Should BlackBerry bring back Unite as a multi-platform management tool?

Parental Controls
By Chris Umiastowski on 4 Jun 2014 10:53 am EDT

Several years ago BlackBerry started a secret project to bring BES-like features to families. This was way back when the iPhone didn't even have copy and paste yet, the iPad didn't exist and Android had next to no market share. BlackBerry was still king of the smartphone world so the idea of going cross-platform wasn't terribly important yet.

BlackBerry Unite offered families a way to install software on a PC and benefit from a shared contact list and calendar, photo and file sharing and user management. Parents could also act as system administrators. There was a lot of potential behind the product and although it was executed well from a software perspective, the marketing was non-existent.

The project was shut down.

Here we are in 2014. Android and iOS are hugely prevalent in the market and BlackBerry has very little market share. The company is pushing hard into mobile device management for devices that run both leading operating systems in addition to BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10.

Sparked by a Twitter conversation, I've begun to wonder if BlackBerry should bring back the concept of Unite, but make it cross-platform compatible and fully cloud-based.

I'm guessing most families have a mix of Windows PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Androids, BlackBerry and increasingly even Windows Phone.

So, CrackBerry Nation, do you see the need for a platform that can control access to all of the major mobile devices in your home? BlackBerry would need to create the cloud-side software as well as apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone while building the capabilities into BlackBerry 10. Here are some of the things I'd like to see:

  • Automatically back up all photos to a shared family repository based upon permission granted by the photographer.
  • Automatically create a BBM channel for all devices in the family network.
  • Shared contacts and calendar.
  • Support for pure Wi-Fi devices and cellular devices.
  • Shared task lists and appointment schedules.
  • Administration capabilities for parents. For example I don't want my daughter to be able to access the Internet after bedtime, and I can see how parents might want to limit the number of hours their kids spend on certain apps or games.
  • I'd like to be able to track the location of devices (again, depending on privacy settings)

I see no reason why all of this can't be done within BBM plus some kind of additional admin area within an app. It would require no desktop software of any kind and I think BlackBerry could charge for this capability.

Family people - do you agree? Investment types: Is it worth going after this market? There doesn't seem to be any dominant player here. Apple is upping the game with new family features in iOS 8, but that's not cross platform.

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Should BlackBerry bring back Unite as a multi-platform management tool?


I think this would be awesome for parents to control their young teens from accessing certain content on their browser. This would definitely give parents more ease that they control their children's phones.

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The big question here that hasn't been answered is, will it be profitable. I don't think blackberry needs another workload that could add more dead weight. They need to focus on things that can bring profits back into the company. Until then it's a great idea and can be reviewed again after the company picks up momentum.

Personally I just want BlackBerry Blend to take off ASAP:
- see any information from your BB10 device on any browser or program(only if this makes it more secure)
Example: Texts, BBM, Email, Media (pictures/videos), Apps(no idea how this would work but some sort of mirror or HTML5), Calendars, Remember, Contacts and etc
- if it's internet based then maybe have dropbox do the media portion of the automatic sync
Going off what you wrote:
- Option to link certain things/sections/apps with who ever else has a BB10 device of choice.
For Example:
1. Sync your business calendar with your coworker
2. Sync a certain Photo/Video Album with a family member
and continued.
- automatic sync to your car!!

Absolutely. One reason why many Apple folks are so invested--ability to share media among all their devices.

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Who needs iCloud when you've got dropbox & box facilities already? I don't see any value add in iCloud.

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If you have any combination of Mac, iPad, iPod Touch (?), and/or iPhone than iCloud is pretty darn useful in that you can share contacts, iCal, notes/reminders, bookmarks (Safari), Keychain, iPhoto, and documents & data ( officially "purchased" music and apps from iTunes/App Store) between devices. It even syncs the location of enabled devices (Find My Mac/iPhone/iPad). DropBox is cool for sharing docs and media but in terms of total productivity it falls short.

As a small business I would pay for this. I would even pay for this as a family.

For the business side it could fill a gap for smaller companies that want of integration but not a full BES system. From what I see on a few small tweets from the family version would be required.

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It's like Windows Home Server could be used as kind of a gap filler for very small business, that only had low requirements, like just a file server, and none of the other SBS features needed.

I can imagine this to be the home BES or the "consumer BES" we've been asking for. Sure it needs to work with the new desktop software. It should be able to also control the family router (UPnP?).

