Should BlackBerry and Amazon be working together on more than just apps?

By camera531 on 21 Jun 2014 11:54 am EDT

It's been a big week for BlackBerry, to say the least, and just about all of the news was positive. John Chen is definitely the real deal. Despite the surprise appearance of the new Passport and Classic (they rock!), the biggest news for me was the licensing agreement for the Amazon Appstore. And not for the reasons you think, but let's first look at the immediate benefits.

When the Passport and Classic launch in a few months, BlackBerry will basically triple the amount of official apps it has overnight, including big names like Netflix, Pandora, Spotify and Pinterest. The critics who carp about the "app gap" will be silenced and BlackBerry will have something truly awesome to boast - two robust app stores from two different platforms on one phone. Talk about a smorgasbord. I'm sure many of you already have the Amazon Appstore installed on your BlackBerry, which is as easy to accomplish as it is on any Android device. No special handling required. So why is this news a big deal?

We could just be scratching the surface and this could go well beyond apps

For starters, Amazon's Appstore will come preinstalled on all upcoming BlackBerry phones, allowing even the least tech savvy users to have full and easy access. As it stands today, Android compatibility is still elusive for many mainstream consumers. But we could just be scratching the surface and this could go well beyond apps, and that's why this news is so compelling. The licensing agreement alone will help BlackBerry's app situation and Amazon now has a second platform to promote its services. A win-win for both. Moving forward, however, there's a huge amount of potential from a broader alliance, both software and hardware related. Why stop at apps? And with BlackBerry's recently announced Project Ion initiative, a combined force could be huge (more on that in a minute).

Google's I/O Developers' Conference next week will undoubtedly be a showcase for Android Wear (Google's specialized operating system for wearables), and following Apple's iWatch debut this fall, smartwatches will likely become the "next big thing". Just having a great smartphone might not be enough in 2015; it'll need a sidekick. This is a prime opportunity for BlackBerry and Amazon to collaborate on a smartwatch. It might not make sense for either to pursue this independently, but together they have the resources and engineers to make it feasible. Imagine BBM and Amazon's new Firefly feature on your wrist… How cool is that? And it wouldn't have to stop at wearables. BlackBerry hasn't been able to justify a new tablet after its struggles with the Playbook, which was a solid product nonetheless. Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets have gained some traction, but haven't seen the success of the iPad or top Androids. Combine QNX and class leading security with consumer-centric software and services, and true greatness could emerge. It wouldn't be a Playbook 2 or another Kindle Fire, but a separate beast altogether that showcases the best of both companies. When playing with giants like Apple and Google, a strategic alliance could be a winning strategy.

BlackBerry is planning to capitalize on the "Internet of Things"

Back to Project Ion. BlackBerry is planning to capitalize on the "Internet of Things" and as more of what we use day-to-day become internet accessible, from cars to watches to refrigerators to thermostats, centralized frameworks will be needed to manage all of the data. QNX is already powering many of these devices, so BlackBerry is in an excellent position. Although the (initial) plan is to focus on enterprise, the vast majority of "connected things" will be consumer oriented and that's where Amazon can be a strategic partner. Not to mention that Amazon is a major enterprise itself and Project Ion could help revolutionize the way it manages its warehouses and more. This is the same company pushing for connected delivery drones, after all. Smartwatches, tablets and phones are all part of the "Internet of Things", and collaborative efforts could be a real boon for both companies. It's still in the early stages and it's a new market, but the potential is real and BlackBerry plans to have things in place by early 2015.

I just want to be clear. I'm not suggesting that BlackBerry and Amazon merge, but rather collaborate on a handful of projects that could inject some steroids into both company's products and services (while remaining fully independent). I understand that many of you feel that the Amazon Appstore agreement will be a disincentive for native developers, but moves like this are vital to the bigger picture. John Chen isn't afraid to make hard decisions and think outside the box, and perhaps this is just the beginning of bigger things to come.

So what do you all think? Should BlackBerry and Amazon be working together on more than just apps?

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Should BlackBerry and Amazon be working together on more than just apps?



I donno. Instead making Fire Phone they could have teamed up with BB and integrated Amazon services into BB10 OS. Hell, Amazon pushing a $300 dollar Z11(basically a repackaged Z10 with a slightly changed design) they could have made the device cheap, accessible, instead of outrageously expensive ($650).

Exactly what i was thinking i mean come on if your going to do online shopping use the best security on a smartphone

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Early last I bought a plane ticket to Dubai. Except, I didn't buy it. I did in fact buy a ticket to the philippines from Orbitz and I didn't even get offered something for breach of card info. Someone else just helped themselves to my card info and bought themselves a ticket to the Slave capital of the world. So yeah I would be happy with some better security all round and not just from BlackBerry and Amazon.

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Or at least announce that BBM would come pre-installed on Kindle Fire phones.

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

I think Blackberry has proven that they can't build a hit phone dating back to the Storm and anything past that. It's well documented that Verizon went to BlackBerry (RIM) first to build an iPhone killer which was supposed to be the Storm... After that huge failure they went to Motorola which brought them the Droid... Oh lets not forget my 64Gig paperweight err I mean....PlayBook

Besides if you were Amazon would you want to fall back on a company that's always scraping the bottom of the barrel for cash to continue running? How many limbs do you think BlackBerry could sell off before it's just the head? They've already divested from their real estate holdings.

