How to load Android apps on your BlackBerry PlayBook from your Mac

CrackBerry's guide to sideloading Android apps from your Mac!

Sideload Android Apps from Mac
By Adam Zeis on 27 Feb 2012 12:39 pm EST

When it comes to sideloading Android apps on your BlackBerry PlayBook, using a Windows PC has pretty much been the way to go. Sideloading is the process of getting PlayBook apps (which carry the .BAR format) onto your tablet without the use of BlackBerry App World. Well loading up BAR files from your Mac isn't quite so hard either. Originally, you had to install the PlayBook SDK on your Mac (which was pretty annoying) to have the ability to load up BAR files on your PlayBook. Well thankfully that isn't the case anymore and sideloading apps from your Mac just takes a few steps. You'll need to download the PlayBook Tools, a BAR file or two and know how to use Terminal. It may take a few minutes the first time you have a go at it, but after that you'll be able to load up files in a under a minute. Keep reading for the full tutorial on just how to get this done.

Update: If you don't want to do things the hard(er) way, you can always sideload to your device using this Google Chrome extension.

How to sideload Android apps to the BlackBerry PlayBook from a Mac

  • Make sure you Mac OS is up to date and then download the Playbook_Tools here.
  • Unzip the files into your /user/ directory (The directory typically shows as your username - mine is "/adamzeis/". You can put them wherever you want, it's just easier this way).

Mac Folders

  • Move the files from the Playbook_Tools\lib\ folder to the Playbook_Tools directory.
  • Put your BlackBerry PlayBook into Developer Mode by going to Settings > Security Settings and note the IP address of your PlayBook. You'll also be required to enter a password here if you don't have one already. Don't forget your password!!

PlayBook Development Mode

Mac Folders

  • Open the Terminal application on your Mac (found under Applications > Utilities > Terminal). Your Terminal screen will show something along the lines of: new-host-2:~ adamzeis$
  • Type cd playbook_tools and press Enter. Terminal should now read something like: new-host-2:playbook_tools adamzeis$
  • Type the followin into Terminal: java -Xmx512M -jar BarDeploy.jar -installApp -device PLAYBOOK_IP -password PB_PASSWORD Be sure to add in your PlayBook IP address, password and the name of the .bar file.

Terminal Sideloading

  • Terminal will do it's magic and when it's done, your app will be ready to roll on your PlayBook
  • You can turn off both Development Mode and Password (Settings > Security) unless you typically use a password.

    So that's all there is to it. As we said earlier, after the initial setup, loading up Android apps on your PlayBook from your Mac takes just a few minutes. You can load great apps like Kindle, Words With Friends, Google Maps and even Skype on your BlackBerry PlayBook. Head to the forums to track down some BAR files for these and more.

    Android Apps on PlayBook

    Also be sure to hit up our BlackBerry PlayBook forums for more great tutorials and discussion. You can find help with anything you'll need to do on your PlayBook and may learn a thing or two along the way. Thanks to @mattyg for the tip!

    Get Help and Discuss more in the BlackBerry PlayBook Forums

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    Reader comments

    How to load Android apps on your BlackBerry PlayBook from your Mac


    I wrote an apple script to help make this easier, and I'm working on a proper app to go along with the DDPB for mac. look for for obarload in the forums

    hi, could you please help me. I just bought a new BB10, but cannot seem to open DDPB.msi files on my Mac air book. Its a little frustrating now knowing how to add Android apps.


    Where can I get that Words application? I couldn't see it in AppWorld or on the list of .bar files.

    Also can it interact with players on others devices i.e. iPhones and Android phones?

    Excellent question! Almost everyone I work with have iPhones and Words with Friends, and I really wish there was a BB app to play along, but I would really like to play via a BB.

    If Skype works great on the PlayBook by sideloading... Why can't Skype just make it official and just put it into App World already?

    Dooooo it!

    This is great! Every time I open one of these articles about sideloading and it is only for windows users I get a little bummed. Thanks, Crackberry!

    Can we post some more pics as to where we are suppose to place the Playbook_Tools folder on the mac? and the Bar file. Thank you in advance

    yes... pictures or more detailed instructions..... i never made it past the download.....terminal never shows my playbook

    Theres nothing called"user/you/directory" on a mac. Can we be more specific about this location? It seems the terminal script is written assuming the files are in this location, because since I can't find it terminal simply says "no such file or directory". Can somebody clear this up with a more simple explanation of where these files should be moved to?

    The easiest way I have found to do this is to place the Playbook_Tools folder on the desktop.

    Once you open Terminal, first type: cd desktop

    then type: cd Playbook_Tools

    After that enter the code that is given above and it should work like a charm.

    Hope this helps :)

    I was having the same problem, this command should be added to original instructions . A video would also be nice.

    Thank you for your hard work ! It's good to see Mac owners not being left out in cold.


