Should BlackBerry make its own detachable keyboard for iPhone?

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jan 2014 02:31 pm EST

It's not secret that Kevin fell in love with his Typo keyboard during CES last week — that is until he wore it out. Being a long-time BlackBerry user it's only natural that he'd be awesome at typing a pseudo-BlackBerry keyboard, no matter what device. I played with the Typo a bit myself and while it's not ideal, it certainly makes for a great solution for keyboard lovers.

A thread has turned up in the forums posing the question, Should BlackBerry make its own detachable keyboard for iPhone? We figured it was best to ask the CrackBerry Nation for some input on this one as so far things seem split down the middle. Some users think that doing so would detract from actual BlackBerry phones while others say the more hardware the better. 

There's no saying just what will happen with the Typo keyboard, so the option could always be there for BlackBerry to come up with their own version (which honestly wouldn't be too much different) and sell it to iPhone users. Converts would buy it to have their physical keyboard back and the potential could be there for millions of units, so who knows?

So should BlackBerry make their own keyboard accessory for iPhone? Good idea? Bad idea? Not sure?? After you've thought on it a bit, drop your vote in the poll below and let us know what you think, then hit up the forums for more discussion!


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Should BlackBerry make its own detachable keyboard for iPhone?



I can't believe the poll is even. It's crazy to think good things would come out of this.

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I'm still not convinced that it would be a great move for them. The only way that making keyboards for other devices would make sense is if they were to exit the consumer market for keyboard phones. Then they could license the designs to multiple manufacturers like Typo who has already built the hardware. That would be 100% pure profit for BlackBerry.


Yup. Take the emotion out of it. This would be a good move by Blackberry.

They would need to acquire TYPO first. Eliminate the competition.

YUP, agree on both of these sentiments. Apple is VERY GOOD at appealing to desires and creating wants in it's customers. Many Apple folks have never held a Blackberry device in their hands. Blackberry is know for the Keyboard. Provide an extension of the coveted iPhone and we wont be a threat to the consumer who is curious. After trying the keyboard, just possibly the eyes will open to other options besides the myopic Apple ecosystem. It will become yet just another option to the Apple consumer. Yes, very smart as an additional accessory available. The MOBILE world will continue to be muddled with differences in devices being minimized as we move to future use and wider spread use and adoption of mobile.

+1. I see the risk and the potentially huge opportunity. That's business, the bigger the risk usually the bigger the gain. Go for it BB. I think this survey should be dropped on the iMore forum as well before any concrete decision is made. Find out from the potential buyers if they'd consider it. I'd like to assume Typo did a market research but its a different ball game with BB's tarnished name VS a new company backed by a popular celebrity.

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Agreed. I think that BlackBerry should've done this already. They will sell way more $100 iPhone keyboards than $200 entry BlackBerry phones.

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if they made one, my next question immediately becomes: would Apple itself endorse something BlackBerry? and would iUsers embrace something BlackBerry, even if it improved their experience?

interesting topic, not sure how I feel on it yet to be honest...

I think that what people are failing to see is that Typo might have patented a "mobile device case with physical keyboard for bluetooth integration". If they have (and any half-decent businessman would have), then BlackBerry would just get sued if they made one of these.

I see your point, but BlackBerry won't be suing them if they had an approved patent in place. It wouldn't make sense. Besides, i remember reading a post on here from an Intellectual property executive saying BlackBerry lawyers don't mess about with petty cases. They mean business.

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Well actually...if Typo had applied for a patent for a case that included a keyboard; BlackBerry could still sue them, since the case is alleging that the iconic layout and design of the actual keyboard was copied.

I was talking about a patent for the entire idea behind it...if there were a patent for it, BlackBerry couldn't make their own unless they destroyed Typo with this lawsuit, then bought them and any potential patents as well.

If Typo has a patent for the entire idea, BlackBerry can still sue them because like I said: they are suing over the layout of the keyboard - not the fact that it is a physical keyboard attached to a case.

So BlackBerry owns some 40000 patents but not the one that allows them to wrap their keyboard around a competitor's device? Wow.

