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A sit down with some of the Poynt team

By Kerri Neill on 13 Jan 2012 11:38 am EST

Michelle let us all know about the update to one of our favorite apps, Poynt. For any that don’t know, Poynt is an all-in-one location-based search application and is one of the favorites for the majority of BlackBerry users. Here at CES, I got to sit down and chat with several members of the Poynt team including CEO Andrew Osis and Jeff Davison, VP Marketing and Communications. It was very interesting to hear just how far Poynt has come since it’s creation several years ago. The Calgary based company has increased their employee count from 35 to 80 within the last year with employees in several countries. I was assured that Poynt will always be free regardless of the updates they add on to the super app and that the company is always looking for a way to make it even more outstanding. The possible addition of a partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children here in the US (they’re already partnered with the Missing Children’s Society in Canada) is in the works and will allow users to see Amber Alerts relative to their location. With all that this app can already do, I can see why it’s always voted one of the most downloaded and must have apps.

More information/download of Poynt



I for one love this app.


I for two love this app.


I for three love this app.


I for four love this app.


I for one dont use this app much. Yes its a must have, but it isnt in my everyday usage. Perhaps I need to take a 4th look since I keep downloading it. Interesting article.


I for five love this app.


LOL! I for six love this app. Use it everyday! I don't have an iPhone, so this is the closest I'm going to get to Suri!


Poynt is a super app well integrated within the phone app (reverse lookup is my favorite feature !!) , the universal search and of course the playbook app. Poynt on playbook pairs with the phone app pretty nice via bluethooth ...

Poynt on the blackberry platform shows the beauty and the efficiency of blackberry and what a super app is...
Try this on IOS no such integration is possible is a monologue of apps instead of a nice dialogue between apps to make things happen.

Well done Poynt ! thank you for keeping this a free app !


Curious how often the data base is updated. While I like and use the app, seems to have a lot of bad numbers or out of business listings.


I for seven love this app. it's very easy to use and it DOES NOT kill your battery. It's truely an all in one app and the best thing about it is that it's completely free.


I had an occasion to recently work with the tech support people at poynt because the app was not connecting to BBM. We swapped emails a few times and some info from my phone and they were extremely nice. They even sent me a free Poynt T-shirt for trying to help them find out what the problem was. I believe in the end the app was not designed to connect with BBM. The shirt is icing on the cake.

Thanks Poynt


Two great things about Poynt: One is that they're based in, and not moving out of, Calgary (unlike, say, stumbleupon, which started here and absconded for the US). Second, it's not only on every platform, from S40 to Bada to iOS but its BB version (and for that matter its Symbian one) is every lick as good as its Android and iOS ones.

El Platanero

Second to BB Music I love my poynt app. I love the integration with the playbook. Its awesome how it saves so much memory on my phone because of the apps I DON'T have to download since poynt does so much.

sage rat

I have used this app a lot on my BB since it first became available and really I love it. So when I saw it was available for PlayBook, I immediately downloaded it. I will admit that I was slightly disappointed that while it works just fine, the home screen lacks the cool factors like the spin table icons. I just thought that with all the capabilities of the PlayBook, that a top of the line app for BB's would be a little flashier on PB. Perhaps, updates will add a little cooool. Anyway, I love it and use it a lot. Thanks Poynt!


It would be very interesting to have gas price in Canada...but WHEN.


Don't be too sad about the lack of gas prices. I don't know where they get them from but they are almost always wrong. I use GasBuddy for gas prices which is more accurate. All of the other Poynt features are great though.



Might be different for every city, but for where I live, the gas prices have been right so far for me... I love using it. Too bad it isn't accurate for where you live, I'm glad it is for me though, very useful. :-)


I for six love this app.


This is (aside from Facebook) my most often used app on both my Bold and my PlayBook. I simply love it!


This is the first I've heard of the Poynt/MCSC calibration, brilliant idea.


I just used it today, again. Paired with Google Maps it is the most useful "find" application on the BB I own.


Lost count, but love the app as well.


Love it! I buy my movie tickets thru Poynt all the time. Never have to worry that I won't be there in time!


This is, by far, my favorite app for my BB. It's like 10 apps in one, no need to download a bunch of other apps and have to look around to see what to use...