Signs Of The BlackBerry Storm 2 Appear On Verizon Website

By Bla1ze on 19 Oct 2009 10:44 pm EDT
Signs Of The BlackBerry Storm 2 Appear On Verizon Website

Not really too much to say about this other then the fact that Verizon really should just send out the official announcement we all know is coming. The BlackBerry Storm 2 forums filled up earlier with some findings on the Verizon website as shown above, where users through some url magic are now able to view the 360 degree demo of the BlackBerry Storm 2. Kevin gave his thoughts earlier this week on the when and why of the delayed announcement and maybe Verizon is finally going to change things up. So, what do you all say should Verizon just get it out the door already or what?

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Signs Of The BlackBerry Storm 2 Appear On Verizon Website


People need to ask themselves what they want:

Rushed with bugs or delayed with polish?

Storm 1 owners shouldn't take long to arrive at an answer.

I own a Storm 1 and I will not even consider version 2. With so many greater options like Droid, Palm Pre, or waiting for an iPhone why would I ever want to waste more time with a company that is steadily becoming outdated.

What happened to all the Storm2 ( No Space ) stuff?? Now all of a sudden it's the Storm 2 ( Space )?! Will these guys ever make up their minds?

my buddy bought a Tour today at a VZW store and he said the guy said Storm2 will be out by Black Friday???? I thought we were looking at the next couple of weeks?

typically know as much as us. They do however like to make assumptions and make customers believe they know release dates...they usually dont..But, who knows

I can wait. I was all excited at 1st, but I know now for a fact it will not be out till the end of next month. Why be mad? It's not going to speed up the release date. Just gives developers more time to build more fun apps. It is what it is...

PS. I'm shocked I just said all that being the impationt person I am...

I think Verizon saw the epic fail of Storm 1, and really lost interest in the Storm 2. IMO I think they will push harder for the Moto Droid than they will with the Storm 2. It looks nice but with rumors circulation that Vodaphone will be giving these away and they will be part of a BOGO offer from the start kind of backs up my theory that Verizon has lost interest.

I got a good Storm myself, no major issues with this one. However it is getting beat up on the "chrome" edges. I heard thats paint tho, anyone confirm if lacquer thinner would take this wretched metallic paint off my Storm?

Back on topic... I love my Storm, just have liked other phones better!!!

I've bought so many theme's and games for my storm 1, it gives me more time to get my $'s worth out of em...

Sorry, but do you think theme's & games that we bought for the storm 1 will be compatable with storm 2? Sorry again if its off topic...

Can't see this one getting much publicity and it looks like it is gonna launch in the shadow of the Droid. I have a feeling my blackberry experience is coming to an end, how sad...

Verizon almost looks like an addict here- Everyone else knows whats going on, just waiting for him/her to admit it.

Whatever they want to call it I will wait till its out of beta testing. I got the Storm on release day and had to wait 2 months for everything to work on it. I will hold off on the new one until they work the bugs out again.
Sorry RIM but you really should of did more testing before releasing the first one. Still left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm very happy with the phone now but it was a joke when released. Did not live up to the hype or advertising. Thankfully it works well now so I will stick with it, I don't want to be a beta tester again. Just a note I had my original release phone up until about a month and a half ago, the camera died and had to exchange it. The new one is nice, no screen dust, great click, and the camera works!

I am highly considering not getting this now. Wonder if they will even make a storm 3 or chuck the deuce on the Storm architecture all together?

I was one of the guys that waited in line for the Storm 1 and returned it within my 30 day time frame and went back to my Pearl. Since I have purchased another Storm 1 on ebay and like it better, but it still is a phone full of bugs.

It seems to me from the reviews and videos that we have all seen on the Storm 2, that it is ready to roll right NOW! Most Storm 1 users with the new 5.0 software are liking their Storm 1's right now. The Storm 2 right now based on the reviews by everyone is better than the Storm 1 right now. So go ahead and release it already!

Still not sure whether I am going to get rid of my Storm 1 for the Storm 2 yet? I think one more leaked OS 5.0 would do the trick and make me satisfied with my Storm 1?

