Show Your Support for CrackBerry on Twitter with a Twibbon

By David Boyd on 7 Aug 2009 09:53 am EDT

Hey all you CrackBerry fans! Show your support for by adding a Twibbon to your Twitter avatar. The Twibbon will simply add a small CrackBerry logo to the upper right corner of your avatar. If at anytime you change your avatar, you'll have to add the Twibbon again. If for some strange reason you don't want the Twibbon after a while, all you have to do is update your avatar on your Twitter page and it will be replaced. Let's see how many supporters CrackBerry can get! 

While you're at it, make sure you follow the CrackBerry Team:

Kevin Michaluk - Founder/Fearless Leader
Adam Zeis - Editor/Forums Manager
Bla1ze - Editor/Forums Manager
David Boyd - Blogger/Forums Moderator

For those of you not following Kevin, don't forget about this awesome Twitter contest he is running. There have been several winners already!

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Reader comments

Show Your Support for CrackBerry on Twitter with a Twibbon


so far, ubertwitter is still not working, and neither is twitterberry - but thank goodness the web is so good on the Tour that the webpage works fine, mobile and classic version, changing default picture, updating status, all the functions work fine on the web

When are we going to stop mashing up "tw" with everything.. honestly, it's one of the main reasons I won't even touch the service, it's annoying.

Even Best Buy is in on it now with their ads... time for me to stop shopping there.

All though I am not not using a Blackberry yet, (I plan to drop the iPhone and go back to Blackberry when the Onyx comes out). I am fully addicted to So I got a head start and used the twibbon. Have a good weekend!

I'd love to do this but i cant seem to get my pic uploaded on my Twitter acct...ever ! what's up with that ?

I'm on the front page of Crackberry! I'm on the top row, third from the left. I love this site, started visiting before I got my first 'Berry last year, my Storm. Thanks for everything guys! Feel free to follow @elculero.