Then again...maybe BlackBerry should do it first, before Apple does it and says that they invented the "smartphone with a keyboard", or revolutionized or what ever kinda crap they wanna try n claim

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BlackBerry should make a universal keyboard with for iPhone, Android, and Windows phone, but if they do it now and the court case falls through then they risk being sued by Ryan Seacrest for copyright infringement (unless he didn't copyright the design of course).

Doing this will mean that they are giving iPhone users what people live best about their blackberry the keyboard and BBM.

Once they have this they can slowly reclaim the users perhaps as why but a phone and then but a $100 add on when you can just buy the phone.

Of course this still relies on getting the blokes of Netflix to bb10 but with 10.2.1 this may be less of a problem.

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LOL! They would ABSOLUTELY claim credit for re-inventing the smartphone and pioneering the development of a smartphone...with a physical keyboard! And their followers would shower them with praise for such a revolutionary concept! Such innovators!

The kb connects by Blue Tooth and there is nothing novel about that. My PlayBook has such a kb.

The idea of clipping it over the screen might be new, but the appearance is so obviously a copy of the BB screen, one would easily be excused for thinking it was a BB product. And that is exactly why they are suing. It is called "passing off". The text that promotes the Typo blatantly refers to BBRY in order to gain business and that is a separate offence called "trading on someone's reputation". Legally Typo is toast.

when RIM said no to full touch screens, anybody remember what happened to blackberry? sooo if blackberry says no to something iPhone consumers want and BlackBerry actually excels at, this might be another missed opportunity. bring the retro back! couldn't hurt to make money off iconic BB keyboards. might even convert non BB users!

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I agree! If BlackBerry can't make money by selling their devices to those iPhone lovers, at least make money by perfecting the typing experience while they use iPhones! Some revenue beats none. And there are millions of iPhone users all around the world to sell to...

Why not ? In the past years a LOT of users where leaving BlackBerry smartphones to other companies because of the platform and apps of course. Their keyboard is amazing I know that, but unfortunately it didn't prevent them from moving to other platforms, and not even made them come back!

If there is a BIG market, so absolutely yes.
BlackBerry waited long time to launch BBM for other markets until they didn't had the choice to do it cuz BBM users dropped from 60 to 40 million!
And even when they did it, they still losing the messaging market to whatsapp, line, kik, and more…!

That's silly, why would you make a keyboard for a Z10 and z30? If you want a BlackBerry with a keyboard get a Q10! Make it fo the iPhone and Android market! There are plenty of them out there and not many of us.

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I don't know if 1:1 can be considered "crazy", but it is certainly inconvenient if you want to watch videos.

+1. There simply wont be enough demand to make it for the Z10 and Z30. Be real guys, you can't have it all. Some people are already complaining about the price of BlackBerry phones and chances are not many people on BlackBerry Z10 etc will pay may for an accessory not $99 for sure. Its will just be a waste of resources on BlackBerry's part.

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Let APPLE Hang On Their Own Tree

Blackberry is Blackberry and iPhone is iPhone
so be it.
It is not BB's responsibility to give way their best features

If Apple thought their phones needed a hardKB, they would have made their own long ago.

They wouldn't be giving it away, they would be cashing out on their success.

It seems a lot of people gave BB10 a chance, but it just didn't work for them as well as an iPhone. The typo keyboard got a lot of reactions. I think it would bring some good profit to BlackBerry while they keep building BB10 and get more demand for it.

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If someone wants the BB keyboard they should buy a Blackberry phone

BB would not make money on a $100 KB, making cents profit.
They would rather sell a several hundred dollar phone, making many dollar profit

Agreed 100%. It's a win win! Your putting out a BlackBerry product in the market that can potentially sell more than the handsets, your marketing the BlackBerry brand on other handsets. This is no different than BBM nay sayers. Why would it ever be a bad idea to put your brand on the most valuable real estate out there! The home screens of Androids and iPhones! BBM is still young as a cross platform app. BlackBerry has to work on putting out updates and improving it regularly. The keyboard is a great idea! Making money just means there's more there to make improvements in other areas like BES10, handsets. Software and BBM!

