palm, use the WebOS and add some blackberry functionality. Palm has a better/newer OS than RIM but their hardware stinks and RIM has good hardware but their OS is really behind. Come on RIM we know you have the money to do it. And everyone knows Palm has never been a cheaper company to buy.

|Update| - I agree with newberrynewb, great minds think alike. By the time I had posted my comment newberrynewb had also posted my idea.

Not specifically because of this. Bolt is ok, but it still has some issues and the standard browser for BB sucks. There are a few issues that I personally would like to see addressed by RIM.

1.Java is a bloated, inefficient mess. Dump it if you want to be a part of the future. It appears based on initial info that 6.0 will still be based around Java.

2.APP SPACE NEEDED. This is still an issue with Android phones also from my understanding, but they are supposedly working on an official solution to allow apps to be run from the SD card. If RIM isn't going to make this possible, then they absolutely need to release new phones with 16 to 32 GB of onboard memory if they want to be able to grow their customer base and bring in new developers. I have a Storm 1 and I had to stop even looking at new apps months ago because they just won't fit and it just makes me sad to see something I want now. Who wants to develop apps for a phone if no one has space to download those apps?

3.Where is Mr T? Its funny how many people seemed to like the vertical slider. I was excited about a landscape style slider phone that has been rumored for quite a while now as Mr. T. The vertical slider is just awkward and would be a crap waste of screen space when web browsing.

4.I don't know if anyone at RIM has noticed, but Microsoft is bringing a little something called Windows Phone 7 that could very well take a bite out of the Blackberry market share. If Verizon gets a nice new Windows 7 phone, this is probably where I jump ship.

I love my Blackberry. More than even my luggage (and I have REAAAALLLY nice luggage). My first BB (named "Giskard") was a Bold 9000 and, initially, I was a *bit* upset at the quality (and the *stratospheric* prices attached to that quality) of the applications. I had seen, honestly, better applications on devices much older and much less, technically, advanced.

With the kind of money (and time) RIM has had, if necessary, to rewrite the operating system from the ground up (using emulator or virtualization technology to run older applications for the legacy OS) - there is absolutely NO excuse for the glacial speed at which they are developing both the OS and the environment. Much like Android, Linux was always an option as an OS-base - not to mention an almost innumerable amount of start-ups creating their own hybrid and/or new operating-systems for mobile devices.

Again, I love my machine, but RIM *serious* needs to "get their head out" and get this going. OS 6.0, if not completely *REVOLUTIONARY*, will be a grand disappointment and RIM, like Quark, will fall from that golden pedestal.

First, if you're using a Google or iPhone stop posting on this site. Go find a android or apple lovers forum. Idiots.

Second, skyfire will want to be back into the largest smartphone platform and us addicts will remember this day.

I have an Android device, but I think the opposite of many on this thread. I don't see why this is cause for people to bash RIM. If I were eligible for an upgrade today, I would go for a BlackBerry device today. I like Android, but I miss being able to bang out a message on a great keyboard. I miss push notifications. I miss autotext, auto on/off, and easy application switching. I miss great battery life. I know that BlackBerry devices have their shortcomings, but I really appreciate a lot of the features they offer. I really don't care too much about web browsing. I visit the same ten mobile sites all the time. As far as applications; give me Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, and Tether and I'm doing just fine. Android is great and the iPhone is great, but so are BlackBerry smartphones.

Gotta say I agree with you :) I only got my first BB last December, been on WM before that and for work I handle both iPhone and Android. Android is a bit too open for my liking, Apple on the other hand is a bit too closed off for my liking, lol. I love a physical keyboard, I love getting my push notifications. Battery life on my 9700 is the best I've had in years, even if I spend god knows how much time twittering and e-mailing. I do use the webbrowser as well and while I think it can be a lot better, I'm not totally put off by it. In the end it comes down to what people use their phone for, as it should be. For me, personally, the BB is just fine and I wouldn't change it for anything right now :)

Okay, so I read through the first two pages of comments on this and I am appalled. Had I heard of Skyfire before or anything about them making a BlackBerry browser? No. I've been a BlackBerry user for nearly a year now, and I will admit that my relationship with them has changed quite a bit since the beginning.