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Create a bbm Group. I have a group for my wife and I. My family, etc.... with my wife group i we do shopping lists for groceries, thinks we like to buy for the home etc...

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Very interesting idea... I don't know how much it would drive sales, but anything that shows some true innovation is more than welcome, especially if there's already some groundwork that's been done on the project.

After they're finished with becoming profitable in the business sector, this would be one of the "qool" features of BlackBerry, a business tool that became once fashionable and desirable among common folk, even teenagers. Could work the same way again....

BHS BlackBerry Home Server/-ice

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Yess I say do it. I notice BlackBerry has a lot of kool ideas that they never executed on. John Chen needs to look at a lot of the ideas that where thrown out and revisit them. I think we all can agree that BlackBerry says no to cool ideas and tries to play it safe way to much.

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I think it's a great idea. I for one would get my kids a cell way sooner if I could monitor it and track it. I wouldn't make it cross platform either, not right from get go anyway. Make it exclusive to BlackBerry. It might be a way to sell more bb10 devices.

I disagree with this. Blackberry already has the software capabilities to make these things cross platform, and I doubt that this system would be enough incentive for parents to buy their children blackberry's. Especially parents who don't even use Blackberry's themselves (which are most). Make it something that integrates nicely into what they already have, maybe adding a few features for users who are on Blackberry's but not even necessarily, and people will buy it if you market it well and make it affordable.

As a father of 4 kids I would appreciate having some control over their content. More so limiting the times that the device can be used for social media. Late hours or even during homework hours, dinner time, it would be nice to keep their focus at home. Being able to see photos being taken and received is also a great feature. I would love to know what goes on when I'm not with them. Not to control them, but to help when they need it and steer them away from the evils in the world

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The best line in the editorial, "... the marketing was non existent..." Sadly today, it still does not exist.

Blackberry always.....

Why not? BlackBerry must innovative at a faster pace than the rest! They should start digging and getting those great ideas into projects and into products and get the best and profitable ones out there.

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I don't think it's a bad idea. I use bbm group for my family right now for the lists/calenders. But I'm not a dad yet so no need to monitor. But if I have a daughter on day. You bet I'd buy this! Lmao

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Boy you have a Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , Youtube etc.. all in one ! great to get BBM Money integrated in Unite then into BBM Channels !!!

This would be an amazing ability for BlackBerry to add and market the $#!^ out of it!! BlackBerry sucks at marketing. Spend money to make money. So many people I speak to have no idea what the new BlackBerry 10 devices are capable of. Very sad that BlackBerry is leaving the doors open for everyone else. Missed opportunities :(

I like it. To respond to an earlier comment. We're too late to not do this cross platform. We just have to prove that we can do things the best and people will eventually tire of the other platforms by saying " why can't you be more like BlackBerry? Unfortunately we aren't the best in all areas yet. (and may never be) but let's keep trying.

A lot of this is already available through BBM groups, but far from a complete list of what everyone is after. I personally think this is a great initiative and should be driven through BBM with channels integration. Let's get'er done BlackBerry.

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I think they have at some point send something for sale to the market. Everything takes ages. Projects don't pay the bills. It's good to have some, but execution matters. Look at the z3, again, one launch, one country and delays.

Well well...

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Good post, I am thinking to get a BES cloud to manage the family devices if not too expensive (4 BB, and a few ios, and a few droids)

You must be a caring parents to want this, and I do.. along with millions of other parents! Parents should be able to curb Internet use, especially after hours - look what these two 12 year old girls did to their friend at a sleepover! The parental controls on the devices don't offer much flexibility. I can't turn off kids turning on their hotspots, for example :( Remember, I'm the parent having to pay for their data plans.

I use BBM Groups to manage messaging and conversations, shared calendars, etc. Still can't make tasks lists that I can search, sort and see progress! HINT! I can't share anything but photos, so files and videos must be done via Dropbox. BBM Groups has a lot of potential, but Unite would offer much more BES-like features.

I think they should!!! BlackBerry also needs to bring out a water resistant device. Everyone is going after the S5 because it's water resistant.

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I don't wat a water resistant but a waterproof phone actually, my z10 is water resistant, I used it in the rain today...

Great idea, and I think in this BlackBerry could be ahead of everybody else at least for some period of time. I know it's sort of costly to re-animate old projects, but this one is good reason to do that. And I'm ready to spend some money from my family budget to get license as soon as product ready.

