SideSwype offers you the ability to sideload BAR and Android APK files on BlackBerry 10 over the air

By Bla1ze on 12 Aug 2013 05:57 pm EDT

Old school BlackBerry fans will remember the days when you used to be able to download app install files over the air. Before BlackBerry World, it was the only way to install apps on the go unless you wanted to pull out a laptop and use BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

With the arrival of BlackBerry 10 though, that function was stripped from users and now, folks looking to install apps must either sideload or use BlackBerry World. That's not to say it can't be accomplished though and while we've seen one app already offer OTA installs of BAR files, another entrant has now arrived by way of an app called SideSwype.

  • What Is It? - SideSwype is a Native BlackBerry 10 application, which when coupled with our included VPN services, allows you to effortlessly install BlackBerry BAR files or Android APK files to your device without the need for a computer. This installing of applications or games outside of BlackBerry World is known as "sideloading" and until now tied you to your computer. Not any more.
  • How Does It Work? - When you install the SideSwype application, you're walked through setting up the VPN connection. It's simple! This is what allows SideSwype to work and install your applications or games Over The Air (OTA). SideSwype can be used over your mobile network or over WiFi.
  • Why Do I Need It? - With BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry has done away with the traditional Over The Air (OTA) installations we used to see. We want to fix that. You shouldn't be tied to a specific marketplace. We're great for developers too; gone are the days of your beta testers needing a PC to load that latest build! With SideSwype, anyone can sideload from anywhere without the need for a PC!

The app itself is free to download but in order to make use of it, you essentially have to purchase 'app install credits' which is a fine format for selling them in my opinion. The pricing for credits is as follows: 10 Install Credits: $0.99, 25 Install Credits: $2.99, 60 Install Credits: $4.99. If you're a heavy sideloader, it makes sense to just go all in and buy 60 install credits in one shot. Plus, you get two free install credits to try it all out.

Having been a part of the beta testing, I have to say I'm quite pleased with the app and overall, for what you get and the convenience of it all it's pretty impressive. Aside from a few beta bugs, everything went fine and I was installing BAR files and converting a few APK's as quite literally as I walked down the street. Of course, that's not to say it's perfect. You still have to have some knowledge of sideloading, as even the app itself does need to be sideloaded to install.

Personally, using this method of installing apps makes using the desktop seem totally useless to me and I'll likely never bother with that again but, I suppose it all comes down to how much sideloading you do. If you find yourself doing a lot of sideloading, then this is certainly an option that's worth investing in but if you only find yourself sideloading a few app here and there, it might not be worth it. If you're looking for more info, I suggest heading over the SideSwype site for all the details and the FAQ section.

Learn more about SideSwype and read their FAQ section

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SideSwype offers you the ability to sideload BAR and Android APK files on BlackBerry 10 over the air


download the apk to your BlackBerry, go to an apk converting site by uploading your apk, then download the bar file to your phone and use this application to sideload

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If you have both bars, yes. You can install the debug token using SideSwype then install any apps that rely on that token.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but on with runtime from you don't even need to use a debug token option. I was able to install Viber shazam pandora without it.

Posted via CB10

Unlimited fee would be nice.

But I am cheap, I'll stick with the free computer form. Nice idea for an app though.

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"Having been a part of the best testing" pretty sure should read "beta testing" ?

I can definitely see how this app can benefit the hard core users, especially those who side load tons of Android apps !


This is how sideloading works. No matter which method or app you use, the device password is required.

Maybe so, but I feel a LOT more comfortable NOT giving it to a 3rd party vendor.
Just thought I'd throw that warning out there for those who did not know.

You know the steps to change your device password right? Its pretty easy to do so making this issue completely null and void.

Change it, sideload apps, change it back

Posted via CB10

So how does the apk thing work? It converts them and then installs the bar? Do you need a token and if so how? Doesn't a converted app need to match the debug Token?

