How to show and hide home screen panels in BlackBerry 7

By Adam Zeis on 18 Aug 2011 03:52 pm EDT

BlackBerry 7 Manage Home Screen PanelsBlackBerry 7 Manage Home Screen Panels

One of our biggest gripes with BlackBerry OS 6 was those pesky home screen panels (or "views"). Using a trackpad device it was always a pain to stay on the panel you wanted and not randomly scroll to a different one. If you read our BlackBerry Bold 9780 review, you can recall Kevin went on quite a bit of a rant about just that:

I constantly find myself accidentally scrolling between views while attempting to open specific applications ... Namely, my main messages app is always the first icon on the screen, so when I scroll quickly to it, I end up overshooting and change to the next view. Over the course of an average day, I've been finding myself accidentally scrolling to the next screen anywhere from 15 to 30+ times a day ... I'm not alone on this one either. It actually makes me kind of mad that RIM released BlackBerry 6 without having the ability to go back to a simpler homescreen experience, either via an option to disable homescreen views or by providing an alternative theme that does not have the views built in. 

Well BlackBerry 7 brings the ability to disable the extra panels on the home screen, making many happy campers much happier. Totally something that should have been in BlackBerry 6 from the go but for some reason was left out. Here's how to do it:

  1. From the home screen,  press the Menu key then choose Manage Panels
  2. Uncheck the boxes for the panels you don't want on your home screen (All is default and can't be hidden)
  3. Save and you're done. Welcome to a panel free BlackBerry!

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Reader comments

How to show and hide home screen panels in BlackBerry 7


Actually you can still go two rows (on the 9900/9930 at least). Just drag the bar up (where it says All) until it shows two rows and it will stay there. At least I think it will :)

Wow. You're correct. Thanks

I guess I HAVE to use the touchscreen for something. (though I still wish I could disable it) /rant

I wish you could get rid of the bar that "All" is in as well and change it so that the names of the icons are below the icon picture just like on OS6.

YES! On my 9700, I still had OS5 and always used "blank screen" themes, so the only things showing on my home screen were usually the clock, signal and battery icons.
Any word on when the new theme builder for OS7 devices will be out??

I know you can choose what goes in your media and favorites screen, but can you also tell the BB what to show as being available in the "download" panel as well? Or does that self-populate itself?

Goes to show you that os5 was basic but simple to use. But Kevin and others were unhappy and wanted to have something different. So RIM came up with the panels that I also find annoying. I wish I could disable mine in os6.

Some people will never be happy.

Wanna see this must-have-feature also in OS6.
Should be available for OS6 because the unwanted switching of the panels is very annoying!

I agree completely! I really hope they add this feature in an update of OS6. I'm pretty sure it's NOT that difficult to implement, and that it's NOT hardware dependent. *rolls eyes*

Does anyone know how to hide all of the panels in OS7? Or can we not do that yet because there are no themes available because of theme builder?
My husband has the 9780 and he can minimize the bottom panel in OS6.

Unfortunately my blackberry now has popped up TWO rows of items and it can't be reduced to one. Seen a few posts online about this but just not on crackberry so far. Ive been going back to backup versions of my berry but it just pops back to two rows after a day or so. RIM... WHAT... IS... THIS... NOW? Is it just me, or do these berries tend to develop the KOOKIEST conditions. Why oh why, are the forums for Apple and Android not packed to capacity with a myriad of the most bizarre conditions like this?! Oh dearest Blackberry, pls get it right before you go the way of the dodo -_--