Care for some super fast ninja action? Check out the free version of Shuriken Ninja War for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 8 Jun 2013 03:13 pm EDT

I do like a good old Ninja game and luckily Shuriken Ninja War comes with a free version which will allow you to test out the first three levels before deciding whether to purchase the full version at $1.99/£1.50. If you like super fast action games then this one's a right beauty for your BlackBerry Z10.

The idea of the game is very straight forward. Your village will be attacked by ninjas and you need to tap on them to kill them with a throwing star. It gets real manic though and if you don't kill them all your village will be destroyed - ending the game.

Just to make life a little harder there is also a big bad ninja who's face will pop up from time to time. If you don't press the special tab at the top left hand side he will come back in full force and slice you with his sword - that doesn't do your health much good.

Graphics and sound effects are pretty sweet with this one and I would highly recommend giving the free version a go. We would be interested to hear how many of you try and then buy the full version. Feel free to let us know in the comments.

Download Shuriken Ninja War FREE for BlackBerry 10

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Care for some super fast ninja action? Check out the free version of Shuriken Ninja War for BlackBerry 10


I'm one of the devs of this game. It's our third game ever made and we are making games exclusively for BlackBerry. As they are all new and build from the scratch, we sure have lots of room for improvement and we are already working on updates. We submitted a new version (1.4) of Shuriken Ninja War and the paid version is still under review at BlackBerry World. On the updated version we have multitouch support so you can kill up to 5 little ninjas in a roll :)
We are very happy with our results and we sure are very optimistic and excited about the future. Thanks guys, this article means a lot to us.

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I'm sure devs would make more money if they offered a free trial for an app before asking for loot. Even car dealers allow you to kick the tires and test drive before committing to a purchase.

Rule number one of CrackBerry: We don't feature games/apps we don't like ourselves.

I liked it so I shared.
Everyone has there own opinion though.

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I did not stated otherwise. I am pretty sure that CB reviews are independent, I was only indicating that I had found that the majority of other reviews brought in light some very good apps/games, while this one did not so much. I stated my opion as you did yours. Anyways, thanks for the review and your reply.

Sounds like you're backpeddling with this 'entitled to your own opinion' thing now. You said you wondered and he answered. Your initial comment made you look like a prick, you can't change that now.

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Thanks James. The article means the world to us devs. This is a completely new game and we are really building for BlackBerry, not porting at all. I just wish the guys who likes writing reviews at BlackBerry World to consider that as its much easier to port an existing game than building it from the ground as we are. Thanks again!

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Don't like the game, but at least it is available for both the Z10 and Q10. Good point. Too bad you only mentioned the Z10. Thanks for the review.

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I must say it's also available for the PlayBook. I'm proud that all our games (including this one) are all built for the new BlackBerry QNX-based platform. That includes the Z10, Q10, PlayBook and of course the Q5. We don't ask for any "suspicious" permission for you to play them and we are building exclusively for BlackBerry, not Android nor iOS. I must add that I'm a BlackBerry fan and I would love to see some iniciatives like ours more often.

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