Quick Tip: Simplify your BlackBerry Profiles

By Adam Zeis on 3 Jun 2011 12:36 pm

BlackBerry Profiles

Sometimes having too many sound profiles on your BlackBerry can be annoying. Normal, Loud, Quiet, Silent, Vibrate ... do you really need them all? Personally I really just stick with Silent, Medium and Vibrate for most uses. I've actually migrated my Medium profile to Normal seeing as the Normal profile I rarely touched. I've eliminated all the profiles that never got used, making switching between them easier and slimming down in the process. If you're like me and don't go crazy with profile switching you can knock out a few as well. Keep reading for a few quick steps on how to delete those unused sound profiles on your BlackBerry.

How to edit and delete sound profiles on your BlackBerry

BlackBerry Profiles

Start by clicking the Profiles icon in the homescreen banner (or the Sound Profiles icon). Then click Change Sounds and Alerts.


BlackBerry Profiles

The next screen allows you to edit sound profiles, phone ringtone and contact profiles. We want to delete a profile, so choose Profile Management.


BlackBerry Profiles

Highlight the profile you'd like to remove. Press the menu key and choose Delete. That's it!! Keep in mind both the Normal and Vibrate Only profiles cannot be removed. 

Now you're one step closer to a slimmer BlackBerry. Having fewer profiles lets you keep things straight so you know what's what.  If you don't use the additional profiles there's really no use in having them around, right?

Check out our BlackBerry 101 on How to set and edit sound profiles for more.



I only use two profiles. If you hold Q on the home screen it switches between your most recently used profile and Vibrate. Very useful imo.


Wow! I did not know that. That is super handy, thanks for the tip.


Second the thanks for the great tip! I'm going to use that.

If there was an app to tie profiles to the gps, to set automatic profile switching based on location, I'd pay up to $10.99 for it.


I only use 2, Phone Calls Only and Vibrate!


Can you restore once you delete??


You can either recreate them yourself (but you won't get the special icons back) or reinstall the OS and it'll restore them.


I have a question, when I switch my phone to vibrate I stil hear certain ringtones. How can I switch my phone to vibrate and not hear certain ringtones when I'm in meetings?


Select "Change Sounds and Alerts" from the bottom of the list and edit the Vibrate profile just like you would any other profile. Other option would be to create a profile specific for meetings and only enable the notifications for what you want to get notified of.


ANOTHER excellent and useful post....

the world of Blackberry is an exciting one that's for sure!


I just did this yesterday