Sideload Android apps to your BlackBerry 10 device with vnBB10

BlackBerry 10 Development Mode
By Adam Zeis on 12 Mar 2013 08:58 am EDT

Sideloading Android apps to your BlackBerry has always been easy thanks to the ddpb utility, and now the app has been revamped and dubbed vnBB10. Featuring the same basic functions, vnBB10 allows Windows users to easily sideload Android apps to their BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook devices with just a few steps. You simply need to put your device in Development Mode, connect it to your PC and choose the apps to load (you'll need the BAR files of course). vnBB10 takes care of the rest. You can view install progress, see all running apps and remove any unwanted apps with just a few clicks. 

vnBB10 is free to use and is really the easiest way to load up Android apps from your Windows PC. You can check out our full tutorial on sideloading Android apps here (if you have a Mac we've got you covered as well). Hit up the link below for detailed directions and to download. 

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Sideload Android apps to your BlackBerry 10 device with vnBB10


I agree. As long as your computer and Blackberry are connected to the same network, the chrome extension is definitely the easiest. Works from Mac/Linux/Windows. Just search for Chrome extension PlayBook app manager.

Chrome extension playbook app manager is quite good but what will be really nice is to be able to convert apk to bar and publish to the phone in one click. That way all can ensure to have latest version.

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With ddpb, does it matter if I uninstall side loaded apps by clicking the trash can icon after holding down on the app icon, or is it better to remove em by connecting to ddpb and in installing through it. Does it make a difference?

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shoot, I thought this was an app to sideload .bar files directly from the device...wonder if that's possible?

There was previously an app (you had to side load it of course) for the PlayBook that would allow you to install Bar files directly, but I think that is no longer possible with BB10.

I do hope I am wrong though.

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I used to like the DDPB way, but the Chrome extension is definitely faster and easier now...especially if you normally use Chrome as a browser.

There's a way to sideload directly from the PB (possibly Z10 now too?) using LocalBAR, but it needs to use the BB phone's data connection as a proxy. Haven't fumbled too much past reading how it works and hearing people have some success with it last year, so not sure if it's been updated at all.

Can someone clarify why/how this is better than the existing DDPB - it just isn't clear to me how this improves on what we already have?

Its got more info for your phone. It also shows a list of sideloaded apps and pulls that information from the phone and you can remove them without the bar file being on the computer. It doesn't rely on bar files added to ddpb prior.

it's much better

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Super works great! Easy. Installed Pocket, Ebay and Paypal,, . Youtube (but can't sign into account).

I have sideloaded whatsapp, instagram and flipboard! Works amazingly well with my z10.. except for whatsapp that can't access my contacts lol.. :) but I'm happy.. can't wait for the official whatsapp to be released this week (fingers crossed)

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Download owhatsapp instead of whatsapp. The contacts are syncing fine. I too had downloaded whatsapp first. Faced the same problem of contacts.

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Does this fix that pesky error 500 problem many of us have had? Has anyone had any success side loading an app that has previously failed?

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this is more complicated then it needs to be. Use the chrome extension called PlayBook App Manager 1.9.3. . Once you install the extension in chrome turn on developer mode on your z10. Then plug in your z10 to your computer and open chrome. In the chrome address bar type the ip address of you phone that shows in developer mode ( is the default) and enter your password.. Then drag and drop.

I've managed to side load apps very easily with the instructions although I'm not very knowledgeable, could some1 tell me where the apps are stored once on the z10 and if it's on device is there anyway to move them to your SD card? Thanks

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I have used both extension and DDPB and I can not get either to launch on my phone once complete. What am I doing wrong?