Sirius XM Radio For BlackBerry Launched

By Bla1ze on 4 Feb 2010 08:47 am EST
Sirius XM Radio For BlackBerry Launched

We had heard before that SIRIUS XM was launching their dedicated app for BlackBerry sometime near the end of January. While that time came and past we still had no app from them available. Seems like we just had to wait a little bit longer, the observant folks in the forums have let us know the application is now available.

Devices supported, as indicated on the site are Curve 8500, Bold, Storm and Tour. With the application you do get a free 7 day trial and after that it's required that you sign up for one of the subscription options that are available. 120 channel, no ads - but sadly it appears no Howard Stern either. Check it out, let us know in the comments what you think of it.

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Sirius XM Radio For BlackBerry Launched


Finally ... O&A on the BB is sweet. This is the sort of app which is very popular on the Iphone/Ipod Touch platform. Glad to see that the BB is getting some love.

i'll have to download this and give it a try, not having howard stern available is absolutely a positive tho. howard stern is just far too disgusting to even consider human IMO. i've seen cleaner and more well articulated conversations written on toilet stalls than i've ever heard on stern.

you obviously dont listen to howard. the only reason to pick up this this app is if it had stern.

I concur... I don't have a Sirius subscription, but if I could listen to Stern thru the app on here, and on my computer at work, I would subscribe... not cool. You would think that Sirius would want to have his channel on here, more listeners... more money...

The only people that think Howard is disgusting and revolting is people that dont listen to him. Its a paid subscription. If I'm paying for Sirius/XM dont tell me what I cant listen to. Cant believe those hacks O&A are there and not Howard. Howard is the king and O&A are the court jesters.

you can listen to Stern on your computer at work..... I do via the sirius online player..

Ellis, C&R, Bubba, O&A and many more, friggin Tony Hawk has a show. Oprah even??! (I know haha, but still), everthing is on Sirius.

The app is just a nice bonus for me and with everything else Sirius has to offer, Stern is just a small part of it all. You cant compare slacker and pandora to sirius.

If I am away from my car, I dont have to take my sirius radio with me now, I can take a cord and plug my berry into my the stereo on wakeboard boat instead of installing another radio. WooHoo!

Yeah this app is just TERRIBLE for everyone. (Sarcasm off)

Without Stern or Classic Radio, this app is basicly useless. You can get commercial free music free from other apps.

"Cleaner," I would side with you on. "Articulate," I'll have to say he's articulate enough. I just personally won't listen to him because he's a jerk. Some people like that.

"The only people that think Howard is disgusting and revolting is people that dont listen to him."
- Good point. That's why I don't listen to him.

You must upgrade your subscription to premium internet radio to use this service. My subscription already includes free internet radio. No Howard and an additional $2.99 a month--I will pass! Too bad.

they used to give it free with your subscription now they want $2.99 a month.
nickel and dime just like every other pay subscription thing(verizon).

I use to be able to stream XM online. I pay for 2 XM/Sirius subscriptions and they want more money for online, more money for mobile WTF!

The premium service has never been free. It used to be that you can listen to certain channels at a higher bitrate if you went "premium". They changed that about a year ago, It's a technicality, but the premium service has never been free.

The number one channel I listen to isn't supported. This is a useless app to me if I can't hear Covino and Rich on it.

Wow, this is the main reason I was excited for this app. Stars 2 is on the iPhone version. I will be very pissed if this is true. Downloading now.

Edit: it's on there!!!! check the entertainment section!!!!!

So if I am not a current subscriber how much will this actually cost me a month on BB? Had XM about 5 years ago and it was about $12 bucks a month and included PC listening & car but not mobile.

Thanks for anyone who can clear this up since this nickel & dime for apps is getting a bit crazy.

I am wondering this as well. I tried to find a price on their website but couldn't find anything, and I don't really feel like going through the sign-up process to find out what the price is.

I used to be a Sirius subscriber but canceled my subscription awhile ago. I think it was about $13/month and you had to pay an extra $3/month for internet.

...It seems if you do not have a sirius subscription, you can only subscribe for 1 year, 2 yyears or 3 years. $100-$300.

Sirius Canada doesn't even offer the premium online so No. You can use the trial version just put in a US Zip code ( 90210 ).

