Sign the petition to bring the BlackBerry Z10 to Sprint!

Bring the BlackBerry Z10 to Sprint!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Feb 2013 02:13 am EST

Well that didn't take long. A loyal Sprint customer has already started a petition trying and convince the US carrier to launch the BlackBerry Z10. Not really a surprise seeing how vocal users are being about the lack of Z10 support in CrackBerry's forums.

Earlier this week Sprint announced their plans to carry the full qwerty BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone, but the press release failed to mention the BlackBerry Z10 at all. Not cool. Look, I get that Sprint basically loses money on every non-iPhone full touchscreen device they sell (due to the silly agreement they signed with Apple), but the BlackBerry Z10 is hot and every other major US carrier is picking it up. Not carrying it is just wrong and a disservice to their own loyal customers. 

I like Sprint. And Dan Hesse is cool. So hopefully they'll change their minds here and we'll see another press release come through saying the Z10 is coming. In the meantime, you can show your support for bringing the Z10 to Sprint by jumping over to the online peition below and signing.

Sign the Bring the BlackBerry Z10 to Sprint Petition 

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Sign the petition to bring the BlackBerry Z10 to Sprint!


Sprint we need the Z10. If not I will be going to Verizon. Kind of wanting it in White anyhow, but would just like to get it and stay on sprint in black or white. Please bring the Z10 so I don't have to board the Red ship. Thanks.

My sprint contract is up in 2 weeks, I plan on leaving at launch if they do not carry the z10 from day 1.

It is business though and they did sign a contract to buy $15.5billion worth of iphones, maybe they are not carrying the z10 so there is less competition, they do have to honor that contract.

I signed the petition a few hours after launch when i found out :)

After waiting so long for this phone, I am so depressed that I won't be able to purchase it. Hope Sprint steps up.

Make a deal with the devil and you get burned. I bet they are kicking themselves now that iPhone sales are down. If Z10 sales numbers,berserk are good for other carriers they may change their mind. While it won't help them sell iPhone, it also won't help them keep customers

Is that an official Sprint graphic? If so, it has pics of the Z10 screens.

I think this is probably much ado about nothing and they are planning to carry the Z10 already, but pimping the Q10 (perhaps to differentiate themselves from everyone else, but more likely so as not to eat in to their iPhone sales quotas).

That said, the more BB is out there, the better.

...I forgot to add that they have plenty of full touch phones that arten't iPhones available now (including the current heir to the throne, the Galaxy SIII). So, how possible is it that they are simply planning to just carry the Z10 without pushing it? Has anyone heard conclusively they definitely are not carrying the Z10?

That graphic is old from the first day they posted their BlackBerry10 page. I brought this point up to them after voicing my complaints on their forums, and within 24 hours the graphic was changed to only show the Q10.

I signed the petition earlier. I already let Sprint know that if the Z10 wasn't going to be available I was jumping to a carrier that will have it. That's three lines they will lose. They like sleeping with the devil so the price will be paid.

I'm so bloody annoyed.

Yet another bbfail. Not only is it delayed 30-60days for all US carriers, But sprint isn't even selling the z10?!?! I'm finding it very hard to stay positive about blackberry. #bb10disbelief
I had such high hopes, I way over sold this device to friends and coworkers who for some reason listened to me and waited to upgrade. Now they all hate me as they have to wait even longer or switch carriers to get the z10.

Not really BB's fault that Sprint hasn't moved forward with it. Do you think they have anything to do with it or is it more likely that they want it on every carrier? Not to say I don't understand your frustration, if I lived in the states I would be frustrated as well.

Blackberry gave all carriers the final product at the same time. US carriers are dragging the feet. Perhaps Apple paid them to, who knows.

Why blame Blackberry for the carriers decision. when a manufacturer brings a phone to market, it is up to a carrier to decide if they want it or not. hell i remember when the Torch 9800 came out, the only carrier to sell it was ATT, guess what, sprint NEVER carried it.

The carriers had this phone by the end of december, they are the ones holding things up, NOT BB.

Listen, entitled sweetheart, I sincerely hope BlackBerry is making Americans wait because of the literal garbage that fell out of the mouths and fingertips of their undeserving consumers.

HOWEVER, it's up to the carriers. Nothing to do with BlackBerry. But the funny thing is, the carriers mentality is very, very similar to the consumer mentality like 6 months ago.