    Thank you so much for this post. I am so glad I don't have to boot up Windows just to load an app. I can't wait to get home from class to mess with this.

    Thanks again!


    keep on getting this message:
    result::failure -4
    host0:Playbook_Tools hajiaffandyawgdamit$


    Dummy guide PLEASE *grin* with step by step pictures... I already read that you need a password, and where do you get that from??? Ta..

    Ok, thanks - although I tried for hours and every time got an error message in one way or another. Then got a brainwave, dusted down my netbook and hey presto, it is a lot easier via PC, worst luck ;)

    The password is whatever you created on your playbook. Make sure you are activating development mode under security preferences and NOT demo mode. No password necessary beyond your normal playbook password. Put the folders on your desktop and follow the terminal script from the user above me (illini2097)

    Apple computer, BB tablet, Android Apps - what's the odds this guy is using a Windows smartphone? lol

    he-he. No, not you. The "hypothetical guy" to whom this will apply and who will be so "multiplatform". I was more wondering how many platforms can be added in this scenario to make it fun.

    I get down to the last part, but in terminal, after I type in the .bar name, it says "Unable to access jarfile BarDeploy.jar"

    Where did I go wrong?

    Also, do I have to know my IP address, since it's different than the PlayBook's development address? I see in the example that the PlayBook IP in terminal isn't the same as the one listed in the screen shot of the Development Mode menu...

    I copied the contents of the lib folder to the Playbook_Tools folder and it fixed that problem.

    For the IP, when you're in Developer Mode, there will be an icon in the top banner (where battery level, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc is) of a person with a gear on his chest. Click that and it will show an IP address. (There is no photo of this shown in this walk through).

    I'm having the same issue. The LIB folder was already in the Playbook Tools folder so I do not know what the problem is.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Faithful to the CRACKBERRY

    I was under the impression that Skype is not working, somebody please confirm or deny - Thanks.

    Skype, (which is in the beta form that I've sideloaded) only works for text chat and not voice nor video

    I get the following error:

    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file

    If anyone has an idea, please let me know I tried looking everywhere and didn't get a solution. My macbook pro is up to date, but the only thing that comes to mind is that there is something wrong with my Java, maybe I don't have the right JRE version installed, although like I said my macbook is updated...

    Figured out what was the error I was getting, if anyone receives the same error

    i.e. "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file"

    All you need to do is open Java Preferences and drag Java SE 6 to the top of the list.

    I have this, but in Java preferences java SE 6 is already at the top 64 then 32.. confused, wish this was more straightforward...

    THANK YOU!!!! As a Mac user, I've been waiting for this. I'll give it a go and report back on how it goes/glitches/etc.

    Guys, no need for this. I found an even easier way to sideload on Mac.....using FruitBat for Mac. But you have to have the SDK and AIR installed on your Mac..

    I DID IT I DID IT!!!!! works great. I just installed Kindle for a test. It worked great after I fixed a step I missed . forgot to move files from lib to playbook tools

    This is amazing! I will try it out in a few hours after the gym. Looking forward to doing this through my mbp. also looking forward to that snes emulator! Secret of Mana! I want thee!!!!!

    Been downloading like crazy: overdrive media console, pandora, photoshop express, Google Maps, skymap Kindle, so awesome. Thanks so much for this!...but now..this brings forth a new question.


    Just like you would any other app on the playbook... Press the app (or any other app) for a few seconds. The apps would start shaking. You then click the thrash icon on the top-left corner of the app, confirm delete, and voila! you're done.

    I was trying to do the same thing. Ridiculously simply: just put "un" without with quote marks in front of the "install" in the terminal script. That's it!

    Thanks Adam! I saw someone post in the forum a Mac version but I didn't get it. This was very detailed and got it on the first try. For everyone else who keeps getting errors, re-read the article and follow the steps. Either you typed something wrong in Terminal, not typing in the correct IP address on the Playbook or your lib/.bar files are not in Playbook_Tools folder.

    This problem keeps appearing, could anyone help out? Thanks

    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/http/client/HttpClient
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.http.client.HttpClient
    at Method)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
    at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(

    we were getting the same error message, but I was getting it because I didn't add the word "password" in front of my actual password. Hope you got it to work though.

    OK i followed the instructions but when I get to "Terminal will do it's magic and when it's done, your app will be ready to roll on your PlayBook"

    How do I "roll" the app over to the PB ??? Thanks

    If you have entered it correctly the terminal would actually say installing and the progress and success if I recall and it would just show up on your playbook. I had to try several times because I was not using my pb ip address. Don't use the developer ip address

    I am using the right IP address. ( there is an App for that in the BB's App store on Pb) . I was making an error in typing in the command but now I get the response "Authentication failed due to system error" ... I have my wifi sharing on File sharing on .I am in development mode. I tried connected USB and not ... so I am at a loss.

