BlackBerry over the years - Show us your old BlackBerry!

Old and New BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 24 Aug 2012 11:57 am EDT
Our friend Bastian had Big Blue for BBWC this year (seen here with Kevin's P'9981)

Cruising through the forums today I came across this thread and it got me wanting more. Forums member wait63 came across an old BlackBerry and asked for other members to post some pictures of their own vintage devices. Currently there aren't too many additions to the thread, but I know there are plenty of you that still have some old school devices kicking around. So if you find some time today, snap a photo of those old Berries and post them up in the forums for everyone to see. Let's see who has the oldest devices out there.

Show us your old BlackBerry! 

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BlackBerry over the years - Show us your old BlackBerry!


...I don't have any pictures, but my first 'Berry was a 7850 (similar the old on in the headline pic) back in 2004...then I went to a Storm I when they came out...(unlike some it seems I loved that phone, the click screen was genius IMHO giving you more options..although the Storm II was much better) and after that one I picked up my current Torch 9860...all have been rock solid performers..only issue I had was the old 'thumb wheel' on the 7850...but that was an easy and inexpensive replacement...

BlackBerry Torch 9860 BBOS7.1
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

sadly only device i own is 9900 the rest of my BlackBerry's where RIM property lol i went through quite a few from 8900 curve to 9630 tour to 8520 curve 9300 curve and finally the 9800 torch. and for the amazing future of course a bb10 :D:D

The 8310 is as far back as I go I've had at least 20 trackball replacements all in various assorted colors. At some point the phones insides would no longer hold the trackballs.

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

I've been slowly transitioning from the 950 pager to 9900 Bold Touch for the last 15 years :-) Had 8-10 devices total, all of them my own not company-owned

My first BB phone was the BB Pearl 8130, then the BB Bold 9700, and now I'm on the BB Torch 9800 - waiting to get my BB10. Loved them all...

My first BB was a Bold 9000, then moved on to a Blackberry Bold 9650 and now rocking a Bold 9900 can't wait for BB 10-qwerty & touch screen :D

I stiil have my old BlackBerry! It's a Pearl Flip, but classic nonetheless! I just wish it had a SIM card slot so I could go between it and my 9900.

The list (posted a pic of most of these)

5810 (Old VoiceStream, first model with phone)
7230 (Blueberry)
8800 / 8830

I arrived in BlackBerryland with a Curve 8330. It was my first smart phone and I was hooked. I will hold a BB until the day that I cannot.

SwissCuban dude.OMG i had the same on pic with the trackwheel on the right side. now waiting for BB10 to come, still with 9860.

My first BB was a trackball Pearl, and I liked it a lot. Considering how much I use my Playbook for various bridged apps, I'd consider a small format phone again. My 9900 screen is fine, but I don't actually need it that much.

My first phone was some shitty samsung flip from Virgin....then I bought my first BlackBerry from Rogers, bold 9700, which then went onto my mother, who is currently using it. I am now on a Torch 9800; also have me an original PlayBook :)