Silent camera shutter coming in BlackBerry OS 10.2

By Adam Zeis on 13 Jul 2013 08:10 am EDT

Many of you are all about silencing the camera shutter sound on your BlackBerry. While BlackBerry OS 10.1 tweaks the shutter sound a bit and makes it a bit quieter, there is still no way to completely turn it off without the help of a third-party app

Thankfully that will all change in OS 10.2 as according to BlackBerry Product Manager Michael Clewley's BBM Channel (C00014277) the camera shutter sound will be dependent on your notification profile. So if your profile is set to silent, the camera shutter will be silent as well.

I personally don't mind the shutter sound in most cases, but I know many of you will be happy to have this feature built into the OS. Be sure to follow Michael Clewley's channel for more OS secrets!

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Silent camera shutter coming in BlackBerry OS 10.2


As usual, what really matters is to be able to enable or disable the camera shutter sound. It's all about freedom and personal responsibility.
Great BlackBerry listens.

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What rock have you been living under? There is no playbook update. There are multiple threads on crakberry about this. It didn't work.

Agreed. I am wondering if this is another miss post by Mr Clewley? I am thinking that this may be a regional option.

I don't think it's a miss post.
What Mr Clewley mentioned in channel is basically the shutter will always ON unless if we change the notification to 'Silent Mode' or 'vibrate Mode', then the shutter sound will also follow the notification mode.

If its not illegal for iPhones, Android phones, and Windows Phones, it certainly shouldn't be illegal for Blackberries. I always found that people made up this excuse to defend a really minor but stupid thing Blackberry forced upon us.

Well, then it should be a region-specific thing. Even if they HAD to make it not silent, it shouldn't interfere with anything else that you do. For example, when I listen to music and then take a picture, my music pauses, the camera shutter goes off and then my music starts again. What a terrible user experience. Blackberry needs to fix every small little detail if they want to make a comeback. And if they don't then they deserve to fall off.

It never was illegal. The legislation was proposed and NOT passed in a few places. This "silent shutter is illegal" is not true.

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It was not passed in the US, what about other countries? At least in South Korea(and I think Japan) is illegal.

I don't think BB sells BB10 phones directly in Japan. So anyone with one would have to be importing it. So maybe that provides them a little protection.

As far as I know, it is illegal in Japan. And Iphones with a Japanese type number, it is impossible to turn shutter sound off. Thus, it is a regional setting.

Rims own API docs say you must play audio shutter sounds in Japan for your application.

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Apparently the only country that passed the law to make it illegal was south Korea, besides, creeps will always find a way to get creepshot without relying on phone camera.

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Awwww, FAIL! I got beat by 16 seconds. Lol! Would've been first if I didn't read the story. But then that's not playing fair. Regardless can't wait for 10.2. Now I'm just praying BlackBerry Traffic will also be coming one way or another.

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BlackBerry Maps 10 is miles better than the previous versions. It has voice navigation, shows traffic congestion and also shows your planned route in list form, so I really don't see any value added in having traffic as well.

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BlackBerry traffic gave you a few different routes. All showing traffic conditions and a very accurate ETA .

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Traffic is now integrated into the Maps app. It's not as full-fledged as the BBOS Traffic app, but it does include several features from it. Messing are still alternative routes that the user can choose (it will automatically update if you purposely detour), ETA based on what time you leave/traffic conditions, and notifying interested parties about your ETA (you can use the "share" feature but I don't think it's an auto-populated message).

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BlackBerry Maps and BlackBerry Traffic are two different apps. I also wish I had Traffic on my Z10. It was super accurate and all it took was a quick look to know traffic conditions. Now, with Maps, you have to scroll through your route to figure out the traffic, that is if it even shows up or is accurate.

Good news. This is how it works on most versions of Android (there are some Android OS's that are the same version as others, however being country dependent, they may have the sound forcefully turned on - to comply with local laws) as well as iOS devices.

It's good to see small steps towards what is 'industry standard' when it comes to pushing BB10 to consumers that are used to having features such as a silent camera.

This is great. I hate all that camera shutter noise during a concert. Those DSLRS are the worst.

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Fantastic news. My kids perform on stage at church and school events all the time and not being able to silence the camera is a real irritation. Still waiting on 10.1 here in VZ land so guess I better not hold my breath.

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Sweet, now I can take my up skirt pictures on the mall escalators and pictures of other people's kids at the park. This is a phenomenal and absolutely critical feature. My smartphone just isn't a smartphone without the option to take pictures of people without them knowing. I can't think of ANY other feature that would turn consumer towards a device than having a silent shutter. This is the future.

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Good thing Apple doesn't have silent shutter or a whole ton of smartphone users would be pedophiles eh? Oh wait... Apple does have a silent camera. Therefore all iOS users are pedophiles.