    OK I wasn't using the right IP after all. At the top bar beside the time you see a little symbol that tells you if you are in development mode. Below that is the IP address to use (tapping the symbol)... I now have my first side loaded App !! thanks

    Anyone else having problems with this? I seem to be doing everything right (triple, even quadruple checked everything) but I keep getting this error.

    Error: Cannot connect: Connection to refused. You may have to reboot the target

    Have tried rebooting multiple times with no success. Can someone resend the line that we should be putting into Terminal? Thanks a million!

    Make sure Development Mode is on?

    I was playing around with mine cause I kept getting errors, not even realizing somehow development mode was turned off... and I got that error.

    Mine works like a charm now, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

    +1 here. I used the 2nd IP address and got my first download (dropbox) to load.

    Thanks so much Crackberry

    Hi - hoping someone can help. I am trying to download the Playbook Tools zip file onto my Mac. Clicking on the link doesn't work and right clicking and downloading file at link doesn't work either. Am I doing something basic wrong or is the link broken?

    I am quite a tech idiot and managed to sideload apps from this tutorial. Falling in love with my PB all over again!

    Thanks a million!!!!

    Followed the instructions and tried to install test application, however get the following message: Unknown argument

    Any suggestions

    **EDIT** I got it to work.... like two minutes after posting this. There are two IP addresses assigned to my (maybe all?) PlayBooks. You can find the other IP address by looking at the Development Mode icon on your home screen (it's a little guy with a gear on his chest). I used the second IP address, NOT the one found in the Development Mode information on the screen in "Settings". Works like a charm.... now to fill 'er up with goodies!!! For more info on how to retrieve your IP address on the PlayBook, check this page:

    Cheers and THANKS!!!!

    Original Post:

    I'm on an i5 MBP 13" running Lion, and after following all of the steps above, I'm getting an error in Terminal that reads as follows:

    "Error: Cannot connect: Connection to https://**PlayBook's IP** refused. You may have to reboot the target."

    The IP inside the **stars** is what was in my Developer Mode information. I have the .bar files inside the proper directory, and have tried restarting the Playbook. Upon restart, Development Mode is turned off, so I turn it back on and still get the above message. Thanks in advance for any help..... if I can get this to work, I may be able to use the PlayBook for all of my online classes. This would be AWESOME. And thanks for everyone's hard work.... this really seems like a worthwhile venture!!!

    Hmmm, done all that, used the right IP address, hit return in Terminal and got all the good stuff .....

    Sending Install request...
    Info: Action: Install
    Info: File size: 1525280
    Info: Installing ...
    Info: Processing 1525280 bytes
    Info: Progress 50%...
    Info: Progress 100%...

    Great, success .... but where is the app ? Can't find it on my Mac or my PB.

    Can anyone help ?

    (And I've turned file sharing on ...)

    Hi there,,

    I'm going crazy with this...I'm a totally noob with playbook, but I'm trying to get used to it...Well, I'm following this tutorial, and I managed to send my .bar file to Playbook (it said result:success) but I can't see app icon in the dashboard...Do I have to launch android vm player on any form? Maybe I should see the icon in the launcher area, shouldn't I?

    Thank you very much,


    Any way I can do this with Mac os 10.5.8 I jhave tried everything and cannot get it to load when I do it, it shows "Unable to access jarfile BarDeploy.jar" please help?

    I am having the same problem. I cannot get pass the "Unable to access jarfile BarDeploy.jar" I have looked through all the comments and the common "fix" suggested has been to move or copy the files in the lib folder to the Playbook_Tools folder.

    I have tried moving and copying but neither has worked. I have the exact 9 files showing up in the Play_Tools folder as shown in the 3rd screen shot. However, still getting the same error message?

    Adam or someone can you provide another solution or some guidance?

    Update I got everything working. In may case I skipped over a key instruction in the article "CD Playbook_Tools".
    If you move the files from the lib folder to the Playbook tool folder it works very well.
    I loaded 6 Apps with no issues and all work fine.

    I don't know what I am doing wrong . I run terminal type in cd playbook_tools ,hit enter and get no directory found error message Would really love to be able to sideload,

    Thanks in advance

    Noob here!!! I have tried to sideload apps from my mac and I get the following error message in terminal what am I doing wrong???????

    My name-MacBook-Pro:playbook_tools jg18970$ java -Xmx512m -jar BarDeploy.jar -installApp device -password xxxx
    Unable to access jarfile BarDeploy.jar
    My name-MacBook-Pro:playbook_tools jg18970$

    I have substituted "My name" for my real name that shows up when I open terminal and XXXX for my password.

    Also when I first open terminal it opens with this

    Last login: Fri Mar 30 17:24:54 on console
    My-name-MacBook-Pro:~ jg18970$

    Does this matter since it is different from what the instructions are specifically it doesnt mention new host?