$2.99 really isn't that much to upgrade your internet stream and get this mobile app. I will really miss the sports however, and could care less about Howard Stern, he is juvenile, tacky and crude. If I want juvenile I could just listen to Jason Ellis on Faction. Besides, the iPhone app doesn't offer Howard Stern or the sports programming, and I believe it was or still is $7.99 a month.

Pay for streaming 128k music when I have Pandora, slacker, last fm and a ton of my music on the 16 gig card???


Awesome. Opie and Anthony on the go = more better. EFF Howie

Already a streaming app for me.

Anybody else having trouble starting the application?

I have a BB Tour on Verizon Wireless.
I have even rebooted my phone, but everytime I attempt to start the application it crashes. I get 2 alternating error messages.

"Error starting SXM: Module 'SXM-1' has verification errors."


""Error starting SXM: Error loading modules 'SXM' OutOfMemoryError."

Why does this have to stream over the internet on our phone when we all have GPS? That uses satellites just like satellite radio right? I'm sure there is a simple answer for this but, I just haven't found an internet radio option that works well for me. We don't have very good service where I live and I'd love to use it in the house while I'm working out and cleaning etc. In the car the internet radio always seems to pause to buffer (i guess, not sure).

You are correct, however, it's a completely different frequency compared to GPS. You don't have a receiver in your phone tuned to receive the Satellite Radio frequency directly.

No landscape on the storm only portrait....kinda a bummer but nonetheless, I don't have to buy the sirius adater for my new radio now

Hope there is a Canadian version out soon! This has been a wanted app since I got my storm a year ago.

I hope Sirius makes a app for Canadian users. We are always the last to get some of the great apps out there.

Finally I can listen to Ted Sheckler talk about his vast expansion of emporiums whilst i'm on the go!!

I think its insane of XM/Sirius to charge current listeners anything! I have 4 radios with them and one is a lifetime which allows free internet listening (not really free since it is $400 for the lifetime) On the other 3 radios I now pay over $300 a year on service and also get dinged for royalty fees... To hit subscribers with another fee of $2.99 a month might be one of the pettiest things I have heard in a long time. Shame on XM! I will not be downloading- I hope others don't either.

To all of you morons saying how disgusting Howard Stern is, go home and read your bible, and dream of the days when george bush was in power. You are stupid, uneducated, and unintelligent people.

opie and anthony? The people listening to these 2 white trash HACKS are just as bad. Get a clue! They wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the KING Of All Meida, Howard Stern.

No Howard = don't waste your time with this app.


First, you fall into a category where you generalize individuals. I listen to Howard (except when he has wh#ores on) I voted for George Bush. Save the comments regarding that because I could care less what you think. How about this one. No baseball, no Sirius for Blackberry. Happy? I would be just as bad if I assumed you were a liberal which I never assume because (well, you know the rest)

I agree. Charging current subscribers is insane. company's just still havent caught on that we, as consumers, have tons of options for content such as this. Instead of added value to their current service they see it as added revenue. Massive Fail in my book. Wont be downloading. Truthfully, not sure when i would listen to it anyway.

Naa no even close to PANDORA
I'm christian (preacher)and after try a few radio apps
Pandora is the Best ,just my opinion

I didn't mind so much adding the 3/mo to my XM sub, better than the 7/mo on my previous separate sub to listen on my 8320, but I installed on my 9700 and it's not working yet.

If this app could get me game broadcasts, I'd be all over it. The factory-installed Sirius radio in my car can't get XM stations, so I'm ineligible for the Best of XM unless I get a new radio, but my aux input is already taken up by my iPod or the phone. As it is, the only thing I'd gain that I'd find useful is NHL Home Ice, and I don't think that alone is worth $3/month.

And with my subscription expiring next month, I'm still debating if the rest of the Sirius content is worth the $13/month I'm paying now.

Anybody know if we can mutlitask...

Have the APP running and check e-mails and reply to them...

I find this APP ... very good for the GYM ..

For those wanting Howard, I thought I read in the news somewhere that his current contract with Sirius has, as of the current time, not yet been renewed. I thought I had also heard that Cumulus Broadcasting was trying to woo him to return to terrestrial radio...though I can't really imagine him doing that. I don't listen to him often, but the times I have, he's sounded like he really found a good spot.

