SkyFire Halts BlackBerry Beta Testing After Files Leaked

By Bla1ze on 28 Jul 2009 10:16 am EDT
SkyFire Halts BlackBerry Beta Testing After Files Leaked!

On Monday afternoon Skyfire made the announcement that some of us all were expecting. It was announced that all beta testing on the BlackBerry development of SkyFire was to be put on hold, reason being that the files had leaked onto the internet. Also during that time, BlackBerry users of all devices were acessing the files and from the SkyFire blog came this.

"During the time it was leaked, there were many BlackBerry users trying the alpha release on Curves, Storms, and other BlackBerry models--it was not intended for these devices."

The real story there is the fact the SkyFire beta was set up to allow a limited number of users to gain access and test the services at a time, if too many users were on --further connections would not be allowed. After the files were leaked legitimate users and testers were no longer able to access the files.

This folks is a prime example of why certain things just simply, should not be leaked. The development of SkyFire has just been set back and now it will be even longer before we see it launch on BlackBerry. Another fine reasoning, even mentioned by SkyFire is the fact the version leaked was not even the most recent version and this alone could have negative effects on users opinion now and even after launch.

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SkyFire Halts BlackBerry Beta Testing After Files Leaked


Oh well. This site constantly puts up leaked RIM OSs. Don't seem to mind about negative feedback from an unfinished OS, why would you care so much about SF. Skyfire can go sit with Social Scope in the corner as far I care.

But I was looking forward to using it, but fugg'em, it's not the end of the world.

Sorry i dont buy it...plenty of stuff is leaked out b ut you dont see other companies halting their production etc.

I think its probably due to the fact that Skyfire wasnt working all that well with BB's so to stop people getting angry they decided to halt the beta testing.

Not saying thats the truth as i dont know but only Skyfire know the real reason...just wish they would hurry up and get the actual proper app out as im dying to use it.

Like Skyfire is the first company to get an early embarrassing version of their product released? Get with the times even microsoft recognized the public wants to beta test. Letting the masses test TWO early releases of their PC OS. Skyfire is not making me shed any tears by this move I can really care less if a company making a browser gets upset over an early release.

Shutdown the alpha and move on with the beta there was no reason to shut down the beta as well.

Tweet contained a link. I downloaded it thinking it was an Open beta being mirrored. Couldn't get it to connect and assumed it must not be for the storm.

Now that I am more aware about how the beta was/is conducted. (Limted number of users at any given time ETC) it makes sense they suspened it.

I hope they get it up and running again for the inteneded testers so that it can eventually reach a public beta (hopefully for the Storm as well).

I think if people may need to view Skyfire more as a SERVICE rather than a stand aloneApp.

C'mon sky fire, leaks happen. grow up. do movie studios stop doing what they do cause a movie gets leaked to the internet ? NO. no matter how hard you try cause there are these ppl called hackers and they get things even if you don't want them to. you can't just halt testing and piss more ppl off for not having even tho its probably most needed on blackberry devices and should have been on them first... skyfire you will be regret this...

These guys should just move on. As if its a darnest big deal. If they know how to make money, they should know the ropes. Else there could be another reason behind it that they don't wanna let us eager beavers know.

I personally cannot wait for Skyfire, I used it on my WM device and loved it. I am pretty ticked that because someone decided to break their NDA and post the files for download. I mean really, how long has the blackberry community waited for a decent browser! Now we just have to wait that much longer! Thanks a lot! I just hope Skyfire does not just decide to scrap the whole project now

I see their point her, this is different, this is devices connecting to servers and too many connecting screws them up because they are not ready for that load yet, if they were it would have been a PUBLIC Beta. Now some idiots screwed it up for the rest of us. I know the whole "bad opinion on a bad version" thing probably wouldn't be bad since anyone that knows how to install a leak understands that it isnt finished, but making them have to stop research and block all access because too many morons are screwing up their testing is just annoying.

...Why isn't this app released yet? Haven't they been working on this for over a year? Ridiculous...

By the time this shit actually rolls around, RIM would have probably put out a browser that doesnt suck.

