Should QNX just be called BlackBerry?

Is the QNX a good thing or should they just change it to BlackBerry?

By Adam Zeis on 25 May 2013 11:13 am EDT

When BlackBerry acquired QNX way back in April of 2010, the speculation was all about BlackBerry (RIM at the time) nudging into in-car infotainment. QNX was all about in-car goodness at the time, but as we've seen over the last three years, they are much, much more.

We've seen pieces of QNX all over. At full-form inside the awesome QNX Porsche and new QNX Bentley, and of course the BlackBerry PlayBook. QNX has moved on to more than just cars, even though it may not be obvious at first glance. 

Until recently we've always known QNX as QNX, but it seems that now there may be a shift to kill the QNX name in favor of BlackBerry. Take for example the fact that there was zero mention of the name QNX at BlackBerry Live this year. Not spoken, not seen. Nothing.

After a bit of sleuthing we also came across a new design at - instead of the old blue and white QNX logo, there is a new logo that incorporates the iconic flying B's of BlackBerry. Check out the image below. The old QNX logo was still in the header on May 13th, but now the new logo is in its place.

As we move ahead it's obvious that BlackBerry is about more than just phones and tablets. Just like Apple is about more than just the iPhone, BlackBerry is branching out more now than ever before. They are going beyond the phone and tablet market to things like in-vehicle technology (thanks to QNX obviously) so it could be the perfect time to lose the QNX name all together and just go BlackBerry. BlackBerry in your hand, home and car. Think about it.

So what do you think, should QNX just be called BlackBerry or should they leave things be? Cast your vote in the poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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Should QNX just be called BlackBerry?


Absolutely not... QNX has been around for a long time, used in everything from consumer products to military grade electronics.

For those devices and organizations that use it, I don't think they will be keen on saying their rockets are powered by BlackBerry.

For consumer products, sure. Everything else, no.

I don't think it would be a good idea either. The name BlackBerry to me stands more for a product, not a brand. A BlackBerry is a type of mobile device, while QNX is a foundation. If they could find a way to make the name BlackBerry more like it was with Research In Motion then it would make sense. A way to do that is a slogan like "Powered by BlackBerry". For example, "Introducing the new Mercedes E650, powered by BlackBerry". Sorry for not making a lot of sense, but that's my two cents for the day.

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Like Apple and iOS... why are we even having this discussion? BlackBerry is the company that makes products. QNX is what powers those products, among other things. Two different things, two different brands.

It's called branding, and it's perfectly normal for one company to control multiple brand equities - with good reason.

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I honestly believe that it makes BlackBerry's name more publicly recognizable in a positive light. Mercedes Benz with the new COMMAND System, Powered by BlackBerry.

By the way I'd love an E-Class with 6.5 Liter Engine. So much power!

I'd rather see BlackBerry, powered by QNX. Automobile should keep QNX and Phones BlackBerry.

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That can create conflicts between two departments and some people can leave you absolutely don't want this to happen.

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Agree, blackberry doesn't have that kind of a reputation yet and bunching the two together may be bad for business

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I agree 100%. Their reputation sucks at best. It's the reason there are a LOT of us on the fence waiting to see how they handle the PlayBook fiasco before buying a new BlackBerry phone. I actually feel bad for QNX being bought out by RIM at this point. It's almost like HP buying out Palm in my mind.

Absolutely agreed! those folks been there way before BlackBerry, so leave them alone if you don't want any conflicts.

The best solution could be renaming BlackBerry® 10 to BlackBerry® QNX™, it's the most logical solution I don't know why they didn't do this at the beginning (ex: Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX, Google Android etc)

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I think this is the way to go. QNX has made a name, it should not be lost. QNX is adding respect to the BlackBerry.

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Agree. BB10 currently is a phone/tablet OS. If at some point the BB10 platform ships in cars (which would be awesome) then fine call it what it is.

There will always be different variations of QNX (embedded without UI for example) where shipping full BB10 would not make any sense, in those cases QNX or other branding should be maintained.

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@Plazmic Flame: Well said, and I agree. Besides, QNX isn't BB10, and vice-versa, just as Linux isn't Android. I think some folks here have a fundamental misunderstanding of the role QNX plays in the OS stack, as well as QNX's history.

If QNX is renamed to BlackBerry, the fate of QNX will be tied to BlackBerry, the company. Thorsten would be playing a very dangerous game. Do not taint the reputation of QNX.

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Would you call an apple an orange? They're both fruits right?...

While both companies have software elements, they are still both very independent companies at this point, with a slight overlap in the smartphone market. Until they completely merge all products available from both companies, they should not be flown under the same flag in my opinion.

That being said, the Operating System Integration portion of QNX could be moved under the BlackBerry name, but QNX also has QNX Car and other products which do not fit under BlackBerry just yet.

