Skate your way to the top with Skate Fighter on the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Zach Gilbert on 24 Apr 2012 12:49 pm EDT

If you were to ask me what I love about the PlayBook I would have to say the portability and the gaming, both go hand in had quite well. So when I see new games flood into App World I'm typically going to download them -- and the latest to fit that bill is Skate Fighter from developer Nicholas Ferrara. The premise of the game is to make it to the end of the level the quickest while performing tricks and getting ahead by any means necessary. While it will seemingly be easy at the start, as you progress the game becomes harder and harder with more people and water hazards getting in your way.

Skate Fighter is available in on the BlackBerry PlayBook in BlackBerry App World for .99 cents. Don't let the non-flashy side-scrolling graphics fool you, this game is quite addictive. Check out the video review above and let us know in the comments what great games you've disvocered on the PlayBook.

Download Skate Fighter from BlackBerry App World

Reader comments

Skate your way to the top with Skate Fighter on the BlackBerry PlayBook


I agree the portability of the PlayBook for games is awesome and my 6 year old can hold it well and play games. He will love this one. Thanks.

At .99 cents, what's not to like...oh yah, the stupid adds that play at the bottom of the screen when watching Crackberry videos. I really hate those. Yes I know, I can click them to close, but nevertheless, I really hate those :)

Support indie developers like NIcholas. Nice work! Crackberry should feature more games by dedicated developers. This looks like it isn't Android port. +1

this game is unique and fun!! I play it all the time. I agree with kdna, support more ind developers. Nice work Nick!! $1 is a steal! :)

Saw this review, looked at the video, found out about the dev. ... yeah for sure buying this...

Bought it last night, played before bed and this morning...

A lot of fun, easy to get into the controls but it takes some time to master so that makes it fun and gets you to keep playing for longer. Game loads up under 5 seconds so it'll stay on my homescreen/panel for a while. Great for a quick pick-up game. Very smooth. worth my dollar and then some!

Good job Nicholas Ferrara ! Keep them coming!