Signal To The Stars for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 24 Mar 2013 03:17 pm EDT

What's better than finding a decent FREE game for BlackBerry 10? Not a lot if you ask me, so it's a good job I discovered Signal To The Stars. The idea of the game is to create crop circles with your alien spaceship but it isn't quite as straight forward as that. All squares on the field must be covered but as you will see in the video there are a whole host of obstacles that get in the way. Plus, once you have started laying your crop circle you can't cross the path you have started so it requires a bit of thinking about - a perfect puzzle style game.

Signal is the aliens name and there are 120 levels for you to try and assist him contacting his mothership. There are some hints available if you get stuck and once you play the game for the first time you will be instructed what it is you need to do.

Whether you just have a spare couple of minutes to kill or you fancy sitting down for some great puzzle action - Signal To The Stars has it all. With decent sound effects and graphics it really is a 'must have' app as it is free.

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Signal To The Stars for BlackBerry 10


Yeah exactly, well let's hope that someday we will be able to expand our apps memory to the external memory card for easy expansion. 16 gigs won't be enough i suppose haha... Good job marmalade and great move BBRY!

Now, please bring Skype over to us soon BBRY!

Looks like a great game, just got it on my PlayBook.

On another note, how awesome is James' job on the CB team? Download, play, review games on the new platform to his heart's content. And then do it all over again!