Most definitely.. As Research In Motion continues their transformation into a software and services company, changing the name to BlackBerry, re-branding other products and applications, and finally bringing everything together under one product brand; BlackBerry. This isn't going to happen overnight, especially since the BlackBerry brand needs to show people that it is new and it is something they can trust. BlackBerry Car or BlackBerry QNX would be a good way to differentiate different product lines for different applications as well.

I think they are keeping the name QNX, but they are changing the definition to mean the OS (and not the the company). So it will be called Blackberry QNX. Just like Microsoft Windows or Google Android.

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It makes it easy to see the connection to BlackBerry without confusing QNX as BlackBerry (like mentioned already, could scare off QNX customers).

*sorry about the accidental double post.

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BlackBerry® QNX™.

I like this idea. That's how BlackBerry 10 should have been called initially.

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This is bang on. Mergers and re branding doesn't happen overnight.. there might be a time and place for the QNX name / brand to dissolve and merge into BlackBerry, but this isn't that time. Not yet ;)

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Yes but they're right by doing it slowly. Don't wanna scare the QNX customer base. There's still uncertainty surrounding blackberry.

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Let's be honest. QNX means getting things done. BlackBerry, on the other hand, is a confused mess adrift in a morass of uncertainty.

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Yes it should simple because it stretches the BlackBerry name as more of a brand and soon an essential part of our lives to do more than just bbm

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People who don't like BlackBerry have no idea what QNX is for the most part. Customers of QNX though are likely smart enough to know that regardless of the name, they don't need to buy any BlackBerry phones in order to use the OS.

It should DEFINITELY be all called BlackBerry!

I disagree. Think of it this way: a person buys a new car and the infotainment system displays "powered by BlackBerry" when they start the system. The user thinks to themselves, wow, this works great, I love the UI, it's so reliable, etc., it looks like BlackBerry has some a long way and maybe I should check out BlackBerry phones.

Lol. Nobody would honestly accept to use blackberry as development platform for car and system devices. Qnx has a good reputation. BlackBerry stands for old, slow phones. This would kill qnx. That's not worse it.

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Yes, but not now. Like the above poster mentioned, BlackBerry needs to re-establish confidence in the public first. Then slowly transition into the BlackBerry brand as not to alienate QNX'S clientele.

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No. That would harm qnx as it stands. Maybe eventually but BlackBerry has to rebuild it's reputation first

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Not Yet!! They should make a whole strategy to eventualy change the name QNX to BlackBerry. For now they should keep associating both names:
1. The BlackBerry name will be associated with different kind of technologies like the video shown on BB Live
2. The QNX's history of being a leader in software niché technologies and now being part of BlackBerry will keep bringing confidence to their customers (specially the corporate ones).

They should publicly call it BlackBerry and privately, to certain inside partners, leave it as QNX. But, it's important to publicly identify the entire brand as BlackBerry.

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I think this is the right approach. QNX needs its identity as a division of BlackBerry. But I have no idea where it is used publicly. I think of it as a back end solution. I'll give you an example. There are currently some Chevy ads that are strongly featuring MyLink as a important selling point for the car. Essentially it's GM skin on QNX's car platform. But it's not advertised as MyLink powered by QNX. Industry people know it but the public has no idea. Now if it was MyLink powered by BlackBerry, well that would be recognised. I doubt if car manufacturers want to do this at this stage of infotainment marketing but that day may come if BlackBerry succeeds in pushing its QNX based solutions to the public. Blackberry is the public brand; QNX is known in the industry. No reason to change that.

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Nope. QNX name is associated with far too many things that are unrelated to the mobile sector, and to say yeah blackberry is running this nuclear power plant wouldn't exactly be good.

Or would it.

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Dan Dodge should get a fat raise and become BlackBerry CTO.

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'QNX' is a 'mystique': something to be aspired for.
'Blackberry' is 'old school'.

Keep them separate. You can never tell when Blackberry (the company) will license QNX to other companies.

If the "nuclear power plant" has been running on QNX, it matters not what QNX is called, how is that going to change the processes? LOL, it could be called Rainbow Chip Cookies and it will still power the world as it does today.

Call it BlackBerry

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Yes do it, I'm surprised why they didn't do it earlier. For those saying that "do it slow, so it doesn't scare the QNX clientele" If you are a QNX clientele, then you should already know that they were bought and fell under the RIM umbrella a long time ago, so it shouldn't deter them.

BlackBerry is not old school, it's much younger than QNX there laddy. Do some research before you suggest something so ridiculous.

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BlackBerry has a negative public perception whereas QNX remains highly regarded. Do not taint QNX nor saddle it with the reputation of a high school slut.

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Sobeys or Freshco, Rogers or Fido.. Same owners at the top! Naming doesn't concern me, trust does! #BBRY4Life

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Since we hope it will be the hottest product in the market, how about calling it BBQ ?