Are they a real estate company? No? Then it's just cash that can be better invested.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Agreed. Even the big banks in Canada have sold many of their head offices. Concentrate on what you see good at and let someone else worry about the buildings

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Are you a real estate company? Then you definitely should continue renting and leave home ownership to the professional real estate investors.

Chen is not selling limbs, by any means. Simply trimming the fat. And thank sweet baby Jesus he did that. After leading Sybase to 54 straight profitable quarters from the brink of destruction I'd put my money on Chen any day to reign BBRY in. I mean the situation with Sybase when he took over was much more bleak than it is now.

And for all of the failed devices you are talking about, you can thank Thors for the poor leadership.

I hope that's in their marketing, consumers don't pin failures to people they pin it against the company. GM is a fantastic example their Cobalt ignition problem... happened years ago due to decisions made by prior management... but GM as a brand name is taking the hit.

Blackberry is wearing a lifejacket any way you try to spin it... how many times has there been talk of sale, layoffs and buy outs. How many times have they talked about selling the company as a unit or in bits and pieces?

Hell if it wasn't for the Canadian government Blackberry would belong to Lenovo.

Weird.....I'll take your 64GB 'paperweight' off your hands since I still use my 16GB PlayBook daily. Imagine all the movies I can put on a 64GB 'paperweight'!

You have obviously little knowledge of what working capital is or why it's not a bad thing at all to have sold those building. This is vanilla off-the-balance-sheet stuff, improves ratios and increase cash position on stuff that has better IRR. Lits of companies are doing that nowadays, you just don't work in finance.

3.1 billions is the kind of drawer scrapping I like but ok if you don't think it's enough.

As for the phones, Motorola failed, Nokia failed, Palm failed, HP failed, HTC is struggling for survival, LG is barely breaking even. Aside from Samsung and Apple, everyone is failing so take you wits and keep them to yourself.

Z30 Vivo Brasil

@rdgroulx Listen I've backed up my comments with facts Blackberry is a company in poor health look at the stock chart, Google them in the news, look at their SALES numbers.

The BB10 OS is a failure, mobile providers are dropping them, they don't market to anyone. They sell MORE legacy devices than BB10 devices infact they just brought back the 9900, because there is MORE demand for legacy 9900 than the next gen device.

If you had even bothered to read my response to the original commenter.

"Instead making Fire Phone they could have teamed up with BB and integrated Amazon services into BB10 OS. Hell, Amazon pushing a $300 dollar Z11(basically a repackaged Z10 with a slightly changed design) they could have made the device cheap, accessible, instead of outrageously expensive ($650)."

Again there is NOTHING I have said that isn't TRUE.

I'd have bought that. I love my z10 and don't want my next upgrade to be to a larger device (which the new ones are)

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I agree with you 100 %, I love my Z10 and would like to see a Z10 upgrade anytime soon, I will take a slightly larger screen, but the size of the Z10 is just perfect.

Imagine the Z10 with these specs:

DISPLAY 4.7 inch, Full HD 1080p, 468 PPI
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600, quad-core, 2.0 GHz
Total storage : 16GB/32GB/64GB, available capacity varies
BATTERY : 2300 mAh
Talk time:
Up to 18 hours for 3G
And the Z30 sound system.

That's my ideal phone :D

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I totally agree. There was not need whatsoever for yet another smartphone in an already over saturated market. Instead they should had join forces to reposition blackberry as the mobile giant it once was.

I'd love to see BlackBerry doing more strategic partnerships. Amazon for apps is great. I also remember an HMV music purchase and ID service was coming. (I so love HMV.)

No issue with separate storefronts on my phone. Just PLEASE Make the payments experience work seamlessly for official music, app, and video partners.

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What do consumers want? I think that the partnership could cause Samsung a headache, but not Apple.

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The two smallest players collaborating won't cause Samsung any headaches. But they'll likely take notice of the model.

Still not an official app from Facebook (since they are the owners of instagram) is it? I thought it was a third party developer much like igrann.

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On the Fire Phone main page it says it is currently one of the "Favorites in the Amazon Appstore" but it is not even available in their appstore.

Edit: Actually, going through them there are a few like that. Crummy marketing.

I think they should go all out!

Nothing to loose and so much to gain!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Yes they should. BlackBerry and amazon have much to gain if they work together.. I hope this partner ship work out well for both companies.. #teamblackberry


I'm just wondering if amazon finds blackberry a good partner. Obviously BlackBerry has an interest in the Amazon ecosystem, but with an Amazon phone coming out, I wonder what amazon sees in BlackBerry ...

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Amazon isn't looking to profit from the hardware sales, they make money when people buy into their ecosystem, the hardware is an means to an end, so it doesn't matter if people buy into it via a fire phone or a blackberry, so in that sense blackberry is a valuable partner as it adds a few million more users who will be exposed to their ecosystem.

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Could the BBM Store become a gateway into the Amazon purchase chain? Is there a tie in the might make some sense there?

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Possibly, but I think from Blackberry's point of view the idea of integrating amazon app store by default is more of a way to bridge the gap between apps available on Blackberry and other devices, so integrating Amazon into the BBM store wouldn't really serve much purpose from their point of view, unless they were gaining some commission or revenue split from purchase made via Blackberry technologies.

