SK Telekom makes OS for the Bold 9900 official

Bold OS
By Jared DiPane on 6 Sep 2011 12:02 pm EDT

If you are a BlackBerry Bold 9900 owner who isn't a fan of leaked OS's, but instead prefers to only install official variants you will be pleased to know SK Telekom has made OS Last week we saw this version as a leaked OS, but today it has been made an official, so get to downloading. As always, be sure to back up your device, and excerise caution while installing this release, and be sure to let us know in the forums how it goes for you.

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SK Telekom makes OS for the Bold 9900 official


your carrier doesn't need to be updated to the official OS, you can update yourself and when you do it, on here you will find a guide to update your OS and delete the vendor.xml file and it will work just fine on your phone

Thanks for the tip. I'm aware that I can un-offically update (and will likely do so soon), just venting about Bell Mobility's "sell and forget" mentality. ;^)

I imagine you are correct. I do not use it very often. In fact, I only use it when visiting certain family members or when traveling abroad (which amount to only a few weeks a year). However, during those periods, it is crucial to me. My belief is we will see UMA again sometime in the Fall or just after the new year begins. As I am not doing any more travel before March or April, I upgraded to the 9900 and decided that if UMA is still not around when I do travel, I will add a line, use an old UMA capable phone, such as my 9700 or my wife's old Pearl, and cancel that extra line when I return (within two weeks). That way I still have UMA calling, even if it means I have to carry two devices while abroad.

I'm on a sprint 9930 and still have .241 I believe and it seems to be working fine, do you guys recommend I upgrade? Never done this before so a little hesitant. If it improves my battery life like everyone says I'll jump on the bandwagon.

I have not been able to doing any OS 7 upgrades wether official or beta
since I got the new 9900
I use DM and nothing happens I try the other way of
deleting vendor xml and trying to download via apploader with no sucess
What am I missing?

after installing the package of the leak, find the loader.exe (where the vendor.xml file is, delete that!) and fire it up... click next all the time, check apps you wanna keep or delete etc. and it will be done.


I can't install the 353 version as it's a .exe and i'm on mac.

I've searched in the forum but didn't find any way to install an os with mac
Does anybody know ?

i have a mac, its a pain in the ass. Either do it on a windows computer, or get a VIRTUAL BOX for ur mac and install windows on in. It will let u run windows in a small window. Pretty easy setup. Dont forget to download a pack on their website for USB 2.0 support if you choose to go that route. if you need help with finding a copy of windows to install on the virtual box, ask and ill put up a link