Okay, how about something more practical, such as (superscript) BB (/sup) QNX or reverse that and put the BB on the end ?

Or BB (superscript) QNX (/sup) which would refer to "BlackBerry to the power of QNX" ?

I think it would be an excellent idea to market blackberry Brand globally. It was nice to see blackberry brand today for the top two qualifiers of Monaco grandprix

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NO have to have a fusion name of somekind.But I understand if it got renamed to and was ads were saying powered by blackberry makes for better noteriety.And adds to repeated drumming of blackberry and people will be like ''what blackeberry make cars now'' ''I thought they made phones'' adds to bigger branding awareness and how they are bigger than phones and looke at as a big tech company.Its smart cause really the companys being called great tech companys are just posers cough fruit company their not really that much of a tech company at least not to what BB do and have.

A lot of people still consider BlackBerry to be a thing and less of a brand. It's like people say they have an iPhone, same thing with BlackBerry, no one says they use an Apple or a Google, like when it was still RIM. So until BlackBerry becomes a brand a not a device to the masses I would keep them segregated. Plus, who cares really, BB10 is the mobile OS, QNX is the base, BlackBerry is the company that oversees it all, and the products are just that. Maybe they need to think of names for the products again. Naming the lines like they did with the Bold, Torch, and Curve series would enable them to separate the devices from the brand again.

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I'm really not certain about this, either pro, or con. Both brands carry a lot of name recognition in two, very distinct, spheres of influence and I would hate to see QNX lose any marketshare due to an abrupt name change - let's not forget that QNX is very well established and respected, with a very impressive track record of its own. While I understand the need for BlackBerry to solidify and expand it's brand in the marketplace, I think a very, very gradual evolution from QNX to BlackBerry would be best. An intermediate name change to something like "BlackBerry QNX" for a few years would allow the many established QNX customers and fans to become aware and accustomed to the new brand.

Bad idea. They don't need to have the same name for branding purposes and I really think it would confuse things more than simplifying it.

Also, almost, if not every other company doesn't call their OS their name. Microsoft > Windows; Apple > iOS; Google > Android.

I think they should... but use the QNX name with BlackBerry. Something like QNX powered by BlackBerry. The advantage is to get brand awareness

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In the corporate world, a fast change puts doubt in people's mind. It causes people to think that the absorbed company and its products no longer exist. A slow migration while showing the industry that QNX is still alive is the best solution.

QNX exist in more systems than android, iOS, even Linux. It has been the magic in the background for critical systems for decades. Military, space, and industrial controls, not just automotive. Doing a slow migration can only strengthen RIM. Showing the industry that merging two companies that never give up will put RIM on top. The industry will embrace the change of QNX to something like BlackBerry Foundation. Yeah, powered by BBF. I like that.

FYI: we license QNX in our products. I always look for opportunities to show off my Z10 and explain "Our products are based on the same OS Foundation". :)

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QNX is a brand name and should be left at that. Just because in own it doesn't mean u have to rename it but o do like to new logo. Called modern marketing in my books.

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No way. I say keep them separate. The value that QNX brings to BlackBerry is diminished if it gets re branded.

If I understand what QNX is and am considering BlackBerry, then it brings credibility to BlackBerry.

QNX has an completely set of services that it offers to another industry. Those services need to stay alive and vibrant. The BlackBerry name doesn't help that business. A case could be made that BlackBerry has a stigma (deserved or not) and therefore would only hurt the QNX embedded business unit. Granted, it's not hard for anyone to know that BlackBerry owns QNX, but why push the envelope. I guess I just feel that, from a marketing standpoint, the perception is better if it's a more independent product. I wouldn't want to send the wrong message to existing QNX customers. And to perspective QNX customers, I wouldn't want them to think that they are starting with the BB10 as their platform to run an embedded system. If they follow the maintstream media, they might think that they have to work off of a version of the old BlackBerry OS (ie 6 or 7).

What message would that send to the QNX employees? I am sure that there are people there would spent a good portion of their life on QNX. Being acquired was probably a nervous moment for them. The quality of QNX speaks to the quality of the people behind it and I would be careful to now give them the wrong message.

Finally, to rename QNX BlackBerry would be technically inaccurate. BB10 isn't QNX. It only uses QNX. There are details there that I won't claim to understand. But, I wouldn't want to send the message that one is the same as the other.

In short, I think there is more to loose by renaming it then to gain.

QNX is a legend of reliability!

It is good idea to sell different products to different markets.

QNX is for embedded devices and nuclear station and space ships and car control and other places where you are not suppose to see any UI, but relay on such properties of of operating system real time response and reliability and small footprint.

Blackberry 10 is OS for smartphones and car infotainment systems and game consoles(in future) and other multimedia devices where you emphasize User Experience.