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Correct, the APK is converted then the BAR is installed. Also to note, once you install a BAR or convert an APK, they are available to push immediately without having to upload them again, so if you wipe your device, just reinstall SideSwype and reinstall your BARs without needing to find all of them again. Only the apps which require the debug token will need it and you would have to either install the token first or you can install the debug bar using SideSwype then the apps which require it after.

Question how do you install this in the first place? Do you sideload it or what?

Posted via CB10 with STL 100-3, BB Z10

Please help me understand how sideloading an Android app onto a BB10 OS is a relevant option?.

Other than y'know... the only method for tech-y BB10 users to have popular Android apps work marginally adequately on their device? And providing a fairly easy method for Android app developers to have 10s of thousands of BB10 users exposed to their app?.

Otherwise... I don't get it.

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Thank you.... I wish folks would read the FAQ.....

That's why it's called that. I don't wanna dig through dumb/repeat questions and know-it-all answers.
Just read the FAQ

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To be fair, just because it's in the FAQ doesn't make it true - if you're security-conscious it's not trustworthy on its own.

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And passwords can be changed very, very easily. Any sideload needs a device password, for instance DDPB that everyone uses, 3rd party

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I'm buying it! I work at a defense contractor and have no access to personal laptop so I am stuck waiting to get home which is only twice a month so that I can sideload apps. This will take care of my needs. Thanksssss!

Posted via the CB app on my BlackBerry Z10!

It would be nice if you could do a video showing this application working. I would guess that most users who don't understand the technology side of the phone could use a video example of the application being used in the real world before they/I understand it's usefulness.

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Considering most seem to have not even read the post and asked questions that are already  answered within said post, you might be correct lol.

Isn't this how it always is? Lol no one reads anything past the opening headline anymore!

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Sh*t, hold on....can I just download this app or do I need a computer to sideload it??

Posted via the CB app on my BlackBerry Z10!

This is what makes me dislike blackberry, Why would I pay for functionality that is offered for free on way more developed mobile Operating systems with a much better app selection! I love my z10 but if developers continue to do this BlackBerry won't last. There is no way I can convince any of my friends to switch from android knowing what the app experience is like.

Posted via CB10 via Z10

Defiantly. Seems like everything requires cash. I'll simply use my PC. I guess it all depends on how much you plan on side loading

Posted Via My Most Used BlackBerry App

You pay for the things you want to pay for, sport. Not all apps are for all users, and maybe this one isn't for you. It's great for those who want to 1) sideload those obscure apps only available on Android and 2) do so without having to connect their berry to another local machine.

I used to sideload a lot so I could see for myself what the big deal was with certain apps that git whined about a lot like Voxer, Instagram, Net Flicks, Viber, Magic Hack, and so on and in the end I don't even end up using any of them as they are of no value to me.

I like the ability to sideload as it gives me access to the other App Worlds in case something good shows up there someday.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Will it work on newer versions of bb10 as I think newer versions were having trouble installing via vpn on other programs or is this another way to do the vpn install than what has been done before

Posted via CB10

Once you install the app, you are walked through setting it up, giving you all the settings needed.

Great idea and reality, lol. Creative way for the developer to gets pizaid. I like it. Know what I'm sayin'? Werd.

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So after reading the faq, I'm curious about where the apps come from. Are they going to be hosting the converted apps in a pseudo catalog? That would be a pretty compelling service that would indeed be worth paying for to some people. I am all for something that makes the side loading process an easier one.

Posted via CB10

So where are the apps coming from? Or should I ask do I need to get bar files myself, or has the developer created a library of bar files?

Posted via the Super BlackBerry Z10

I'd love a Z30 so I could read the morning paper and play Flight Theory all day while listening to the cricket or football at the same time.

Haha. B1aze will respond with: read the FAQ.

I want someone to ask whether he plans on doing that all day with the z30 plugged into an outlet. Maybe... half a day of battery life doing all that media consumption? Maybe?

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This fact that I got to side load it is funny. What is a good website for bar files, I'm looking for 365 scores. Can anyone help.

