Sign Of An AT&T Bold Soon?

By Bla1ze on 29 Sep 2008 12:27 am EDT

I know, I know. We have all heard it before right? The AT&T Bold is coming on such and such a date, and while we all sit back and wait (some more patiently then others), we have seen 31 countries launch the Bold well before one of the biggest markets for RIM... the USA! AT&T was one of the first carriers to acknowledge they would be offering the BlackBerry Bold, yet somehow it appears they will be one of the last carriers to actually have it available for purchase.

Let the rumors begin (again), and let us just hope this one turns out to be true. BGR has posted some information from the Best Buy systems that indicate availability for the BlackBerry Bold will be October 26. Best Buy, being an authorized retailer, typically has a slight delay in their shipments compared to other carrier stores/outlets, so we are likely looking at an approximate launch date for AT&T on the week of the 20th. But I'm sure at this point most are thinking "I'll believe it when I see it." So what does everyone think? Is it finally AT&T's time or are we going to be looking at November before the Bold hits? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Sign Of An AT&T Bold Soon?


Being a former bby employee, rss isn't always accurate to what is carried in the store. A lot of time the corporate guys will get stuff and enter it into the system and the stores will never see it because "it doesnt fit our customers" but hopefully i am wrong.

Like everyone else, I'm hoping this date turns out to be true. However, I'm so gun-shy at this point, I'm not sure what to believe. I guess I'll believe it when I actually have the device in my hand.

Oh ya, their's nothing official about this..Believe it when ya see it, this one gets tossed under the rumor category, which sucks..I just want them to say hey...come get it!! lol!

I've been dyin to get my hands on the BOLD. Hopefully all this we see in the picture is true.. :-)

What if this one holds true. And the early November holds true for the Storm. And the 10-6 holds true for the 8220. That gives us, Oct, 6, 20 (14 days apart). Then November 3 for the Storm (has been rumored and is 14 days from the 20th). Then the 17th for the Curve 8900? That's 14 more days away and fits with rumored November landings. That gives RIM 2 solid months of roll outs and give TMO a month plus of 8220 sales before the Jav hits. Hmmmm..... And all before the Holidays....

What does "deleted" mean?

My Curve is due for an upgrade in November 2008...

I will get the Bold. UNLESS, Alltel is taken over by Verizon first and I am offered the Blackberry Storm
SO, AT&T, get your head out of your @$$ and lets get the "Bold" on the Market. I will leave!


i just went to att and talked to a friend of mine who has been waiting for the bold as well he told me att held back because they wanted more iphone sells but RIm is forcing them to release the bold...

it however wont be oct 2.. but at the end of the month instead..

but finally finally!! ITS COMING!

This just makes me think that RIM needs to start putting exclusivity deadlines into their "Exclusive" deals. So, if one cellular company goes into a deal to offer a phone eclusively and doesn't bring the phone out by a certain date, RIM would be free to offer the phone to other companies.

That way, if AT&T decides to hold off on the phone, RIM could offer the phone to T-Mobile, Sprint, or other companies and not let the hype cool off for their new devices.

Listen people. neither RIM nor AT&T released any "official dates." All these dates I'm seeing here for the release of the Bold are pure speculation. These so call "leaks" are merely rumors for people who can't wait. Kevin had trouble with his Bold in NY. Roaming is a key feature of a global phone such as the Bold. Do you want a piece of junk released so you can complain features don't work? Let the Bold come out when it's ready, not when you "want" it.

Bold lovers, please don't get your hopes up. You're setting yourself up for a letdown all over again.

my hubby asked a guy at our local at&t store the other day about the bold and he said they have already had a meeting about it and there is going to be a launch party Oct 12 so lets see if he was right!!!

Since AT&T is having Blod training until the 16th of October, my guess is this is pretty accurate. But, I am just baseing this off of that is all.

The status of this system entry says 'deleted' on the top right corner of the screen...does that mean that this is no longer an active record on their system at BB?

Save your pennies, as a 4 week bold user, wait to see all the goods rolling out in the next few weeks. Dont be the dolt who is like "I wish I had a thunder (or javelin) but I rushed to buy this slow buggy, overrated boldbuggy overrated bold.