Again, this is not the fault of BlackBerry but the fault of these silly carriers. Also, it's not BlackBerry's fault for you over-selling BB10 to your friends and them quoting whatever you said as credible truth.

Why is Sprint sleeping at the helm? They are going to lose out on a lot of sales and business.
Unless they don't want to support BB10 which would be absolutely foolish and ridiculous.

Signed the petition yesterday and I will say it over and over, I want the choice, not what they want to shove at me because of the ithing. Been loyal to them for 12 years, and I'm not saying the Q10 is not a great device, but I've been looking forward to the Z10 and want it. So I will leave sprint if I have to.

+10 and I will say it with you, Sprint better step up and do the right thing and offer me a choice not what they think I should have. NEVER wanted an iwhatever and am not feeling the robot.
If they don't offer it, me and my line will leave, everybody else just re-upped so they are gonna stay.
About to go sign the petition and go to the Sprint site and let them know as well.

I don't know what I would do with out my berries!

BlackBerry fell short on accommodating US carriers to have an early February launch date, then couldn't convince Sprint to carry the Z10. Shame on them.

What's the point of the $4 million Super Bowl commercial when they won't have the product in stores for 5-8 weeks?

How is BlackBerry to convince a company that made a stupid agreement with the ithings to sell a certain amount. Sprint is the one that said they would only carry the Q10. How is that BlackBerry fault,not.

"@cumiastowski: If Hollywood did a movie trailer on Super Bowl Sunday would everyone freak out that you couldn't go see it yet? NO. #BlackBerry10"

Now this I agree with. $4 Million down the drain. Super Bowl commercial and the phone is not coming out until the end of March. A lot of the hype will be gone and you will have to send a lot more money to hype the bb1o up again.

I'm not in the US, but let me tell you, if my carrier decided not to carry the Z10, then I would be switching in a heartbeat. Of course it's easier for me as my contract expired last summer, so it's not like I would have to wait until the end of a contract, but if I did, the second it was done, I'd be gone like the wind.

My Carrier , Bell, didn't announce they they would carry it for a while. I tweeted them asking about it and saying I wouldny feel bad switching to another carrier.

I'm with Telus and if they weren't going to carry it, I would have moved to Bell, or even... Rogers. Fortunately Telus stepped up to the plate because where I travel for work, Telus has the best and most reliable coverage. Good that we both got what we wanted though.

What else can we do to get their attention? I am willing to do it. I am on a family plan I can't get out of for financial reasons. I need this phone, damn it!!

hey sprint at&t is just down the road from me
you didnt carry the torch, and now the z10
just sayin

Dude your tripping, Sprint did carry the Torch.

I am gutted that the Z10 has not been announced, but let's see what more info they release in the coming months

I'm a sprint customer and had no idea that Sprint signed such a deal with Apple. However, I don't blame Sprint for this. It is the hubris of Apple that made that an issue. I assume the only way Sprint could sell iphones was to sign such a contract and frankly my dear, iphone has been the "it" product for several years.

Regardless, for me personally, it's not an issue. I'm not straying from a phone without a physical keyboard. Good luck to the rest of you though and I will sign the petition.

While I am leaning towards the Q10, I'm still signing this petition because Sprint needs to wake the f up and get off that POS company with the Apple logo...

This is so f-king ridiculous. It absolutely floors me that people put so much passion into this kind of a topic. Is it really such a critical thing to own this SPECIFIC phone? Will it irreversibly alter your life if you don't get it?
Also, where does Crackberry get off saying that Sprint isn't getting the phone just because it wasn't initially announced? Kinda stupid to jump to such conclusions, if you ask me. Just check out their website and you'll notice that all the pictures are of a touch screen keyboard... .hmmm wonder why Sprint would have that kind of marketing material if they didn't plan on getting a touch screen Blackberry.

.... Just trying to stay logical here folks...

There is a nice, open space on the BB Z10 page where it looks like the fourth carrier's icon could just be dropped in. That, and the fact that Sprint's BB10 page includes (rendered or otherwise) screen caps of a Z10 seems to indicate to me that this is an ongoing negotiation.

Still, not a happy Sprint customer.

I'm the proud owner of a business with 38 Blackberry phones plus several other devices that are on the SPRINT network thus if their company doesn't have the (Z10) upon earliest USA availability then I have decided to switch all our cell phones to a different cellular carrier service.