Exactly. A tiny cut per transaction. But to immediately increase your reach by 85 million active users is no small thing for BlackBerry to offer and for Amazon to make use of.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

The problem is integrating Amazon apps via the BBM store would serve little purpose for users who are using Android. If I were an Android user why would I buy an Android app from Amazon via BBM when I can just as easily get it and many more from Play store?

I wasn't so much thinking apps, but the entire Amazon catalog of merchandise. Not that each item is sold as a separately displayed item in the BBM Store, but that you could go into the Amazon storefront and purchase and have your purchase experience be seamless. This might tie in with what Amazon is trying to do with their Fire phone built into a BBM access point.
Like I said, Just Brainstorming here.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I can see where you're coming from, but then equally if I'm going to buy something from Amazon I'm going to buy something from Amazon, how many of those 85 million users aren't aware of Amazon; So i'm not sure it would really open up new sales opportunities for Amazon. Also, BBM is a messaging app, so it would be just a tad weird to load up messaging only to find it also offers a seemingly irrelevant storefront. I think it would over commercialize what is a great messaging app.

Yes there is that risk, but BBM is fast becoming FAR more than a simple messaging app. BlackBerry has shown (some of) where they see BBM going on the corporate side with the eBBM suite. I'm just bashing ideas for potential un -intrusive opportunities to generate revenues on the consumer side. The BBM Store exists within BBM already, the question is how far can that go and what could it bring to the BBM social network?

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I think you're right to some extent, but perhaps rather than offering a complete Amazon experience, it would be better, maybe less intrusive, to incorporate a joint-venture storefront for digital goods, run by Blackberry, but supplied via Amazon for things like music purchases, instant video etc. Which would fit in nicely with the current store, which offers digital goods. It's a way of monetizing without taking it too far

The trouble is that their media ecosystem doesn't extend outside the United States. Canadian's can buy Kindle books online, but there is no digital music or video, or ANY streaming content.

If Amazon were to fix that, they'd make a fantastic media partner, but they've offered content in the US for many years now and don't seem to have any interest at all in expanding out.

The chance to have a mobile presence in over 150 countries worldwide aside from getting their own device to market. Pretty unique opportunity for them.

Amazon must see something in BlackBerry to partner with them..+ everyone buys stuff for Amazon this will just make it that much easier for BlackBerry users to buy stuff from their website..


Could Amazon provide the back end for a new retail venture with a global reach?Starting with 80 million eyes on BBM is a great opportunity for anybody who has a model. I'm sure Yahoo's investment in Alibaba and their growth is a point of contention for Amazon and they need to make a move in that direction before the markets realize it.

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They're probably already considering other things.

Z10 (STL 100-3) Superphone with vitamin

With a bad intention or without, BlackBerry was under process which could lead to destruction. No one could believe that the #1 mobile in 2007 just keep promoting itself with BBM!!!!

What a shame.

So, to work with giants like Amazon will give the real chance to boost again and expose the great device.

BlackBerry also should not depend only on the loyalty of device's owners.

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Collaboration is great. Both companies have something to gain from the partnership.

But, I am still a little nervous about this app store thing. I fear that we are just going to get about 200K apps, many of which don't run particularly well, especially on a 1:1 aspect ration. So, I'd really like to see them make sure these apps run well on BB10 before they do other things.

I am more than happy too see amazon take over the music and movie stuff. Provided they run well, games too. That's just extra distraction the BlackBerry doesn't need, but still a part of the consumers expectations.

I hope to see BlackBerry continue to maintain a healthy, if not large, library of native apps focused on productivity.

Yes. I worry about that too. Maybe Amazon will try to at least keep the apps current, and add some more.

I hope that 10.3 android runtime addresses slowness and compatibility issues. So many apps don't run well. It's so close though.

Also key apps for business like Microsoft Lync are important. Right now I can't get voice to work.

Maybe they can get a consumer Cloud arrangement with Amazon too?

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They are certainly aware of compatibility issues with Android apps on BB10, and will optimize for 1:1 aspect ratio.

Otherwise the Passport will have massive problems, but they still have some time to work on it. Just my take.

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Collaboration could be bigger than we think. Remember that BlackBerry has Android developers in-house (to work on BBM for Android).
Maybe BlackBerry could use their Android coding abilities to port over any essential Native BB10 apps Amazon wants to the Kindle Fire phone. Just like they have done with BBM.

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

I for one am glad that BlackBerry has not gone by route of Google and their requires software for using their apps. Be it licensing or potential security risks, whatever the reason I feel more secure keeping Google off of my handheld. Bravo BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Yeah, Google is a huge and pervasive, I'd be concerned about BlackBerry getting in bed directly with Google.

Amazon is no small player either. But, at least they aren't in direct competition, especially from a business-customer perspective.

I'm all for this. Amazon is a great company with a great reputation, and the good press alone could do wonders for BlackBerry, which we all know has been dragged through the mud the last couple years.

Posted via CB10

A great company with a great reputation?? Actually Amazon has made its bones on the backs of retail stores as well as its warehouse workers. Amazon is the Walmart of the internet. They're living proof that a critical mass of consumers don't care who they have to sell out in order to save a buck in the short run.

BlackBerry's recent unholy alliances may help save the company but it's killing the brand in the process.

