Signs of life from AT&T - BlackBerry 10.2.1 now appearing

By Bla1ze on 15 Apr 2014 07:49 pm EDT

If you're a BlackBerry 10 user on AT&T, you're probably wondering what the hold up is with BlackBerry 10.2.1 considering BlackBerry delivered it many months ago. Sure, you could install one of the leaked OS' out there but really, you shouldn't have to. Fret no more though as it seems AT&T will be rolling out a 10.2.1 or more specifically, OS software version shortly.

For some, it's already appearing in BlackBerry Link and the files are already readily available for those who wish to install it on their own bypassing the OTA and wait time however, if you're not wanting to go that route you'll want to keep checking for updates on your device wherein you can take the official OTA as soon as it arrives.

For those of you waiting, sit tight. The wait is soon over. To AT&T, well thanks for finally getting off your duffs and being the dead last carrier to offer something other carriers have had for months. You're making even John Legere, of all people, look good to the BlackBerry community. Even he managed to get 10.2.1 out, even with some problems with Wi-Fi calling.

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Signs of life from AT&T - BlackBerry 10.2.1 now appearing


Mine showed up too. But that means tomorrow the rest of the world will have 10.3 lol. :-P

Well, I've been using 10.2.1 for a while now thanks to the leaks. Great OS...


US carriers killed BlackBerry in the US

Or whoever was responsible for these 5-8 months delays in updates

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Haha, I like that logic, gives us something to look forward to for those of us on AT&T who didn't wait for the official lol..

gotta find a silver lining somewhere, right?!

Finally what? AT&T is a f--king joke with these releases.

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Finally is an understatement. AT&T made its BlackBerry users wait an extremely long time before delivering this update. Totally unacceptable.

ATT released it FAST! Only 2 and a half months late! That may be a record for them.

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Well done?!!

AT&T has shown nothing but a complete lack of giving a s**t for their BlackBerry customers with this insanely late release.

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Don't all carriers give BlackBerry customers s h i t one way or another. It's either late os update, lacking BlackBerry phone selection, or no in store purchase availability.

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Doesn't really apply in Germany. They have quick updates and most stores have at least 1 device from BlackBerry. (haven't seen the z30 in a store though)

I wouldn't exactly praise AT&T for a job "well done". They've failed their customers as miserably as the Titanic failed it's passengers on that maiden voyage so many years ago...

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If they hadn't tried to miss the iceberg, but collided head on the ship would have survived rather well.

AT&T is a joke. They really failed their customers. Bet they would have never made Apple or Samsung wait this long!

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Exactly. Nevermind the fact that it just started appearing so changes wouldn't necc. be known anyway. :P

I wish I could upvote this comment. Why don't we get that feature added here?! Like reddit!

...I like reddit :(

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No problems here. I haven't seen any difference with battery life . And I am running android apps from amazon.

Same with my Z30, the culprit was 1Mobile always running in the background. I removed it and only reinstall it when I want another android app ( I don't use Google or have a Google ID anymore). Also, download TaskManager and kill off Android apps that can restart themselves. This solved my battery life reduction problem.

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

Snap is so much faster and better than 1 mobile or amazon. I get it if you don't want to sideload it but it makes it so much easier to get an android app here and there. It updates them too

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I have noticed that having Android Apps installed on your device definitely takes a toll on the battery life..

I bought a gold high capacity battery for my Z10. It has made a huge difference. At the end of the day I've still got about 40% of my battery left whereas before it would have died. Cost £ 14 and I keep my original battery as a spare!

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That's ridiculous ! That should of came out long time. The carrier is trying to keep BlackBerry down. This software could allow blackberry users to access all apps that is on android. All you have to do is download and you are good!

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Why downgrade? You waited so long you have it already. Pointless to me after I already have it from another carrier. Latt&t always last for BlackBerry customers!

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I was being sarcastic. I feel like most of us at&t users upgraded to a leaked os a while back. Cool for those who have been waiting for official. I'm not that patient.

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Wow i just installed it through crackberry forum version. Been waiting and had to pull trigger last week. Its amazing btw. Love me some blackberry!!

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About time. I thought Sprint was slow but they beat at&t at least. I'm real curious why the US as a whole was last in line from the start with sales and the upgrades.