I won't by downloading this app because I have a lifetime subscription which supports up to three devices, but they have to be radios...not BBs, or streaming... :-/

God, I hope so! Maybe if they stop paying him that outrageous salary, they can drop their monthly rates to a more reasonable price...or, if you want Howard that bad, let the people that listen to him pay extra.

Nice app, but no MLB baseball, that is a main reason I would want this app. Come on give us our BASEBALL

I paid for the lifetime subscription awhile back and it came with the web connection. Kinda pissed that I am required to pay additional for this... oh well, at least I get 7 days free before I delete it.

I'm also a lifetime subscriber - about 6 months ago Sirius offered premium streaming quality for about 3 bucks per month and crap/default quality via online for free to existing lifetime subscribers. I would check to see if your regular online password works for the BB service.

I've been paying for the premium streaming quality for a while, and the application took my username and password without having to sign up for the trial. It might work the same for the default quality username/password as well.

Maybe I am missing something, but does this not support bluetooth audio? If I'm going to pay $3 a month for this, I want to at least be able to stream it over bluetooth, too.

Ok, so I am a "XM" customer and I already have online listening on my account (XMRO Premium XMRO XM Everything 128K ), and when I try to login, it tells me I am not a current subscriber....HELLO??? whats goin on here.?!!

***update: it is now working

jjd228 you need to take your face out of Stern's ass and get a life. Your incoherent jibberish ramblings make me sick.

I keep getting "The service is temporarily unable. Please Try again late". I've been trying for the past hour to get it to run.

No Howard Stern?! Doesnt make sense.. He is the reason people have sirius and he openly promotes RIM, and Blackberry all the time! This gets on my nerve

Stern is great. But you people bashing Sirius for not having Howard's Channels should ask Howard. He is the reason they are not on due to contractual issues.

i have have satrad for many,many years and find it hard to stomach the fact that not only has the cost for my 3 car radios increased, but they want me to spend more money to get less programming???with pandora and others leading the way, I am afraid that satrad is all ready on its way out!!

About time sirius got on board but with no stern I don't want it just yet. O&p are hacks. Couldn't cut it on regular radio and the suck on satellite.

For all the stern fans, stop blaming sirus/xm for him not being on the app and do a little research. Your King owns all the rights to his content and apparently nixed the idea. He's all about the benjamin's, poor guy needs the extra dollars to keep that howicopter fuled, times are tough.

I have listened for about an hour and my battery is down to 20% where a normal day it would be around mid 70%.

17.4% / Hour
since Thursday 7:01AM.

I'm happy it's here but I may just fry my battery.

I've been waiting for this for a while and I've been a premium online subscriber for years, so I'm exactly who this app was made to satisfy. One weird thing I've notoced is that my BB will not charge while plugged in or on the cradle while the Sirius app is running up front or in the background. No other apps do this. Anyone else having this issue?

Edit: I stand corrected. It does charge while plugged in if you minimize the app, but not while the app is running in the forefront.

They really need to support landscape mode on the Storm. You cant put it in the dock while using the app. Other than that its a great app.

By the way, The people saying its a fail with no Howard need to remeber there were 11 million XM subscribers (to Sirius's 8 or 9) before the merger who don't give a crap about Howard. He is not the be all end all you think he is.

just a big FYI for those howard stern fans that want this app just to listen to him. He is NOT available (howard 100 or 101) on this app. This was already discussed on the air on his show, and its the same for the Sirius XM app for the iphone. If you want this just to listen to howard, you will be wasting your time. Its bogus, I know. Apparently there is some sort of copyright issue with his show, and it will never be available on this app for the blackberry or the iphone.

Use the Orb workaround with the SiriusXM Streamer. You still have to login with your premium online credentials, but Howard 100 and 101 are available. I'm not a fan of his, but due to all the attention this subject has received I checked it out and it is available through SiriusXM Streamer.

I just called customer service in Canada because I have two other receivers and want to get the 2.99 per month price.

I was told the following:
1) Blackberry Application is not available in Canada? (Works on my phone but had to use US Zip code)
2) Sirius USA is a separate company from Sirius Canada because of their ownership of XM???
3) Because of this, they cannot offer the Blackberry Sirius add on to existing Canadian accounts......