Via CB10, Z10 rocking official 10.2.1

These are alliances aren't for life, it's being made so the company can survive, then when it begins thriving re-evaluation would be in order

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Can someone elaborate on what this does for Amazon? Obviously, they pick up a few more customers. But other than that...?

I'd be curious if they would be interested in migrating their entire line of devices from android to (some version of) BB10.

I don't know... just a thought....

That's all Amazon really wants. More subscribers.. more people on their services.. more open doors to sell you things.

Because they haven't released a phone yet, just announced it.

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

I think the immediate benefit is direct exposure of Amazon's services to users on a 2nd platform. And it can only grow from there.

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This is what I think should happen. Amazon is going to have to find a way to open up their prime services to more than just the US if they want to be taken seriously as a cell phone manufacturer.

As it stands now, the Fire phone looks like just another Android phone. Why would you buy that phone if it isn't superior to other Android phones? Powered by BB10, it becomes unique, more unique if it can run Android apps without the usual Google Play Store not found error code bringing everything to a a screeching halt.

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On the surface this deal actually benefits Amazon more than BlackBerry. They now have an expanded worldwide audience for their services as well as the attention of an entire developer community.

They have such objectives with the Fire phone but now it's basically X2 overnight.

I posted elsewhere , Kindle pwered by QNX makes a lot of sense.

Amazon is not an enguineering company, it is a content and product supplier. BB needs a reputable Android store. Amazon wants it's own branded deviced to help move content.

also, neither wants to others business and the ot hers businesses are necessary evils for each other.

Also this will pprovided stats to developers of how many BB users are downloading Android apps, sideloading including snap provided no developer data on this so no sign if a native app would be a better way to go

example .... if a lot of BB users downlaod and the unistall an android app the developer knows there is a problem. Depending on numbers they can go meh , or they can say lost opportunity,1 should get there and the choices are .... make the Android app work on BB, do a proper port that works or do a native app.

right now it's not really working at all, the android developer shave no real idea how many sideloaded installs are out there, this is more destructive than the Amazon deal as we are using the apps but nobody knows.

I can't speak to the downloads part, but to me I feel that a QNX/BB10 powered kindle phone (fireberry?) that ran android apps in solid fashion would be a win-win. Amazon gets a good basis for their phone and upgraded security. BlackBerry gets more exposure outside their garden walls. I don't know if that would happen, but I think it's an interesting play.

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The ecosystem that BlackBerry consumers are currently missing, inclusive of cloud storage, music, apps, multimedia etc.

Z10 STL100-1, OS

What about the fact that blackberry will be relegating "fun" apps in BlackBerryworld to the abyss, no more carousel exposure. What that means is that a developer who despite the odds chose to make bb10 apps at the beginning will be tossed aside. Based on my understanding my "fun" app really should be ported over to amazon app store otherwise people will have to search for my app by name in BlackBerryworld. Somehow it just doesn't seem like a good time to be a blackberry developer of "fun" none enterprise apps. But I could be wrong, so someone please explain.

Posted via CB10

It seems that BlackBerry will make its own store very enterprise focused, while the Amazon Appstore does the heavy lifting on the consumer end. It's not going to be an ideal situation for some BlackBerry devs, but I think it's the best overall solution for the company. Chen has to make these hard decisions to keep their handset business healthy. It wouldn't do devs any good if they had to scrap the handset segment entirely.

Posted via CB10

The mindset about the change is also going to depend on Devs, there's plenty that still will be coding Native and don't really plan on changing. Read our latest weekend coder, Brian has no intent on leaving. -

"Obviously no one knows for sure but regardless of what the future holds, it won’t affect my passion for coding for BlackBerry 10. I plan to keep developing, in Cascades, because I enjoy it."

I'm not in the habit of saying thank you when someone bends me over and Rogers me. BlackBerry did this with just about every promise they have ever made, so I'm disappointed after a good start to see Chen is in good company with previous CEO's.

Only someone who HASN'T spent insane lengths of time coding an app (and worse still rewriting it due to the way Headless Apps were implemented) on a minority platform could see anything positive here. How hard would it have been for BlackBerry simply to move advertisement of all native apps to Amazon? Why is it existing apps suddenly get no exposure unless they are recoded as android apps, inferior in capability and performance? Make no mistake this is a black day for BlackBerry, and it will come back to haunt them.

No, if i rewrite anything to android it would be posted in google' app store for android users. Personally I WILL continue to support my apps and if I do write more for BlackBerry, they will be cascades only.

Thank you for your frank assessment from the dev's perspective. It was the fear I had when I heard Alec Saunders was being re assigned to the QNX Cloud project. Dev relations seemed to be on the wane. Could you answer a question I have had for a while? I thought the QT and Cascades development framework allows write once and deploy across platforms with simplicity. Any truth to that? If true, why not bang the drum to get devs to write in this framework and deploy to all three??!!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

cascades is a subset of QT effectively I think. In theory most of your QT code can recompile to other platforms. Where it won't work is when you call api's that exist on BlackBerry only. So whilst it makes the code 'more' portable, it does not make it a straight forward lift and shift typically. If ever you see the old 'write once' chestnut anywhere, even java hasn't achieved that 100 percent, so take it with a pinch of salt. I will admit that it is considerably easier than starting from scratch though.

Thank you, that helps me understand that better. It's always been a nagging question I've had.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I was thinking similarly... I fear that this is a slippery slope for BlackBerry native apps. Why would anyone start to code for BlackBerry 10 now when they can just stick with their Android development and sell their product to BlackBerry users via Amazon.

