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Sirius XM Radio App Coming To BlackBerry Soon?

By Bla1ze on 13 Jan 2010 08:46 am EST
Sirius XM Radio App Coming To BlackBerry Soon?
(Not The Real App)

Some interesting new came about yesterday for all you Sirius XM radio fans out there. According to to some tips left on the OrbitCast website it looks like at some point in time this month we will be seeing a release of BlackBerry version of their mobile app. Currently, XM Radio offers a service through certain carriers which allows a carrier based subscription to bring 25 channels to the BlackBerry platform. However, the non-carrier solution will bring 120 channels in total and allows subscribers to just simply login and use their already existing account through Sirius XM to access their channels on the go. With this set up though we wouldn't rule out the chance of a small additional fee added for the mobile option, much like the methods used on the iPhone app.

Supported devices are said to include Storm, Bold, BlackBerry Tour and finally, BlackBerry Curve (89xx, 85xx) series devices. Now in the past, Sirius XM has excluded Howard Stern from their mobile offerings and that is not likely to change. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Anyone gonna grab this up when it's released?

[ OrbitCast ]



Don't need it on my phone since I have Sirius at home and in my Jeep.


I definitely will be. Sirius's internet stream was blocked by my work, so regardless of Howard or not (which would be nice), I'll be getting it. It's about time.


YES! i will buy this thing as soon as it is ready.


I'm in asap. Opie and Anthony on demand. I can't wait.


Been waiting for this for a while...need my O&A.


I can stop using orb for my Opie & Anthony, Ron & Fez fix! WOO HOO!


I have been waiting for an XM app for some time now. I would be more than willing to pay a small fee.


Its about F%$#% time...and it better have howard thats the whole reason i have sirius...


Too little too late for me. With my newer 16gb card in my BB, plus Slacker, plus Moodio, I dumped my XM a few months ago after several years with an awesome Inno to boot.

Oh well.


I cant wait for this to be released! I will pay money, so I dont have to listen to 30 min of those dam adds, & 3 songs. Plut I like un-edited music. Something you can't get of AM/FM Radio.


Stern is the reason his show isn't on these Apps not Sirius XM. He won't do it without sucking more money out of his fans. Tell'em Fred!


I have it for my iPod... but having it on my BB would be awesome! O&A and Ron & Fez ROCKS!


Will Sirius release in Canada or is it going to be like XM USA only.
I sure hope it comes to canada as I have it in my home and Truck.


Hopefully we won't be left out in the cold ...again. :)


I cant wait. I love my sirius but i cant get it on the train. This will be great. Although I guess I wont be using pandora anymore. o well.


Depending on how much the additional fee is I will give it a shot. More willing to subscribe if it included Howard but something is better than nothing at all.


I like this but I don't know how I feel about paying more money to SiriusXM. I have to think if I would even be listening to it that much to justify paying the $2.99...


If it was free or included with existing subscriptions, I'd be all for it. I'm already paying Sirius for two subscriptions. I refuse to pay for another.


I would only get it if it included Howard, like many others that is the only reason we have siriusXM.


I have 3 Sirius radio's on my account and would be willing to add this, however not having Howard means no way in hell I subscribe to this as well.


Can you get the NFL games on the mobile version?

Simon Sage

Nevermind, noticed the disclaimer...


Long time reader, first time poster..

Being a current XM subscriber with the XM/Sirius app on my iPhone 3GS (also a BB Tour (( leak)) owner) I wanted to shed some light on the "fees" eluded to in this article. First, no, I don't work for either company. Here is what I know though; XM (and Sirius) charge per radio for service. X dollars/month for the first, X-% dollars/month for each subsequent radio. These can be your vehicle, in-house receiver, portable, etc. In addition, you can pay $2.99 per month IN ADDITION to your existing subscription for online streaming of their radio channels. It is that subscription that is required to listen to XM or Sirius online or on your iPhone. I would give a 95% chance this is the same model to be used on all BB devices supported.

For those of you who are currently not XM/Sirius subscribers, your fee to access is substantially higher (I'm thinking $5.99 or $6.99/month but don't quote me on that).