This pisses me right off

With the number of replacement phones I have gotten for my Tour (7) it would get really expensive to subscribe to that station since it is based on the unit and not your name

Over 100+ for a year subscription! No thanks, doesn't seem worth it. I am not going to subscribe to something that damn near cost the same amount as my berry.

everyone crying no stern. who cares the reason he is not on thisapp or iphone version is because he wants more money yet his 5000000 contract didn't hep sirius from almost going under. o and a are way better and care more about ther fans

His contract was for 500 mil not 5 mil . They waste more money on worthless non radio talent like miss O.W. who does like 30 min a week for 50 mil . I can't wait to see the subscription numbers when Howard quits . I seen the numbers fly up when he signed up. You all are just bunch of haters . Face it Howard is king of radio terrestrial radio took a dump when he left and they still haven't found anyone to replace him that could pull his market shares . Facts are facts. Why pay for just music on your blackberry when there is other great sources for free. If you don't like him don't listen he doesn't need your support he comes with a giant built in fan base . Bubba the love sponge would be the only reason I would keep my subscription if Howard quit but I'm sure siruis will mess that up.

I keep getting invalid login msg!!I have reinstalled and did a battery pull still no go.Any suggestions

I downloaded the app to my BBStorm, and it seems to work ok. But, I received an e-mail that said I could also access my acct on my computer, which I thought, while I am at work, I could do that. So I followed their directions, used their goofy password they supplied, and what do you kow... they don't recognize me. So, I called. The first woman I spoke to had NO idea what I was even talking about, said that I couldn't possibly have a free 7 day trial and put me on hold for over 15 minutes. When I called back, I was connected to someone who said the only way to do it would be to set up a NEW acct for me. And, he would upgrade me to a 30 day trial.... As long as I gave him my credit card that would automatically charge after 30 days unless I contacted them. So much for the 7 day "FREE trial". Forget it. Not worth the headache. I will stay with Pandora.

I downloaded the app to my BBStorm, and it seems to work ok. But, I received an e-mail that said I could also access my acct on my computer, which I thought, while I am at work, I could do that. So I followed their directions, used their goofy password they supplied, and what do you know... they don't recognize me. So, I called. The first woman I spoke to had NO idea what I was even talking about, said that I couldn't possibly have a free 7 day trial and put me on hold for over 15 minutes. When I called back (and was irritated for being on hold for so long), I was connected to someone who said the only way to do it would be to set up a NEW acct for me. And, he would upgrade me to a 30 day trial.... As long as I gave him my credit card that would automatically charge after 30 days unless I contacted them, still not giving me what the price would be after 30 days! Are we talking $3 or $30?? So much for the 7 day "FREE trial". Forget it. Not worth the headache. I will stay with Pandora.

App works perfect. I have Xm and I seem to get all the same channels I get with the online subscription. Been waiting forever for this app

To the many who are confused about pricing, this requires premium internet radio service, which is NOT the same as the free internet service which existing customers have grandfathered until the end of whatever contract term they had as of March 11 2009.

Pricing for Premium Internet Radio Service is $2.99/mo for customers with Satellite Radio Service, but for those asking whether you can get Sirius on your BB without buying the regular satellite service, the answer is Yes -- for $13/mo. (I assume that similar volume-scaling discounts apply to this rate as apply to satellite service rates.)

So you get the choice of having both satellite and BB service for $16/mo, or having one but not the other for $13/mo (hardware costs excepted).

Correct. Howard is on premium streaming from your computer. It is howards fault he isn't on the app, he is doing it to you, not Sirius.

+100 for knowing what you are talking about.

no howard! no app there wouldn't be a sirius if it wern't for howard. i'll keep my 2.99 for now and listen in my car

Got it already, so happy it is finally out!!!! THANK YOU SIRIUS!!!! Now I can listen to you whenever I want to, and not just in the car!!!!!!

Love ya Crackberry!!!

I'm trying the free trial and works awesome in Canada.
I do own and pay for 2 radios.
All I did to get this to work on my Storm was enter a USA 5 number zip code. Your all done.

So what. Give us MLB. It is the only reason I have it in my car. Pandora radio is Great and no subscription agreement.