Q10 rocks

Blood Moon yesterday and now this!!!

It really is the end of times... AT&T was just waiting for the apocalypse.

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Just got this from an AT&T chat:

bruce: I hope there is some more support for BlackBerry from ATT. I just noticed the last software update is finally released. Is the Z30 going to be released by ATT
AT&T.: It looks like currently we do not have any information just yet. However, we may have more information soon. We do have the Z10 and the Q10 online.
bruce: By soon do you know what kind of time frame? A week, a month,...?
AT&T.: I would check back with us in about a week. We may have more information on when and if we will be getting this phone in.
bruce: Thank you!

I got tired of waiting and updated the wife and i's Z10s six to eight weeks ago from the leak options. My first step into leaks. It was easy and I may keep at it. That all said, my wife hates change and I dreaded updating her Z10. But, she needed access to an APK not available on the older OS. So, I bit the bullet, did the upgrade, waited a week then asked what she didn't like about it. The ONLY comment... she still hates the Facebook app.... :)

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Maybe she hates it just like JC hates his Blackberries?

So confusing.

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Thank god!! Wth was the hold up. must've been that recent bug problem that caused them to push it out. hopefully were getting a lot of complaints

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Good to hear our AT&T brothers & sisters will finally be official. if you haven't been using 10.2.1 you are going to love it.

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I actually moved too att so I could get them updates faster as one of the reasons. figures once I finally made the move this happens. guess my luck rules all

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I just updated and now Link doesn't recognize my phone as being connected. Anyone else having/had this problem and maybe know what's up?

I was just at the ATT store today, told the guy waiting on us that AT&T had not related any updates yet. He didn't know. He said he had Z10 last year, didn't like it, lack of apps, games. I showed him mine now, with the 10.2 and all the apps I have. He liked it. They did have the Z10 in the store on display too.
My wife bought the IPhone 5s. Lol

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I installed a leak months ago and totally forgot they hadn't released it yet.

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"To AT&T, well thanks for finally getting off your duffs and being the dead last carrier to offer something other carriers have had for months. You're making even John Legere, of all people, look good to the BlackBerry community."
Lol - well written.

Can't wait, hopefully is not the end of times bc then all the wait was just for nothing! I really can't wait and hopefully my wife gets happy when she finds out that she will be able to use android apps in her BlackBerry Q10. AT&T my wait better be worth it. I'm team BlackBerry

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I think it's great AT&T finally released OS 10.2 but I'm still pissed with them because they delayed it's release for such a ridiculously long time. I have had OS 10.2 on my unlocked non branded Q10 and Z10, but I finally have it now on my unlocked AT&T branded Q10.


Posted With My Unlocked Q10/SQN100-5/OS On AT&T

And I just bought a Rogers sim card off eBay. Oh well, at least I won't have to wait 2 years for AT&T to roll out!!!

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Because they left us waiting this long, I am going to stay away from AT*T's version. I will continue using the Sachesi one that i downloaded. At this point, I don't want anything from AT&T because I am fearful they have buried things in the release that will benefit them and harm us

I planned to do the same since I was already happy with the Vodafone version I loaded via Sachesi, but I just looked down and saw my phone rebooting.....right after it just finished updating my phone to the OS10.2.1.2179 from AT&T. Oh, well..

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Happy for all those who have not had the pleasure of 10.2.1
I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this is a smidgen of a hint that the Z30 is coming sometime before 2015!

It just feels like a 'Black Operation ' against BlackBerry.

An anti - BlackBerry propaganda war from Carriers in the US.

BlackBerry has to close ranks and control it's software updates.

I hope BlackBerry has learned a valuable lesson.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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Nothing yet from my side...

I'm in for more than a month now, so if this is real it has to be a version higher than mine to be shown...

At&t SUCK Big time anyway, my next BlackBerry will be directly from BlackBerry the Z30 so I'm not have to be worried about updates, I'll received the from BlackBerry DIRECTAMENTE!!