First there was the initial learning curve going from a "dumb" phone to the Storm (9530), but I expected that. The 5.0 series OS was such a drastic improvement (from my user experience) that I couldn't have been happier. I never knew what I had been missing before I got my BlackBerry. Do I need 24 hour (despite blackouts and poor network coverage) access to all of my email and social networks? Not really, but I have grown accustomed to it.

It was about a month or more after the Storm 2 came out that I first encountered that creature. Am I bitter that it will be another year before I can upgrade? Yes, but I have faith that RIM will have such an outstanding device by then that I can not even consider any other platform when the time comes. AT&T has very little coverage in my area so an iPhone would be out of the question, along with every other GSM device out there. I'm glad that VZW has opened up for Android devices (and I even hear talk about a CDMA iPhone), but I feel that it is all hype.

If, after the next year, RIM has paid heed to all the user feedback and kept up with the technology then there is not much to lose. The 4G/LTE networks should be well expanded by then and the 6.0 OS should be out by then as well (including, hopefully, a better browser).

What really gets me about all this bickering is that people construct these poorly worded and structured posts and actually expect to get taken seriously. Trying to address RIM directly on a community site that has a population of users that is just a margin of the those in their market share it just downright arrogant and over-presumptuous. The best way to influence RIM's decisions and marketing strategies is to vote with your wallet. If their market share drops drastically enough then they will HAVE to do something to stay afloat.

This is all just my personal observations, thoughts and comments. In no way, shape, or form do I believe that anything beneficial to the community or the customer will ever be rock solid until the day it goes for sale. I have learned lessons like these not just through my experiences with smart phones but with software developers and every other business that I have encountered. Valve is a good example if you want to look them up and see the broken promises they have made in the last 10 years or so, but also consider their strengths as well.

Personally though, I use my phone to communicate with people. I enjoy having Slacker Personal Radio among my applications on my phone for various personal reasons. I VERY rarely use the web browser but not because I don't like it. It certainly has more features built in than the OpenWave browser that my Motorola z6tv had (and that phone even had MediaFlo built in). The network coverage that I have at work and at home is adequate for calls, SMS, email, even streaming radio, but for a really good, full on reading or YouTube browsing experience it falls flat on it's face. Then again, the more time I spend using the phone for little things that I am too lazy to do at a computer, the less battery life I have and if there is not a charger handy then the safety in my car really falls down to the battery life on my phone and not my vehicle handling skills. Just isn't worth it for me.

That's all I have for now, but keep it in mind.

I still think BB is the best "smartphone" out there despite on what other people say. They just jumping ships because of all the advertisement of other phones and all the hype. I still believe they can turn this around and grab that missing "wow-factor".

I jumped ship a while ago. Nov 6th to be exact, when the Droid came out. And i like many of you was DIE-HARD BB. My next phone will be the HTC Incredible, and after that whatever hot Android phone is out. Never going back to BB bc I just don't see RIM doing much about that crappy OS. Only reason I still visit here is because my fiancée has the 8530 which I have a feeling is also about to be replaced by a Droid Eris. If you still on BB you are a business power user or a fanboy. Consumer media market? RIM ain't got *ish on what Android can do. That is all : -)

Skyfire probably didn't do any Blackberry development. They issued a press release, and did nothing since. I had been following them, hoping for a newer browser. They did nothing since the press release. I use my Storm2 for work and personal email, watch movies on it, listen to podcasts and music, and browse the web (Opera mostly). I actually use my Ipod Touch less now since I bought the Storm2. I am not a fanboy, but I am a grown-up, and this phone gives me everything I need. If this news about a company that never seriously tried to develop for the Blackberry platform makes you get a Droid, so be it. I am sticking with a device that is very dependable and does what I need.

It's a sad day to my eyes to have read this.

I do love my Blackberry, and while I wouldn't go and get an Apple product to replace it... frankly I find myself more often looking towards an Android based phone.

As it is I use Gmail for all of my mail, and the BB simply doesn't handle Gmail well. In fact, RIM said they were going to integrate more Gmail functions with their plugin... which didn't really seem to work or do anything to help. Then they said they would add in into the new BIS rollout... which, well, didn't happen.

I used my Storm (and now Storm2) as a phone, for e-mail, for Internet via the browser, and BBM / SMS. The only thing I loose going to an Android phone is BBM... but I can still SMS all of those folks. Switching to an Android based phone I can remain on Verizon (main reason I won't get an Apple product), get better Gmail integration (and calendar... frankly I'm tired of having to clear out and re-sync my calendar after every new OS load), and a better browser.