    Unable to access jarfile BarDeploy.jar
    wtf I've tried everything why doesn't it work keep getting that message

    I've side-loaded a few apps, and the applications force close moments after I open them. Is this because I've installed them incorrectly? or perhaps the latest pb os update has broken something?

    Just followed the instructions and it all seemed to work, said "success" in the Terminal, but I can't find the apps on my playbook ... what haven't i done ? How do I "roll it onto my playbook" ?

    The icon for the app appears on your desktop of your pb. At least it did for me. This wireless sideloading is the best!

    I'm stuck on a step: Re: Type cd playbook_tools and press Enter. Terminal should now read something like: new-host-2:playbook_tools adamzeis$

    I get the following message: -bash: cd: Playbook_Tools: No such file or directory

    Any thoughts on what I've done wrong?

    I followed the instructions and managed to side load 3 app,, a few days later (today) im not able to do so i keep getting this error:

    Unknown argument

    any ideas??

    i re-read everything and checked everything multiple times

    i guess that error has to do with the .bar file...i tried it with Ant Smasher and all works perfect!

    I think it would be very helpful if there were screen shots of exactly what the following sentence looks like : "Move the files from the Playbook_Tools\lib\ folder to the Playbook_Tools directory." In other words, a screen shot of the "Playbook_Tools\lib\folder" and then a screen shot of the "Playbook_Tools directory" actually showing the action which accomplishes this goal. I see the library folder, but I'm stuck on where the directory is located -- can't find it. Also, is this a drag and drop action to perform, because when I've tried to drag the folder over to the Playbook drive listed under "Shared" nothing happens. Need a little help, if anyone can!


    Hi Guys! Now I wish I'd sent a 'Hi-Guys,-I'm-a-new-newb' message, three weeks ago when I got my PB :).
    I really like/appreciate the IP's instructions; but I use an old [2006] Mac iBook G4 'PPC' [i.e. Fantastic but OB-SO-LETE!], with OS 10.5.8, so, as I understand it, my machine cannot 'cater' for Java SE 6 [even tho' OS 10.5.8 would, with an Intel-based machine]; nor Android SDK [:(].
    So, does that mean that I either have to wait for a future/more-magical way to download .bar files; OR, upgrade my laptop???
    Thanks, Dave.

    i must be an idiot but when i download the bar file it saves as a document on my mac. I saw somewhere that i need to to .zip and unzip. when it did this i now have a .apk file extention.

    Is there a simple way to get these .bar onto my playbook via the mac as it is driving me crazy.

    i managed to upload the simple browser using the turorial and guide but cannot locate kindle or other bar files that do not save as documents rather then unix files.



    To anyone getting "unable to access jarfile BarDeploy.jar", reread the instructions very carefully. Out loud, even.

    I got really frustrated until I realized I missed the step of entering "cd playbook_tools" in Terminal. After that, I was able to load everything without issue.

    how can i uninstall app from mac?with the classic method, deleting from the tablet, the applications are not cleared of all

    I have the same question than somebody here: I got it all good, the Terminal says "success" but I can't find the apps on the PB, what did I do wrong?

    Anyone can tell me where I can find the "Playbook Tools" for a MAC to get started, because the link above takes me to a dead page.

    I've tried looking online but no luck for MAC.

    Sorry! I need help! to get a kindle app on my blackberry playbook. I read the instruction but got stuck in the terminal

    Last login: Thu Sep 20 15:36:31 on ttys000
    stephanie-colemans-imac:~ stephaniecoleman$ cd playbook_tools
    -bash: cd: playbook_tools: No such file or directory
    stephanie-colemans-imac:~ stephaniecoleman$ java -Xm512M -jar BarDeploy.jar -installApp -device -password 22coleman
    Unable to access jarfile BarDeploy.jar
    stephanie-colemans-imac:~ stephaniecoleman$ cd desktop
    stephanie-colemans-imac:desktop stephaniecoleman$ cd Playbook_Tools
    -bash: cd: Playbook_Tools: No such file or directory

    I tried to post this before but it didn't show up for some reason...?

    Sat 06th Oct 2012

    Hi Bastco,

    It seems that a lot of people are getting stuck at the part where you have to use "Terminal" on the Mac to "side load" (i.e. load outside the Blackberry App Store) the application.

    Using Terminal is just like using a DOS command prompt in windows. It differs in that Terminal accepts UNIX commands rather than DOS commands, because the Mac's operating system OSX is based on UNIX rather than DOS.

    All you are doing when you use terminal is using the old fashioned way of getting your computer to do something you want it to do i.e. you're not using the drag and drop functionality at the higher level of the operating system.

    To make this work, it is easier if everything is in a folder in the same place on your Mac. That way, when you type in the commands while you are in one directory (folder), the Mac can find the files you are referencing when you type in the command line and the Mac can then process the files you are referencing.

    It is just like saying if your instruction to someone is "go to the bathroom cabinet" then "get hold of the toothpaste" then "put the toothpaste on the toothbrush" - those instructions would only work if you first put the toothpaste and the toothbrush in the bathroom cabinet.

