Sideload This: Out of Milk

Our Sideload This series features a variety of Android apps that we think are worth loading up on your BlackBerry 

By Adam Zeis on 3 Apr 2013 01:31 pm EDT

In our first installment of Sideload This we checked out a cool app that I love called Paperkarma.

Today we move to another app that I use almost daily - Out of Milk.

Out of Milk is a simple shopping list utility that syncs with your account, so it makes for a great app for families that need to manage one or more lists. The cool thing about Out of Milk is that it not only has a shopping list, but a to-do list, pantry list and local grocery deals as well. 

I was a Cozi user on my Bold 9900, but as they haven't yet added support for BlackBerry 10, I started looking into other options. Thankfully I came across Out of Milk (thanks Tim!)

Using the app is easy - just register for an account, the start making your lists. You can easily add items through the app itself or from the handy web interface. The list will sync up in a few seconds so you never miss a beat. 

When adding items, you can specify the item name, quantity, price, category and even add notes. You can also cut out the hard work and use the built-in UPC scanner to quickly add items. This is probably my most used feature - when I run out of something I just scan it and I'm good to go. 

  • The Pantry List is essentially the same as the shopping list but for "pantry" items. Common items like spices, dressings, canned items etc. can all have a home on this list so you can easily keep track of what you need. 
  • The To-Do list adds in a simple task list you can use for pretty much anything. I use it to jot quick notes I need for when I'm out running errands so they're easy to find. 
  • Local Grocery Deals gives you a list of items from many popular food stores that are on special so you can quickly add them to your list. No more browsing the circular - just look over the list, add it and you're done.

Out of Milk can really be a useful tool if you manage one or more lists in your family. I installed the app on my wife's Z10 and now we're totally in sync when it comes to food shopping every week. Just use the same account login on both devices and everything syncs right up. 

If you have any great free Android apps you'd like to see featured, let us know in the comments!

Where to Download

Download the Out of Milk BAR file here

More Help

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Sideload This: Out of Milk


Yes. People do it on other posts. This was just my first and here I get slammed for nothing. BS.

Crackberry is a place where people learn, help each other and have fun at the same time. It's not a place to criticize others for what they say or write.

Pretty cool. But im sure my local famers arent connected like this. I still have to visit them to pick up my goods.

Why would you do that? Isn't it easier to make an ever note folder and sync it to your remember app? Cross platform too mm less effort more win

Posted via CB10

Not a fan of this app (just not for me) but I am a HUGE fan of this only comment would be that some of us unfortunates still do not have a BB10 device :( but I do a lot of sideloading to my PlayBook. I'd like to know if these apps swill also work on the Playbook and more specifically I'd like to be lazy and have YOU check it out for me ;)

I know that Z10 and BB10 is the hot news right now but there are still A LOT of us that do not have a BB10 device (YET) and I think we are beginning to feel a little forgotten.

2 cents

Looks good. Is there a version for BBOS7?

I currently use "Our Groceries", mostly because it works on all platforms, so easy to sync with the wife's Bold.

When it's mad for BlackBerry wake me. I'm looking to support BlackBerry apps to promote native development

Posted via CB10

It still baffles me that BB is competing directly against Android, yet milks off their ecosystem (see what I did there). I think this whole Android mooching deal was a huge mistake and they should've always focused on native apps. It sends the wrong message on many different levels.

So I loaded this up and the scanner doesn't appear to work. Auto closes the app when I click on the scan option. Looks like everything else works.

Posted via CB10

The wife and I have been using Dropbox with a shared document as our shopping list. We can access it from pretty much any device and it keeps it updated.

I use Our Groceries also and does everything me and the wife needs. I had to convert the Android version to my Z10 and playbook, but works like a charm.

Posted via CB10

I loaded this, and Cozi, but I think I will stay with Our Groceries. Works great, we're used to it. No need to change. But choices are good.

All 3 are currently sideloaded andriod apps right? I just tried this one and feels slow... are the other ones like this too? Which one runs better on BB10? I just tweeted Out Of Milk and My Groceries asking if the are are working on a BB10 version of their app, I think I will wait for the first one to have one...

Out of Milk just replied to me: "...we are currently evaluating both Windows and Blackberry devices for future builds"

Works great on Z10 and Playbook, requires changing settings for camera to Legacy as Adam has mentioned in previous post.

Here's an idea...instead of using this app, do what I do. Create a BBM group for your family, and use the "List" feature for groceries and a to-do list. Automatically syncs to everyone in the group. Done!

Posted via CB10

its sad to see 'Sideload' instead of 'Download'... I remember when everybody was saying the amount of Apps aren't important for BB to survive

Tried it and it keeps crashing. Very happy with Our Groceries so I'll stick with that. Only wish Our Groceries was native but it is probably one of the better Android ports although it is a side load and not available in BlackBerry World and probably should be.

Posted via CB10