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I've never buy an apple product my entire life.
Build a BlackBerry keyboard for them, & I will get one.

Then, why use a BlackBerry?

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Why not? They could make a detachable keyboard with a BBM button for the iphone and popular android phones. I think it's a great idea as it would be something iphone/droid users could affordably buy to ease them into the BB experience, and having the BBM button would certainly be a cool thing for BBM adoption!

Yeah BBM is one thing (I agreed with that decision because BBM is a social app and so by definition it's SUPPOSED to be inclusive in its very nature, within reason) but if they give away the keyboard as well then they've given away the one niche that they and they alone are known for.

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Chen said, you can use BlackBerry with other phones, no worries.


Why not a keyboard and other accessories?
Of course not without a fat BB logo on the back.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Totally with you on the "big fat BlackBerry " logo. :)

In fact, I think that BlackBerry logo should light up with the keyboard and be touch sensitive right where the iPhone home button would be covered up. :p

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Why not maybe it will help BlackBerry get more money! To create better smart phones! BlackBerry 10 seriously needs much more apps!!!

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Direct downloading should be enough to get BlackBerry off shelves. You'll have all the apps available to Android.

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Using Android apps in BB10 is seriously a chore. If that ends up being the answer to noapps, then I'll jump ship (depending on how the new Q turns out). I can handle having fewer apps, but to say Android apps are good enough is bollocks.

Android apps are not good enoug for you and they sure as s**t not good enough for me.

But for many others they obviously are which why the buy droids. So let's turn this on its head. You can have a phone that has all the android apps you want (should you want them) AND 1000s of app you can't get on droids....... you sure you want to jump ship? to what ios?

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If they end up getting royalties off the typo, free money! If not, then develop a higher quality version, and it would likely be a very high profit margin. No need to worry about software upgrades and maintenance; just write the firmware and it's set. Pottentially solid revenue stream.

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If there's a market, park it.
Seriously though. Even if it's makes less appeal for a true BlackBerry in the sole base of a keyboard, as long as they have profitable software and services it's not going to be a problem building phones even if they're a niche.

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Agreed. I think if those ios users would have switched to BlackBerry already by now if they wanted more than a keyboard.

So since they don't plan to leave apple, why not offer them a keyboard accessory and milk that cow until it's dry?

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BlackBerry should make an attachable keyboard included with their own devices. Make one high-end phone, one low-end phone. Both all-touch with an attachable keyboard accessory.

BB10 is already developed to support both types of input, so it makes sense.

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Also - this would be the answer to Seacrest's problem. One phone. Best of both. An OS designed for both.

The iPhone keyboard will do poorly. IOS is not built for it. Apps and screen real estate aren't designed for it

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+1 for you!
I share your point of view!
In that way u don't have to say farwell to real physic keys when u go Z10 or Z30 because you want a bigger screen. Or maybe a BB Torch-like BB10 device would be the soloution?
But isn't it kind of the same old to-late-in-the-market-story?

They could even have the attachable keyboard cover screen and have the phone reformat to say q10 screen size, and with amoled the pixels underneath could truly shut off and not use extra battery and then just reformat after disconnecting the keyboard. Food for thought!!

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I think this is a good idea. I love the form factor of my Q10 but it would be cool if the option existed to increase the screen by detaching the keyboard (which is excellent).

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Absolutely not. The moment BlackBerry make such a keyboard the media will switch and say it's stupid and a sign that BlackBerry is dead or whatever lol. I laugh, but it's an awful idea. Let Seacrest take the risk on it, and make him pay. I'd stay well clear of the thing.

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Sure why not? Build it with an LED that will tie in with bbm notifications. Give it a "launch bbm" button too.

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Uh Oh.....brain noodle at work here. Caution Caution!!.

Good idea!!, but shhhhhhhh, Apple will snatch this idea and say they thought of the indicator light and isheep will believe.

Anything that gets BlackBerry seen in a positive light with smartphone consumers is a good thing at this point.