I have a friend who works for Sprint, and he tells me they are just going to "feel it out" - if the phone is a hit, they will most likely carry it. If it flops, they will feel like they dodged a bullet. As far as Apple's hubris, well, we are the ones here assuming the phone will be so successful that they will rue the day they decided not to carry it. But that's a fifty fifty scenario, let's admit it. We are all rooting for team BB, but it's like rooting for the Cleveland Indians to beat the Yankees. Even if you thought there is a fighting chance, there is no guarantee. That being said, if they decide not to carry it, I'll be very dissapointed. There are going to be other BB10 phones too, though, so let's hope they do well. For now, keep the pressure on. Negative customer sentiment can affect a company's decisions to a greater degree than the actual bottom line. A vocal minority smearing the company is something they would probably rather do without.

Very disappointed in this news, been holding out on my month to month for a year. I signed the petition. I will be getting a Z10 with or without Sprint, there loss not mine.

Carriers are idiots for believing all the consumerism BS that was going on. You know, if Sprint really doesn't carry the Z10, they're idiots. It's as simple as that. They don't deserve the business at all.

Who does Sprint think they are to "feel out" the Z10? Seriously. I feel bad for you Americans with such terrible carrier choices, albeit their mentality is no different than the Nation in which they reside.

What this tells me is that iphone sales are not doing well. There are other touchscreen phones at sprint. I believe that their eyes deceived them when they made that agreement with Apple. The sprint customers who left because sprint did not sell iphones before have already left just like the people planning to leave now because of the z10 issue. Those that left are not going to come back just because sprint decided to sell the iphone and sprint bit more than they can chew. Sprint needs to realize that if people leave for the z10 they are not going to come back just because down the road they decide to sell it. Poor risky business on their part. Looks like verizon and att got it right period

Unless individuals are under contract they should be switching carriers.

The thing about petitions is it makes the BB community look lame, it doesn't look good on the community to send a petition to every company that doesn't support BB in every way.

However; speaking with your wallet works, if you leave because they don't have the phone, then they might get the message.

I am already tempted to switch to Verizon because I want the Z10 in white however I think the black is also beautiful and is true to Blackberry's heritage so I will accept it. That being said however, if Sprint does not offer the Z10 then call me Usain Bolt because I will be Sprinting to Verizon quicker than you can say Z10.

I hope ALL of CrackBerry Nation and #TeamBlackBerry shows support for this and signs the petition, not just the current Sprint customers...lets show them we all stick together and got each others back!! Help a poor Torch owner live out his full touch Z10 dreams!!

"Not carrying it is just wrong and a disservice to their own loyal customers."

Exactly!! It is just unbelievable that Sprint is not carrying the Z10!! I have been a loyal Premier Sprint and Blackberry User forever. I refuse to support a carrier that does not support Blackberry 100%. Shame on you Sprint. If you do not change your ways you lost a customer. I will change carriers faster than the speed of light. I have signed the petition. Verizon or T-Moble here I come...

I have Sprint, and planned on upgrading to the Q10 anyway, but I definitely understand people frustration with them not getting the full touch.

Please quit whining about Sprint not carrying this phone. BB had their chance and failed terribly in America and elsewhere. Glad that BB brought out a phone that's 2 years behind the competition, but it's Samsung from here on out boys and girls! BB is the next Palm.

Was patiently awaiting BB10 and was shocked that Sprint was so silent on the issue. Even T-mobile announced support before Sprint. But I think I understand what's going on now. Sprint has an agreement with Apple to sell a certain quota of iPhones. Therefore Sprint kinda HAS to market the iPhone over everything else. They sold their soul to the Apple the devil. I love my unlimited data plan but I love my Blackberry more. I'm moving to AT&T to get my Z10 when its out. I prefer GSM to CDMA anyway. (Never liked touchscreens but BB made a compelling case) Totally disappointed with Sprint. I presume they will lose many BB faithfuls.

Last few years BB has gotten no respect from Sprint. Bought 9900 for myself and 9930 for wife. Had to go to 3 stores before I found a clerk that didn't try to talk me out of it. One told me they were on verge of bankruptcy and wouldn't be around long. I've been with them for at least 14 years and have 4 lines, all off contract now. Verizon will get my business if no Z10 soon.