Used to listen to him every day on free radio 92.3 KROCK here in NY. Those were the days were I would not want to go to class and just sit in my car all morning to listen to him.

Man I'm old lol.

I explained that since I am a paying subscriber which gives me the option to listen to what I want, and when I want, why am I now being told that I can not listen to some channels?

I was told that since the release of the BB app that sirius customer support has been flooded with over a million complaints regarding channels 100 and 101. I was told that "they" meaning the sirius people have received information this morning from there superiors which they can not discuss with subscribers as of yet, however he did tell me that they are working on a resolution to remedy the problem with in 48 to 72 hours? hmmmm... He also added a note to my account to reimburse me for time from the release of the BB app up until there is a resolution. Weird offer huh?

We'll see, My advise is for all crackberry sirius subscribers that listen to 100/101 to call 1-888-539-7474 and speak only with a supervisor and voice your opinion. = )

Really over a million complaints that your king of all media wants more money to streamed to iPhones and BlackBerrys. We've been all through this with the iPhone app.

I dumped my BB Tour for a Droid today. I emailed Sirius 6 months ago about the App. I subscribe to Premium online only and listen daily at work and at night on my Itouch. I would use this if on Android.

This is awesome! Now I can listen to Jason Ellis on Faction from 3pm to 7pm est everyday without having to be near wifi! OH MY, I AM SOOO EXCITED!! $2.99 for the premium online package as never been more worth it now

I mean come on folks! They said that Sirius has 35,000,000 subscribers, and 33,000,000 of them are from Howard. I mean to launch an app from this company and not include the main source of it's subscribers is mind boggling. It be like having people tour Graceland and then telling them, "Hey btw, we've taken ALL of Elvis's stuff out and we've re-done the house for ya!"

And you are right, the only people who find Stern revolting and all the other stuff you've "heard" people say about him, dont listen to Howard. It's funny, people will hear that I listen and they babble off at the mouth with the same word for word almost, about how he's disgusting he is and all that. You can tell right off the bat, they've NEVER listened to him. Stern is cool, he's the "ONLY" reason I subscribe to Sirius! No need what so ever to get this app, and if and when he goes off Sirius, I will cancel my subscription with them then. STERN RULES!

I got it installed in the S2. No Howard bums me out, but at least I can get more use out of my internet subscription. I am sure the battery drain will be HUGE tho.

I have an account through XM Radio.. does the same app work for Sirius and XM (I know they're the same company now, but the services are still different)? If they release a version for the 8330 I'll be interested.

Works fine in wifi on a Bold 9000, static on Rogers 3G... might just be the coverage area.

3G on Bell with a Storm 1, works great, portrait mode only though.

If you want to test just get a trial account. My US XMRO Premium account works fine.

It was great listening to XM through the phone while working out. It only hesitated one time through a 2 hr workout.....soooo happy now.

To all the fools ripping on Sirius for not including your precious guy please do a little research and direct your ire at your hero. It's his side that is at fault for this.

This is the solution I've been waiting for listening to music at work. It's about time,but thank you RIMM and XM/Sirius.
I've been listening about a half hour now, with only a few sputters,sound quality not bad for what it is.

For music there are already good (or better) apps. There are some other alright talk channels, but not $2.99 per month's worth without Howard Stern. However, the app itself seems to work nicely for me. I would be happy if I was already paying for the premium web stream, but I'm not. Without Stern this app isn't enough to get me to buy in. If I sat at the same desk for long periods of time I would probably buy in--only because all programming is available streaming from a PC.

What no HOWARD? WTH! This is just like the Iphone/Ipod app without Howard in which a lot of people are pissed about. Its a service we pay for and have every right to have every channel we pay for...

I don't know how excited I can be about this app because I still dont believe in paying for something that should be free. Radio should always be FREE! I worked in radio when it was good and popular to listen to. I just want to give this a try since there is a FREE trial. Thats it. I highly doubt I will be paying for the services when the free trial is over. Hope it works out for the rest of you though!