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+1 What makes people think that BlackBerry will be successful in this market? BlackBerry is not successful today because of the image it has, and not because of their products because their products are superb. BlackBerry need to continue moving in the direction they are headed now. There is no reason why they cant make money off their patents through royalties from typo. Little or no risk but rewards if typo does sell

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Hell no, if they want a detachable keyboard which they can still use the touch sensitivity they get the Q10 hell no to the iPhone users

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Yes they Should, because someone else is going to do it anyway, why have someone else make the money, might as well be blackberry

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Too late to come to market for the iPhone unless BB wins the lawsuit, buys out Typo and improves it. Looks like there is a market, so BB should cash in on assets. So maybe keyboards for other devices, including tablets. I have the official BT keyboard for the PlayBook. It is a real class act.

I would say a smart idea would be to license the design to Typo and let them incur the costs while taking home a "better than nothing " royalty. That way the BlackBerry brand can be attached to it, while also ensuring the BlackBerry quality is there as well, which is good for the customer and both companies.

BlackBerry Keyboard by Typo

Sounds good enough for me.

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Yes they should, then I could pair it up with my PlayBook too. To be honest I like the size of my Z10 but miss the qwerty keyboard for typing. Don't think i could go to the Q10 and the Z30 would be awesome....but I still would miss my keyboard. Typo is on to something here and BlackBerry should look into this a little further before dismissing it!

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I'm really happy they opened up BBM, and want to see it grow. But not this, if you want a keyboard, buy a BlackBerry.

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Sure! If there is a market to exploit just do it. Selling handsets isn't working so get in to some accessories. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't - but give it a shot. Most customers already think BlackBerry is dead so it isn't like this will hurt them much if it fails. The Playbook already did that.

What is the Steve Jobs quote about iTunes in Windows? "It is a glass of water in hell." For some people this would be like that.

I think yes. It could be a significant revenue source. I don't imagine iPhone lovers would switch to BlackBerry just for the keyboard experience, while being able to expand genuine keyboard on their own device might increase their curiosity about what else might be great about BlackBerry, leading to more potential revenue and maybe converts. Maybe Android lovers would get a little curious /jealous and, because their are too many variations to make a genuine BlackBerry keyboard for Android, maybe BlackBerry could win over/back some Android users. At a minimum, it's more revenue for BlackBerry.

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While it does not matter to me in any way, I have one issue with this:
How would this help BlackBerry become more financially stable/profitable? I do not think there would be a huge revenue for such an accessory, and the already small team at BlackBerry probably should not waste a lot of resources on side-projects at this point.
A second point would be user experience. iOS/Android is not made for a physical keyboard experience, so while the accessory would be nice, it would miss important aspects such as word prediction, keyboard shortcuts etc.
On a side note: a wonderful implementation may be if such a keyboard could integrate with BBMX to make that iOS/Android experience better. This is the only way I could see such an accessory working (and still the BB10 digital keyboard with predictions would serve that purpose better).

No!!! With BlackBerry doing it, it some how will give the impression BlackBerry is trying to make an iphone in to a BlackBerry, the idea is ridiculous, how would we feel as BlackBerry Customer's being supplied by apple, appallingly ridiculous when one should just buy a phone with a keyboard, you don't by a dog to bark yourself

Via Crackberry Z30

I don't understand the people saying no because it would kill BlackBerry. How? People on iPhone have already made their decision to leave BlackBerry (if indeed they were BlackBerry users in the first place). The Q10 keyboard isn't enough to bring them back, obviously.

So make an iPhone keyboard. Tie it in with bbm. As someone said, obviously if BlackBerry doesn't do it, someone else will. Make some money instead of spending it on lawsuits.

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I can only see it driving more BlackBerry handset sakes in the future. If you are in an iPhone and have a BlackBerry keyboard, when it is time to upgrade, you are going to look at getting a BlackBerry handset. If this gets people back on BlackBerry devices, then it is a win. If those people are not going to go with a BlackBerry and stick with an iPhone anyway, then BlackBerry is just leaving money on the table because they lose out on device sales and keyboard sales.

