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BlackBerry Z10 Cases
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jan 2013 02:46 pm EST

As much as CrackBerry's editorial team is pumped for the launch of BlackBerry 10, so is ShopCrackBerry's e-commerce team. It's been a long time since they have had a hot new BlackBerry device to get stocked up on.

And the same way that the editorial team is going to be killing the BlackBerry 10 coverage from our new BB10 Launch Headquarters, the store team will be doing the same on the accessories front from our store ops locations. Our e-commerce merchandising manager was also at CES this week talking to vendors and getting ready for BlackBerry 10. With BlackBerry 10 devices rolling out globally, he is seeing a lot of optimism and support from the accessory manufacturers out there.

BlackBerry will have a great selection of OEM cases and accessories as will third party manufacturers. Expect to see support from all the big names you know, like Case-Mate (pictured above), Seidio, OtterBox and more for BlackBerry Z10 cases. I actually had a great conversation yesterday with the founder of Seidio -- who is a big fan of CrackBerry and a hardcore BlackBerry Bold 9900 user -- and he expressed his enthusiasm and committment to BlackBerry 10. He'll be upgrading the day the first BB10 comes out!

With the launch of BlackBerry 10, as always ShopCrackBerry will be THE PLACE to go online for all of your BlackBerry Z10 accessory needs. We'll be getting items up for preorder as fast as the pricing and part numbers become available, and the store team is working hard to make sure we'll have lots of inventory.

If you want to stay in the know, be sure to sign up for ShopCrackBerry email updates we'll be sending out store mailers on a regular basis as we get new items. By buying from ShopCrackBerry you support this site and community, so we really appreciate it. I'm really proud of our store service offering - it's not just some affiliate link thing. It's a full-fledged ecommerce operation and it takes a lot of resources and passionate and dedicated people working hard every single day to deliver the awesome service we provide. That ongoing dedication has made us the number one BlackBerry accessory store over the years and we'll be working hard to continue in that tradition through the BlackBerry 10 launch and beyond!

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Reader comments

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I think you'll see some have at launch -- especially built for BB partners -- and some a bit later. When I talked to a few of the otterbox folks it seemed like it wasn't done yet but likely you'd see the essentials (defender), hit pretty quick. their loss if they're not there right away... but when it's a big global launch like this it's going to do well for the ones who committ early for sure.

I hope if Otterbox is making a Defender for the Z10 that they keep the sides around the keyboard lowered to a minimum. Hitting the keys at eather edge (i.e. the Q, A and P) is a major pain. It's only because I love my Otterbox Defender on my 9860 that I'm hoping their next version is designed better in this area.


Volume buttons are on the other side.

Love that woodgrain model! Now we need a nice stitched leather one that'll match the Bentley.

There's nowhere better to get your accessories. Cheaper then your carrier, free shipping if you buy a couple things. I'm goons keep it slim for bb10, since the phones so much bigger then my 9900. That brushed aluminum casemate, and probably a blackberry hard shell. Then I'm hopeing somebody releases a waterproof case by summer. I love the lifeproof's waterproof case for iphone. I saw otterbox's waterproof case for the iphone and its too bulky, i dont need that much shock protection