The only thing holding me back at this ponit is the current physical design of the Android based phones. I don't think they feel as well in my hand as my Storm2 does... but if they nail that down with a new phone, well... sorry to say it RIM.. but our short relationship might just be over.

Well, sometimes a bitter pill is hard to swallow, but it doesn't make it bad. I personally agree with what Skyfire had to say. Yes, it sucks we won't be getting the browser, but maybe this will be a wakeup call to RIM that they had better get something better for their consumers. WE WANT A BETTER BROWSING EXPERIENCE!

RIM is going to lose a large part of their consumer market share because they are so far behind on their browser or the ability to view Flash content on the device.

I hear all the RIM fanboys crying foul at Skyfire, but how can you really blame them? Android and Apple's mobile OS are great fun to develop on and use.

Ask Palm about losing market share.

You know every time somebody complains about surfing the web on a screen the size of a post-it, really is funny and redundant to me. For everyone even before the point of purchase of a Blackberry, looking at it is enough to realize what its built for, what its strong points are, and what would its weaknesses be. And yes look at the small screen and big physical keyboard, its not optimized for web viewing. And sorry for anyone here whos getting offended that developers dont wanna strip down their product, and make a lower quality version of it, to go along with making their company look negative because of that, just to appease a demographic that really shouldnt be complaining about it.

Obviously rim is going down the tubes because a developer doesn't like their current os. It isn't like the president of the united states exclusively uses blackberry. On wait? They must be terrible phones.

Don't get me wrong. I am intrigued by android more every day but stupid comments about a very reliable secure device like BB are just dumb.

Give us the beta version! it's better than nothing and when they do get back to developing for the Blackberry they will have all those reports to go from.

I don't see it as a "low-blow" from Skyfire at all.
Hell, I'd even probably be doing the same. They even acknowledged that the timing is just not right - they will come back to Blackberry once RIM gets off their high horse and actually starts WORKING to fix these issues, rather than pumping out ever-so-slightly-altered new devices every four to six months.

Skyfire seemed completely logical and polite about it to me.
Is there such thing as a "high-blow"? I think that was a high-blow. Good for Skyfire!

I 'been thinking about moving to a different phone /platform
but i need a phone that works great for business
i really like Blackberry phones (using Tour 9630 now)
but with all this OS flaws, lack of memory, slow processors, no enough apps,
and more, I started consider moving to the Android platform if i find the right device, after 7 or 8 year with bb is sad to say it but i really need a phone and OS that is up to my business and BB falling behind in many areas
But I'll wait just a little longer and see

DO IT. Oh my Jesus! Why are you wasting your time posting on a BB board? If Android is the coolest thing ever, then by all means, go buy one. Blackberry is not trying to be a keyboardless gaming/entertainment device like Android and iPhone OS... They are two completely different things. You wouldn't compare an electronic voice recorder to a full blown pro tools rig, would you? They are trying to serve different markets. So all of you Android people, shut up and go post something on a friggin' Android board. And to the guy talking about the 1GHz "Snapdragon" processer? 1st of all, that's the gayest name for a processor that I've ever heard of. 2nd of all, that is why your beloved Android phones get 8 hrs of battery life. SUCK IT!

Well in my case is not that i want to jump ship
but as the time goes by I'm in more need of a more robust
phone/OS , and i agree wit you BB is one thing ,the others ,well some thing else
But you'll agree that in a world of business you got to have the very best tools, and BB still is , but in my opinion "the others" are caching on really fast

By the way I'm a sound engineer so i got you comparison really well lol

I bought the Google Nexus One! But I still have my Berries so I still hang here plus there is an Android forums section here that will grow.:D Calling Snapdragon gay is not being nice to SnapDragon!!!:D

I love!!!

This guy who said snapdragon was "gay" needs to do some homework and maturing. What is this? A high school cafeteria? "You're soooo gaaaay!" I read the forums on and the battery issue isn't coming from the KICK ASS 1Ghz processor but the LED or AMOLED screens being inefficient energy hogs.

What's RIM gonna do when they lose the "consumer" market shares? It's about WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT! They know it. The corporations and Government contracts won't keep them afloat for very long.