I get the sirius online feed for free with my paid subscription for my radio in Canada....


If you look closer at your subscription you'll see two charges; while you may only get charged once per month or year, Sirius and XM both wrap online and radio subscriptions into one convenient bill.


When I log into and look closely at my billing this is what it says for my package "Free Online Listening"

Maybe XM makes you pay for online in Canada ( I have no idea b/c I don't use them and Sirius and XM didn't merge in Canada)


Until I recently tried to log into my online player and was told that I had to pay an extra $30/year for the online radio which is what the mobile app goes through. Now, it's over to slacker which has both online and mobile already. Love ya Sirius, but not that much. Thanks anyway.


so lets charge us more and not include "HOWARD" that would be the only way i would pay them more for this app is if Howard was included.

This is crazy sorry pass on this app


But without Howard? That is terrible, but I'll probably still get it... I'm a sucker obviously!


I'm in. I need my O&A also.


this is awesome.... cant wait!


I have it in the car and on my computer...being able to take it with me on my Storm would be GREAT! I must be in the minority, but I wish they would dump Howard so ALL subscriptions rates could come down; I like the service, but I resent the fact my subscription went up so much to pay that untalented blowhard.


Man I can't wait for this!!

The Fuzz 53

Maybe we'll get lucky since Howard, Robin and Artie all own Blackberries.


I'd be willing to pay a little up-charge to my annual Sirius fee for this app. But no Howard? Say it Liz Lemon, "That's a deal breaker."


Everyone posting about Howie and O&A.......there are ways to get them on your BB now......

Just start digging............


Here's hoping that since he's an avid Blackberry fan, he'll allow Howard100/101 on the Blackberry App.


Used to use a Bold but was disgusted with AT&T's coverage in NYC so he switched to a Tour. If you know Howard and listen to his show he agonized for weeks on the air about what to replace his old Palm with. In the end the BB Bold was the easy winner.


I have been wasting my sirius sub because my receiver died...


You know you can put your account on hold.


Cant wait. I may have to start carrying headphones around with me and my phone.


I've been waiting for this app since it was announced for that other device. O&A and Ron&Fez coming to work soon


Don't forget about the 15% US Music Royalty Fees that they'll hit you with. Sirius' progamming quality has gone down and Howard is mailing it in during his last year. That, the fact that they took away my included internet streaming and the addition of the royalty fee is why I dropped all 3 of my subscriptions. I'll use one of the many music apps of just load my own music. As for Howard, I'll continue to download the previous day's show from the internet and listen to it without commercial interruption on my BB.


And how can I do that? I want to save the History of Howard Stern shows. Thanks

On another note. I did subscribe to sirius for Stern but even if he leaves I am still subscribing. So much better and easier to use than the other products that I have tried.


I have been hopeing for this for a while now!! I cant wait!


Yeah....imma go ahead and pass on that if there is no Howard availabe....


I can't believe this is going to be available.

PS. Howard Stern suuuuuuucks!

O&A Party rockkkk


in steve c's voice: "yesssssss"


There is no repeat NO additional fee to use the app on the iphone or ipod touch!
There is a fee to use online streaming - for subscribers its 2.99 per month. Peeps can also subscribe just to online only service.
Well worth it to hear the most popular show in the history of satellite radio on your Blackberry!



OK, Who wants to fill me in on who/what O&A are/is? Would love to know beings pretty much everyone seams to be stoked about the possibilities of getting it on their blackberries!
P.S. Howard Stern blows goats...might as well visit a local junior high and listen to the most immature kids you can find!

Sam K

O&A means Opie and Anthony. They're a couple of shock jocks who used to compete with Howard Stern on terrestrial radio. Now they're both on Sirius XM.


They NEVER competed with Stern. These guys WISH they were Stern or even 1/8th as good.


But I guess you've been brainwashed into thinking Stern invented absolutely everything.

It's like him saying he was the first ever to have an acoustic act perform in studio or whatever. What a has-been haaaaaack.