I'm worried about app security, i only truly trust native apps. I only use the android port or amazon version if I can't get native and i trust the provider.

I'm also worried about the quality of apps... out of nearly a million apps in android and apple stores. There are some really poor apps out there. I'll only ever be interested in a couple hundred... and I quite like the way BlackBerry world promotes apps.

I think, merging with amazon to provide the music and video store, cloud player and cloud storage etc would be a great idea though.

Posted via CB10

How about BlackBerry firing Digital River and having Amazon run their storefront. Amazon could clearly do a much better job than is currently being done. The collaboration possibilities here are almost endless.

PROUD to be the 1%! Z10 on T-Mobile USA - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Exactly what I have been commenting on a couple of posts already.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z30-5

I thought you already have snap, for all the app gaps, so what's the big deal about this deal with amazon?

Posted via CB10

Snap, while great, is NOT a consumer product. It takes some advanced knowledge to even know it exists and even arguably even more to install it. The average customer doesn't have a clue what Snap is. Amazon will be preloaded on device and right there from the start. There's no barrier of entry. You pick up the device and it's ready to roll.

and Snap provides no user data of any sort, developers need to know who is using their Apps and on what platform. Amazon will also provided that. And legit payments to developers as well. Having all of this documented can't hurt BB, it will validate BB10 usage of Android apps.

I see low or no risk and many upsides

* Android performance: BlackBerry needs to substantially increase the performance and compatibility of the Android runtime for the Amazon deal to be truly helpful BlackBerry users. Apparently 10.3 has a better runtime, but is it good enough? The 10.2.1 runtime is definitely NOT good enough.

* Amazon integration : BlackBerry needs stronger integration with Amazon application services. For example, I find that notifications in some Amazon apps don't work unless the Amazon the store is open. This needs to be corrected.

Posted via CB10

* Amazon store must "know" about BlackBerry 10 phones : The Amazon store needs to only show apps that are compatible with the phone the app store is running on. We do not want, for example, Q10 users being able to download apps that don't work on square screens. Otherwise, this will be a bad experience for users.

Posted via CB10

I think 10.3 will bring big improvements to Android app performance (runtime) and I'm sure both companies are hard at work to make Amazon's Appstore feel like it's native.

Posted via CB10

I've looked through the Amazon App store, and frankly, I don't see it as an improvement over BlackBerry World. It looks like an equally crummy and small app store. And, it still leaves me having to install Snap for the apps I want.

Also, I'm reading in the forums BlackBerry says BB World will only be for business apps from here on out. What gives? Seems like the native experience is getting severely watered down.

Amazon app store is shocking. I use it. I really find anything decent. I so prefer BlackBerry world. Much cleaner.

Posted via CB10

Wondering if prime video app will now be available for BlackBerry 10 devices. If so that will be sweet.

Posted via CB10

Prime Video app is pretty elusive. It's not even available on Android.... only Amazon's forked version. iOS has it though.

And if we get it, I hope it does like the native video player on the Q10 and goes wide-screen when used through hdmi or miracast on a physical QWERTY device.

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

You forget this Appstore is comin out with two QWERTY devices, all your complaints would have been dealt with..

Posted via CB10

Amazon app store is mostly full of garbage apps and takes much longer to get the updates as compared to 1 Mobile Market and Google.

Posted via CB10

And you still have the freedom to continue using 1Mobile should you choose so. That's the beauty of things.

Z10 STL100-1, OS

It's a band aid not a solution because a lot of the android apps still don't work properly on bb10 android runtime. A crappy app selection plus some apps not working will frustrate people even more and send them packing to other platforms.

Posted via CB10

Agreed, not a great selection as it's only a fifth of that of Google Play. But it has tripled in size in the past year.

There are certainly a lot of synergies that can be obtained from this deal. Hopefully both parties will explore this further. Very interesting article ☺

Posted via the CB10

Yeah! It's a great idea! Just imagine Amazon and BlackBerry coming together to blow away their competitors!
But I would say..first lets see if this deal turns out to be a success! There are a lot of unanswered questions about the android integration and their behaviour on the bb10.

Posted via CB10

I hope this collaboration some day includes some of the Amazon services from the Kindle phone, such as maps. BlackBerry Maps is terrible. The app is great, but the data is terrible.

I see these types of comments about the map app and I wonder if we are using the same app. I have the advantage of frequently traveling with iPhone and S4 users. We compare map apps by running them simultaneously in the same car with the same destination keyed into the devices. More often than not, BlackBerry maps is the most accurate.

The other platforms seem to have better (more forgiving?) search capabilities, but BlackBerry maps is accurate if the right information is entered. And it is integrated with OS so well that it is easy to go from a link within another app to the Maps App - it just works well.

I'm surprised at these type of comments.

Posted via CB10

I agree, I've had no problems with BlackBerry maps but I prefer to use Waze. I like how users update accidents, traffic flow and police presence. Also like you can see friends and other users on map and send them a Thx or message or honk honk lol. I like the one from 1 mobile better than the one in BlackBerry world. It's newer version and works better. Plus, you can have Elvis tell you where to go in that version haha

...we are all connected...