That statement to me sounds like a nice way of saying "We give up, we have moved on to bigger and better things." With RIM's webkit browser on its way the demand for skyfire on the blackberry will fall sharply. Not to mention flash on a blackberry (even the 9700) just isn't something I want to experience. I see it as a train wreck waiting to happen IMO. Maybe once RIM puts out some better hardware (I'm thinking snapdragon, at LEAST 512MB ram, with at least 1GB of aPp memory. A more favorable (ie something not java) to throw the os on would be ideal as well.

I agree with a lot of the comments here. I waited for months in anticipation for my 9700 and OS 5.0. I have loved BB for a little under 5 years now, and I must say I am thinking about jumping ship to Windows 7 series when it is released. I love you RIM, but I am sick of limited app selection, limited app space on my phone, and lack of media support on my phone. The 9700 was the biggest disappointment I have ever felt after buying a phone.

Hey Microsoft or Google, wait for me!!!!

I'm sure it's a great processor, but a battery draining hog of a processor for sure. Android phones and iPhones have their place; I'll admit that. But a Blackberry is a completely different animal. I never commented on the actual story in my last post. My response is: Who Cares! Do we really want to watch flash video on a 3" screen? I'm sure the new webkit browser will suffice for what Blackberry mobile web browsers are built for...basic web BROWSING. I don't know about anyone else, but when I want to consume media online, I usually fire up my i7 quad core PC...DIE APPLE!!! Stop brainwashing people. Snapdragon is not gay, but Apple is trying to create a communist regime. CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL!!! Bye :)

I don't get it... at all. I have used Opera on my BB and on my girlfriend's HTC, and I hate it equally on both. Bolt sucks worse. Maybe it just me, but my RIM browser is just fine. Like another commenter stated below, I have never not been able to do something on my BB that I tried. My video is sufficient, email and messaging is cool, have all the Apps I want, etc.

Now in defense of the HTC, yeah, the screen's bigger, and Windows Mobile is cool, but that phone of hers is a HUGE pain in the ars as far as I'm concerned. I've helped her get it set up and learned to "navigate" so I can help her, and there are HUGE glitches and bugs that made me drop it and RUN BACK to my BB every time I touch it. Hellz no (in my opinion anyways). All that extra fancy marketing junk that they put in these new phones is cool for the teenagers with rich parents, but for someone in their mid-thirtys like me, I want solid, functional, and apps. I don't need a flashy expensive pocket PC to show off to my friends, then take home and spend hours trying to get it to operate properly in secret.

I won't even get started on the touch screen phones in general (sorry Storm users). People obviously love them, but I will NEVER own one... like ever. Nothing but a pain with the grease mis-clicks... and the overall touchy-ness.

To make a long story short, yeah, these new BB Competitors are cool... if you're 12. No thanks. Just my opinion.

I've been a loyal BB user for several years now, but I'm getting the impression that RIM is moving far too slowly with what the marketplace is now demanding. Seems as if it's difficult being a leader in both the corporate and consumer markets. While I'm not all that interested in the iPhone, I am seriously looking at an Android type phone. Looks as if the 9700 Bold may be my terminal BB phone. If I wanted to just call, text and email; then the BB is just fine. I think that I'm now wanting more of a web- apps-based experience. Kindle on the iPhone versus Kindle on the Bold is far more readable. If Apple comes out with a device that is pocketable, yet sits somewhere between the iPhone and the iPad, then I'm gone.

I've Always loved my blackberry, and got my friends to get 1 ,but then i seen the curve 2 it had no flash the screen was a cheap plastic. i was like how could u call it a curve 2,"it should of been called the K-mart Blue lite Special", and with the exception Wifi and more memory, and track pad there really was no difference in the phone's and if u look at all there phones there really is no difference from version 1 to 2 except they added memory and Wifi, and track pad, everything else it the pretty much the same, the os is the same except it my boot and look different "but all have some sort of bugs and glitches", The os in these phones have gotten very unstable, I think it's embarrassing when u go to show somebody an app and the phone locks up and u say "hold on let me pull my battery and reboot", then it works..or im going to download that oh i can't its over 5Mb ,Or someone says did u get my email yes i got half of it but the other part was truncated. To me it seems RIM has gone downhill with the quality of their phones and os, But thats my opinion, And @pple is a definate no no,

I Believe Android will be taking over the Smartphone Market for the fact that a majority of people want everything fast and at there finger tips, and be able to have the same experiance as their desktop on their phones. Because are phones are becoming are Pc..

who can blame them? i don't know how long i can stick with them if they cant figure out the video...