What makes it buggy and overrated in your opinion? Also, have you been updating the phone with the latest firmware from RIM?

i work at a certain att, my sm said he is going to a meeting in a couple weeks about it to get trained, then a few weeks after it will be released. so oct-nov.

I think that I, as many crackberry addicts, have all been anticipating the launch of the Bold in the US. All I have to say is that if RIM is going to take THAT LONG to launch the Bold in the US, the least they can do is lower the pricing. Also, they should make sure that there are NO software glitches. I was really looking forward to the rumored October 2nd launch date, but now, I'm like "eh".

More or less, I think it's real shady that RIM never set an official launch date for the BOLD whereas the iPhone had a real set date.

I just went to Best Buy to get a VGA cable and stopped to look at the PDAs. A salesman asked me if I was interested in the Curve I was comparing to my 8700g (yes, I am content but my wife wants an upgrade). I told the salesman that I was not getting this (My wife wants Sprint) but was just looking. I told him when the Bold lands, I would consider it. He was excited and said he just had his training and the Bold would be out as soon as next week. Has anyone heard of this? I am in Charlotte, NC.

I work for Best Buy, and I'll shed some light on some things for you guys.

-Deleted usually means the product SKU has been deleted and we won't be carrying that product anymore. HOWEVER, sometimes brand new products say this for whatever reason.
-Midway down the page it says Perf Code: A Perf code A is for new products, X,Y,Z is given to truly deleted items.
-So, yes we will be getting shipped it on the 26th.

As for the guy in NC who talked to a sales rep. There's no Bold training available for hourly or any store employees for that matter on the Bold. We will definitely not be getting it in "in a few days or a week" whatever he said. The district warehouses have not even ben shipped the Bold yet, as AT&T hasn't finalized the Bold to come out yet, obviously.

I hope this clears stuff up for you folks.

i've been waiting for this damn thing since it was announced earlier this year!! and all the so called release dates and rumors have almost put me on to the iPhone but i can't seem to break that Crackberry itch. so i'm praying that this document is truthful and i can get on with my life and have a new Crackbery.

Even if I see it, I won't believe it. Odds are it will be screwed up at first. Personally I think AT&T is waiting for there goal in iPhone sales before they release it.

I used to work at best buy and the only thing that I am wondering about the screen shot posted, which I am pretty sure is against whatever employee/employer contract that Best Buy has, in the top right corner next to status it says "deleted." If I remember right, and I could be wrong because it has been awhile, but it means exactly that, it was added in and then deleted. If I am mistaken please let me know, I want a BOLD!

ok so i posted a little info earlier and i have a more recent update as i talked to our AT&T rep who happened to be shopping at our store. 1.) there is NO TRAINING or any of that BS for this phone that ANY best buy employee will be going to. i went to the iphone training before we started selling it and learned NOTHING. 2.) the date best buy will RECIEVE the 9000 is correct and TRUE. 3.) the status does say deleted. this useually happens when, a.) a product is only going to be shipped in limited quantity (see "master pack quantity :5" on screen) or b.) the SKU will change when the phone is actually sold. ive said before, best buy will be releaseing the 9000 on NOVEMBER 2nd or NOVEMBER 9th...if you have an inquiry on as to why those particular dates, look at my previous post

Ok, so (as all our comments start) I called my local At&t store just a few minutes ago. (San Francisco/San Jose area) I went with a polite yet slightly begging tone. (make that pleading) And talked family plans. Truth is: we need one as we're sick of being on separate networks, but I digress. I asked about the Bold. When will it be available? When can we preorder? The nice gentleman said that 'as far as he knows right now' the Bold will be available 10/5, which gives a pinch of credence to BG's 10/2 to 10/6 prediction range. Maybe the official announcement comes on 10/2 with the device trickling out over the weekend. Short-n-sweet. Let's hope. I gave him my name (that he didn't write down, but it was polite as there is no waiting list being maintained) and asked if he wouldn't mind me pestering him later in the week to check on that date. He said no problem. So...this could be a case of the lower peons not being updated on any later launch dates, OR it's real. And you can bet your bottom dollar (no economic pun intended) that I'll be calling him in just a couple of days. Stay tuned.

I have been waiting friend in Calgary already has his...get them in the KY/TN region already...I love my curve but am waiting like a kid on christmas eve...