Yes. Definitely. People need to see the BlackBerry logo on the infotainment systems in cars... like asap. They need to see that everywhere QNX is embedded, it's actually BlackBerry powered. BlackBerry needs to put their logo on everything that is powered by BB10 or QNX. Only then will the masses understand that BlackBerry 's involvement and potential is huge in the tech sector. BlackBerry bought them for a reason,to own the technology. Make it BlackBerry already. Drop qnx.

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> They need to see that everywhere QNX is embedded, it's actually BlackBerry powered.
It is incorrect.
In cars it does not use BlackBerry 10 UI.
However in Car's infotainment systems it could.

I like the idea of the logo, but only the flying b. Subtle, it wouldn't say BlackBerry, but it would be implied. The logo for QNX could be the same as the one for BlackBerry, but leave the names alone. I think the new logo is a step in the right direction. That way the "Flying B's" logo would be associated with both QNX and BlackBerry as a whole.

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Instead of BlackBerry QNX...they should start of slowly with superscript : BLACKBERRY 10 subscript: (smaller font, right side align) Powered by QNX

Then after a year or two of BB10 devices/brand recognition...merge the name to BlackBerry QNX then after say another 2-3 years, just BlackBerry.

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Yes, yes, yes. How about BlackBerry QNX. People need to know it's a BlackBerry company. How else are people going to know?

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While BB10 is a big part of QNX, unless the vision is expanded to more than just 'mobile computing', and instead includes the industrial (note, not enterprise) applications that are required and expected of QNX. Until then, BB10 and QNX are different and should be named so.

I don't mean component wise - I mean as part of the applications. Of course BB10 has a QNX foundation (hence a huge component), but QNX has applications beyond BB10 that have nothing to do with the vision BlackBerry seems to be advertising

Let's call all gasoline powered cars
- Car Gasoline

However, It could be a good idea to promote "powered by QNX" logo.
Like "Intel Inside"

Not yet.

I think that us who own and love BlackBerry products, especially the new BB10's, will know that the future is looking good for BlackBerry but BlackBerry still has a lot of image building to do for the world to see the BlackBerry brand and name in the same positive light that we do.

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There is a market segment that they should keep the qnx name for. That being industry. BlackBerry has gone full in on the mobile concept and they haven't made it clear what they are doing with the non mobile applications that qnx is involved with but I don't see them selling it off or discontinuing it. It sounds good to say that your os runs nuclear plants. My guess is that they will use 'blackberry' for mobile stuff and 'blacberry-qnx' for the legacy non-mobile stuff.

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I like "BlackBerry-QNX".

When the image gurus see that BlackBerry is perceived as great brand again(by the other folk, I know it's great already ;) ) then BlackBerry-QNX would look good.

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Nope. You don't call a lexus, Toyota for a reason. They each have their brand and product for certain types of markets.

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No. There is no reason to change the name. It wouldn't make sense to have BlackBerry os in some embedded system somewhere.

There is no Apple OS
There is no Microsoft OS

Just keep products and company name separate.

Sent from a Q10 with a crappy OLED screen

Sorry as a operating system.. QNX just sounds way cooler... just like I wouldn't call an operating system Apple...

They are two separate entities and should remain as such. People should see the BB moniker, but QNX has made a name for itself without BlackBerry's help. It should keep its own brand name.
I also like the sound of BlackBerry QNX ...has a nice ring to it.

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I think it is a good idea but I don't know how smooth the transition would be. Take Cummins for example. Cummins Power Generation is a major part of Cummins but a lot customers know the product as Onan. Onan was a company that Cummins bought out to get into the power generation business a number of years ago but the Onan name still persists. Now the product is known as both.

Other products have made the transition successfully and many people don't even know of the original company. Before Nissan made its full force in the US, it was known as Datsun. For a while both the Datsun and Nissan names were badges on the cars. Now the Datsun name is nowhere to be found.

I think it is important to have one unified name though, especially if the company is trying to portray itself as a software company instead of a device company.

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I like the new logo, but I would not like to see the QNX brand disappear. Being a guy who knows what QNX is and what it has done for the technology industry, I would not want to see that brand just be called BlackBerry. Keep them separate to some degree. Both brands are iconic. Most consumers would not know QNX is but that shouldn't change anything. They probably wouldn't care if it was called QNX or BlackBerry. But the people out there who do know QNX would not want to see a brand change like this.

That's why is should really by superscript : BlackBerry subscript: (lower case right side align) Powered by QNX

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Do the slow name change like IBM did with Lexmark. People won't notice the shift right away but it will always seem to have been that way when it is done.

