Sideload This: Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Football

By Adam Zeis on 8 Aug 2013 12:44 pm EDT

Football season is almost upon us, and that means that geeks jocks everywhere will be gearing up for the biggest fantasy season of them all. That means plenty of time spent worrying about your draft and then 16 weeks of managing your team. The later can be done easily however if you're a Yahoo! user thanks to the Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Football app. 

While not available as an official BlackBerry app, the Android version runs like a champ on BB10 so if you're aren't afraid of sideloading it's well worth it. 

With the app you'll be able to view your leagues and team, manage players, check out matchups, live scoring and much, much more. It's one app that I'll be happy to have once the season starts as I rarely find myself in front of my computer when I have to make those last minute roster moves.

I've tried it out on both the Z10 and Q10 and it's working great so far - now I just need to season to start so I can put it to good use!

Where to Download

Download the Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Football app

More Help

For help on sideloading to your BlackBerry 10 phone or BlackBerry PlayBook check out these tutorials:

How to sideload Android apps to your BlackBerry from Windows
How to sideload Android apps to your BlackBerry from a Mac
Sideloading using the PlayBook App Manager Chrome Extension



Drives me crazy that none of these great apps are actually available. Instead they need to be sideloaded. What a waste of time...

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Well go complain to the developer of that app and don't "Waste Time" complaining here. For others this is a perfect patch till, the said company decides to built a native app.


Already did that... most developers dont care about BB10. So sorry, maybe I should have said what a waste of money this Z10 has turned out to be.

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Maybe you should have done a bit of research before you bought a phone...


Did that too. All signs early this year pointed to BlackBerry getting big developers on board. Too bad they couldn't make it happen.

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If you watched the announcement of BB10 or even read a summary of it, you would know that there were only a few big name app devs on board. So yeah, research...


Oh I know that,but what I heard/read was that more were going to be on board "soon" because of how easy it is for developers to modify their existing Android apps to be available in BlackBerry World. I guess that was my mistake, actually believing blackberry was going to follow through with something. Anyway I wasn't expecting that comment to turn into this. Just wanted to vent haha

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This is such a valuable perspective again from a non-crackberry type consumer.

BBRY Product Managers and Marketing/Communications take note: a consumer of your brand and transitional smart phone product feels that expectations set in early 2013 have not been met as of late summer 2013. The BBRY mantra of 'coming soon' and 'be patient' does not resonate with the non-crackberry type consumer... the street doesn't believe it, consumers don't believe it, developers don't believe it, prospective partners don't believe it etc etc etc

Maybe you should start getting your shit together BBRY?

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I'm still on the fence of buying the Z10, and dont understand why it's taking BBRY so long to get some major apps on board. They have cash and slashing budgets, go out and buy apps like MicroWP is doing. I know they arent a cash cow like Microsoft, but I agree with Mhorsley30 and many of the average consumer, if they dont have major apps then why buy the phone? Security, dont think the average consumer cares much about that when Instagramming and watching Netflix. I want BBRY to compete, and it just seems like they are settling for average...


Do you have proof Microsoft is buying big name titles? There's a lot of big name apps still absent from Windows Phone.

Don't make claims if you have no solid proof.


Ok buddy, nobody cares if you sell your phone. See ya later.


Correct. Others did research, got another phone and BlackBerry lost market share in the US.


This conversation could be studied by Product Managers at BBRY to understand why their smart phone segment is failing against the competition.

Two perspectives: a computer savvy consumer and a normal consumer. The normal consumer doesn't want to sideload and will then deal with apple/android ecosystems ... fix the problem BBRY.

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You hit it on the head.



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Well don't go android. Just had a chance to go head to head this morning with a Samsung android. The owner said the phone cost him 500 bucks and it's a piece of shit. So I said what is not working. He started with downloads and it went from there. His keyboard is the old phone type unless you rotate the phone sideways. What a pc of crap in so many ways. Z10 rules that pc of junk and it kills the iphone 5 when it comes to doing real life things. So enjoy your leap!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!


Side loading is so easy. I don't see what the big deal is if it's something you really want and it works well.

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Yahoo! Apps overall would be great to have back.


Is this fantasy premier league?


This is the Yahoo Fantasy Football app for the NFL not the English Premier League.


Boooooo! I was really hoping it was real football (like the kind you play with your feet not hands.. coming from an American btw)

Thumbly posted from my Q10


I'd like these apps to be searchable in BlackBerry World. I don't mind sideloading, but a majority of people won't know how or would want to go through those steps. BlackBerry marketing has never mentioned it on a commercial and folks from the other platforms simple search and install. Why does it have to be much harder to get apps other have easy access to? I'm glad its available through this method, but BlackBerry needs market share and ease of access to popular apps is one way of doing it.


How can one mistakenly think jocks are geeks? ;p

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Eric Russo

Any review from a user who has the app side loaded already ? Is it fast or choppy Like Instagram ?