You're "highly considering not getting this now" because the *rumored* release dates have come and gone? You realize there's been no announcement from VZW, right? Think that might be because they are working with RIM to get the firmware as perfect as possible for launch? Anyway, don't get it if you don't want to... frees up another space in line :)

All i wanna say is, in my opinion, the droid is very unappealing esthetically. It may be an android phone but ewww. I would want a better looking "robot who lives in my pocket" as the version launch pages describes it. I think the storm2 blows the droid out of the water. The HTC HD2 would be the next contender and who knows when thats coming out.

I may be the luckiest guy in the world. Got my first and only Storm in the first part of January 09. I have never had to do a battery pull ( unless I wanted to to reboot after an upgrade) my Storm has never started to reboot by itself. Basically I have had no problems. I keep up with all of the lastest OS upgrades, currently and it works great. It does work better now that when I first got it. Bottom line is that I will wait awhile to jump on the Storm 2 band wagon just because my first one fits my needs.

The Storm2 is now on Dont see a release date yet but you can sign up to get updates regarding this phone

Did anybody else see the comercial advertising Droid During Monday Night Game? Where is the adds for The Storm 2...Does Verizon Think they can really do better with droid? I agree with Rodsky11 the Storm 2 will be launched in the shadow of the Droid.... :( so dissponted.

So quick question.. Seems like the droid is gettin publicity and allegedly due out around the time we all think the storm is.. Then will they drop the price on it a bit or maybe offer some kinda discount for storm one users?? I have a storm 1 currently on my 4th. So far this ones not too shabby but I was more or less just wondering about that?? Anyone hear anything about that other phones I hear that droid may be good as well as that imagio by htc. Idk

just so you users know... i've read RIM's release on 10/15. Nothing in there about VZW scheduling a rollout of the Storm2. I hope you guys do know that VZW is a joint venture between VZ Corp & Voda so if the Storm2 was released last week in the EU, the Americas will have it soon too. Besides what difference does it make which phone comes out first... everyone knows the specs of each and will make their decisions accordingly. If you're intent on getting either the Droid or S2, then you'll get either the Droid or S2. Stop crying about WHEN it'll be released and just get it when it does.

It makes complete sence! Read all the way through!!!They are giving the Storm 1 away for free. I would have to say that we will see the Storm2 the 21st without promotion before, so they can continue to try and empty out as many as possible. Even if people have 30 days to return the first one. I WOULDNT EVEN BE SURPRISED IF THEY DONT ADVERTISE TILL AFTER ITS BEEN OUT FOR 30 DAYS so the people that got the 1st one the 20th will be stuck. That's why in the picture is says that promotion will be up to the store manager. (Sorry, the picture I'm refering to is in the forems somewhere. I just copy & Pasted my comment.) They would never say that if my theiry is right. Sounds kinda stupid but at the same time smart... What do you think???

They said the release date is Oct. 21 2009 I asked them last week when CB did the review on the Storm2 and Management told them 2010 was the year of the release and then, last night I received a text from them that said the release is Oct. 21, 2009. We will see! I know most of you will respond and say Verizon employees don't know crap. I believe that as well but lets see what happens.

I just talked to a Verizon Rep and she confirmed the release date as 10/21/2009 for the Storm2 and a software upgrade for all Storm 1 users at the same time.

I was passing by a Verizon owned store (NOT and agent) here in Greensboro, NC and figured I would take a minute to walk in and ask them. The lady/greeter when I walked in responded "sometime within the next couple of weeks, but no official release date has been announced". I would be very surprised to see the phone available tomorrow, 10/21.

Today, I checked to Verizon dealers and Corp store. They state, "we do not have a lauch date as of yet".
oh well we wait...

what in the world are you talking about??? outdated? bave you seen blackberry stock or circulation figures latly? The black berry storm 2 will be one of the most advanced blackberrys yet

I got a Storm as a Christmas present last year. My first Blackberry, I find it frustrating. I watch people with the IPhone and they seem to fly from one thing to another with such ease. So many apps,and very user friendly. I seriously have considered switching carriers just to get the Iphone. My son just made the switch and even gets service at our house that we can't get with any verizon phone. Totally frustrated in many ways