Show your patriotic side with American, a free theme for your BlackBerry

By Michelle Haag on 11 Sep 2011 03:23 pm EDT
Today is an important day of remembrance for many Americans as it's the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Theme developer elmorro has released a free theme for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and 97xx as well as Curve 9360 (BB6 only) that can help you show your support for your country, no matter what day of the year it is. American features some pretty neat icons in stars and stripes, as well as red and blue highlights throughout. Check out full details at the link below.

More information/screenshots and to download American
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BiG BaLLA 923

This is awesome! Perfect day for this!


Tried downloading this on my 9650 and I get a page not found error


Same here on my 9700 Bold


Awesome. Thanks for sharing it for free! Never forget 9/11.


How can I upload my "Patriotic" theme i've made for a 9800? i'd like to share this, but can not find the procedures to do so..


awwww doesnt work for my new 9900 but thats ok "Never Forget".


I am so sad that i can't get this theme. come on AT&T. get the 9900 already! i am so tired of hearing about all these great things for the new os6 phones and i can't get it. :'(


Sorry I'm just not proud to be an American, 9/11 or not.


You have other options...

Michele Weisneck

I'm sure France will be happy to take you. There is NO reason on this Earth one should not be proud to be an American. If you don't believe that live far, far away from the USA.


It's amazing how ignorant north americans can be... AMERICA is a CONTINENT not a country.. Please before saying something as stupid as that please go to school or something.


lol you remind me of my geography teacher


you're not the only one i've heard say that, of course no offence to the brothers in the U.S...
besides i find no reason to be proud of something that one just happened to belong to (like a certain nationality or....), i.e something you put no effort into. I think it would be a better idea to be proud of the accomplishments you yourself achieve in an attempt to make the world a better place. Period.
though from the pic this looks like a nice theme so enjoy it americans

Michele Weisneck

Being an American does not just mean one is born in the United States. Being an American embodies intangible beliefs such as freedom, rights, democracy, etc. I could also add things that are not intangible, but you get the idea.

People call on the US to give aid when there is a disaster, natural or not and we do....for that I am very proud. Many nations do not or do so begrudgingly...we always give...

People die trying to get into this country, they don't die trying to leave it...

So, yes, individuals should be proud of what they do, but if one cannot be proud to call themselves an American then they don't deserve the benefits of being one either...

Proud daughter of a US Marine.


Please thank your mother for her service!!! USA!


lol i'm sorry but you're living one of your hollywood movies with that speech... the way i see it, there is no perfect country and the US is not even close. in fact what you said is what the media in the U.S wants americans to believe, but that isn't what your government is actually doing even though you don't know it

i can explain a whole lot more and elaborate but it would involve politics and i don't want to go into that... this site is for blackberry fans and let's not create unwanted tension here...

Michele Weisneck

LOL! I never said anything about politics or that I thought the US was perfect. There is only one being that is perfect, God.

Yes, this is CB website and this is a day of reverence for Americans. For tuffy100 to say such a thing and on this day was deplorable.

Yes, I agree with you - Peace.
Peace, Honor, and Good Luck to one and all.


I just not found error. :(


Wow, looks like mobireach deleted some of my jad files in the latest update.
I will reupload it within the hour


Thank you. The screenshots are amazing, but I am having the same problem everyone else is having downloading this theme. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.

Also, could we have some kind of idea what the difference is between the elegant6, and the bb6?


Be patriotic! - Check out Very American Animated Theme! You can find it at


Pretty cool theme. Thank you for the working link!


Great Theme wish I could have put it on my Bold 9900, and showed it off, but I saw it wasn't compatible.


that's friggin hideous.


Agreed - cheesy as hell

ps the US army and it's secret service has killed countless innocent civilians; as many as any other group / army you care to mention. We (the rest of the world) will never forget as well.

Just sayin'.... ;)


Tysvm for making and sharing this theme elmorro !! I was very happy to find the links you posted here to dwld as I was having an issue with mobihand invalid link also. I will love using this, not just on an important day like today, but any other ordinary day as well :)

My heart goes out to all the families and victims of this tragic day 9.11 <3


Great theme! Thanks, elmorro. Never Forget!