Seems foolish not to do it.

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Hell, I'd take it a step forward and advertise the hell out of it. Commercials showing an obvious iPhone with a keyboard and the slogan, "iPhone driven by BlackBerry. "

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Don't get emotional folks. Let's see, 100 dollar retail. 50 to 75% markup. Sell a couple hundred million of them around the world to the iDrones. Not a bad proposition.

I voted no because our bb10 now supports android apps so there is no need for an iPhone anymore. With a BlackBerry you have it all on 10.2.1.xxxx. So no, sell the apple and screw the core.

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Could probably sell a lot in North America, but I would not sell to the rest of the world. I would sell it for $100 minimum and then charge for software updates each quarter. I think you could make good money.

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Why would they it seems silly. Unless they plan to make it for android and IOS then it would work. Else wise, blackberry making a key bored for the touch screen would be silly and take away from the Z10 and Z30s main straights with their key bored.

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Yes why not, can make money out of this and at the same time make familiar the BBY name to the IOS users.

Sent from my Z 30

No way. The keyboard is the only left blackberry has going for them so if they make one for iPhone, there is absolutely no reason why an iphone user would come back to blackberry. Absolutely none. If you want our keyboard then use our device. Simple as that. If you don't want a touch screen, DON'T BUY AN IPHONE

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I've owned iPhone, and Samsung Android phones. There is a ton of reasons to go with BlackBerry eg. Security, Quality, Productivity etc... but that's besides the point. I think selling to the iphone and droid crowd will NOT cannibalize the BlackBerry market. On the contrary, it will expand it.

I already suggested this even before Typo. Such as one that would lay over part of the touchscreen. When the screen recognizes the overlapped keyboard, the touchscreen would minimize to the viewable portion of the screen, and the hidden portion would then recognize the typing from the overlapped keyboard.

No way! After 10.2.1, the Q10 will offer not only way more features but the apps/games too and you get the predictive physical keyboard. No need for an iphone if you want the physical keyboard.

after 10.2.1, users will complain from the apps not being native cuz I don't expect them to work smoothly and as fast as the native apps!

You really need to try 10.2.1. I can't install it on my work z10 but I installed it on my daughters' q5 and z10 and their instagram, snapchat and vine run pretty quick compare to the earlier android run times; and the games run really really well considering they are ports (Subway Surfers, Probe the Humans, Temple run (and variants), etc.). I agree that native app/games run faster but from what I've seen from the latest leaked android runtime.. I am extremely impressed.. and that experience is way better than having nothing at all.

Giving away all the things that make blackberry what it is seems like a pretty shitty idea lol

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If this were to happen, I think Kevin should design it and partner with Justin Bieber for about a million dollars in seed money... ;)

Posted via CB10

Kidding. I like Bieber, but they want to make him into the new Jacko. The coverage on eggogate is batsh!t crazy. Not necessarily the best corporate image at this time.

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What they need to do is have a larger Qwerty phone that has a bigger screen. That will be the answer.

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Wouldn't it be "delicious" to see the BlackBerry logo attached to an iPhone?! Q:"Where'd you get that?" A: "BlackBerry." Q:"Why?". A:"It makes my phone better."

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Since BlackBerry is renowned for its keyboard experience a detachable keyboard should have been first done by BlackBerry.
It would give users of the Z10 & Z30 a taste of the great Q10 experience.
As a user of both platforms I would purchase the keyboard for iphone.

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I think it should be limited to iphone only....... just so all android owners can wonder. it may lead to a small migration back to BlackBerry. Its an unfortunate thing that some have to deliberately have to left out. Its the only way to create a real want or wonder for blackberry.

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An overlapping keyboard on a Z30 would make using the prediction difficult due to the height difference between keyboard and screen.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. The more hands that use a BlackBerry built typo... the more chance they have of regaining customers. BMM cross platform and physical keyboard cross platform. It would be impossible to implement on android due to the sheer amount of different devices.