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Hell. No.
No offense to Kevin (because this was potentially his idea), but switch "RIM" to "BlackBerry" was a bizarre move. Research In Motion (which is a kickass name, btw) made phones called BlackBerrys. They were further identified by a number: 9700, 9900, etc. This is the same naming scheme that most companies use, but Apple isnt changing its name to iPhone, nor Samsung to Galaxy.
Needless to say (does one still have to continue the thought for clarity?), the BlackBerry name has been dragged through the mud, and is only popular amongst a select few. Unlike "iPhone" where anything Apple puts out will be purchased, it is quite the opposite with BlackBerry. We like BlackBerry products because they are superior (to us/in our minds; either), not because they are called "BlackBerry" But for other consumers, the name blackberry can shy them away, its not a name they trust for (insert cool thing here).
Should QNX change their name to BlackBerry? Hell No. Should The Astonishing Tribe? Hell No.
QNX is trusted, and you dont give a product a less-trustworthy name just because.
Id even venture to say that if the new BlackBerry 10 line actually was called RIM QNX, it may have fared better. "RIM ends old BlackBerry line, moves forward into the future with QNX" (and for all us who know theyre the same, we still support it because we know its just semantics).

You bring up some valid points but, the majority of people never heard of Research in Motion even ones using Black«Berry`s, To the people BlackBerry was the company not Rim. Apple and Samsung both had their names well established in other industries long before their phones became big. I think you don`t grasp why they changed their name because it makes perfect cents to do it. And regarding TAT I recall it has been or will be changed to BlackBerry Sweden.

Adam, the Blackberry logo is actually not "Flying B's" but rather Flying "D's". D is for data. I have done some work for Blackberry commercially and when they supply their artwork in a digital format, that specific logo is always called "dataflow". For what its worth. Just sayin'

Love those flying Ds :)

Wish BlackBerry would distribute "flying D" stickers in each BlackBerry device box! I would love to have one on my car window or bumper! Need to show some BlackBerry PRIDE!!!!!!!

The name BlackBerry is not as strong as it once was. Telling a government employee that they should use BlackBerry for operating their critical components may cause them to look elsewhere, like Linux or BSD. I think they need to wait a bit longer.

Z10 via T-Mobile (

Agreed, but even so, I think QNX and BlackBerry are targeting different customers. Customers familiar with the 35+ years of QNX will want to continue that relationship. I think BlackBerry has agreed not to mess with QNX's brand or customer base -- the right decision!

I don't think this cut and dry. Can the name QNX just be changed NO. The name QNX is well know in several industries and to just change it you risk confusing people. But on the other hand you want the BlackBerry name delivered to the end customer no matter what QNX is used in whether it be cars, the space station or phones. Maybe a change to BlackBerry QNX would work. End users would recognize it as BlackBerry and the industries that have come to rely on QNX would recognize it as well.

It's a tough decision to make! As a consumer and BlackBerry fan I'm all for QNX to be rebraned as BlackBerry. But if I'm one of the top heads of any of these agencies that run QNX I'm not sure how I feel if my products were known to be running BlackBerry software since the BlackBerry image has been tarnished and working on making a comeback.

QNX is now BlackBerry. Remember the last iconic ad featuring QNX features and in the end it's... BlackBerry.

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I voted no because of the huge variety of industries in which QNX has operated over the years. To be honest, QNX has a much better industry perception of stability and excellence that BlackBerry does at this point...

However, in the future, I think that it would make sense... The same software that powers the CanadaArm, power plants, trains, missiles, UAVs also powers your personal life. But I think the key to this is properly marketing the reach and excellence QNX has acheived.

BlackBerry may still wish to market the embedded OS, QNX Nuetrino, to system builders as "QNX Nuetrino by BlackBerry." But, referring to QNX as a separate entity within the company should gradually cease to happen. Today, nobody should be saying BlackBerry 10 is QNX. Pointing out that it is entirely new and based on a successful RTOS named QNX is fine but.. QNX is just a kernel with some OS layers and tools. Good stuff, really. But, BlackBerry 10 is something QNX had never successfully developed and probably never could: a *platform*. As far as I can tell a lot of people from all over the globe contributed much to the project. In terms of features that are distinguishing to consumers, you'd be more accurate in saying BlackBerry 10 is TAT or Gist. As a developer, I think BlackBerry's browser and WebWorks platform are what make the platform more impressive than iOS or Android. The next generation of Linux powered mobile OSs will be challenging BlackBerry with Tinzen's awesome browser and FFOS HTML5 focus. I can't say that BlackBerry's foothold in the future of HTML5 is because of QNX. Bottom line: I think QNX as a product can remain QNX by BlackBerry. The next time you want to build a high tech toaster, keep it in mind. But, QNX is part of a team and should share the team's name. I think Mike L. was correct initially to keep the QNX talent away from the large beauracracy at BlackBerry HQ in Waterloo and to keep them separate for work ethic /cultural reasons, but all of BlackBerry needs to now realize they are working in one of the most competitive sectors and adjust. I think, by and large, they have. Organization wide all the acquisitions, including TAT, Gist, etc., should now just be 'BlackBerry.'

But, I could argue the other side, too...