Anyone else having an issue with the audio coming out of the phone handset speaker and not the speaker phone, so in order to hear the audio I have to have the phone up to my ear. I have a Sprint Tour. WeIrD

If they included all the channels that are available. I would gladly subscribe just for the NHL games if nothing else. I had XM for a long time. When sirrius took over, I canceled because they took most of the XM channels and replaced them with Sirius channels. I tried both sirius and XM and chose XM because I prefered their programing, just to get shafted and have sirius shoved down my throat, on top of them taking away the FREE internet streaming. For music I will use pandora. I just wish I could find a good way to get my NHL game fix. As I am at work when the games are played.

this threads not so much about the app as it is about howard stern.. me personally i could care less if he's on here or not.. but for $3 added to my monthly bill and i get 120 channels to select from, including comedy and octane... i'm good to go for it.

ive never cared for pandora, or slacker myself personally.
as for sports i used IheartRadio to tune into games, i'm happy with that..

but in trying out this XM app, i like it, but for some reason its only playing out of my ear piece on the phone and not the speaker.

for those that dont have current XM/Serius service complaining about them charging $13 a month for internet radio... get over it.. lets say they only charged $5-$8 a month for their internet radio package (Still not including stern though), they would shoot themselves in the foot, as ALOT of people would dump their current packages and install the app to their phone and plug it into their home/car stereos, and enjoy a modest array of satellite radio stations at a greatly reduced price.. i bet even some devote stern fans would even jump ship for that idea. so thats why they charge $13 for a stand alone rate.

of course, sterns still not on the bill, but thats due to licensing and you can take that up with your god stern and ask him why he does it.

i've had XM since buying my new truck and until now didnt even know what channels stern was on till this thread, and its not likely that i will care about it now or in the future.. i want commercial free (or near commercial free) music and comedy, which i get and am more than satisfied with what i have now.. stern or no stern.


If it's got Opie and Anthony who cares if Howard is on there. At least you'll have regular programing and not constant re-runs. Hoo Hoo...Tell 'em Fred.

it looks like you have the pay the whole yearly charge up front??? is that right or is there a way to pay this monthly?

Look, let me give you some insight!

If you WANT Howard Stern on your phone, go get Flycast2.0, then after install, search the shoutcast box for "Howard" only (no howard stern, or stern show, just "Howard". It will link you to the show being streamed on Shoutcast. Works great!

THIS is great cause if you like Howard and Hate O&A, then listen to Jason Ellis on Faction at 3pm! #2 behind howard on Sirius!! This alone is the reason that makes this app so good!!

it was only playing in the ear piece, not using the speaker..
while XM was running i plugged in my BB earphones/mic that comes with my tour, and unplugged it, and voila.. working perfectly.


it was only playing in the ear piece, not using the speaker..
while XM was running i plugged in my BB earphones/mic that comes with my tour, and unplugged it, and voila.. working perfectly.


Finally glad to get this app on my Tour. Got the online subscription, so its free for me on my BB Tour. Works great, nice that it minimizes.

WHO CARES ABOUT STERN!!!! He's probably on vacation anyway and you would just hear a rerun....bbboooooooo.

Jason Ellis, Ron and Fez and Opie and Anthony...NICE!


Howard is not juvenile or disgusting. However, he is boring and has lost his edge since the 90s. I used to listen to him then, when his wit and his comedic inventiveness were both a lot sharper. Over the years, his show has become dull and routine, until now it's practically an unlistenable shell of what it used to be. Opie and Anthony are a lot sharper and more current (although I hate Anthony's conservative rants).

I've downloaded the app, and it seems to work pretty well.

I used to be a big Howard fan but lost all interest in him and find O&A to be more entertaining and funny.

Must be too many users. "Service is temporarily unavailable". Also took about 10 minutes to download a 1MB file. Not to mention my mail delivery on V seems a little delayed right now. I hate BIS.

Not discriminating against all the other channels, but if I'm gonna pay for a subscription, I wanna pay for something worth listening to. So no Howard, no Deal. Other than that app is cool as "h" with an "e" along side "2 hockey stix".

They come out with the BB app, Great! They do not put Howard Stern on the App! What are they thinking? or is it that later they will offer Howard Stern's channels and other channels not on the app at a "reduced price". The app works well, but without being able to listen to Howard Stern it would probably get little use.