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Yes but the best part will be that iPhone can use the same system that BlackBerry, typing recognition from Spanish or English or whatever your lenguaje is, and the coma issue that I can push space bar and the coma will go back to the last word and then make a space again, and iPhone must put the coma besides the space bar much need it

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Great! If blackberry does this they are giving users another reason to not buy blackberry smartphones, especially the keyboard lovers :p

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Nothing would stop those who are switching to iPhones or Android phones anyway, so BlackBerry might as well offer these people the "blackberry experience" by making and selling the keyboards to them.

Not only should they make their own hardware keyboard attachment for non BlackBerry phones, they should make a keyboard app exactly like the BB10 virtual keyboard. I use Fleksy on my Nexus 5 because it looks a little like the BB10 keyboard, and has some swipe gestures, and it leaves me the most screen space...but its functionality and correction/suggestion performance leaves a lot to be desired. I would pay $5-10 for a BB10 virtual keyboard on my Nexus. This is no different than making BBM cross-platform, and would bring more people into the BlackBerry experience.

I'd like to see a higher quality product. Something that would fit on top of rather than an extension. Let's say you take a Z10. When you clip the keyboard on it automatically switches to Q10 mode for the smaller screen and when you take it off, back to full screen. You could do the same with z30 and future phones. This way you would kill two birds with one stone. I would but this right away.

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Only when you use the keyboard attachment. Okay think of the keyboard attachment somehow fitting over the z10 where to virtual keyboard is currently and once you do that the phone and screen switch to Q10 mode. Then once you take it off, back to full screen mode.

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Let Foxconn build a BB10 keyboard phone for let's say $150 off contract mobile. Job done!

Posted with my gorgeous Z30

I think if BlackBerry can profit from it they should actually do it.
Also, this will be a reminder to the masses of iPhone users that what they have been missing.

Judging by the way BGR is d¡ck riding this Typo keyboard today, hopefully it is a hit and BBRY gets some serious royalty or licensing fees from it.

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I'm not sure if I'm the only one that noticed this but when Chen was asked about the typo lawsuit he said "...clearly our plans had been leaked."
If nothing else it was probably an idea BlackBerry had knocking about in R&D.

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Are you out of your mind? If anything its almost pure margin. How much a keyboard cost to produce? $10 to put it on the shelf? The rest is gravy, and for an iPhone the keyboard could clearly sell for no less than about $90 - $100.

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I can't imagine the money on accessories being anywhere near how much an actual device or subscriber nets BlackBerry.. so I say no. When we first launched BBM people talked about giving away BlackBerry's main competitive advantage. If you ask me, the qwerty keyboard is the REAL competitive advantage.

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I could be soon using an iPhone at work on a trial basis as we have not gone the way of a smartphone in our company. This upsets me, however its another discussion. If I do infact have to use an iPhone, I will be getting a physical keyboard to use with it, be it Typo or other maker. I would like to stay loyal to BlackBerry, so yes, indeed I would want a BB version of this. I couldn't stand typing on my Z10 and I have come to the conclusion that I am stuck in my ways and am a dedicated physical keyboard user

Bring back the Palm Pre esq design. Nothing else has ever been made like it. A sleek pod phone with a slim slide out keyboard. Make it a little bigger, Give it bb10 it was perfect and awesome internals.

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These polls need to be mobile friendly, I find myself having to tap continuous times to select the right radio button I want to choose.

Would be great if something could be done for them.

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Nah just sue them or take royalties that way BlackBerry gets paid and then only typo looks bad when they break all the time.

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It so silly to use a qwerty on a apple iphone because blackberry os is 40% productive in use. So just buy a qwerty Q10 to meet the real world, Also see blackberry 10 beats ios with 40% in 5 days competition.

EDIT: Nor should they work on their own keyboard. We've already got the best in class keyboard physical and virtual. Market the heck out of our platform and phones, with more people coming over and demanding the apps from the developers maybe we can get the apps we have been clamoring for on our platform.