Sam K

I have a Sirius subscription at home and an XM subscription in my car. The only reason I got them is for Howard Stern so the only way I would pay to use this app on my Storm2 would be if they offered the Howard Stern channels, otherwise it's not worth it. If I want to listen to music stations, I can get them from other streaming music apps such as Slacker, Pandora and iHeartRadio.


why they leaving out 83XX curves? sucks w/o Howard Stern anyways


I hope this is true. I would love to listen to Stern on my Storm once I leave my car. Anyone know how much Sirius will want to add for current subscribers to get this servers? I know it is a couple bucks extra for internet listening...will this be the same?


Not if it doesn't include Howard 100 or Howard 101. Would you buy an ice cream cone with no ice cream?


This is an eagerly anticipated application! I've been waiting for over a year for this. Hope it's true!


No Howie, no thanks. I'll just continue recording the shows and transferring the files to my BB Storm 2.


You bet I'll grab this! This will be better than Pandora for those of us with XM subscriptions.


I have Sirius, have since 2005. Have it in every car and listen all the time while in the office via the computer. I would listen to it via the blackberry for the times I'm away from both, but if it doesn't have Howard (which I listen to 85% of time,) its a NO for me. I never did the iPhone app because Howard was not included.


What's the point there so many other good streaming sources like slackers radio plus you can listen to cashed stations offline. Why pay .


Means i wont get this unless its free. I would pay a couple bucks a month for Howard


When the iphone app was released Howard eluded to the reason he was not on it and it sounded like he was saying it wasn't in his contract to broadcast his show through that medium and that if he didn't see any extra cash there was no reason for him to allow it. But I heard that changed recently and now he is on the iphone app. Anyone else hear that?


No Stern = No Download for Me - Stern and NPR are the only reason to have a radio of any kind.


Stern sucks its bad enough he is on XM now. Just ask Uncle Paul......



I have a lifetime sub to Sirius with a online account (Not Premium online). If I have to pay for a Premium online account to use this I won't be using it.


Pocket Tunes can get ALL Sirius Channels WITHOUT Premium account. But it's only for iPhone and Windose mobile phones.


Don't want it if Howard Stern isn't included... it's the only reason I and Many others got Sirius to begin with... :(


I had 2 Sirius accounts and recently dropped one because I got a car that had XM in it. Had to drop 1 with Sirius and start 1 with XM (even though they are merged). It is only costing me an extra $25/year.

I don't care if Howard or O&A is on it because I have never and will never listen to them (just not into it).

I don't really want to pay extra for this on my Blackberry, but will probably subscribe if it is $2.99/month or less.

I've been anticipating this app since iPod/iPhone got it.


I have been waiting for this for a while now but it's too late for me as I just canceled.

oh well...


if it looks like its worth it im all over it!!! give metal and howard and im in!!!!


Sirius blows without Howard! They will be bankrupt as soon as he leaves!!!!!


Can I just say it's about freakin' time!


I will get this only if it has Howard and Bubba the Love Sponge.


In sure ill definitely get it I just wonder if I could use the phone then like a transponder and play the music through other car and home radios


I would but only if they have howard stern and/or mlb. Why have it when there's free services like slacker and others.


How can they exclude the King of All Media! and f***k Opie and Anthony, which if you hear them you know they rip off about 80% of Howards content. Unless this app has Howard I won't be getting it.


So....when is it coming out?
I used to listen to XM on my Storm by streaming UXM via Orb. Then XM changed their URL's and UXM has not been maintained in a very long time so would no longer work. Since then I have been patiently waiting for an XM app that all the Iphone peeps have been able to enjoy for a long time.
Of course if we would hurry up and get a freaking flash player on BB phones we could just use the XM mobile site.
Of course many BB users can already use that...but not us on Verizon since they decided to block that.


F Stern

"Thats how you executive produce"


i might have to get a different phone maybe a droid i cant believe so many BB people think stern is still relevant, the duchebag wouldnt allow himself on iphone app cause he wasnt getting paid for it. Typical He's grossly over paid and doesnt even do five days a week.


Bah bah booey to you all!


so where is the download link?