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Great idea and no marketing. What a surprise. Great idea for small businesses too. I work for a small company with a dozen people and we are constantly sending stuff back and forth and ordering stock with our own phones so this would help a lot . How about opening balance so we can use it our selves for this.

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They should definitely start this up again but add more features.

Admin can cloud file and such and make it accessible to members of the family/group etc.

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?

Fantastic idea. C'mon BlackBerry, git'r done. I use a BBM group for my family now as they are using "other" devices. But to be all managed by Unite or something simular would be awesome

Making it cross platform would be wonderful. I could see charging a small fee for other platforms and an even smaller fee for BlackBerry owners (incentive to switch). For the right price and functionality, I certainly would invest. Plus, from the sounds of things, they wouldn't have to start from scratch so, it shouldn't be that big of an investment for them to get it up and running.

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In the past zero marketing and today nearly zero marketing at Blackberry.
I don't get it, some people even study marketing and they find no one?
That's not how a company works!

Having great products means nothing when you not market and sell them.
If Blackberry continues that they won't be there in 5years anymore.

RedBerry Z10 Limited Edition #0167

What a fantastic idea? Also, I want all electronic communications going to and from any device I use (whether at home or elsewhere) to go through the blackberry network. Privacy/security in all aspects of my communications. It shouldn't be limited to businesses only.

Business no1 at Blackberry. Just have a look a the camera, mediaplayer and internet browser in OS10 then you see the normal consumer means nothing to them :) That's why they will fail but hey productivity productivity productivity that's important
RedBerry Z10 Limited Edition #0167

Great idea. However if it is based from a desktop programme I think it would be easier to market. Most parents today are still living in a desktop world I think.

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This sounds like a prohibitively enormous undertaking. Blackberry hasn't gotten cross-platform bbm smoothed out yet. Baby steps.

Good idea Chris. I have been trying to get shared calendar, contacts, pics, etc for a long time within my family. I use Google as my contacts and calendar options. It is synced between multiple devices with one user name and password. It is the easiest way for me to share with giving up some privacy though. For pics I use Dropbox and so far it has worked well. But I would love to integrate everything under one umbrella. I do have kids, but they are no old enough to want a cell phone and/or tablet. But having administrator control would be amazing.

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Very good concept, especially that it is cross platform, will be better than icloud, not only for families, but also for business, document sharing etc....

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How do they monetize it? Most consumers shirk at the idea of paying for services these days and BlackBerry doesn't have the advertising chops to support this venture.

I think this is a great product that BlackBerry can build really well theoretically. But I strongly doubt their ability to execute on it and defend it in the mainstream consumer market.

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I think this would be a great family tool. Could introduce app control, similar to an IT Administration in a company.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

Having desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, media box (roku), NAS', and kids, I currently am our home system administrator. I do not have any special software to help, only parental rules we have developed, but they need to change and adapt as the kids grow. A single software solution would be a great help to manage everything. Most of the gadgets run different OS'.

So maybe this or something different.

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Fix BlackBerry Protect 1st.

with features that rival Norton, Lookout, etc...

Then bring back Unite

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This is what I was saying. Bring to the market a BES-like product for families.

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It's a great idea.. would definitely would be beneficial for families (where parents could censor their children from all of today's digital crap, etc.)

Q10 on T-Mobile

I like the idea to get influence to see where my kids are who they call and give limitations what they can see or what they can do with a phone. So YES. I also like to pay for it but must say not more than 5-7 euro or just 50-60 euro for a year for 2-3 phone's. I think lot of parents wanted this and blackberry can do this.

It's is not only kids but also retarded people, old people and more. no disrespect here.

I propose that instead there should be a BES Home (or BES lite) which is basically a stripped down version of BES 12 with a limit on the number of people (max 8 people?).

It can even be FREE like how VMware has a free version.

The benefit of doing it this way is:
a) Spur adoption of BES and its benefits to people who normally don't use it.
b) It will allow users to be familiar with features from BES as well as BlackBerry balance.
c) It will be cross platform
d) It will offer a bigger test bed for BES which otherwise may not be available. It shares current development resources.

They can then charge to unlock more features or add in more people.

Totally like this idea too! BES Lite for Consumers will provide a nice overlap between Enterprise & Consumer focus!

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+1 or instead of a people limit make it a device limit and include the "internet of things" while they are at it including TV's, cars, music players, wearable's and of course smartphones and tablets. Let's get ahead of that curve!

I too would be on board with this product but it can not use Server 2012 as a base. BES Home would need Windows for me. Forget free users, I would be open to paying reduced rate CAL.

