Skooday brings Exfm streaming to BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 10 May 2013 05:52 am EDT

With several streaming music apps already available in BlackBerry World, great apps that tap into some of the arguably lesser known services can get overlooked. A prime example of this is Skooday, which allows streaming from Exfm. If you're not familiar with Exfm, it started its life as a Chrome extension which then became a full blown offering that scours the web for legal music files and then organizes them all into a logical form.

Using the service, you can discover, playback and share music across social networks, all for free. And that's where Skooday comes in. Skooday is a BlackBerry 10 app that taps into the Exfm service and allows you to stream music, and make use of the services 'love' feature to bookmark songs you enjoy. Overall, the app offers the basics but that's what makes it good in my opinion. Get in, search for some music, tap play and you're good to go.

Right now, you can download Skooday for free from BlackBerry World, though I do feel I should note it was once a paid app. The developer recently made it free because the $1.99 price tag wasn't getting much interest and they're contemplating what to do with the app next. In-app purchases to add more features, open source it, allow users to vote on features - all ideas the developer is considering. If you download it and enjoy it, let the developer know in the CrackBerry forums. It'd be a shame to see such an app go to waste for the sake of $2.

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Skooday brings Exfm streaming to BlackBerry 10


If only blackberry world would allow adding apps to your account WITHOUT having a blackberry device... I would add this. I know it may sound weird, but I would love to start adding apps (paid or free) to my world account, so I don't forget all the apps of interest in the meantime... and take advantage of sales etc.

Yeah that's a little weird. By the time you get to use the apps you previously bought, better ones may have come along...

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They should really find some premium features to sell within the app, it's the best model by far. BBW is littered with paid apps which never get downloaded because of the price tag.

Knew this application from this site.
Great app so far.
I hope developper will alow to add playlist soon.

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Developer here, could you give me idea how you it should look like in your opinion? Or simply answer why do you need to add playlist? This will help me understand what you are looking for.

@Bla1ze, @daliusd
I wish I had discovered this app before!
Music apps are my absolute weakness, and this app makes a very nice addition to my collection of streaming apps. (To the developer, may I suggest that you add the BB10 "swipe to delete" gesture? Typos have to be deleted character by chracter when I don't type my song/artist names correctly).
This morning, I've been able to find songs that are unavailable on some other services.
So, where's the music coming from? I don't know, but it's there! It feels crowdsourced. And I've found a lot of stuff ( fuzzy search engine would be nice).
Bla1ze said it a while ago. It would be a shame to let an app like this go to waste. Let's make this developer some money. He/she brought us a good app to BB10 from the ios/android domain. I appreciate that.

Nomarly, I'll search for song by song and of course I will not listen only one song.
The feature that allows me to add the song I just searched and found to a list would be awesome.
I will be able to search songs then add to a list so I can listen them later.
For the interface, I think you can add another button as "add to playlist" at the right side of the found songs.

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There are two things in the app that might fit your needs:

1. First button in top toolbar is list of songs that will be played now. Now when you search for songs, look at trending songs or explore songs near each song you can see + button. Click it and your song will be added to your song list. In your song list you will see - button in place of + button. The only problem that it is not possible to sort songs yet.

2. Another option is to create account and sign-in into app. Now near each song you will see heart button. If you press it your song will be added to list of loved songs.

Most probably first option is what you are looking for but as I have said it can be improved. Let me know if you are looking for something different.

Hmm first time trying it. Odd. I did a search for sylver and found her music. Try to listen and keeps skipping down to a different artist. Not impressed. If I had paid I'd be quite angry. Must delete. Sorry

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Yes it happens with some songs sadly. It looks like BB limitation actually (missing codec, sometimes access denied error).

Not a lot of top notch songs but the app runs very well for a Internet media streamer no lag at all.

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Just wanted to post because i saw the Get Lucky track from Daft Punk. Cannot wait for their new album in 11 days

When it skips to another song it is due to the fact that some songs are in format that BB10 cannot play...

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This a is great app, thanks to for informing us about it.

Have to admit never heard of Exfm till now, but I have been go through the site and app and I am hooked.

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Thank so much
I will check that feature then let you know

Have a great weekend

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First impressions feedback.

Generally, the app does what it sets out to do.

Firstly I would like to see some colour differentiation between the results and the static body of the app.

The search box and buttons are too small.
It needs a precision touch to hit some of them first time, which does not aid usability, especially with repeated use.

I don't like the positioning of the top buttons and search bar. It's counter to other apps and the z10 browser.
I think they need to appear after clicking another button at the base of the screen.
Perhaps they could appear, along the bottom, or vertically on the left/right sides (selectable).

When you click for what's popular overall, the lag suggests that the query is asking the server to calculate that per request?
I'd expect the server to keep that data churning over and be able to respond instantly?

On the sign up page 'Advised' is spelt incorrectly. As a rule, for me, if T&C's are misspelled, I generally don't sign up as it does not instil confidence.

Just my thoughts

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Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate that. Next version will be based on cascades and many of your problems will go away naturally.

More little things.

When there are no results, I think it would be nice to actually state that fact, rather than the blank screen.

Also, the x in the search bar, only works when the search bar has focus?
Lost count of the number of times a I tried to clear the search bar by going straight to the x.

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Now I'm reviewing what's fixed in next version that is up for review and I think you will like next version. While at least one complain you will have - I have forgot to fix spelling.