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No, QNX has built its own reputation and so has BlackBerry. Keep them separate as they pertain to different areas in technology, besides the fact BlackBerry is running on QNX of course..

Like Apple did with NeXT, BlackBerry should do the same.
They need the image change and why not re-brand QNX to BlackBerry QNX and make all vendors but a sticker on the equipment that reads "Powered by BlackBerry QNX".

This will get people saying, "That's run by BlackBerry?" and discussion started.

I would say yes to get the blackberry name around more, but i actually voted "No" because i think the QNX name is pretty badass, makes it sound sophisticated.

You what they say about letter names, just more attractive and appealing the mystery :)

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Plus, people are dumb and remembering three letters is easier. That's why Kentucky Fried Chicken is now just KFC.

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The reason I think they need to tread carefully here is that they are an OEM system foundation builder, and especially in the case of the automobile market, they are expected to be "platform agnostic" and interoperate with the customer's existing devices, whether they are Apple devices, Android devices, Microsoft devices, Blackberry devices, or anything else.

Making "Blackberry" high-profile in that market may, if not for technical reasons but for political reasons, drive away partners and customers who have different platform preferences. QNX has to work with a variety of vendors to ensure interoperability, and just like Blackberry might be leery that a "Samsung" car infotainment system may not be as committed to interoperating with their products as with their own, the same applies in reverse.

Good point. Yes. In fact I have often argued that that is why QNX is not really a big ad an gave to BlackBerry in automobiles, etc. The moment they pull any funny business like a hidden API etc. The market would start looking elsewhere for something open.

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QNX is more then just a blackberry OS

i don't think the name should be changed, QNX has a legacy in the networking, areospace, medical, automotive,aviation, etc. why take away from that legacy in ways for BlackBerry which is really known for its phones.

keep it its own name as it is still being lisenced around to world as more then just a mobile OS

I disagree! QNX has a reputation around the world for much more than mobile solutions. BlackBerry is not for embedded systems, so a name change would cause confusion in its customer base. Why water down the solutions QNX is developing for the many applications it offers, from Cisco routers to cancer therapy machines to satellites to vehicles.

The name BlackBerry is synonymous with mobile devices -- smartphones, and tablets, I hope!

As both BlackBerry and QNX are known for their reliability and security it would probably be best if BB kept the linkage with the QNX name and built on that association by continuing to market their products on a number of platforms. Meanwhile BlackBerry can start to use this association to demonstrate it's diversity as something more than just a Smartphone builder.

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Exactly. If someone then BB needs QNX as a brand, to demonstrate its industrial strengths, not vica versa.

What??? It's a STUPID IDEA, to say the least... it's quite telling about the mind of whoever came up with this stupid idea - let me guess, some BlackBerry user, a fan of the brand, with absolutely no clue about the embedded business, QNX or just how much strength its brand name carries in its industry?

No, it should definitely either remain as is is now (QNX with a BB-based logo, that is) and perhaps in a year or two, once BB proved itself with BB10 devices, it might be changed to "QNX by Blackberry" one thing is sure: BB should defninitely NEVER drop the well-established, ~30-ys old brand name that so many embedded customers and partners trust, that'd be the stupidest move they could do with it.

Change the name to BlackBerry so wall street will realized blackberry is not just phones and tablets!!!!!!

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How about BlackBerry changes its name to QNX since it no longer uses the same technology as it did in previous BBRYs. Plus the name sounds better!

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I didn't vote because I didn't quite like the options presented. I agree with some of the posters who said it should be called BlackBerry QNX, using QNX as the name of the OS. Losing the QNX name altogether doesn't make sense. But definitely link it to BlackBerry, since BlackBerry owns it. Go BlackBerry!

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I don't think people understand. Thorston didn't say the Bentley was running QNX, he said it was running BlackBerry 10. Blackberry 10 is built on QNX. If QNX is the foundation that means that BlackBerry 10 is bigger than QNX. Sounds like Anything built from here on will be built on BlackBerry 10 now, not QNX as it was before.

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I think BB should follow the TOYOTA example... Lexus is a brand of Toyota... QNX is a brand of BlackBerry... let QNX be separate... while people will admire rockets powered by BB but it will dilute the strength, in some way, what QNX stands for.

I guess it will be there choice but ,it would make for a awesome advertisement
have you ever wondered what Runs our areo space, medical, ,aviation along with the future of automotive
Along with BB10 Blackberry ......Blackberry our Future looking forward !
lol I love blackberry but they need to advertise a lot more ,ie clothing bill board's tv radio sticker's

Ps. If you're in aerospace then let's see some amazing aerospace commercials followed by 'BlackBerry Powered.' Same goes for the medical industry. Give BlackBerry the exposure it deserves. Commercials, multi-industry tech commercials! Do it.

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If BlackBerry owns QNX then they are one in the same. A nuclear reactor controlled by BlackBerry is a pretty powerful statement.