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Hmm, we shall see, I called AT&T CS just a few hours ago about this. I spoke with a manager, maybe they are getting the question of "when is the update coming" too much and can't stand us.....hahha LIVE ON BLACKBERRY!!!!! :)

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Thank God, all the angry rants will finally stop and everyone can enjoy their BB10 phone the way it's intended. All those who were waiting, download and have fun. Feels like a totally new phone.

10.3, here we come!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Let's face it the United states and U.S. carriers don't care about BlackBerry. BlackBerry has a zero market share in the USA so AT&T has bigger fish to fry.

Sad but true, at least Verizon has had a couple exclusives like the white Z10 and the Z30 for now. They have been decent about this last update, but I'm not holding my breath for 10.3. I'll use the leaks for that one just like I did 10.2.1 before VZW released a higher version.


You can't have zero market share and still have people with BlackBerrys.... that report of 0 market share was debunked....


I have the update over downloaded from blackberry link from lousaina had 2102 before finly got it to long.

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Wait, people still use Blackberry? Even on a network that is 3 months late to update the software? Uhhhhhh

I must admit that is some loyalty. But frankly, beyond unacceptable for me. Congrats to those who waited this long, despite clearly better options being out there. Ones that actually get long term software update support.

Mist on have had 10.2.1 since Nov 2013.. and "better options" is subjective

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@Jubei Raziel
This is one of the missing chapters in Blackberry's story, the "unified updates". All Blackberry users should be able to run the latest available software and not be left at the carriers mercy to choose what/when updates are pushed. Any carrier specific stuff can be pushed separately, when ready, since the core OS and app's are the same across all BB10 devices. If BB get this issue resolved, they will avoid all the frustration in the above comments and enforce BB image as a major mobile player.

Still a few bugs in this OS. Notably in bbm. There are times I open it back up to find a previous message that I had already sent..back in my text is up with that.?

Other times when I open it up and click on a contact, I end up in last weeks conversation..55 messahes is up with that??

Both issues happen fairly regularly. Be curious to know if anyone else experiences that?

Overall though-BB10 is in fact evolving and getting better.

Via what's really, a BOLD X....on X.II.I

I have a weird bug on the Verizon release. If someone sends me too many texts too fast the whole text field goes blank and I am forced to restart the phone. Can't reply or read any of my text messages from anyone until the phone has reset. It can be very annoying sometimes.


Turned out to be 550 mb and went flawlessly. The first change I noticed was my ring tone changed. Missed a couple calls because of it. I like the new one better though.

Us thus really out? My phone won't even check now. After a split second it says I have the latest software 10.1. It isn't even really checking.

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If you're smart you will buy your berries from BlackBerry themselves unlocked and get your updates on time rather than when the carrier wants you to have them.

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Sadly, this isn't a solution for some people because they can't afford to buy a phone outright. However I am saving up money so I can buy my next phone off contract for this reason and so that I can avoid the awful carrier branding on the outside of my device.

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I guess I'll upgrade from Rogers' that I got through Sachesi a month ago...

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No small wonder that the United Statesians don't know how good the BlackBerry OS is because the slap-dick carriers over there can't seem to keep the OS updates current. Geesh!

I also had a leak that I had loaded and I didn't plant to load the AT&T version but my phone automatically updated OTA. I saw it just as it was rebooting and a message came up saying that it had updated. You may end up with the same thing.

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I updated my Z10 using BlackBerry Link for Windows. The phone didn't see the update, but Link did see it. Still getting used to it, but my camera takes faster photos and apps open fast.

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I'm on AT&T and I copped the 10.2.1 a little while ago. Can't wait for a better or official release of an autoloader for 10.3, it's about to be dope!!!

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Just downloaded the update. Wow what an improvement! AT&T sure did drag their feet on this but I look at it as better late than never. Thanks BlackBerry & AT&T!!

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I just downloaded the newest 10.2 software and I like how we can answer the phone now but there are a few problems with it. I'm not able to delete my emails now. It comes up with a cancel or delete box. When I check the box that allows me to delete my delete button doesn't lite up or allow me to delete. Also I had to delete several duplicate and triple phone #'s of certain phone numbers on all of my contacts. That took a few hours that I hadn't planned on. Please help me with the email problem. That is all that I notice as of now. Thank you

Just got through BBLink. Was finally able to load an Android app from our local weather station. This may not be important to some folks, but in Oklahoma with tornado season coming, this is muy importante!! Love it!!!