    Otherwise, your friend would complain "I can't find the toothpaste or the toothbrush".

    Your Mac complains too, but not quite so directly, it says something more cryptic like "Unable to access jar file BarDeploy.jar" i.e. "You've told me to run a command on the file called "BarDeploy.jar" but I can't find it here so I'm giving up. Go tell me to do something else now."

    A person may go look for the toothpaste and the toothbrush but, in Terminal mode, the computer just tells you what it can't find – and then usually gives up (although it'll go find JAVA if you don't have it – more on that later).

    When you go to the grocery store and buy the toothpaste and the toothbrush, they are in your shopping bag, so you first have to move the toothpaste and the toothbrush to the bathroom cabinet (sadly we can't copy groceries yet – think of the money we'd save!). If you didn't have a bathroom cabinet, you'd have to create one first.

    Ok – so overly long analogy over…

    First you need to download the Playbook_Tools from the link in the instructions above (go to the grocery store).
    You will now have a file called "" in your downloads folder in your Mac (your grocery bag).
    Then you need to unzip the file by clicking on it (reach into your grocery bag).
    You will now have a folder called "Playbook_Tools" in your downloads folder on your Mac (your groceries are on the kitchen table in a little bag called Playbook_Tools).

    I found the easiest thing to do was to copy the Playbook_Tools folder to the desktop of your Mac so all the files are in an easy to get to location rather than buried in your downloads folder.

    So, copy the Playbook_Tools folder to the desktop of your Mac.
    Then, open the Playbook_Tools folder on the desktop of your Mac (make sure you are opening the Playbook_Tools folder on the desktop of your Mac and not the one in your downloads folder) and look for the subfolder called "lib" and move (or copy – it doesn't matter at this point) the files from the "lib" subfolder to the main "Playbook_Tools" folder.

    That is so we can keep the command line in Terminal simple as everything will be in one folder, conveniently placed on the desktop of your Mac.

    You are going to run a command in Terminal from the Playbook_Files folder you have put on your desktop that says "use an installer on a bar file and install the bar file onto my Playbook".

    So – you need all those files in the same place to avoid a really complicated set of instructions ("go to the bathroom cabinet and…" is a lot easier than telling someone to go to the grocery store first).

    So next you need to download the bar file you need (go to the grocery store).
    Copy the bar file to the Playbook_Tools directory (put it in the bathroom cabinet).
    Tell the Mac what to do with the files ("get hold of the toothpaste" then "put the toothpaste on the toothbrush").

    (You've managed to go to developer mode, get the Playbook's IP address and connect it to the Mac – so I'm not going to go over those points again – I'll assume your Playbook is happily connected to your Mac and you're in Terminal ready to type).

    So now you should have:

    A Playbook_Tools folder on your desktop.
    The files from the "lib" subdirectory in your main Playbook_Tools folder on your desktop.
    The downloaded bar file for the application you want to side load also in your main Playbook_Tools folder on your desktop.

    Then you're good to go – the toothpaste and toothbrush are in the bathroom cabinet and you can give some instructions.

    So, go to the Terminal command window for the first time and it will be logged on as your username in your "root" directory – like you've just come in the front door of your house.

    It should look something like this if your computer and user name are the same:

    yournames-imac:~ yourname$

    So – that's the front door to your house.

    If you want to look see what rooms you have in your house, type "ls" ("l" for "LIMA" and "s" for "SIERRA").

    You'll see a list of the folders that live in your root directory – the rooms along your hallway – for example something like:

    Desktop Downloads Movies

    Note – if you've copied the Playbook_Tools folder to your desktop – then it will be in your Desktop folder

    So, first go there:

    cd desktop

    It should now look something like this:

    yournames-iMac:desktop yourname$

    Then if you again type:


    You should see the subfolders that live in your desktop folder – these should be familiar as they should be the same folders you see when you look at the Mac desktop within OSX.

    If you don't have many files and folders on your Mac desktop (most people don't) – then you won't see many here either – so don't worry.

    However, you SHOULD see the Playbook_Tools folder here – because you already copied that to your desktop – right? ;-)

    So after typing "ls" again you should see something like:


    So type:

    cd Playbook_Tools

    (actually it doesn't matter if you capitalise the P and the T)

    It should now look something like this:

    yournames-iMac:playbook_tools yourname$

    Again, type:


    … and (drum roll) you should see all those lovely files that are going to put a shiny new app onto your beloved Playbook – something like:

    BarDeploy.jar Instructions.txt commons-logging-1.1.1.jar commons-logging-NOTICE.txt httpclient-4.0.3.jar httpmime-4.0.3.jar PB-Installer.bat apache-mime4j-0.6.jar commons-logging-LICENSE.txt commons-logging.jar httpcore-4.0.1.jar lib

    Here, you can see the bar file that I'm going to put on my Playbook is

    So now all our ducks are in a row – yay!