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To start things, having the BlackBerry logo added was a good idea. It is getting the public use to the idea that is is a BlackBerry company. In the near future, they should also add underneath the the QNX, "A BlackBerry Subsidiary". Over time they should change it entirely to something like, "BlackBerry Software".

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No. If BBRY had been able to call BlackBerry 10 BBX then I would say yes. It's really a shame that didn't work out.

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No way. So when someone asks "oh what operating system is your BlackBerry 10 device based on?" "oh it's based on blackberry"...... sounds ridiculous

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Yeah definitely! However, it should be fase if out little by little. QNX on itself does not exist anymore, it is part of BlackBerry now... so it would only make sense to rebrand this to BlackBerry. The first implementation is just perfect. The implementation of the BlackBerry logo in front of the QNX name is a superb first step in a long way from where we are right now to the recognition of the brand BlackBerry in the future! So shortly said : yes! Rebrand but in a slow manner!

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Right now QNX has a better brand reputation then BlackBerry.

Leave it. QNX is doing fine. It's BlackBerry that needs to work on their customer perception.


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Don't change the name QNX. They should mention more and more QNX in their live conference next time. NASA is now using QNX in the space shuttle camera system. I don't see any down side to mention QNX to public.

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For now, I say leave them as is. Once BB10 takes the phone market, then they can lose the QNX for BlackBerry.

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I agree to the extent that it wouldn't be completely foolish to overwrite one trusted brand with another, but there's still valid reason to keep the two brands discrete, even after BlackBerry retakes its spot as the undisputed king of mobile gadgetry.

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I originally liked the "BlackBerry X" idea but due to legalities....BB10 sounds watered down. "QNX" is too broad for the general public to grasp as a consumer electronics platform. Especially for a company that has less than 4% market share. It needs to be creative and it has to stick.

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Blah blah blah

No BlackBerry has more name brand recognition. Kill QnX name and get it over with.

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At the moment BlackBerry's name recognition still gas a negative connotation. BB10 is still in its infancy. When you say "BlackBerry", watch that person's face ball up with disgust.

The OS needs a distinguishable name that will peak consumer interest.

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The name by itself doesn't really matter but a combination like BlackBerry powered by QNX sounds quite good to me. What will matter ultimately is the quality of the products generated and the maintenance of high standards.

Call it blackberry and put bbm in every vechile, think big or go home. What do u think Steve jobs would do?

I see it as opportunity for BlackBerry to take over the market again as king. Renaming QNX as BlackBerry would put it way ahead of Samsung and Apple. "Everything powered by BlackBerry" that would be amazing. That's BlackBerry taking power.

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I think QNX is a brand in itself and BlackBerry should do well to leverage the same. Blackberry brand should be limited to only to the mobile devices segment of their business

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BlackBerry is still considered unreliable to a lot of people. Dropping the name QNX would kill it. Instead, they need to make a disstinct connection between QNX and BlackBerry so when the time is right, they can fully transform the name. BlackBerry has some really strong positioning right now. They will definitely be around for quite a while

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No they should keep the QNX name just because of the potential bad stigma attached to the blackberry name (not bashing blackberry btw). and blackberry should have kept the QNX name for the phones OS as well... QNX sounds much more OSish than Blackberry 10 (Apple doesn't call it's OS Apple 6 instead of IOS right?)

I've changed my mind, I think QNX should remain just QNX. Branding it BlackBerry-QNX sounds great to me as a BlackBerry fan and user but this might force a decision against the OS based on possible brand conflicts.

At the end the day the BlackBerry brand needs to cement itself as an independent premium product. QNX can evolve on its own as a quality product. I'd rather there be two independent premium products under one roof than just one. That might be spreading the bets but there is nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

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DEFINITELY NOT! They should not rebrand QNX as Blackberry, and here are the reasons:

By keeping the QNX brand and associating BlackBerry 10 products with it (along the lines of "QNX Inside"), they would benefit from QNX's reputation for reliability.

If they would replace QNX brand with BlackBerry, they would only lose that reputation for the other QNX products and for BlackBerry 10 as well.

Right now they should concentrate on solving the random reboot issue - and after that they should push hard the reliability message of "QNX Inside" for BlackBerry 10 products.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO QNX is a well known industry brand. Making the name disappear now would be brand suicide. Its very benificial for BB to be associated or own a brand that has high distinction. Why would any company want that to go away? Maybe Years from now it might make dollars and cents but right now... NO!

Think like a business person, not a consumer.

I just thought of an idea:

Keep the BlackBerry brand but have QNX and RIM as components of this brand. It'll be called BlackBerry but QNX and RIM will still be known.

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Really depends on what QNX customers want.

I doubt Mercedes or any other manufacturer would want their cars to be too obviously associated with a specific phone brand.

It might make Apple or Android owners look at other cars.