Am not concerned but this could be an option along with BlackBerry Link? Pushing this good idea for ALL users, in my opinion, is not the thing to do. Considering this as an option, totally agree.
2 points:
- your child should never access Internet without adult supervision- no software can replace a parent or teacher.
- family focused does not seem the target of M.Chen. But am not against the idea.

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This would for sure be a major differentiator! For the first time one brand would provide something to UNITE other consumer brands! LOVE the idea!

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I could see the benefits of this kind of cross platform safety and security within a family.
The question is what's the price? Per month or one time charge?

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You basically just described a BBM group.... wouldn't be very hard to implement all the tools are there.

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I think it is a great idea and would be really beneficial for my family. At the time when I was using Unite, my kids were very young. Making Unite cross-platform compatible and fully cloud-based and super secure would be the perfect evolution. Not sure what the right financial model is, but they definitley could charge something for it.

In my opinion, I like this idea. If it wasn't too expensive, I would definitely buy into it. Also like the idea of BES 12 lite. That would be awesome. Maybe a combination of the two?

Via my Z10 with 10.2.1 awesomeness

United we stand... Bring it on BlackBerry... I always hoped for something like this and I was completely unaware that BlackBerry had a project in these lines.. Great men think alike ;)

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Reading comments, it would be interesting to monetize a family solution at a reasonable price, including services offered. The rest is to see if BlackBerry has any interest in this. Where their goal is. But guess that it is all about implementing a service, the cost of global service, and the benefits it could generate. Point blank.

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I would love to see that. I had BlackBerry Management centre for a while but then that too shut down. Everything cloud based.

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Definitely, I just dumped safe eyes (McAfee) which has the scheduling and limits but none of the sharing options. They just need to tie into open DNS to get the filter options.
I dumped safe eyes because of the lack of mobile support. I need something that works with Android tablets, I pods, BlackBerry PlayBook and phones.
The sharing of calendars and contacts I currently use Google accounts but i'd much rather trust BlackBerry with my information.

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I agree, but try windows 8 and WM8 devices, the MS family safety features are the best I think! No one else has any as close to it. They offer this for free.

One cool feature is if you have given your child access to their profile for 4 hours a day and only between 3pm and 8pm but your child needs to use it for just 20mins more, he or she can request an exception from a "parent ". Then if you are in person, you just type your password. If not he or she will email a request and you grant exception remotely

Very useful

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Maybe a poll would have been better.

My BBM channel- [URL="bbmc: C00015A31] The Gamer's Network [/URL]

As part of the internet of things this would fit very neatly. I would market as a way to get all of the very smart items together.

It should marry the audio/video items as well as the environmental (hvac) and the computers and telecommunications (phone and fax) and printing into a cloud based system.

Separately but still qnx based I would have the security items in a cloud based solution.


With this whole "Internet of Things" there will definitely be a need for a way to manage your collection of said Things.

However I'd prefer the core of it to be a cloud service, rather than exclusively a piece of software to install & run locally. (i.e. something like BES, that is cloud-based for SME and Home users, and could replace the use of for shared address books and multiple calendars, plus integrate with Protect and provide Box/DropBox features, etc. I'd totally pay an annual fee for that.)

Those are really great ideas, Chris! I would love to see this come to fruition, with just one or two exceptions. Simply, WOW!

I hope you can reach BlackBerry before apple or google android brings out the idea not even talking about Fb or whatsapp :)

Since Blackberry no longer focusing on customer products, all they drive seems to be for the corporations I don't see how this will rise from the dead again. Personally I think Blackberry do need some original ideas that is what that really sells the OS still needs major works done to it, the OS looks way too industrial the whole OS needs smoothing out the rough edges are still there.

The man with executive ability wins always in business.

BlackBerry should step up where every other platform is lacking but unfortunately ios or Android will just steal whatever BlackBerry brings.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

I just want a consumer version of BES 12 that allows for enrolled devices to have VPN, BBM Protect or variant, and enables BES related device features and policies from an always on Windows PC. This can then be extended for families to track locations and share device data to collaborate while out. The administrator is the Windows user who installs the copy of the management tool.

Looks interesting to me. Is there a BlackBerry security angle that could be included?

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I had no idea they even had this and dumped it! Wow, smooth move BlackBerry, should have not pulled the plug on this! As a parent, this is a void or niche worth filling ! BlackBerry has the expertise to do it, yet I see they failed. Now that this is out in open, can see Apple pulling this off and claiming they started it... Ufff...

