Sketch w Friends updated to v2.0, brings clues and much more

Sketch w Friends
By Jared DiPane on 13 Apr 2012 05:02 pm EDT

If you were a fan of Sketch w Friends before, prepare yourself to be blow away by version 2.0. Early this morning the developer took to the forums to let us know that they have made version 2.0 available to the masses and wow, have they changed the game with this. The developers have added a number of new features to enhace the game play, along with adding even more rooms for the free users. Included in the new update is -

  • Friends & Family: Private Rooms where you can invite your Facebook friends to play, with a maximum limit of 8 people per room. This feature is available only for paid users.
  • Artistry: A special drawing zone where you can draw at length and share your sketches on Facebook and Twitter. We are planning on hosting some contests around this feature on our Facebook page so start sharpening your drawing skills right away and make sure you are connected to us on Facebook
  • Me vs Bot: Not in a mood to draw? No worries; brush up your gaming skills against our friendly robot and have fun!
  • Moderation System: Users will now be allowed to ban other players only when they unlock the Moderator or the Super Moderator levels. These are special privileges awarded to fair players based on several parameters. Oh and did we say, if you don’t play fair your level keeps downgrading automatically
  • Clues for guessing the word.
  • Color Palette: An all new color palette with a whole range of colors including the color brown.

If you currently have Sketch w Friends installed be sure to grab the update, and if you have yet to try it out, you will definitely want to do so today!

For more information and to download Sketch with Friends
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Reader comments

Sketch w Friends updated to v2.0, brings clues and much more


i love this game. this is really cool they seem like great updates.. As soon as i get home im going to play.

buy the game, dude. its better, downside is you wont be able to do something else, besides playing that game... ahaha

I use to be able to use pre paid gift cards (U.S) and now I can't buy anything with my bbid. It sux!!!!! Wtf I'd love to buy this game among others so what gives? Error 10000 every time! :(

I had two wishes for tbis game 1. Private rooms. 2. Clues as in draw something. Good that listened to my silent wishes.

I set up a Paypal account for buying games, books on Kobo, etc. Works well except for 1 week delay funds coming to paypal from bank acct.

I have experienced this as well.
The update is very welcome and enhances the gaming experience but there's still that bug when 10 rounds have been reached and the game has ended.
Half the time the game just freezes and the other half you need to leave the room and join it again, only to find that a new round has already started...

A nice feature would be to tell the players that are viewing the rooms at what round the game is at...

You can play Words with Friends (free version) right through the PlayBook's web browser, thanks to its support of Flash!

well, it's a ripoff without the friends...the point of the game is to play it with friends...and friends in general usually don't own a playbook

Dear Team CrackBerry,

Thanks again for this post! A special thanks to Jared DiPane for writing this.