Sitting down at CES in the QNX-powered Porsche Concept Car... Crazy Awesome In-Car Infotainment That I Wantz to Have NAO!

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Jan 2012 03:06 pm EST

I'm seriously pi$$ed I spent $500 on that BlackBerry clock app yesterday as that money really needs to be going into my new car fund so I can pick up some new wheels when the QNX concepts being shown off at CES2012 hit the market. 

You'll want to definitely watch the video above as Mark from the QNX team walks me through all of the customizations they did to this sweet Porsche Carerra. The technology here is just awesome. There are NFC tags in the car for easy pairing between BlackBerry Smartphone and the Infotainment unit (which while not being broadcast you could tell was a PlayBook in the console that boots up to a new in-car UI). The main console PlayBook was connected to two more PlayBooks mounted on the headrests, which can be controlled by the main console machine (thank QNX's distributed OS and QNet for making that happen). The main infotainment console has all the features you'd expect of a connected car and some that you wouldn't expect, including AMAZING super high definition stereo telepathy which means you can have the best voice calls ever. There's no noise cancellation happening here, but literally sound that is true to life and even moves with you through the car (it's hard to explain in text, so jump to the 4 minute mark to see it and hear it). What's really cool is that this functionality is actually part of the PlayBook OS 2 update. 

I can go on and on here but have to start packing up to make my flight home from CES 2012, so do yourself a favor and sit back and watch the video. You'll be glad you did.

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Sitting down at CES in the QNX-powered Porsche Concept Car... Crazy Awesome In-Car Infotainment That I Wantz to Have NAO!


Infotainment must be the newer buzz word. Ive always use i.c.e - in car entertainment.

Any idea when we'll see this get implemented in a production car?

Definitely some cool stuff with the new playbook technology, any eta as to when I can get this stuff for my chevy? lol


Since this is unlikely in it's present form to make it into a production car and the whole thing is just built around Playbook innards, why doesn't RIM just take a page out of old Nokia's book, and wrap this whole UI up into a Playbook 'terminal mode' but with a snappier name cause the only reason it never caught on for Nokia was that the name was dreadful.

In other words, just release all this FOR THE PLAYBOOK so that us owners don't have to buy a whole new car just a new mount.

erm, porsche car, BlackBerry stand.......why no P9981 instead of the 9900 they used? missed a trick there lol

Wow! That is absolutely amazing. I wonder if the QNX system in my current car can be updated to the 2.0 QNX software?

very cool but where is the video chat ? :) I thought since it came from os 2.0 it would have the video in there

either way its smoke n cool

Too bad the children running the RIM didn't think ahead and include NFC on ALL of their new phones. This indicate we should NEVER buy RIM shares as long as these losers are the visionaries for the the company.

i know this is just a concept car but its really cool to see how RIM are intergrating the BB/Playbook experience with other QNX projects. exciting to see the company try to expand past the mobile phone market

I would love to have this capability on my playbook so I can finally use it as my main media outlet in my car.

Wow - the future is looking mighty impressive. Like to see Apple try to top that in just 90 days of effort! :-)

imagine of the video chat'd be able to have VIDEO conferencing RIGHT in your car while your driving.
truly remarkable. (safety issues would be pretty feasible)

i just hope in Feb - we will be able to use our PB as a Bluetooth sort of headset for the bb.

that is certainly cool, but rear seat entertainment in a 911!?!? for who?!?! The masses of bored, legless dwarfs that can actually fit in the back seat.

we call it hatervision. its so the people behind you can be nice and jealous of your sick whip

It is telephony, not telepathy. And stereo 48khz is awesome for a phone call. That probably won't make it into a production model though. Current phone networks don't support it. You might be able to run something like that over an LTE data connection though.

this is the reason why I love RIM. They have an eye for technology. If they ignore the competition and keep doing things like this it won't matter if they are #1 in the cellphone industry. They will definitely continue to be relevant.

This is certainly the way RIM should be heading, expanding the QNX portfolio to other equipments, appliances, transports, etc. The wider a platform extends, the more convenience it is. BB already lacks a personal computer component, but making it up in other areas will certainly make it more competitive.

Finally, one thing that is done right by RIM.