Pat Brady
Bold 9930
Curve 9350

That graphic is old from the first day they posted their BlackBerry10 page. I brought this point up to them after voicing my complaints on their forums, and within 24 hours the graphic was changed to only show the Q10.

i went to Sprint yesterday to connect my Dev Alpha. they couldn't connect it and then the guy in the back told me they will only be carrying the Q10. i asked if they at least have a launch date and he said "BlackBerry delayed the phones" with a dumb smirk on his face. i'll be switching to Verizon soon.

I will leave Sprint in a heartbeat. I am so tired of the azz-backward stupidity of this company. I am a loyal, longtime Blackberry user, starting all the way back with the 8830.Over the years, I have had Bolds and Curves with other companies. I left Sprint, but I came back to Sprint because they were offering the Torch, which I love. Now my battery in the phone is starting to go bad, and I was so looking forward to the upgrade. I guess Verizon will be my new wireless company, because I refuse to go to AT&T or T-Mobile.

I just signed the petition

Thanks for the memories Sprint. Maybe you people will wise up one day....hopefully soon.

J. Wilson
Playbook 64GB
Torch 9850

what i love is today i a "free sprint text msg" for sprint Nascar Mobile 13...which they no longer offer to Blackberry users.....I love sprints service, but i will leave in a hot minute to get the phone that I WANT

These petitions never do anything, but I still signed. I've been hammering them on their own forums as well as their FB page (Sprint). And I'm not the only one....

no Z-10??? im a loyal sprint customer for 7 years. They better, or else... knock knock Verizon...

I've been with Sprint for 15 years. I'd like to stay and I want the Z10. I email them every day and I've called customer service and had them put my "request" into my file. I suggest everyone (who wants this to happen) do the same.

Last with the iPhone, last with 4G.... Let's see - will Sprint finally become the "now" network, or continue to lag behind the others. If the Z10 doesn't come to Sprint, I will be going elsewhere.

If I were on Sprint and they did not offer the phone that I wanted (like the Z10) I would them dump them so quickly!!! (family plan or not.) I do hope they come to their senses for those of you who are stuck with them for now. I'm on Verizon but I'll go sign that petition. Good Luck!!!

"Not cool." thanks for this!!! man,,, you guys are workin' hard,,, keep up the good work!!!


I'm a long time Sprint customer too and made the mistake of assuming they'd carry this phone. The day finally came for the Z10 news and it was like getting coal for x-mas! It's good to see everyone is so passionate about this phone, I surely hope Sprint listens to the voice of their customers! Use their two twitter accounts too @Sprint and @SprintCare and let them know you want this phone and are willing to leave to get it.

Thanks didn't even think of twitter, I've done pretty much everything else, called three times, emailed, signed petition.that really need to change this.

Left Sprint a year ago (horrible 3G speeds in my area) but will sign anyway. I want this phone to be as widely available as possible. Hopefully one of these gets started for T-Mobile and the Q10 as well. Good luck, Sprint victims... er... "customers."

Do not know if it against CB policy, but here is the contact info for Mark Elliott, he apparently released the Press Release about Sprint carrying the Q10. I rocked my Tour all these years waiting dreaming for the Z10.

I have sent a very nice letter stating that for Sprint not to carry the Z10 that it is a big mistake, and that they will be the only major carrier here in the US as well as the rest of the world not carrying the phone. And that Sprint is underestimating the potential sales and the value of the Z10. I also stated that even though I maybe only 1 customer (who happens to have 3 lines all Blackberrys) there are millions of loyal Blackberry users that is with Sprint, that like myself is ready willing and able to switch to another carrier who will be carrying this phone

BTW this info is readily available at the end of the Press Release as well.

Mark Elliott, 603-621-4511

I'm pretty much stuck with Sprint, since Verizon's plans doesn't suit my usage and T-Mobile's coverage sucks in my area. I'm still using the Bold 9650, so it might be a good thing if Sprint doesn't carry the Z10. After all, the Q10 is a good device too, right? I know, I'd rather get the Z10 with the larger screen, but it looks like Sprint made my decision for me; get the Q10. As for iPhones and Galaxies, they just don't work well for me. Thanks Sprint for making my decisions for me! Customers love it when they don't have any choices.

But seriously, isn't it good customer service to provide customers with options? Not carrying the Z10 is denying customers the option to choose for themselves. Hopefully Sprint will see it's more profitable having satisfied customers than having customers who are threatening to switch carriers.