ShowMe! Fotos by WiMEM Inc - One-step photo sharing solution

By Alicia Erlich on 9 Dec 2010 10:40 am EST

ShowMe! Fotos

ShowMe! Fotos by WiMEME is a handy uploader app that quickly sends photos to multiple photo sharing sites at the same time (including Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, etc) with a touch of a button. Instantly share photos with friends, family, and followers anytime, anywhere without the hassle of using different applications by storing each site's mobile upload email address. Have fun by adding different colored frames or by including a caption all from the main screen. Simply add or take a new photo, make your changes, and hit send to upload via your BlackBerry email account.


  • One Step Photo Upload and Sharing with Friends.
  • Automatic distribution to Facebook, Flickr, Ning, Twitpic, Evernote and other photo sharing sites.
  • Capture the moment and communicate with easy photo captioning. Add a subject and description to your photo and send.
  • Stylish Commemorative Framing. Select from a number of styles and color options.
  • Store and forward technology using BlackBerry® eMail. Internet/browser access not required. If you are out of a reception area, queue up your photos and they will upload when you are back in range. If you device supports it, works with WiFi too!
  • BlackBerry® contact list integration.
  • Browse and use past photos.

ShowMe! is available for free at the CrackBerry app store and is compatible with non touch devices running OS 4.6+.

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Reader comments

ShowMe! Fotos by WiMEM Inc - One-step photo sharing solution


Downloaded it, ran it, removed it.

Here’s why:
Facebook – it just emails it. No control over tagging or what folder it goes in. So, I would still have to use the native client.
No slot for PhotoBucket or Picasa and only one “Other” email slot, meaning I would have to CHOSE. I use both.

So, at this point, I might as well just stick to using the native “Send to FaceBook” and “Send to Email” built into my BB and not waste space with another program that does nothing more than that.

Thank you for trying out and telling us that it is useless! Now I don't have to waste my time downloading this bad application.

The automatic send ones scare me a bit. I don't want every single photo that my phone takes being disseminated online immediately, nor do I want the resource hog of having it automatically do that even for pictures I have no interest in posting. I use vCasa for Picasa uploads and the Facebook app for FB uploads, and that has been working great for me lately.