Sina Weibo now available to download for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 8 Oct 2013 09:24 am EDT

First announced at BlackBerry Jam Asia as coming to BlackBerry 10, the Seina Weibo is now in BlackBerry World. This one may well only be of interest to certain regions as the service is currently one of the most popular social networking sites in China. In fact, it has over 100 million posts a day!

Sina Weibo is kind of a cross between Twitter and Facebook and clearly extremely popular in China. The application has been built natively for BlackBerry 10 and if you missed our demonstration video from BlackBerry Jam Asia you can catch up here.

Will Weibo take the world by storm? Only time will tell, but at least us BlackBerry 10 users can now get in on the action. If you're not seeing it in BlackBerry World just yet please check back later - it's only just gone live. 

Download Sina Weibo for BlackBerry 10


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Sina Weibo now available to download for BlackBerry 10

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I'm sure you don't use this...

Posted via a Verizon Z10 on (pure) thru CB10. My channel: c0004f9bb

CB10 double post... cool

He was looking for an excuse to plug his channel and his response to you was the best he could come up with at the time.

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Darn. Says not available for my device. Well I can't read any language other than English so I wouldn't be able to use it anyway.

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At least these Chinese dev are not as stucked up as IG, netflix or other BIG devs.
As i'm pretty sure sino weibo knows their penetration in BB could be less than 1% compared to their userbase.
And yet, they spend time to build a native app for BB10.

1% of the Chinese cellphone market is still probably somewhere in the millions. IIRC China Mobile alone has around 600 million users.

I logged in to their website and registered.
After logging in go to end of the page and there is a drop down to change language to English. It changes language only on Home page but.

Rest all is ))))) Chinese ((((((


Is it only available in some regions? It says not available for my device. But it seems like there are a lot of reviews since release. Does this mean that there are a lot of people with bb10 in Asia? Apparently Malaysia and Singapore BlackBerry is doing decently.

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Sorry, bay typing! Weibo, also known as Micro blogging, is a social networking in mainland China, kinda like a mash up I'm between Facebook and Twitter.

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The application is only available for OS10.2! By the way, welcome to weibo,Crackberry!!! There are lots of Chinese blackberry fans are waiting for you!!!

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There are many overseas Chinese in Europe, NA, Asia (e.g. Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore) and even in Africa. Many follow Hong Kong and Chinese celebrities on WeiBo.

There are still some markets out there in China. Just go to Chinese Localized Forum, kinda like CrackBerry, and you're going to find tons BlackBerry fans out there. BTW, BlackBerry didn't roll out BlackBerry 10 devices in China mainland, so ppl who want to make their hands on one through online ordering(Taobao), which is kinda like Ebay. And BlackBerry China has an official account on Weibo.

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Seems only available for devices carrying 10.2. Still have to wait the official release at the end of this month.

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Considering BB10 is not even formally launched in China, the developers are really brave and foreseen. Cheers!

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Not sure about mainland China, but BlackBerry is selling Z30, Z10, Q10 and Q5 in Hong Kong already. Besides, there are millions of overseas Chinese around Asia Pac, Europe and NA. Hopefully enough of them are or will be BB10 users.

Let me help you to start with basic Chinese. Hello = 你好 (ni hao), Bye =再见 (zai jian), Thanks = 谢谢 (xie xie ). Hope it is going to help you a bit! lol

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The web is shown in both English and Mandarin Chinese, but all the posts are definitly in Chinese, I'm not pretty sure if they're going to roll out the english version.

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Wow... lol being Chinese CDN myself reading these comments it amazes me how people are not cultured... Fyi there are a lot more Chinese BlackBerry fans out there than people would expect and for you none cultured people that means Chinese people in other countries with BlackBerry's too! (outside of China) Lmao. weibo is a very important app that is necessary to capture the mainland market and over seas Chinese & Asian customers. It can actually be the buying decision for Chinese and overseas Chinese customers when evaluating BlackBerry. In short and sweet it is the Facebook / Twitter of China. Now imagine if BlackBerry got just 5 or 10% of the Chinese and over seas Chinese market on BlackBerry 10, that's a shit load of people still!

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Shit happens! It says that It's unavailable from this device, when I access to BlackBerry world. It's just Skype! Anyone can help me with this issue?

China Unicom network. Z10

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BTW, I guess because of these three networks here in China is incompatible with BlackBerry devices. I guess fruitless to develop this app, even Sina Weibo is freaking popular in mainland China playing role of Facebook and Twitter. It says it is unavailable from the devices. So what is the point???

China Unicom network, Z10

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Downloading now. We just need Qq with video chat and then i can finally show off my z10 to my Chinese friends.

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Sino Weibo essentially is a Chinese social media app that's been around for some yrs, n it's really huge in mainland China.

If this native development is stable, we should expect sales figure for BlackBerry to climb again soon.


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