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I heard the sarcasm in the post but they are also right. While it may be annoying I'm sure people would want to know when a picture of them possibly is being taken.

I don't mind the sound at all and can't see why it's such a big deal.

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Hey Angry,
I do agree with part of your comment in the fact that the silent shutter makes it easier for pervs to take compromising picts of people without their knowledge.. I've struggled with this for awhile and came to the conclusion that if someone wants to be a sick perv and take picts of my kids at the pool, they are going to do it regardless if the shutter sound is always on or not... They'll just buy a different device (ie iPhone or Android phone) or an app to do it.

Now on to more positive things, many consumers have complained about the lack a silent shutter option to use for postive reasons (taking picts of teacher notes in class, photos of your own kids during an activity... and with BBRY committing to bring it in 10.2, it sounds like they are actually listening to the wants/needs of their customers for a change.


But not yet in

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Wohoo! About time. Too bad I already bought the SilentCamera app. This will really kill all those apps pretty quick unless they offer something more than just silencing the sound. Oh well.

Yes, a silent shutter can have negative uses but for a young infant it's awesome. I missed quite a few pics since I didn't want to wake her

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I hope they also add a silent dialer. Now it is only silent on a silent profile. I hate those dialing sounds when entering a number. Or did a mis this option?

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Legal or not. I have three Canon point and shoot cameras and every one of them has the option to turn off the shutter sound.
And besides that, NSA doesn't use the shutter sounds either.

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I can see this being an issue in some countries and delaying the release. I thought (could be wrong) that this was outlawed in the E.U.

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Don't even see this as a big deal, work on other stuff like a real Facebook app or bringing in other top apps

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I find it pretty sad that we wait for 2 major updates to silence the camera... Wow!!! great phone but a lot rushed to get to market

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I don't think this is a missing feature in BB's eyes since no BB phone before had the option to silence the camera. This is a response to customer demand, which shows that they are listening. Otherwise, I don't think we ever would have gotten this option.

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I don't mind the shutter noise in most cases. But for instance, at church I may want to take a picture where it's perfectly acceptable, but the camera noise would be a distraction.

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What?!? But it's illegal in some countries, how can they do that, etc.
Off go all the lame excuses we've been hearing for years...

You guys should Google which countries have it outlawed before making comments like I thought it's illegal, I know for a fact it's not illegal in North America why else would apple and android be able to silent their cameras?

And for those that say ppl are going to be able to take up skirts photo now because of this. All I got to say is its going to be the most blurriest photo ever. Why would they waste their time with a crappy phone camera to do that, when they can buy a dlsr and take pictures in high quality and be so far from them that they won't even know. Ever seen movies where they had detectives sitting in there cars and spying on ppl and taking photos? Yeah. I think perverts would go that route instead of using a cheap camera that won't be able to focus at all.

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One dowb few more to go: application shortcuts from home creen, using the shift key to copy, speed dial from home screen to name a few! Waiting desperately for them features

Very good update! This is very useful in many situations, either when being a perv, or just trying not to make a situation awkward where you're standing there with everyone looking at you.

Good job.

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Actually this is still a little stupid just put the option in the camera app ffs. But I'm always on silent so no difference for me.

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Because iPhones being let into corporate environments wouldn't have caused the same thing...? If companies allowed android and iOS then those platforms already have this feature.

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I also have missed many pictures because of that camera sound and my sleeping Granddaughter! Otherwise the sound doesn't bother me at all.

Good news. But isn't it illegal to produce a silent shutter phone? Samsung cannot make the shutter silent because it is offensive in Korea. No such law in Canada?

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There was nothing worse than trying to quietly take a picture of some notes during lecture and having the ridiculously loud shutter noise wake up the entire class

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It is really something that there are enough creepy little perverts that shutter sound even has to be an issue. When you are taking pics of children, once they hear the click it is over. All you get is the cheesy grin. And wildlife is long gone once they hear it. If you are in a group looking at a collection (cars, art, etc.) some are snapping pics, some taking video. It annoys others and is embarrassing to be the happy little BlackBerry person adding clicking sounds to their video.

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A silent camera is illegal in certain countries; wonder how they fixed this?
Mind you, I rarely use the camera.

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I agree with you, but I guess they must have figured out some way to make an exception for it according to some law and bleh. I mean, Apple did it too right?

Now that's listening to your customers. Finally Blackberry! Now fix the CALL LOG application and give me proper sorting. I'm tired of seeing the same recipient being duplicated for each activity whether receiving, calling or missed.

Bb10 tip: get amazing battery life in z10 by putting the phone to sleep mode while you have it in your pocket or open the clock app and put it to bedside mode,,,,,,,your battery will last 3 days and phone still rings.