I have to admit I don't like the fact that BlackBerry maps doesn't have a satellite view. I don't like that I can sit at my residence and put in my e 911 address and have them say not found. But I will give them kudos for a trip I had yesterday. I had to take a transfer to st Louis right in downtown. Ambulance transfer to be specific. I used the gps unit we have on the truck right up until we got off the interstate. That garmin started getting confused, driving me in circles and not getting me close to where I needed to be. St Louis is close to 300 miles from here and I'm not familiar with it other than the interstate pass through. That said, not knowing where I'm going and having a learning disabled gps was maddening. Both BlackBerry maps and my partners Google maps took the same route and got us right where we needed to be. So even though there could be improvements, thanks BlackBerry maps for helping me not have to spend an hour driving in circles by bush stadium on a cardinal home game night.

Posted via CB10

BB maps works very well at least here in Singapore. I think it depends from region to region. But I have no problems with the default map app.

Just maybe one day we could see Amazon purchasing BlackBerry just like Microsoft did for Nokia, after all Amazon is a much bigger fish than BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

The only thing that bothers me about this is the UI now being completely inconsistent with all the android apps, and the fact that outside of the US, it doesn't benefit people that much more does it? Other than a few apps, which yes will help.

Posted via CB10

There are many issues with this partnering arrangement - some have been mentioned in the comments and forums.

My concern is that smart watches and other ventures could overtake BlackBerry's ability to deliver the goods on their core product. They already have a history of over promising and under delivering, which is something that needs to be reversed. Now, with extensive layoffs and downsizing, BlackBerry needs to stay focused on the top three or four priorities until they are truly back in the black. Don't forget that much of the positives in cash were realized through the sale of assets and real property.

Sales of new innovative products are great, but they have to be a sure thing. Otherwise, a slow approach and selling what you know works will keep you out of trouble.

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It's interesting, if you listen to JC and why he went with Amazon vs Google, one of the things you will hear is Amazon likes BB10/Qnx. It's like he is hinting at more. Amazon is also a major cloud computing provider and with project ion coming up seems like perfect fit. I think JC is smart. The alliance with amazon doesn't tie them deeply into amazon but gives developers at least the knowledge that BlackBerry users using their apps. An increase in BlackBerry user base will mean app developer know they can use preexisting apps for BlackBerry. Even if they cancel the deal. BlackBerry can work with the developers directly

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I think that they are already working together on many more things behind the scenes and as time goes by these things will be revealed as they are put into effect.

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To BlackBerry and Amazon - create a new integrated tablet with qnx bb10 and amazon apps on top. Make it a security minded tablet for business and pleasure and instead of firefly, could be called the Dragon Fly! :-)

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Yes, the first thing that came to mind was a tablet. This collaboration could speed up the release of a bb10 tablet.

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Having read through all the comments, I see most of the commenter's are looking at apps as the key for this deal. Well I do not think it is at all. This deal has big picture written all over it. Amazon is so much more than apps, they sell pretty much EVERYTHING. Imagine having that "power" available in a smartphone without having to open multiple apps. That is probably the direction this is going to take in the future.

This smacks of seemless integration in the offing. This is still a big step for BlackBerry, and out of the box thinking is exactly why Chen was brought onboard. Software is the key, and that is the direction he is taking BlackBerry, handsets while still "important" are losing ground to the importance of software each and every day. This is why he stated "10 million handset to be profitable". He understands how to not only change the landscape, but to do it in a way that includes the security needed in today's world.

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I appreciate your article and you sharing your opinion. I just don't see it though, my honest opinion is that BlackBerry doesn't really have much that Amazon needs (unless they wanted to get into enterprise). Amazon has the resources to make whatever they want. And the Amazon Kindle and Fire tablets have been hugely successful for Amazon, they're not designed or expected to compete with the iPad.

Also I am glad the Amazon App Store is coming to BlackBerry, but I don't think amazon has high expectations, the only reason it's getting done is because they don't have to do any work.

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Apps only....

There is a price to pay for such a partnership.

I would recommend developers to combine resources and develop apps for Enterprise and Government and Health professionals.

That's where the money is....

BlackBerry...Get it done!!! ©

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As a paramedic I would love to have a native medscape type app. I used to use it a lot for drug reference and conditions reference. The android version works like crap on my BlackBerry and the selection in BlackBerry World is just atrocious.

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It depends. I personally have no interest in Amazon services or even their app store. The app store will be removed from my device as soon as 10.3 is installed. I certainly don't want Amazon shoved down my throat via BlackBerry. I only hope the app store helps BlackBerry regain its footing so that it can once again supply some native development.

I only use Amazon for that occasional DVD, book, album, or item purchase when I can get a good deal.

If there is to be any collaboration between the two, I hope that it is Amazon who uses BlackBerry's QNX and maybe even makes a BB10 tablet or other device (in addition to BlackBerry's own products). In other words, I'm supportive as long as BlackBerry remains BlackBerry and they're the one powering things. I'm also supportive as long as BlackBerry doesn't change in terms of my needs for a smartphone. I don't want them to make us use Android versions of Fb, Twitter, Maps, and other similar apps that currently exist on BB10. I'm hoping BlackBerry integrates news/rss into BB10 as well as make a finance tracking and stocks app.

emPowered by 

When the Amazon Fire fails (and it will) it'll only be the impetus for Amazon embracing an established, secure and agile platform that BlackBerry represents. The marketing power of Amazon will be BlackBerry's salvation.