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i say yes, no matter what people are gonna keep using there iphone. and is still not gonna be the same as an original typo is getting rich selling copy of the blackberry keyboard .. then blackberry should make money out of it.. people were complaining about bbm on ios and android .. now everyone is happy. cause ya know whats the plan for bbm. but at first nobody wanted only cause blackberry would lose what identify them. now everyone is hyped.. let blackberry make money on the things they know to do.

Will it make BlackBerry profit while preventing canabolization of its own existing products? If so do it.

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i can see where BB would have room to scoop up the extra cash by making a keyboard for the iPhone. but idc either way

Yes, and sell it with an app that adds swipe gestures for some useful additions.

Cha ching

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YES. Another revenue stream, more positive recognition for Blackberry, might even make some go 'wow, this is great, if this is so great, maybe I should try their phones'. One commenter mentioned adding 'go to BBM' button and LED to it too, great ideas too.

A person can tell the Typo is a piece of c R a P just by glancing at a photo of one. Looks like a prize from a 25 cent gum ball machine in the Woolco entrance circa 1983.

Whereas the BlackBerry Q10 keyboard, albeit similar, looks awesome in a picture as well as in one's hand.

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I think yes then there would be no use for the Q10. Buy a Z10 or Z30 there's your Q30 or Q50.

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

Yeah, let's go ahead and make keyboards for iPhones even though we don't know if Typo sold 10 of them this month. Oh boy.

I already use the best in class keyboard of the Q10, but if BlackBerry can make a little money off making an Apple accessory, or getting their brand name on one, then why not? Brings in money and may just remind people how much they miss their trusty old BlackBerry.

Of course, some of us never gave them up!

Without a hesitation, yes! Put the BlackBerry name and logo on the keyboard. Get the name out there and market the heck out of it! Not releasing a product where there is an opportunity is like saying BBM should not be on other platforms because people will not buy BlackBerry hardware. I want BlackBerry hardware. But when it comes down to it, I think most of us would settle for a BlackBerry OS phone on 3rd party hardware.

There is only one thing that BlackBerry needs to do, and that us to beef up your marketing campaign. Beef it up or actually implement one.

And Kevin what the hell are you doing with an iPhone anyways? Haven't you heard of BlackBerry 10?

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Great idea. It will finally make me switch from BlackBerry to something better!

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Anything that can bring value and profit to BLACKBERRY is more power to the Company!!

Yesss if is going to be profitable!!!

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I'm MongezaurioBerry

I say no because I think it's just a distraction from the strategic goals. I don't think that they should dilute their brand by doing this. Might they make a few extra bucks? Sure. But they are just going to look desperate.

Focus on changing the race, not playing catch up.

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Worldwide market share of iPhone is approx. 15%. So it does not make sense to produce a keyboard for iPhone only.

If there was a high end qwerty keyboard Android phone I probably would buy it just to compare and have a backup phone. Depending on quality it would turn out if BlackBerry or Android was my backup phone then.

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Revenue is revenue no matter how you get it... But since BlackBerry it's not an accessory brand... I don't know

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Simple, yes. No better way for brand penetration, getting the masses hooked onto the physical keyboard that only BlackBerry can deliver. This would be a fantastic move.

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As a long time keyboard addict who bought the Z10 for the bigger screen, the answer is YES. This gives Z10 and Z30 owners (if they make a keyboard for both) the opportunity to have the best of both worlds AND may help reduce some of that unsold Z10 inventory if they sell it as a bundle. Sign me up!

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I misread the question! Derp! A resounding HELL NO to making a keyboard for the iPhone, but YES to making one for the Z10 and Z30.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

BB making a keyboard for other devices would not be a good thing. they already have supply chain issues and are trying to get better at handling on hand components.
Licenses the hell out of it! make the money that way. the keyboard is their signature design. and look someone else wants to use it. since this is not a FRAND issue (only 1 maker uses the KB currently) they can charge a significant amount for licensing. and then people can say that someone make their IPhone into a BB.

YES! The keyboard is about the only thing that Blackberry is really good at so they might as well make the best of it.