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I'm glad that there gonna fix that in 10.2 seeing how I just recently was able to get 10.1 and since that download my Twitter DMs show up as gibberish and @blackberryhelp was literally no help with the issue. But let's keep fixing the small stuff like a camera shutter sound.

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How about the ability for devs to make their apps headless... are we seeing THAT in 10.2?

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Damn I never thought Michael Clewley was a pervert until now! If he approves the sound being turned off he will be known a the number kiddy porn pervert in Canada.

If silent camera is really coming to BlackBerry 10.2, I'm disappointed it won't be an option for me to decide if I want it on or off in the camera app.

Before worrying about the silent shutter, they should make the options easier to understand. It's all a bit confusing really.

They keep focusing on this kind of gimmickry when they need Instagram, a better Facebook and Twitter apps but most of all to fix Gmail.

Hopefully this will silence all the self-pronounced lawmakers with the silent shutter sound illegality nonsense.

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It's crazy how us blackberry fans make a huge deal about a silent shutter that we have to make an article about it.
It's nothing special and we should of had this option in the first place.

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Available to developers in June! We will not see a release for the public until Septemberish!

^^this is a guess^^

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I remember, back in the CDMA days, having a silent camera shutter was deemed completely inappropriate, I think I even remember some sort of rule was made, forcing manufacturers to not allow a silent shutter, on early camera phones. For privacy reasons, such as, shooting voyeurism style images of people completely without the knowledge of the person - say, sitting in the public bathroom stall.

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I thought we have that kinda app for this and free? Is it necessary to make it built in? Unless it's silence depend on the selected profile.

Anyway just unleash the update. Release the cracken !!! don't make us wait !

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Uh, what if we want to hear our notifications but not the shutter? Is a simple shutter sound on/off toggle that hard?

Brilliant! A smartphone should be "smart" enough to know that if my phone is silent, it should function silently always...had a problem with using a app for this! Yes I know legacy devices had the shutter sound...but it really should be optional.

NSA just wanted the sound so they would know if we were snapping pictures of the A S S holes and Obama. Screw them all and snap pictures in silence to catch the government goons as the snoop.

And this is why I am BlackBerry by choice! I love how BlackBerry listens, considers and even implements bold moves and changes into THEIR products because they really do cater to the "BlackBerry People".

I think the best part if this is the in-your-face factor to those who said it would never happen.

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I so wanted to say that. Well let's don't count our chickens yet, there might be a furious uproar/backlash by all the self-proclaimed non-perverts and lawyers in the group who have all the facts of everyone's situation. I mean, there can't be any other use for a silent shutter than pervertry or corporate espionage, right? Or so I've been told, repeatedly.

Great!! This is why I love BlackBerry! I was about to buy the application yesterday. I will wait for it!

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Stupid, so now if I don't want to hear the shutter I have to have it so I can't here if I get a phone call? What's so hard to just give us an option to turn the stupid shutter sound on or off?

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Why is my normal digital camera silent but my Blackberry insists on making an outdated and characatured film camera noise?

Being able to silence the camera only when in a silent profile is at best half a solution at worst a fudge. We should be able to silence the camera independently of any other phone settings, just like on other manufacturers products and there is no technical or rational reason why this simple option couldn't be implemented.

It's also quite ridiculous that this should even be under debate for the 10.2 update. It demonstrates how much functionality and user option is missing from BB10 and how much catching up there is to do to just equal other OS.

In 2013 something like this should simply just be there with no fuss fanfare or anything.

For anyone with kids or who are into photography of the normal kind, this is very good news indeed. Can't wait for 10.2.

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I like this idea of having the camera shutter sound on depending on what your current notification profile set to but what happens to the camera shutter sound if your notification profile is set to vibrate mode? I don't suppose it will vibrate, right? Haha. Would be pretty awkward if that's what happens.

It would make much more sense to give us the option to merge contacts details into one final contact.

For example, for every contact source such as yahoo, gmail, outlook, or z10 you should be able to see a merge screen and be able to consolidate each contact detail into one single contact on z10. We should be able to select the data flow source and direction. So for example if I update a contact field on bb10 or on my outlook or for example gmail the field will propagate both directions.

But if a facebook contact updates details it could (through the link feature), let the data flow through to the bb10 contact but not the other direction because I do not have ownership of my facebook friend's data.

But in all cases what I want is a complete, updated, single bb10 contact. One contact per person.

The crazy linking system we have now NEEDS to be corrected!!!

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I realize this is an old threat, but if you just set your notification profile to 'Silent' you won't hear the shutter click despite what debate gets incited regarding Big Brother and the CRTC's alleged requirements. Your BB will also be silent for screenshots if it isn't already.