Posted via CB10

PLEASE READ THE BLOG AND THE COMMENTS BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS. There is also a link to some FAQs further down in the comments.

I guess I'll continue to use my computer but will have the app on my phone just in case I want to load an app on the go...

Posted via CB10

Ughhhhh... lol I dnt have a pc.. can't we jus have a BlackBerry world version of this app?? guess I still need a pc =(

Posted via CB10

Dammit I'm SOL until later this week. Grrrr.

There must be a way to sideload using VPN if I paid up front. As a special occasion. What do u say Dev?

Posted via the CB app on my BlackBerry Z10!

Anyone concerned about the password issue. Its only used for the sideload process. Enable devmode. Edit password. Run/sideload. When done. Disable devmode and edit password back. Takes an additional 5secs before and 5secs after.

Its time someone came out with an app that simplifies side loading for dummies like me... defo downloading this app straight away...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

Darn it!.......just read the I am forced to side load this app cuz awesome!

Posted via CB10

So will this allow me to install any Android app that I come across (e.g. an app developed for a local business that is not likely to be a worldwide popular app) or just those worldwide popular apps that someone has put the apk file on a website for download?

Paying to sideload half working android apps on my new $600 BlackBerry. How sad does this have to get before we all bail. Way to go BlackBerry.

Chuckle. Yup.

Apparently it's a popular alternative amongst the devoted. Hellz many of then still use their PlayBooks to surf the web so it's all good!.

Posted via CB10

This seems to be too pricey...I would pay a one time fee for it but that's it. I like to install leaks and I normally install every leak that comes out, so I would pretty much be burning through the somebody who doesn't do a lot of leaks this might be good for.

This needs to be side loaded it can't be found in BlackBerry App World , and yes it works fantastic on 10.2

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Oh boy, how I miss just mailing an .ipk to myself or downloading it on the phoness browser and the device recognizes the .ipk and installs it on the go. Good old webOS. I'll just stick with sideloading via the awesome chrome plugin.

i sideloaded Blackmart alhpa app store, amazon app store and goodereader app store. so i find any android app on the go and i am able to install it on the go. I am very impressed its like having a android device. I do hope they get the debug token to work they say they working on that and give a lifetime usage for a fee. Thanks guys now i have every app an android phone has at my finger tips. :)
oh fyi if anybody else does what i did, the app store app crashes once its done downloading the app this is ok your apk is in a folder marked android and thats where you point sideswype to get the apk. hit me up if you need help

I wipe my device a lot. If I understood correctly, if I sideload a particular app once, you will cloud store it for me, and I wont have to re-pay to sideload my same apps once I update my OS yet again?

If 10 installs are a dollar, why would 25 installs be three dollars? You are actually better off to pay for 10 at a time rather than 25 at once.

I just paid the 4.99 for 60, just didn't have that one extra drink at the bar.. LOL Why is everyone complaining about $5? It is 1 coffee at starbucks..... Anyway, I am getting a connection error, anyone else get this error?

How do you download this? I get it downloaded, unzip it, but then it won't extract or open? Any suggestions?

I downkoaded it and used my free credits and angry birds won't work saying it stopped unexpectedly and to force close and I downloaded Instagram and said my camera doesn't meet the requirements and wouldn't let me open it without getting the notification. I have no idea why nothing is working but I'm not purchasing credits unless this is fixed!!!!!

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I tried to download it but i got a connection error, developer mode is on, message says "connection to IP xxxx.xxxx.xxxx. refused".

I can't get the app to install via sideload. There is no error message, but the app icon is not on the phone when it's done. I would love to use it as a bar file converter at least because the online converter sites are crashing my PC.

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I spend a lot of time outside with no pcs and this app is very useful to have. I just tried it now and it works like a charm. Nothing better than to download directly to phone and install on the fly. Way to go devs. And their support is amazing. Just asked them a question through my lovely Z10 and in around a minute got the reply.

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