I love that they actually took notice that Curve & Storm owners took the leap for Skyfire. It should be motivation to them to know there will be plenty of people using their browser when it drops

Its obvious from most of the comments on this issue that none of you are/have been coders, programmers or involved with R&D in any way.

Skyfire's biggest problem is that they were still in private alpha testing. Meaning that their servers(which do all the backend crunching and rendering for the browser) were only setup to handle a certain amount of traffic. When their browser got leaked to the masses and a large amount of people tried to also access the site it resulted in an insane amount of traffic basically like a denial of service attack.

With everyone hitting the servers there would be no way for anyone properly use the product, especially the private alpha testers it was originally intended for. Now if this is the case how do you expect them to move forward when no real testing can go on?

Developing for the BlackBerry is already a more difficult task (when compared to Windows Mobile) and this just causes Skyfire to take a few weeks to fix the mess that you(the masses) created. Sometimes its better to just let software grow and give it time.

I forget how spoiled most consumers are sometimes.

Complete agreement here.

If your development and debug plan is for a controlled environment and it gets blown, then ALL of your test data is trashed, meaning the beta release is bad by design (garbage in, garbage out).. Given the lack of control over their own development process caused by the leak, they have to redefine and restart the testing cycle..

gee thx to all you idjits who helped screw this up :(

skyfire took 2 long to release this anyway, it was just some kind person who wanted others to get a chance to test the browser out, they are designing this for one BB, the Bold, and they take so long to do it, lazy monkeyz!

.. it was just some prat who violated the NDA he originally AGREED to, just to make a name for himself.

It's interesting to see how the same posters will gladly eat up any leaked OS build or other leaked software, but are strangely protective of this vendor.

If anything, their signups for alpha/beta/whatever testing should have asked for a PIN to allow for better tracking and less abuse. Things get leaked, especially on Blackberry forums where every build release of a product whips people into a downloading frenzy.

The leak showed demand in their product, but at the same time, consumers won't wait around forever for the product to be released.

Leaked OS' don't stop production of devices or bring services to a halt, you're just replacing and already existing OS with another.  Those things are already in's just common sense..if you can't see the difference, then I can't explain it you any better and we will agree to disagree. :)

I chose a couple of names at random, from the users here chastising the person who leaked and/or the people who used the leaked Skyfire and sure enough, a quick search of the forums showed that the same people admit to downloading/installing leaked versions of OS 5.0, for instance.

Don't blame a leaked version of your software the reason why your haulting production! What a joke and poor excuse for a software company!

lets see NO iphone, only 1 model of the Blackberry......Not making much of a name for themselves.

and btw who uses Nokia or Samsung???!!!???

I hope none of you value your privacy, because you won't have any if you use SkyFire. The screen that you're looking at is basically a virual server doing all the rendering. It might as well be something as simply described as remote control if you will. The people running these virtual rendering servers have the capability to see what you're seeing. Think about that before you use it for anything confidential. How else would you expect them to give you these types of rendering capabilites with a 160k app?

All of you who can never wait until something is officially released should learn a lesson here. Waiting for something to happen in its own time is usually the best for everyone concerned. In this case all you greedy pricks who either leaked or used the leaked software have negatively effected my life and I don't appreciate it.

That comment is indicative of the type of thinking that leads to things like this happening. I sure that the greedy pricks out there don't care about how their actions negatively affect my life or anyone else's. DUH!

Given a little time and it will postively make them money. A few more tweeks to their system and a new announcement and every one will jump at the chance to use the new system; All this will be forgotten.

I installed the beta on my Tour and it didn't work. It installed and said the install was successful. I opened the program on the phone and all I got was a white screen with a grid. I tried entering a web address and it gave me a "server unreachable" so I tried changing the settings. But it wouldn't load settings either because it gave me the "server unreachable" error again. I was excited in seeing if videos from Hulu really worked. But I guess the software doesnt work at all. :-(

It might have been because the servers were overloaded and it didn't work for anyone at the point that you installed it. Since you have a Tour you wouldn't have been part of the beta process anyway as your device wasn't supported.

Did you read the article or any of the above comments?