    We can tell the Mac to go run BarDeply.jar and go put our new app onto the Playbook with the command line something like:

    java -Xmx512M -jar BarDeploy.jar -installApp -device -password 22coleman

    (The "22coleman" after the "password" command is the password that you set up originally for your playbook – so it will differ for different people).

    It should whir away and be done in a few minutes.

    You'll see a nice little process update – something like:

    Sending Install request...
    Info: Action: Install
    Info: File size: 3099074
    Info: Installing ...
    Info: Processing 3099074 bytes
    Info: Progress 0%...
    Info: Progress 100%...

    If your Mac doesn't have the latest version of java (my Mac didn't) it will tell you so, go off and look and find it and prompt you to install it – that worked flawlessly on my Mac so you shouldn't have any trouble with it).

    Then you should see the new app on your home screen (if your home screen is full – remember to flick the icons up so you can see them as the new icon will appear at the bottom of the screen not the top – and you may think "where's it gone?" otherwise).

    A sidenote – I DID manage to get the Kindle reader app to side load BUT it ran, then crashed out. I tried re-downloading and re-installing many times to no avail. That's a problem with the app and not with the side loading instructions – because dropbox works perfectly.

    Hope that helps!

    All the best,


    I have been driven mad for the last 2 hours trying to side load from Mac to Playbook. I have used Terminal and typed in the following:

    java. Xmx512 -jar BarDeploy.jar -installApp -device -password Sheerman007 Amazon Kindle

    But I get this:

    command not found

    I have the PlayBook Tool folder on my desktop, within that I have the files from lib.copy. I also have the Amazon Kindle bar file in there. Can anyone suggest where I might be going wrong?

    I also have the I.P address from the playbook and have the respective password. I need HELP!!

    Much appreciated,


    Hi Laura,

    1) You need to make sure you have java installed on your Mac (mine did this automatically so it was no problem - see the post above yours that I made).

    2) I'm not sure your command is correct in the terminal window. The command is (java (space) -XmX512M) - etc. not (java (dot)) etc. that you seem to have above so it should be something like this:

    java -Xmx512M -jar BarDeploy.jar -installApp -device -password Sherman007

    Copy and paste that as plain text into your terminal window with the name of the bar file you want to load at the back and see if that works.

    The only other thing I could suggest would be to rename:

    Amazon Kindle

    To something with no spaces like:

    ... then give it a try.

    Let me know how you get on.

    All the best,


    I have been so frustrated trying this. I spent hours pouring over the comments and trying again and again. I keep getting this reply in terminal after it makes an attempt to install the apps "failure 500 cannot determine Package-Id".

    Any of you guys able to pass on some insight?


    Ok - I got DropBox to side load.

    I downloaded it from link on the Crackberry page:

    - That worked on my Mac using the instructions above.

    Why don't you try and load that one - then you will at least know if it is the installer at fault (if it doesn't load) or the other site.

    Of course - you do so at your own risk!

    Which is one of the apps you are trying to load from the other site - and what is the URL to find it?


    Harry - biggest thank you ever. PERFECT instructions and you instantly solved my "directory not found" error problem I was getting. Cheers!!!

    Dear All
    Thanks for the useful advice but I have tried side loading the Kindle, any version .bar but with all I get this message below; see the latest:

    m-wbs-macbookpro-panos:playbook_tools PanagiotisHahamis$ java –Xmx512M -jar BarDeploy.jar -installApp -device -password 2728
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ?Xmx512M
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ?Xmx512M
    at Method)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
    at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
    m-wbs-macbookpro-panos:playbook_tools PanagiotisHahamis$

    Help! It seems to do with the java class/name or something?
    I run a MacBook 64, Lion Mountain OS
    Thanks in advance

    Wow, good stuff! I just found this post. I am reporting that the and the above methods for sideloading work on Mac, Solaris and Linux. The exact same jar file was used in all cases.

    A plea to Harry and the rest,

    I have read through all the comments and I feel like I have made it to the 1 yard line, but just can't get what I want. I am running Mac OS X 10.5.8 and I updated my JAVA to the (Apple Java Mac OS X 10.5 update 10) so things should all be dandy as far as I know. Anyhow after the code has been entered I get this...

    jeff-b-macbook:playbook_tools jeffb$ java -Xmx512M -jar BarDeploy.jar -installApp -device -password magicmountain
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(
    at Method)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
    at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClassInternal(

    I get the impression it's because of my JAVA, but what can I do??
    If anyone can help me out that'd be most appreciated.
    Thanks in advance boys and gals.

    Im SOL, my macbook is still running tiger or leopard or some other african animal :( I wont be able to sideload any apps. Any other ideas?

    Hi there, I have sucessfully sideloaded a number of apps to my Z10, but trying Skype and a few others I get the following message "Error: Bar file does not exist or not a file or I cannot read it:
    davids-imac-2:Playbook_Tools davidrainey$ "

    Any ideas?