Honestly as the rest of us are know waiting on 10.3 they are just rolling it out, this only adds more fuel to the fire of saying US carriers could careless about supporting BlackBerry, and BlackBerry customers.

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This morning I got updates from Telkomsel Indonesia on my Z10 STL100-3. Everything works fine.

I feel sorry for American BlackBerry 10 owners.

This is unacceptable service from the major carriers.

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If there is no AT&T Z30 by June 2014! I'm going to jump ship,....I'm considering a Z30 on T-Mo! AT&T,...consider yourself notified!

I had a furious phone call with AT&T Monday in which I informed them that the call was being recorded and would be used in my business school class as an example of poor customer service. They can check that I am a b school prof since I get an employee discount on my service.

Doubt this was the reason for.release but fun to think it was. Sadly I still don't have it.

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Where is the install update option on Blackberry link? It doesn't appear in the left-hand panel of settings for me????? Help. Thanks.

It popped up. Yaahooo! This will not stop from switching from AT&T at the end of the summer. AT&T this is unforgivable and therefore I will not forgive you!

I have windows 8 and it gives me errors like crazy for the blackberry link software. Tried all the quick and still does not work. Hopefully the update hits me soon for OTA.

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Wondering what the deal is. I just hung the phone up w ATT and they said they don't have any information about a software update, but to check my phone. What a load of crap this provider is

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Funny. I just installed the 2141 leak yesterday because I got tired of waiting... Nice job American Telephone and Telegraph! Your updates may as well have been sent by telegraph...

It's about effing time!!!!!!!!! No sooner had I read the article than I got the update notice. I just reviewed my Z10 on AT&T's website Monday, I totally praised the phone but did the opposite to AT&T AND their sales reps. Maybe they read it as well as other comments bashing them for their holdout and their cheerleaders reps for i'madroid/iStoned phones and finally decided to release the update. It's funny though, after two days, my review still hasn't posted. lol

I'm really happy to finally get the update but I've got my eye on ATT. I'm never going to buy an on contract phone with them again. I got an unlocked Z10 for my wife from BlackBerry and she's had the new OS since Jan.

That's not a fucking reason... BlackBerry released it months ago and so did many other carriers.


Of course it comes out now, I got tired of waiting and loaded the Tmobile OS from Sachup. Not waiting for ATT ever again.

typed with the amazing Q10!

And with it goes my feeling of being a rebel and running a non-stock OS on my government issued Z10. Still, glad to be running with an up to date OS for a change, and hopefully AT&T customers will keep their feet to the fire for the delays in getting 10.2.1 goodness to everyone.

Literally just received my OS update out of Northern California. It didn't show up on my device until I connected to BlackBerry Link.

AT&T doesn't care about BlackBerry users that's why it takes so long for their updates to come out. Even though Android updates are also delayed not the way that BlackBerry updates are. Android makes AT&T a lot of money and I don't think they make any profits off of Blackberry. AT&T will cater to their customers that help produce profits for their company. I can almost guarantee they will not carry the Q20 according to a friend of mine who is a AT&T executive.

After pressing "Check for Updates" a million times and restarting my phone 3 times the update finally showed up at 3:00 AM central time in Houston. I had to make room on my phone and in the morning I started the update. It was taking a very time to download and it was almost complete when it says "Please wait", "Error", "Retry". When I click "Retry" it checks for updates and says that I'm running the latest software 10.1. I haven't been able to to get the update to come back since this morning...

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Im own loading it to my macbook pro right now via BlackBerry Link. I'm so happy. I been calling them for weeks to release this. *Waits by phone*

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I actually like AT&T. They respect that I have a BlackBerry, unlike T-Mobile.

Also, leaks. Duh.

Posted from my BlackBerry Q10 on AT&T

Downloaded tonight. Love the improvement so far. Have only skimmed though so far

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Have finally gotten AT&T 10.2 about a 10 days ago. Downloaded in about 2 hrs (10.2 & new BlackBerry link). Very good battery life and very responsive speed. Am still learning minor aspects of upgrade.
Many thanks BlackBerry AT&T.

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