On a related note, I applaud BlackBerry giving up the entertainment segment in BlackBerry World. These offerings only served as a distraction for what BlackBerry stands for, and now with a stronger emphasis on applications, along with what Amazon offers on the Android side, this development makes BlackBerry much more credible as a serious device.

Just last Thursday I was standing in line at a concession at PNC Park, and the guy behind me had a 9900. As I see so few BlackBerrys these days, I pointed this out to my wife, at which point our BlackBerry user said "corporate...we're the only ones still using them.".

And it's true. Really, the only ones who use BlackBerrys are those of us that want to get something done. As the rest of the smartphone market chases the entertainment dollar, the only phones that do real work will be BlackBerrys.

I do think Chen has that figured out.

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Prime already works on blackberry 10... just put your browser into desktop mode... not an app but it works

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I think Amazon collaboration with the app store could also help to push Amazon services into Canada if they made a deal to provide those services through BB10. For example, the full range of the Amazon Prime service which includes digital purchases and streaming for both music and video. That could be one of the reasons BlackBerry discontinued it's own music and video stores for the time being.

Lol how are you getting all these articles of your's published? They aren't even threads submitted in the Homepage Article Submission forums. Do you work at CB now?

I think I would love to see a tablet collaboration between the two of them. Release it under the Kindle name running 10.3.1 or higher. Let Amazon handle the thing, just license them the OS and have a "Powered by BlackBerry" logo on the box somewhere.

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I'm game for any collaborative efforts that lead to successful business. Amazon would make a great partner. Both companies have strengths that the other does not.

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A "libturd"? He's a tax-evading klepto capitalist who supports same sex marriage. #RWNJ

Via CB10, Z10 rocking official 10.2.1

once again you manage to amp me up CB! I just hope BlackBerry doesn't bring me down

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Remember that the first kindle fire was basically a re-branded playbook. Seems to me that a more direct collaboration for devices would be beneficial, as long as the security remains BlackBerry

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The app gap is still prevalent on Amazon products. This partnership has improved BlackBerry's position but it has not by any means solved the issue

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Not a bad idea to team up with Amazon to get a cheap, consumer device and Android apps to the masses, but need to keep high-end bold-like devices focused on security, privacy and productivity, IMHO.

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Yes BlackBerry should go fwd wit th amazon BlackBerry World needs more apps more big brand app

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This makes Blackberry dependent on Amazon. BlackBerry doesn't bring anything of value to the table which is the problem with this relationship. At any given time Amazon could dictate to Blackberry and hold them hostage with the app store. Google did the same with maps data to Apple, Google wouldn't give them turn by turn direction and voice navigation.

If you look at the Google/Apple relationship, Google only supports iOS because the Apple has a large user base and the user base overall is in a higher income bracket. Which is also the same reason you don't see Google apps on Windows Phone or Blackberry.

BlackBerry brings millions of potential users of the Amazon app store. There is a lot of value there. The snap numbers alone show there is a significant market available at the flip of a switch. Add movies, music and books and you've got quantifiable revenue and a user base which can attract those missing apps. Which creates more users and more revenue.

If BlackBerry plays this right it could be a win/win for everyone.

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Partnerships come with less risk and for "Enterprise" BlackBerry to team up with "Consumer" Amazon, I see this as a win win all around.

Can't wait to see where this might go.

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Fully Agree.
I can see many dumping the Android OS for BB10 due to knowing they can use Android Apps. They pretty much lose nothing. And end up gaining innovation and best BB10 to date.

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No. If I'm going to be violating my NDAs every time I use the phone then I might aswell go Android.

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Critics will never be silent as they'll just wine about some obscure app they happen to use that has a few hundred downloads in a store of millions.

As for more than phones if the fire phone is any indication amazon is even more out to lunch than BlackBerry is with regards to both features and price.

I don't care if other people want a bb10 device I wanted one and that's all that matters.

Yes not sure why Amazon is mucking around with Android. They should be using BB10 on its new device. That would differentiate them from the rest.
Utilize the best mobile OS in existence, BB10.

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Yes you should get together and make more than apps, I particularly buy my things in amazon and also I think they are a really good company

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I think that combining amazon's marketing skills with blackberry's technical knowledge could provide a 2 + 2 = 5 result!

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You know I would have loved to see Blackberry be able to get back on its own feet solo, but market is so saturated a company can't afford to play it fast and loose anymore. Blackberry is doing exactly what it needs to do to survive. John Chen has proven to be a competent CEO thus far. This move is only going to to help.


Once I heard about the joint venture. I was honestly hoping that the other leg to this deal was that the amazon phone ran on a variant of QNX or BB10.

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If the tools can be put in place so that developers can create apps for both Blackberry and Amazon devices without having to learn everything a new then this can be a good thing for developers. This would be even better if the tools could allso be used to create iOS, Windows, Firefox and Jolla apps thus creating true cross platform products with huge earnings potential.

It would be cool if this relationship will lead to a construction or at least Beta testing of a Kindle Fire OS on the PlayBook.

My guess...BlackBerry stabilizes it's revenue and operations over next 6 months. Then becomes 10B takeover target by Microsoft or Amazon...I guess time will tell.

