Skiing Fred now available on BlackBerry 10 for free

By Bla1ze on 23 Oct 2013 03:28 am EDT

I've always been a fan of the 'Fred' games. Falling Fred, Running Fred and Super Falling Fred have always been great time wasters and now Skiing Fred has slid into BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 smartphones. This time around, you'll have to guide Fred as dangerously as possible through a trap-ridden world all in an effort to escape the Grim Reaper, who oddly enough kinda looks like Skeletor. 

Some highlights of the game include:

  • Free-style control system unlike any other game
  • Ability to customize and gear up your character!
  • Massive Cooperative Missions 
  • Tons of insane vehicles
  • Dozens of traps and enemies

Creepy Chunk goes so far as to call it the best Fred game ever and while I'm a fan of the originals, I'm inclined to agree with them here. The best of all is that it's available as a free download. The only thing you'll be spending here is time but it's time well spent.

Skiing Fred is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones in all countries according to the BlackBerry World listing, though best to double check on your own specific device. Keep in mind, sometimes apps and games get broken up into regions so you may need to search for it to get your specific area listing.

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Reader comments

Skiing Fred now available on BlackBerry 10 for free


It also tells me it's not available for my device. I'm runing Z10STL100-1/ Yeah, I know, your thinking why STL1001? :(

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Running fine on bold 9000 and you Zs10 just wait ten years and half to get the update then after twenty five year you will get this app for your children :)
And by the way, im just kidding about the bold 9000, i think people who used it are already dead:p

Posted via CB10

Z10 STL100-3 official AT&T and no issues. Loads right up. I thought Unity made the Fred series.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

"Unity" doesn't really make games, games are made with Unity and for lack of better explanation, those games often get published under the Unity name.

There used to be no game segregation and now here we are. This is some ridiculous bullshit...

Posted via CB10

True that, thanks to BlackBerry for making an STL100-1 device.

If BlackBerry itself started this what do u expect from developers!

Posted via CB10

I mailed the developer and he told me that they were producing a special build for stl 100 1 and skiing fred will be available very soon

The best phone in the world

Would it have something to do with the graphics chip difference between stl 100-1 and the rest? Wtf!

Posted via CB10

Unavailable for this device. Damn... you can cut our LTE support but why change the chipset?

Posted via CB10