SideSwipe news reader for BlackBerry now seeking beta testers

SideSwipe Beta
By Adam Zeis on 16 Mar 2012 10:54 am EDT

A good news reader for BlackBerry seems hard to come by lately, but a new player to the game hopes to change that. SideSwipe is a great news reader for BlackBerry that is now in beta and seeking testers. I've had the pleasure of playing around with the app for the last week and I have to say it's one of the best yet.

We live in a time where the amount of readily available information is increasing faster than we can keep track of it, let alone understand it. There are more than 150 million blogs and billions of tweets, yet we still get most of our information from a handful of sites. The sheer volume of information is overwhelming; think of it as trying to drink from a fire hose. This is where SideSwipe comes in, offering users the ability to expand their information horizons without drowning in data.

Our proprietary cloud technology marries popular content with less obvious sources, using personal preferences and social networking to provide a broad offering of interesting content. Utilizing powerful background processing and storage capabilities, the BlackBerry client packages up the content in a viewing experience not yet seen in other mobile device offerings.

Having the news you want, when you want it is important, and SideSwipe does just that - and it does it well. The fluid UI, ease of use and all around fun of the app make it simply awesome. Your content is stored locally so there is no wasted time accessing data, the swipe navigation is amazingly smooth and quick, you can save and share articles and much more.

SideSwipe is now in beta and seeking testers. There are 1000 spots open for eager users to try it out. You'll need to use the app and report back with your findings, but that shouldn't be too hard. If you're interested in helping out, head to the link below to claim your spot. Keep reading for more screeshots.

Get in on the SideSwipe beta now

SideSwipe for BlackBerry Now in Beta

SideSwipe BetaSideSwipe Beta

SideSwipe BetaSideSwipe BetaSideSwipe BetaSideSwipe Beta
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Reader comments

SideSwipe news reader for BlackBerry now seeking beta testers


I practically live in my BeReader and am always on the look-out for a better reader, but absolutely have to have Google Reader integration. No mention of that here. Anyone? ~ecm

I need a newsreader that I can use over Wifi (since I don't have a data plan). I wouldn't mind trying this app to see if it's usable for me.

I love this app. It's SO FAST, which makes it stand out. I've been a pre-beta user for a while. No, it does not integrate with Google Reader. It works differently. It helps you discover relevant news without having to tell it what RSS feed to subscribe to.

It grabs feeds from all over and shows what it believes are the most relevant. I'm sure there are a lot more features coming, so stay tuned.

For now, if you are not seeing news that you think is relevant to you just search for a keyword. There are thousands or articles being added every hour of every day and it will return search results FAST.

Basically, think of this app as a way to read relevant news with no waiting. Example today I just searched on "BlackBerry" to see what's happening. I had a dozen relevant articles on my device in seconds. All pre-loaded. No waiting for the browser to respond to a website.

All in all, I think these guys nailed it for a beta. Sure, we want more features, but read the advice in "Rework" (the book). Launch something when it's got enough features to be useful. This is it.

I like Blackberry News also, have it on my 9900 and playbook, would like to see the app improved though. Also like social feeds rss reader which I use for additional feeds.

Blackberry user since 2004

Yeah I like social feeds rss reader too. I wish it would connect with BB News. I'm just to lazy to enter all my feed into that. I think I'd prefer Social Feeds over News if it were on the PB too though.

This app is really good, fast gets you all the news topics you subscribed to quickly, it does this fast since there are no images, this is a good thing for quick access to news and information for info guzzlers like me, really good and the side swiping thing just makes it even faster to swipe though quickly, any chance of getting this on PlayBook? I would love a fast one like this on my PB!

I still think it should integrate with Google Reader if only for the sake of providing a two-tier news platform.

One side being news that I know I WANT to read, and the other side being the news that this app may suggest to me via its own algorithms.

I got the email after a couple of hours - tried it out. I prefer social feeds, I don't like the way it shares news to Twitter etc., it just says check out this article from sideswipe, without giving a heading, people won't be interested in that. Ok for just personal reading. I share a lot of my feeds, so perhaps not for me. And I would prefer to have the option to add my google feeds. On a positive note it seems quite fast.

For a beta this app shows a lot of promise. I like the minimalist UI. @catwoman66 you should email the dev team your suggestions.

I don't get it... How can I subscribe to a feed that I know? And WHY does an app like this have to run always in the background???

Also, the scrolling acts weird (on an os6 9700), if you use also the space bar for scrolling.

To totally close it go to the customize screen ..options ..then select exit. Wish we could subscribe to feeds tho.

Very nice UI
The not being able to subscribe makes this unique. It's not going to be for everyone seems like a ramped up version of a social feed versus what you might be expecting of a news reader. I prefer a reader where I get to pick what I want to see. For technology, it doesnt't show in the feeds. I have to do a search but there's no way to save it as part of the technology feed.

Very quick, but in addition there's no links embedded. So for example, I so a cb search and at the bottom it has a link to go to the forums, but its not hyperlinked in the article.

If this allowed both user defined, plus the random way it does it, in addition to having the links might be a contender.