Skyfire might have been better saying nothing!

Their comments are so inconsistent I think it's rather more likely that the truth is they've heard the gossip about RIM's new browser and decided the kitchen is rather too hot for comfort.

The comments about RIM APIs is just an excuse. The APIs are consistent enough. The main issue is around the changing UI, and every platform would suffer the same if they offer variations on screen size.

And in any case, BlackBerrys support J2ME, so you could always write a non-BB specific app if you were that concerned about the native APIs.

Finally given RIM's commitment to the Adobe Open Screen project I doubt anyone else is going to beat them to Flash support.

I don't blame them. I needed the internet on my storm 2 last weekend for an "emergency" session, and I couldn't get shiat. A coworker with another verizon phone was able to do the google search and find the info I needed in a heartbeat. Droid (1) victor, Storm 2 (equals piece of shiat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

So why would they want to support the loser?

I really should have spent the extra $10......

watta tease! i was so so excited about this browser becoming available for bb... my bb does everything! i can watch tv with slingbox, i can stay connected with everyone on any im platform with beejive, i can control any one of my computers and retrieve files using rdm plus. i can send texts using my voice via vlingo, and i can use it to tether to my comp using tetherberry! the only one thing im missing is a REAL browsing experience and seeing skyfire last year on bb totally got me excited.. now that it wont be available, rim's gonna have to really step up. if you've seen what they're working on, its amazing, the only thing is its gonna be about a year before we even really see any of it, so im thinking about switch to the droid cuz now that it has pinch zoom, and soon it'll have slingbox available... and it does everything else really, except the media player sucks at video files... but hey at least i can play any super nintendo game i want on it.. bb.. STEP UP!

Having been a RIM (Blackberry) user for nearly 10 years... yes, even before the Blackberry... it became very clear with my last Blackberry (8900) that the web experience was never going to get any better. I need a decent web browser on my devise and Blackberry offers the worst experience of any devise out there. It is a real shame that the "top guys" at RIM didn't see the light years ago in terms of what not only consumers in general, but business users were going to require. In short, they lost the race by never being in it.

I have recently switched over to Android and as much as I hate to say it (and will take a major amount of heat from Android haters here on the forum)the Android OS has it all over the Blackberry OS. And RIM will never catch up to the web browsing experience on the Android platform. That is just a simple fact. RIM lost a long time customer because it has become clear that they have no real clue as to what the market is now requiring. Just putting out new devices doesn't cut it... those devices have to compete in the real world. I guarantee that OS 6.0 will pale against the latest current Android OS 2.1. And wait until Android 3.0 hits the streets... RIM will be left completely in the dust. RIM is a sad tale of ego and short sided management... and worst of all, not listening to their customer!

Look, the android and iPhone was developed and targeted for the consumer market. RIM is JUST now starting to get into this segment. RIM is going nowhere. Their bread and butter is business user. And I am sorry but working for a fortune 50 company I can tell you this, the iPhone nor the Android platform will ever be supported by us. Most other IT groups I talk to say the same thing. The security, administrative options, and cost of RIM as opposed to the other is staggering. On the Android and iPhone platform can you as a company ban social networking applications on the device as a cost saving measure on data usage? no. Can you on BES? yes. Can you implement company wide security and devices password policies on Android or iPhone? no. Can you on BES? yes. How much does it cost for you to procure the devices for your company? When we looked at going to the iPhone and going to the Android platform the units were between 200-400 per phone. Blackberry? Well we get the 8330, for 9.99 with data plan, the 8530 49.99 with data plan and the 9630 84.99 with data plan. So from a cost savings alone we couldnt think about jumping from the BB boat.

This is what I am saying. RIM makes business tools. Not consumer tools. Their market isnt the consumer.

If you want a consumer phone that will do all this different stuff then get a droid or get an iPhone. Otherwise be patient with RIM let them get caught up and stop setting fire to the ship before you see or hear the cannon fodder from the other companies.

Its kind of like EA sports buying the NFL license. Since the competition doesn't seem to threaten them they just do what they want. Same thing with RIM. RIM needs to step it p or otherwise they will find themselves on the bottom rung of the ladder. My brother has the moto clique and that OS seems to be quite hot!!! I am going to wait but if no improvements then I will be switching to something more efficient!