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Do it blackberry-do it now! This could be huge for families-and small companies too.
BlackBerry could monetize it through promotion to small size companies-companies perhaps not big enough To economically use BES10. BBM would be A great way to keep track of sales or service folks in the field,idea sharing/photo sharing would be cheap too.

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You may not but many would. Would need to be priced right though.... for the average family I'd say under $100.

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I have been thinking about this for a while now and this can be a very sellable item. I was even thinking on how to use bes in this way.

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Sounds like multi-tenant cloud-based BES to me - I am surprised BBRY hasn't a service like this already. It would be able to support businesses that want BES but don't want to buy the infrastructure required and could be extended to support families looking to unify their devices.

BlackBerry needs this for sure.

Z10 STL100-2 EE UK

I just want BlackBerry Balance on my personal device. If this does that then I'd buy it without hesitation!!!

Posted via CB10

I love the idea.. Depending on the cost, I'd be willing to pay for it. The bigger question, is would the general public? I see this as a way for BBRY to enhance its offerings to make BlackBerry devices more appealing to the casual users, not really as a revenue generating mechanism. Could they eventually monetize it? Probably, but I think BBRY has bigger fish to fry with the battle of the waning demand of their devices.

Just my 2 cents.

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I think this is probably one of the most neglected areas of the mobile device development, and having one company that could build a system like this to manage everything is much needed.

I've been suggesting for quite a while now that BlackBerry should get into the cloud services business, they are one company that when it comes to security and privacy have a spotless record. I think BlackBerry is ideally suited to being a cross platform cloud backup service.

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It would be a nice product if BlackBerry was relevant to consumers, but it's not, so let's just use BES 10 Cloud for now. And if they ever make a come back, it will be easy to put an family friendly interface on top of it with some connectors to their cloud.

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...


Why we can't have a profile on BES that would allow only the android apps we allow? Esp for work space Activation? Please?

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I think that would be a great idea. Back we had our Palm devices, they had a sync device that looked like a toaster that would have allowed you to sync all the family devices. Much more basic than what you describe, but I thought it was awesome. Unfortunately it was shelved shortly thereafter and so was Palm.

One question I would have thought is how would you separate shared downloaded content when one of the kids decides to move out (or one of the parents)? We have a family Apple Is that was used by my son to download all sorts of music that only he appreciates. I am stymied as to how to move the content from one ID to another. If BlackBerry does this, they have to think that part through, because kids WILL move out (oh I so hope they will).

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Of course. Myself and others have asked for this forever. It kills me that no one has been able to justify it and develop it already.

Posted via CB10

I am fully all for this kind of thing. We need it. Nobody else has tapped into it cross-platform, time for blackberry to do it. :)

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

I think a family version of BES in the cloud would be great. The revenue could make up for the loss in BIS.

Posted via CB10

Does there even need to be any discussion about this? Does anyone remember how BlackBerry went from the only player to also-ran? One word - CONSUMER! But, it MUST be almost effortless to use. And BTW - if I read correctly, this is part of iOS 8.

Absolutely great idea. My kids are all under 10, but will soon be of age to want cellular devices. A central manager would be fantastic.

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The poor marketing almost killed BB10. It's a shame, Blackberry has great devices but unless they can effectively reach non Blackberry supporters they will not grow. We are still in Beta.

Posted via Z10

Unfortunately history has taught us that when it comes to marketing BlackBerry simply does not have a clue. The very first group of layoffs should have been the ineffectual marketing department; a swift kick in the genitals for Frank Boulben.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

I think it's a good idea. I'm not sure if it would reach as many peoplep if they charged for it. There aren't providing a revolutionary service with it, just making everything more user friendly and easy to access.
If they could bring portions of BlackBerry World to more devices, that would be huge. My friend with an Android phone was jealous that I can use android apps but she can't use BlackBerry ones. But why not open the whole thing up there too? And the media available in BlackBerry World rivals Apple's wannabe monopoly. There has to be a huge market of people who are non-Apple users... Let's unite!

Posted via CB10

I believe if this is done through BBM then there will be a good marketing tool for the app.

Then again look one step further, it would be great for families, but how about friends & colleagues? I don't want my friends or colleagues to control my phone usage.

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BlackBerry 10 Cloud could easily be the reincarnated BlackBerry Unite. Well if BlackBerry marketed it to that market segment.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

Thanks Chris, I've never thought of this before. It actually sounds like a great idea. There may be a few family disagreements along the way, but in the end, it could be extremely handy.