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I think your bang on and I definitely think there is more collaboration going to happen and probably already is. For example perhaps project ion is a collaboration with amazon's cloud services which I understand are already huge.
Thanks for doing an article you did a good job)

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Why not Agree that Amazon should have chosen BlackBerry instead of making there own device come on Amazon would have made more sense...


This is a no brainer in the states "yes"
I'm on tmobile and I can't even purchase a phone from my carrier for heavens sake. Why not be able to purchase my phone through amazon, do you know how much of a headache it is to get a blackberry in the US nowadays. It is like pulling teeth with these people. All the while they are trying to preach to you about an "APPLE" a day or better yet try some of this ginger bread with ice cream. I say yes to blackberry-amazon lets get some synergy going like everyone else is doing around here!


If I want dam Droid apps I'll buy a Droid phone instead of one that only runs non-Google Play apps.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

I think you nailed it...the app store could just be the tip of the iceberg...just imagine if everything Amazon sold was securely connected through BlackBerry.

Eazzy Peazzy

A working agreement with Amazon is OK with me but I'd rather see an agreement with AT&T to get. timely software updates.

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Amazon street cred selling an awesome bb OS sounds good to me.
I think if Chen could properly get in bed with Amazon he's pulled a master stroke- don't fool yourselves, amazon are a big player and their name can open lots of doors- we'll see!
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Btw yes it's near impossible to attain a BlackBerry in the US. actually sprint doesn't even sell them, nor does Verizon but in the GSM level T-Mobile No longer sells BlackBerry and AT&T has it but I remember how it wasn't in stock and instead they pushed for the iPhone or Galaxy phones which I declined. The salesman actually got upset and laughed at me for searching for a BlackBerry Z10.. my break came when in November 2013 BlackBerry cut its price to 200$ online and I bought it!! Also the smaller carriers pre paid like Cricket Boost and Virgin don't sell BlackBerry either.. yet they do have the galaxy and iPhone

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Can I suggest that everyone who is in favour of this just buys an Android or iPhone, and a BlackBerry as a first/second device.
Keep BlackBerry a niche best in class communicator. Don't water it down with commercial partnerships. Email, bbm, productivity. I can get instagram on my Android or iPad thanks.
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Apps are one of the main thing Blackberry are struggling with right now so I think they should just work on them for now.

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Amazon is looking to pull your info and market to you. To sell things is the only reason the fire phone came into existence. I don't want amazon loading bloatware and looking to profit on me. No thanks..i think a phone or tablet collaboration would be terrible.

From my z30

As long as BlackBerry stays as an independent, Canadian company, I'm all for it.
I think it would be so awesome if Amazon implements BB10 or some form of the QNX into their future phones, tablets and electronics, that would benefit both companies and would be an interesting thing to see.

I'd like it if they integrate the stores into one, rather than two storefronts. Maybe just put a banner or tag on the apps from amazon.

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Applications for now, bigger ventures later. That's my best advice.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Spot on. Actually, I think Blackberry should take this further. Ink a deal with Samsung and share such features as Sshare (allowing file transfers between phones by just touching them), and other useful features. I'm not saying turn a Blackberry into an Android device, but get the feature set that will make consumers happy.

My snap-imported Android Amazon music app sucks. I hope BlackBerry and Amazon do some work to port or better yet, develop bb10 native Amazon apps. Otherwise their "partnership" will be a failure.

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As much as I like Amazon but their App Store is grap. As stated above, outdated Apps.

RedBerry Z10 #00167

Imagine: Project Ion = QNX powering AWS (amazon web services)! Now that would be trippy!

Great article, food for thought in there, and some really good ideas in these comments!

BRON: a cron-like scheduler for BlackBerry 10.

Nice article camera531. Really makes you think all the different possibilities.
I like the idea of testing the waters first. Let's see how this collaboration works and take it from there.

As far as wearables, it's my personal belief that this is a fade and may fizzle out before it even takes off. I can't see it in BlackBerry's best interest to follow this path. Of course I could be wrong, but I see a few obstacles. 1. They seem like more of a distraction rather than a useful tool for business professionals. 2. Recent sales analysis on BNN is proving the entire idea of companies telling grown ups what they need is starting to backfire. Like I said, I could be way off here, but I wouldn't want BlackBerry to take a risk like this when they're already making amazing tools to keep you moving. Why cloud the matter?


I keep coming across the same rumour over and over again; that BlackBerry had serious input to the Fire. Just how far that collaboration went I have no idea; whether it was the physical hardware, the OS, or both. It doesn't seem impossible for this to have happened especially in light of the recent agreement.

Absolutely! I think Amazon would be a great resource to advertise Blackberry Devices, and Amazon can offer them fulfillment on orders. I think this would be more beneficial than an app store agreement. Blackberry should still focus on their World store and advertise Blackberry approved and secure apps. I trust Blackberry native app over an android app.

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In my opinion, I think BlackBerry should cooperate with amazon far beyond apps. Online payment transaction...

Posted via CB10

What about BlackBerry money becoming a new payment option on Amazon website at checkout? Great possibilities from there. Think PayPal.

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I've found almost everything I've downloaded from Amazon to either my Z10 or Z30 are clunky slow or just crash. This partnership is useless if the apps don't work.

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The article makes some very interesting statements and has a positive spin. I also have high hopes for Chen however the Amazon deal gives me a bad feeling.

Tying in with the apps, why do they make apps that replicate web sites? Why not just browse to the web site?

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