No because there are too many out there with negative impressions of BlackBerry. I think it would future adoption of the QNX OS.

Agree, BlackBerry QNX is the logical name to maintain as it reflects the two companies and denotes QNX as a division of BlackBerry. For now they are establishing segments and platform but that could change, wait for a final and more polished product to merge the names.

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We all remember this flaw at&t had with sbc/cingular, right? at&t thought it would be a good idea after the merge to keep the cingular name for it's wireless. Within a couple months, they realized at&t had a much bigger brand and quickly changed back to at&t. QNX in the market has a bigger name, so don't taint the reputations. BB logo QNX is more than enough.

I think they should at least make it "QNX by BlackBerry".

That way the QNX brand is equipped with BlackBerry name.

It's not about what they will call it, but where qnx will be in the future, what third party devices. Maybe they are doing like Viera netflix, and will get third party device manufacturers to include a bit of code in their firmware that allows BlackBerry devices to address them like built in devices (a capability of QNX). Imagine piping your video or audio data from your phone to whatever video monitor or audio receiver is on the network, and even do it over LTE or whatever.. This would jive somewhat with the CEO's recent controversial suggestion that there will be no market for tablets in the future.

I like that analogy of Rogers and Fido that the previous poster made. Rogers owns Fido, but they still call the service "FIDO" because Fido has a high credibility and profile, so it shows that Rogers recognized that fact and left the name as it was. Remember Rogers owns Fido outright and they could of just dropped the name fido if they wanted too!

No, the name shouldn't change. Reason being is that QNX is known by a lot and for a lot. QNX should be kept as so so that way we can keep that name under the BlackBerry belt.

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Personally I think it should go the other way and BlackBerry should change their name to QNX. The bad stigma attached to Blackberries name is what's hurting sales in the US nobody even knows they are still around. I'm in sales and when I show them BlackBerry there like eh had one years ago spinning clock 5 battery pulls a day bla bla bla. But if I could say hey check the new QNX software running on QNX I might have a easier time selling something new then trying to convince them that BB is all better now. Imo

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Initially they were suppose to call the new platform BBX (BlackBerry and QNX) but some other company had the bbx name. So they came up with BB 10. I think they should keep them separated for now. As someone mentioned earlier in the comments BlackBerry 10 is hardly known or has that reputation besides it's security.

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Blackberry is the brand. Marrying the two as Blackberry QNX is great. Keeping the strength QNX has developed and extending the brand reach of the Blackberry is crucial to elevating the Mobile Computing arena presence the company wants. I love the one suggestion by another user "Powered by Blackberry". The new logo BB QNX is just a natural extension of their naming convention just like BB Z10. Please don't smother the essence of the QNX team

Haven't read all the comments, so perhaps someone else has posted somehow similar.... I'd rather see the whole "BB10" thing replaced with "QNX". "blackberry 10" - too long, ugly and largely unknown; "QNX" - short, catchy and well known

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I say what's in a name. If we called a Rose... "bile puss infected steamy horse shit" would it smell less sweet? nope! It would probably smell the same!

No disrespect to blackberry but they aren't exactly the most credible and likeable company right now. If people start hearing the infotainment systems in their cars are made by Blackberry, they will bail which is bad for business for QNX and car manufacturers. Let QNX have its own identity!

Who are we kidding. QNX is not well known in the retail consumer arena. I've told countless people about QNX in cars and they have no idea what I'm talking about. They don't even know that RIM bought qnx years ago. You must have BlackBerry be the dominant brand. BlackBerry should provide the hardware and software to the car manufactures and it has to say "Powered by Blackberry" This is a conversion for the marketing and advertising agency.

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A common name may force more media attention onto QNX in the short-term, but unless Blackberry backs that up with deeper integration the benefit will be lost in the medium term (and may hurt the QNX brand).

So what is deeper integration? What is a Blackberry? If Blackberry becomes a mobile computing platform this makes a LOT of sense. (Imagine booting your "PC" from your Blackberry). If a Blackberry is a phone this is a mistake.

QNX should be BlackBerry Neutrino, since QNX Neutrino is the OS.

So, I guess QNX should be BlackBerry, but the OS should stay as Neutrino.

It shouldn't be renamed. QNX has its own history and could be licensed to other handset makers if Blackberry so desires. Blackberry should always be the handset brand.

The dual brands helps Blackberry (the company) more than not.

QNX is much more than BlackBerry... QNX is used in military section and the important field of car controls... If QNX (of the past) would be similar lukewarm developed like BB10, missiles of the US-Army would reboot themselve randomly during an operation, couldnt select targets if the active frame was closed accidentally and the most features of this weapon would be copied android-applications... If you want to wreck the good reputation of QNX rename it into BlackBerry... QNX is an adult product in very sophisticated sections, BB10 just retails a phone... You wouldnt rename "windows" into "Minesweeper"...