SkyFire Alpha 2 Delivered To Testers

By Bla1ze on 12 May 2009 10:03 am EDT
SkyFire Alpha 2 Delivered!

Don't let the blurry picture fool ya. SkyFire is shaping up to be a very nice browser for BlackBerry devices. Recently the Alpha 2 build was delivered to beta (Alpha?) testers and with the list of bugs that are being sorted out SkyFire is once again showing that they are indeed dedicated to bringing an awesome browsing experience to BlackBerry smartphones. As with all Alphas though, in fixing some bugs they have indeed broken a few other things but such is the way with building an app like this. Hopefully (sometime soon!) we will see a public beta considering how much effort is being put into the early-stage Alpha.

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SkyFire Alpha 2 Delivered To Testers


But, please don't rush it, either. Take your time, due your due diligence Alpha testing and re-testing, and bring us a product that we can use immediately after OTA download with minimal bugs, quirks and workarounds.


This would surely make up for the news that verizon won't release a new os for the storm. Too bad skyfire isn't in testing for the storm yet. It is better than any browser out there.

How do i go about signing up for beta testing of this browser? im definitely excited to see its almost out for public beta, but i'd love to give my feedback on it and test it out too!

I can't wait for this browser. It will add so much to what you are able to do! Hulu here I come! I would honestly pay $50 for an this once it was bug free, best part is it should be free for us!

Hope it comes soon. Been checking every day.

One thing I hear is a lot of people beating up Bolt. There is nothing wrong with it--people forget its still a beta itself. Anything can happen with that browser, as well.

Skyfire will be great, but no one knows its footprint as of yet.

I think Bolt is a nifty little browser, whereas I can do things and enter sites I couldn't with Opera Mini. For example: Sprint's website. And mobile banking sites.

But to keep on subject, I can't WAIT for Skyfire!!!


Biggest thing that my BB is missing is good flash support. Already excited for something other than Opera to try for a browser.

I've been playing with this on a WinMo device. It's SWEET! Supports BOTH Flash and Silverlight even! If the Blackberry version is anywhere close, it's going up there with Pandora for my must-have apps