    Hey, Can you please help me do get the more apps on BB Z10, I just bought it some days back and trying to do lot of things and I'm failed, Lolz. Please let me if you can guide me.

    Hi! Is it supposed to work ALL THE TIME? I did, it went ok, i have the icon of the app in the playbook, but IT DOESN'T WORK! When i open the app, it reads something like " the app has to close" even before i can give it a try. I read somewhere that some apps couldn't be converted from APK to BAR successfully. Maybe it's the problem. Any suggestion? I am about to get rid of my playbook, so as to get an android tablet, just because i absolutely need a very specific music application for my job (i am a musician). It is so stupid...

    can smb pls describe what are the next steps after loading the bar file on playbook? I am using Ubuntu and it is very easy to connect and transfer files, but don't know what to do next.

    Your Blackberry must be in "Developer Mode". You should use the Playbook_Tools that are linked in this article. It requires java.

    I actually created a sizable collection of BAR files that I have tested with Blackberry OS10.2 on my Q10. I was unable to upload this archive to one of the major torrent sites (if someone else know how to do it feel free), which means that the torrent will only stay alive if others seed it. If you download this torrent I hope you'll keep it seeded for as long as you can so others can get the most from their Blackberries. Here is the link (if you paste into your browser it should launch uTorrent and start the download):

    This is a list of the fils I found to work:
    _BB10 LIST OF Sideload Apps_WORKING
    _Key apps - Navigation
    BingMaps [perfect].bar
    Google_Maps_6.14.1_BB10_Maps-Core [special BB mod, stable, recommended].bar
    Mapquest_v1.8.1 [great].bar
    maverick.lite_v2.2_codesector [offline GPS maps with tracking].bar
    Nokia HERE (excellent nav, browser link)
    x_Google_Maps_1.936 bld 19_BB10_Maps [good but unstable, settings crashes].bar
    x_net.osm+ Free_v1.4.1.20beta [Unstable; Open Streets Maps_Offline].bar

    _Key apps - Other
    bloomberg-android [perfect; NOTE Native version now available].bar
    craigslist_Ver_3.24 [perfect].bar
    ebay.mobile_v1.0.29.0 [perfect].bar
    Evernote_5.1 [perfect].bar
    flyersoft.moonreader_v1.9.9 [perfect].bar
    Grace - learn what you love 0Excellent Online coursese]
    Hopstop_v1.01 [perfect].bar
    IMDB [perfect].bar
    instagram [perfect but top row of buttons obscured on Q10].bar
    meetup_v1.0.95.0 [great].bar
    netflix-mediaclient 1.8 build 561 [perfect].bar
    ogqcorp.tpa_Ted Talks_TedAir_v1.0.121206 [video, perfect, great controls].bar
    PayPal_2.2 [perfect].bar
    PicasaTool_5.2.0.2 [PERFECT].bar
    Plume for Twitter [perfect]
    RecipeSearch_v3.23 [perfect].bar
    tripadvisor.tripadvisor_v3.0.1 [may crash in initial install].bar
    Tumblr_3.3.2 [perfect].bar
    urbanspoon [perfect].bar
    v2_je.yelp.free_1_102 [yelp mobile v1.02 web app all functions work].bar
    Words with Friends [good].bar
    Yelp [v. 4.4.1 Sept 9, 2013, great but no bookmarks or monocle; monocle works w debug token].bar

    _Key apps - PodCast & Audiobook
    astroplayerbeta_v1.135.145 [PERFECT].bar
    BeyondPod Podcast Manager_v3.1.39 [great but won't accept pro license key].bar
    MortPlayer_Audio_Book_0.8.6 [perfect].bar
    Podtrapper_v1.0.7.0 [perfect].bar
    x_ak.alizandro.smartaudiobookplayer_v1.4.18.62 [v good but no SD support].bar
    x_BeyondPod Podcast Manager_v3.1.36 [great, license key prob for pro].bar

    Debug Token - Working
    BrotheriPrintScan_v1.11.02 [works with debug token method].apk
    Clone Camera v1.5.4 [paid].apk
    Clone Camera v1.5.4 [paid].bar
    Color Booth Pro v1.2.9
    Color Booth Pro v1.2.9
    HD Panorama+ v2.00
    HD Panorama+ v2.00
    Pandora® internet
    Yelp 4.4.1 Sep 9,