This is a joke. They don't want to enhance the existing customer base experience at all by charging 2.99 monthly. I have a lifetime deal with Sirius and it's clear they have chased the car radios and some home receivers to a standstill. So now, what they are really doing here is chasing the smartphone market( another frontier). This was NOT done for their exisitng customer base that they (just pi**ed off). It is clearly for the Smartphone user they don't have yet ! Good luck SXM. I hope nobody buys in for this hijacking.

I totally agree that everyone that is saying negative comments about Stern do not listen to the show.

Come on, you mean to tell me that I can't get Howard Stern on this App. How about Sal & Richard or Ronnie or Gary or Lisa G or maybe even Scott Depace. Ok maybe not Scott Depace :D

Anyway without Stern this is definitely a deal breaker for me and I bet for many other people as well. Howard has mention before that Sirius XM should eventually allow all content on mobile apps. Only makes sense.

"Get Well Artie"

Can anyone speak to the sound quality? The previous XM app had terrible quality.

What about multitasking while listening?

More reports on battery life would be appreciated!

i'm in the no Howard, no Deal camp however. i've had Sirius (2 radios) since he came to Sirius. With Pandora, Slacker and various other ways to stream music with my BlackBerry and in my car i see no reason to have Sirius without Howard 100 +101. i'm canceling my Sirius at the end of the year. i have a feeling Satellite radio is short lived after H&R leave.

i used to enjoy the free Sirius internet streaming, but i will not pay the $3.00 a month for what was free and with the exclusion of channels on this app. Not only that but Sirius has tacked on a Music Royalty Fee and extra taxes. It's no longer $12 a month...

App itself is sweet...nice GUI. Installed with NO PROBLEM. Streams with not one hiccup since I opened it 45 mins ago.
Streaming for 45mins has juiced my for 6% of my battery...not different than Pandora though. Ever since installing .419 on my 9530 battery life sucks.

O&A!!! Im over Howard...aint gonna diss him...bc he is good...but O&A does it for me.

I actually have paid for PandoraONE but I am SO SICK of the music on there...I love PandoraONE...and listen to it 9+ hours a day...5 days a week...but I'm over it I think. Going to try WireShark at work next...that is my main goal. Find a work option...that is when I need it the most...and when getting ready in the morn.

c'mon SIRI stock (can we break .60 again) DOUBT IT

I love all these "hoo hoo" fans bitching about Stern not being on this app.

Well your hero Stern is the reason why. He probably wanted more money to put his show on this app.

So bitch to Hoo hoo...oh that's right, he wouldn't take your call or even care about you.

"hoo hoo, I invented the Blackberry, RIM is ripping me off Robin"

No love lost for no Stern channel. He probably wants to charge his own fee! If you already have a online account with SIRIUSXM use the same username and password to access. You will not need to get a trial Sub. So far its working great on my BB 9000 with the new leaked build of 5.0.464

downloaded...hooked it up to my XM account and LOVE it.

I don't listen to howard so I am not missing anything. It does have my best of Sirius add-on (with exception of Stern) so I get my Playboy radio and NFL on Sirius so this guy is a happy camper.

Only issue...My bluetooth Motorola Rokr stereo headphones aren't liking the stream but I will figure that out later...THANKS SIRIUS/XM/BLACKBERRY!!!


Get this app for your music, get flycast2.0 and search for howard for your FREE howard streaming!! No brainer

Can anyone tell me if the Fox News Channel is part of the lineup? I see The Fox News Talk, but not sure that see the Fox News Channel. Thanks!

And this is just the cherry on the cake. The quality is really good and the interface is very easy to use. Loving it!!

I agree I have the 8330 and would like to have this I already get Sirius internet radio. I downloaded the 8500 on my phone and I just get an error when I start it.

I have bluetooth speakers (SRS-BTM30) and a Jabra BT8040 and Jabra BT8010 and can not hear the Sirius channels via any of these devices. Anyone having any luck listening via bt on your BB to Sirius Satellite Radio, please let me know your fix. Thanks.

Big friggin' deal. I am bitterly disappointed to find Stern channels 100 and 101 are not included. I can't think of a reason why they wouldn't be. Seeing as the SiriusXM's app's been out for a while in the US and you're screwed too, what reasons have been discussed? A coming money grab is my first guess. I'm really sick of the companies that sell me media utilities and services. There's some kind of new screwing every week.