Show Me the Images weekend giveaway - 50 copies to be won!

Show Me the Images
By ObiGeorge on 12 Feb 2011 01:55 pm EST

Show Me the Images is an awesome app from BBerryGo that makes viewing images in email a lot easier. The app will automatically download and display images in email, instead of the BlackBerry default way by waiting for you to click options, get images. The app is simple to use. You need only to add email addresses to a "safe list" and the app will then automatically download images in any further email from that address.

Show Me the Images is one of my favorite and most used applications for BlackBerry, and would come in handy for any BlackBerry user. You can pick up Show Me the Images for $2.99 at the CrackBerry App Store for most devices on OS 4.6 and up.

Contest: We have 50 copies of Show Me the Images to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

More information and download of Show Me the Images

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Show Me the Images weekend giveaway - 50 copies to be won!



Wooooooot! This app would be great to have. I get hundred of emails a day from my business and this would be an amazing app to have! :)


About time, this is one of the most annoying issues with my BB. Who decided that image downloads had to be requested? That is very old school thinking back when they didn't add the full four positions for the date to save memory space!

Not to jinx my chance of winning, but even if I don't win this one I'll be getting it!

created an app like this and was featured on crackberry. Are developers on war against each other? Lol

Anyway I would like one as well please!!

What a nice app...
Crackberry I want this :)) my friends send me mail with photos all the time, and is so hard to open all the time....
So crackberry make my day HAPPY :::))))))

this an absolute genius app... i say rim should pay tons of money to Bberrygo for this app and have it native... amaizing ideaz

Hi, I am from Brazil and this app is going to be very useful for me, as I will use it to help me in my job. I really need to thank you for the opportunity. Hope to see more offers like this.
Best Regards.

Please make my Torch even better.. Using the web browser for email helped but this feature is still missing.

Awesome! This is the solution to my one true pet peeve about BB. Whether I win or not I know the next app I'm putting on my BB. :)

This sounds like a very useful app to have!
Now what with the new bold and more memory I'm all for new apps :)

I had it on my 8310. A really good tool to have. I never did get around to putting it on my 9650. Maybe Cberry can give me the hook up?

About time, if there is something more annoying than to view emails properly i dont know what it is. I have no clue what RIM thought about doing it this way but i am sure you have thought of it.. I really would love this app.

me please! i won something in november but was waiting to get a new phone so i didn't try to use the code until i got the phone... and the code expired or someone else used it T_T

I think this app is a missing feature from Blackberry. I would love to have a default setting where you can at least turn on html eamil automatically and download images. Glad this is a contest and hope I win!

Here we go a time saving app, especially for the emails with attachments that come with lots of pics, and you don't want open one by one and have to wait to get in your computer to see everything this is a nice price

Wow, never really realized how many people watch these things on the weekend. 3 hours after announcement and over 150 comments. Of course a few people ignore the one comment only please... but no matter. This looks like and very usefull application. Thanks to the Crackberry team and BBerryGo for this great opprotunity.

"Show Me The Images" would make it easier and faster to view my business attachments & e-faxes. I spend 1/2 my time in zoom mode now.

This is definitely a MUST have app for all of us especially me! This is the app I have always been looking for! Please pick me and this will be the best Valentine's Day present for me! Being able to see pictures in email automatically is awaresome!

Great application. This is something that should be standard with the BB OS. It's not, but thanks to BBerryGo for coming up with a great solution! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!