I wish I had that capability back when my kids were still home. Now, not needed as much. Sounds like a good concept though.

I could see this working out if they implemented it. But the key is marketing. If you are selling a solution like this to the consumer market, then they need to want it. With the BlackBerry name not doing to well, (in the states at least) anything coming from BlackBerry is almost immediately written off.

Make it great, then make sure the world knows without a shadow of a doubt how truly awesome it is. Regardless of what you are selling, hype it up, then love up to the hype. That's how you succeed.
Posted via CB App from my Galaxy S4 Mini with an LED CrackLight ;-)

This would be awesome, my wife has an android and my daughter has an iphone. Having a cross platform system would be super useful. We use an app called cozi right now, but it's limited unless you pay a subscription fee.

Posted via CB10

I don't understand it. You hesitate to pay few bucks for an app, which you consider useful. But you'd pay for another (future) solution, which will exceed the price of the app at least 20 times?!

I think this would be a great incentive for people to buy more blackberry phones, they don't need to collect money for it if everyone in your family has a blackberry. Even small buisinesses would find this useful and would help sell more phones! I for one would really like this.

I couldn't see this being a dead weight, seeing BlackBerry has always been security conscious throughout the beginning of time, this little touch is not a PlayBook Mission and BlackBerry needs to get ahead before a Black Hole appears.



No, if I had to monitor the phones in my family, then I shouldn't have bought them at the first place. My kids will get a dumb phone to call on me in case they've got stuck without a bus home.

There are already a shared calendar solution possible natively (or Gmail or whatever) and my router is smart enough not to grant access to certain devices within a specific time range (relative and absolute).

I think it is wasting resources.

I think that it could also be used for small businesses (like mine) where BES is not worthwhile, but we would still like to be able to share information with other staff easily.


no! we need freedom not more restrictions. Seriously, do you think parents today have the time to micromanage their kids smartphone contacts...? That would lead to large scale rebellion, and tag BlackBerry with the stigma of being the grandma's phone of

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I think it may be a great way to market more blackberries. Offer the service with a yearly subscription fee but also provide phones directly sold from blackberry to serve the family. Usually phones can be easily added to an existing service plan but usually have to be purchased at retail prices. Offer a discount on blackberry phones to be connected by the service provider with the purchase of the app. Gets the kids on the crackberry again?

This would be huge! We have a mix of BlackBerry and iphone devices in the family. Such a solution would be a big help!

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It should be useful for us, especially the locate function. Wi-Fi only tablets, smart phones, dumb phones (can't resist it) and lots of computers around. A central system may be good..

Posted via CB10

I've been looking for a long time for something secure and private to replace Google for sharing our calendar and contacts. Haven't found anything I'd trust yet. I'd gladly pay BlackBerry a fee for the service.

Posted via CB10

Yes I definitely I have done some work with a few Police forces in the UK, and the monitoring of kids of cell phones is imperative and important for parents, a parent should see what their kids are doing, it just makes sense,

How much is a third party BES subscription for a fleet of 5 devices?

Is it too much for a family, and if so can BlackBerry compete?
And by that I mean :
- be cheaper than a set of third party services
- be cheap enough to bring people to buy compatible phones for the whole family.

My opinion is that even if it were free, it would not be enough except for families that already have the compatible phones (ie BlackBerry 10 phones for all members).

If the answer is yes, BlackBerry can compete, then does BlackBerry want to do that?

1) In a recent past, BlackBerry hosted emails and it was not the most brilliant email provider available, and it even proves problematic in case you have an issue with your BBOS phone.

2) in a recent past, the BBID saved a lot of information, I even thought it was going to become BlackBerry's answer to AppleMe/iCloud. Then the BBID for BB10 was limited to nearly the void. Nothing more than a Passport like Microsoft's in the past.

This leads me to think that BlackBerry is not focusing on providing free services to consumers. Why give for free what you can sell through BES?

It is true that John Chen wants to increase the market share. But as far as I understand he aims at selling cheap phones (the Z3 in Indonesia)being the first and maybe cheap phablets, just like Huawei.

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This concept could really be great and make people realise that BlackBerry has added value !

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I believe this would be wonderful, most parents, including myself, are looking for some product of this kind already. Why not be BB the one to bring it to life. I'm pretty sure the "unite" blueprint and prototype software are archive on their shelf; that could be half the battle.

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