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Does it need 10.2 with updated android runtime or running smooth on 10.1?

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Any chance there is an Android fantasy app too?  I need both.


You can join my league

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Sorry, Yahoo no longer supports BlackBerry. I no longer support Yahoo. Just saying.

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That's my way, and it works.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!


I agree but Fantasy Football is basically the only thing keeping me connected to my old college buddies, most of which have built careers and families in different cities.


Now can you get " fantasy football 2013"?


Ohh yeah, I'm so excited to football season. Go Cowboys!


I'm just finding it a tad weird that there's actually an article telling you to side load something.. when there's the score app that works just fine.

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It's for fantasy football, I don't think the score handles that... I could be wrong though.

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You are correct. The score does not do anything with fantasy leagues.


yeah true maybe the update does. I have 10.2 so I'm sure it runs smooth but I'd much rather put a Web page shortcut on my home screen and leave it at that.

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Yahoo doesn't allow mobile website access to the football league, at least not full access. If you want to actually play fantasy football from your phone, the app is essential.

I sideloaded the Basbeall app and it's great.


I refuse to use anything yahoo until marissa mayer apologizes for her blackberry is not a smartphone comment.



I will give it a shot if it works that well. Hopefully the app will help with the college football pick 'em leagues as well...

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Haha! Was just about to do this. Also going to side load Cbs fantasy football!

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When will CBS supply a fantasy app to accommodate their sports app?

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.


What is fantasy football?

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.


I suck at both real and fantasy football....but this year will be different. this year will be my year. $$$$$$



CrackBerry is essentially reviewing and promoting Android apps now. Pretty sad.

Sunny Saini

Kindly stop supporting android ports crackberry. We want native apps.


Court android apps and you may win android devs.
How well did BlackBerry os do for apps with its own closed off state again?

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Can you help me understand how a developer who has good Android sales to BBRY users would want to suddenly develop a native BBOS version for good BB0S sales to BBRY users.

And as far as BBOS would a developer focus on OS7? BB10?

If BB10 does a developer know what display size to develop for? Since Z10, Q10 and Z30 have different ratios? Would a developer know which format to target without knowing how many devices BBRY is selling through? Since those numbers are no longer released?

And as a developer... would I not anticipate iOS And Android catching up quickly to the innovations introduced by BBRY with BB10? So that any advantage brought by the #4 org new OS is quickly lost as competitors mimic and execute more quickly than BBRY can innovate?

BBRY has some emerging risks.

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Yahoo has not made a FFB app for BlackBerry in years. I don't expect one this year either. However I still play FFB in Yahoo leagues. I will sideload app. If you are in a league you will love it. If not I understand why you could care less.

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Fake football not real football then

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Shark Week

It's about time CB did another "Sideload This"


I've been using the fantasy baseball app all season :)


AWESOME!!!!  The annual CB FFL is just getting it together!   (Sorry folks we are full)  And this will make playing SO much easier.


Oh man.....wait full as in from last year fantasy owners or new owners?


We capped at 12 BUT if you want in I will talk to the commish and see if we can go to 14. Email me pkcable(at)


"Page Not Found
We're sorry, but the page you are looking for isn't here."

Nice! Another App i want and cant have on my Z10. Getting tired.


On 4.2 leak and this app is perfect. Just what I was looking for. Side loading takes very little time.

Also I bet in time someone will develop a way to do it without the use of a computer. Similar to palm webos


Agree...on 4.2 works like a charm.

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Are you able to host the file for this?


Page down? Anyone else have this problem

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yeah i have the same problem, it says the page isnt there


I'm pretty happy with the NATIVE app "soccer ticker"



Come on post a page that's active! this drives me nuts about the google store its always says page not found?!

Morpheus v7

Page down for me too...

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RP Singh

Isn't Yahoo one of the companies that publicly said that they would pull all support for BlackBerry ?

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Ahhhhh fantasy throwball.... no thanks

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Seems like goodereader had a server crash. I clicked the APK to BAR link in the top menu and there's a working link to Yahoo Fantasy Sports there. Just sideloaded it and it works great.

The London Geezer

The worst word of 2013 has to 'sideload'.

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da beanster

CBS fantasy football players now have an app. Go check it out In app world.

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Amazing!!!!! Here i was looking for the apk file to convert it. Thanks for the heads up!

The title of the article should be about this app, not the yahoo one!


Someone should edit this post or host the files needed.



slide load something yahoo on my BlackBerry NO THANKS . Yahoo doesn't support my BlackBerry then why the hell would I support anything yahoo and that goes the same for you

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Sideloading this app shortly. If there will be a yahoo NHL fantasy app to side load then I'll be set!!

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Where can I find this .bar file for Yahoo Fantasy Football. The link to it on this page says that "No download found matching given ID." Please help!!!!


same here, trying to sideload this app but it says cannot match ID... and can't even find it in the search tool


The .bar file can be downloaded from this WeTransfer link:


Can someone do one for basketball?