    Other apps
    American Airlines_v2.4.2040000 [perfect].bar
    angeloid.Ted Talks_v1.12 [video, v good but Ted Air is better].bar
    AVR_Remote_v1.0.104.0 [Marantz Denon_great].bar
    BGR_v1.0.1.2 [Boy Genius Report].bar
    bojandevic.ubergenius_v1.3 [brain games].bar hotel
    chess for
    CNN Money [perfect, text & video].bar
    ConvertPad - Unit
    Dropbox_v2.3.1.230100 [newer versions don't work].bar
    duolingo-18-v1.01 [language learning].bar
    exavore.Rfi remote for Roku_rokumote_v2.10 [simple, works perfect].bar
    flipboard.app_v2.0.5 [beautiful].bar
    French Dictionary -
    Google Sky Map [perfect].bar
    Google Translate_v2.7 [excellent, written and spoken translation].bar [server for PC only].bar
    kep.iRemote.free_v1.1.0 [would not connect to iTunes].bar
    Kingsoft-Office_5.1 [good but only docs in misc/android folder].bar
    knickerbockerapps.schednyc_v1.0.46.0 [MTA train status, very good].bar
    Learn French
    Listen Audiobook Player [works but unstable].bar
    lulo.scrabble.classicwords_v1.5.5 [perfect].bar
    OpenSignal_3G 4G WiFi maps [v good, adv funcs not available].bar
    org.dayup.stocks_v2.2.2 [good but sync w Google Fin not working].bar
    pinterest_v1.6.2 [perfect].bar
    Pocket.Readitlater.pro_v4.6.3 [great].bar
    Pulse News_v3.1.8 [News Aggregator, crash on 1st launch then OK].bar
    Relmtech.Remote_ Unified Remote_v2.9.1 [Server for PC only].bar
    Seeking Alpha
    Seeking Alpha Portfolio_v3.5.5 [excellent].bar
    Seeking Alpha
    shazam-android [excellent].bar
    SignNow_1.52 [add signature to PDFs, great].bar
    sixones.remote_ Remote+ for Plex, XBMC, Boxee_v0.6 [could not connect].bar
    springpad [perfect].bar
    talkray-client-text call [good].bar
    tinder_v2.0.1 [seems perfect].bar [great].bar
    TradeKing_v1.0.3.0 [web app].bar
    treemolabs.apps.Rick Steves Audio [great].bar
    v2_com.tradeking.mobile_1_9 [v.2.1.0 perfect].bar
    visualit.zuti.nycLite_v2.1.7 [NY Subway router].bar
    waring.NYC Transit
    Yahoo Finance_v1.1.9.1187014080 [unstable].bar

    Paris Metro & Guides
    Metro 01 Paris_v2.3.2 [Metro, RER, tram, transilien].bar
    ParisBusMetroTrain_v1.0 [map only].bar
    Tripadvisor Cityguide Paris_v4.0.1 [excellent].bar
    Visit Paris by Metro - RATP v1.0.1 [v useful but navigation reqs Google Play Servs].bar
    Zuti ParisLite_v2.1.4 [Paris Metro router].bar

    x_Older versions working
    x_[old version] com.tripadvisor.tripadvisor_v2.6 [perfect].bar
    x_[older vers]_Google Maps with Navigation
    x_[older vers]_Google Maps with Navigation v1.936 bld
    x_com.chriskonieczny.RoMote_rokuremote.ui_v1.0.1.0 [could not connect].bar
    x_com.jetshred.plexremote_v1.0.1 [works but bottom buttons cut off on Q10; didn't test server].bar
    x_com.tallsnail.newyorker_v1.0.3.0 [installs but doens't download material].bar
    x_Google Maps Plus_gps.voice_.navigation.gmapsplus_1 [works but no voice recg, no key bd input].bar
    x_Pinterest_1.5.4 [percfect].bar
    x_Roku_v2.1.2065609 [works but would not connect].bar
    x_super mario [poor gameplay].bar
    x_yelp_v4.2.0.808703 [good but bookmarks req google play services].bar

    Hi I really need help! This comes up when I try to open the DDPB 'There is no application set to open the document “DDPB.msi”.' So i tried to put into an application but it wouldnt let me!

    Playbook_Tools is a nice tool. The dev made a nice batch file to automate this in Windows, but as the post suggested, I found this post because I'm using a Mac. I wrote a little bash script to automate it. I would have sent this to the developer, but I couldn't find anyone who took credit for this, so I'll post it here.

    $ cat
    # - 19MAR14 - TR0N1C
    # This is a script to make it faster to use Playbook_Tools to load BARs from a Mac.
    # It assumes that you are using Playbook_Tools from here: and that this script is inside the Playbook_Tools folder.
    read -p "Enter QNX IP address [$default]: " IP
    echo "QNX IP is $IP"
    echo "How about a password?"
    read -s PW
    echo "Here is a list of the BARs in your Downloads directory:"
    ls -lart ~/Downloads | grep .bar
    read -p "What would you like me to install?" BAR
    cd /Users/athanasii.burge/bin/Playbook_Tools
    java -Xmx512M -jar BarDeploy.jar -installApp -device $IP -password $PW ~/Downloads/$BAR

    oops! The second to last line will prevent it from working for you.
    Delete the line that starts with cd.