I say yes. Right along with an app for remember, the movie maker and the photo collage that was on the playbook. They can actually sell these apps. Make a killing on the keyboard as well.

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Yes, so other users can experience how good a keyboard is.

And blackberry has to put there company logo on the keyboard hahahah :')

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It think were it possible, blackberry should seek to profit from such things. I see the law of supply and demand coming to fruition here.

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With all respect that's just a ridiculous idea. I've been using two phones for a few years, a blackberry and iphone. I get a new model of each every other year, I wouldn't give up either but I certainly won't buy an external keyboard for a phone.

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No way should BlackBerry make Iphone keyboards. That would be like putting a Corvette body on a golf cart. You want the experience, then you take the whole package. Not some half a$$ mockups.

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Oh Yes...Go for it BlackBerry...make your keyboard for IOS and Androids...$$$ for device development...also for the Z10 won't hurt...woo-hoo....

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Could be a potential financial hit. But I'd rather see more BlackBerry devices actually :-)

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Yes. Not only for iPhone but perhaps for other devices as well, namely the Z10 and Z30 (sorry purests).

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I'd say: make typo pay a license fee and make them put the BlackBerry logo on the keyboard if the wanna keep the current design.

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The more BlackBerry can get consumers to think about BlackBerry, the higher the chances of the same consumer to consider BlackBerry as their next device.

BlackBerry made blue tooth keyboard for Playbook, it's not selling because of playbook. The company could have marketed to other tablets. There are die hard Iphone and Android users out there. No matter how good BlackBerry phone becomes, they will not switch device because of the keyboard. BlackBerry could design the key board and let Foxconn make it. That will assure profitability. Having said that, I do not believe the market is big enough for Blackberry to be distracted at this time making accessories for other devices. They are better off focusing what John Chen has set out to do for the company.

I say yes. I wonder if people showed a similar level of outcry when Apple's pc business was failing and rumors of an mp3 player in the works were going around. When your company's failing, continuing to do the same thing isn't exactly the smartest thing to do.

When people think of Apple today do they think of the pc company? Do you think Apple cares that most people don't associate the company with computers? Companies evolve. The revenue from the ipod allowed Apple to continue improving it's computers. Then came the iphone, and then ipad.

Maybe BlackBerry needs to become the universal keyboard attachment for all phones. Have a dedicated bbm button somewhere on the side of the attachment. If people want the real deal without all the attachment business, then they will look at BlackBerry phones.

Let's be realistic. Right now, no one except BlackBerry fans are buying BlackBerry phones anyway, and to think that the average person will ever switch to BlackBerry when all their cool friends are using iphones is just wishful thinking.

Even if only a fraction of the iphone nation buys an attachment keyboard, that's a hell of a lot more revenue than what BlackBerry is bringing in right now with it's own phones. Don't get me wrong, I love my q10, but I'm not going to agree with the people who are saying that BlackBerry would surely die if they made the keyboard attachment. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be in a much worse situation than the one they already are in right now.

Really sorry about the length of the post but it just shows how awesome the BlackBerry keyboard is. Maybe it's time for BlackBerry to show iphone users some of this magic and make some money at the same time, and even have some people switch to the real deal.

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This is crazy. How does that promote BB10? The keyboard is great, but it's not the only reason BlackBerry is great. Selling hot dogs make money. Should BlackBerry sell hot dogs? No.

To late, if they made one now they would be wide open to be sued by typo. BlackBerry should have at least made demos a year or two ago to protect their keyboards from copy cats .

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Well, keyboard is one part of the story, another is OS support. And I'd say I could live with SW keyboard, it would regression but on big displays of these days, it's not as bad as before. But without Type and go and shortcuts - no way!

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Why not grab the bull by the horns? Obviously someone is making one and trying to make it just like BlackBerry 's keyboard. Presales have supposedly sold out too. There is demand and almost an available product. Why not make some money with instead of someone else. Odds are you aren't going to sell anything else to a lot of iPhone users.

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They should and go one step further and license their touch keyword (and all its greatness) or make it available as an app for iPhone and Android users.

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