ShortcutMe updates to version 6 - brings customizable home screen and more

By Jared DiPane on 11 Apr 2012 11:14 am EDT

Many of us love the speed that our BlackBerry brings along with it, you can easily pick up your device, get to what you need and get it done quickly. Over the years developers have worked on solutions to make things even easier, one of the popular ones being ShortcutMe. For those unfamiliar with ShortcutMe it is an application that allows you to gain quick and easy access to various applications on your BlackBerry device without needing to leave the home screen. They have been hard at work behind the scenes to bring new features to the table, and they have done just that with the latest release. Version 6 offers the same great functionality we have previously seen, but also adds:

  • Accepts plug-in functions
  • Added safe-mode for running macros
  • Fully customizable home screen with icon, weather, and battery shortcuts
  • Added free plug-in to automatically launch shortcut based on events 

If you are a current ShortcutMe user you will want to hop into App World and grab the paid update ($1.99), and if you have yet to make the purchase use the link below to grab it on sale.

For more information and to purchase ShortcutMe

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Reader comments

ShortcutMe updates to version 6 - brings customizable home screen and more


ShortcutMe has Macro feature. No other app has it.

ShortcutMe 6 has Event Launcher (launching a macro shortcut based on BB events). No other app has that either.

The list is long.

I love SCM and I'm open to paying a couple of bucks if the upgrade does something I want but don't know what else it will really do for me. There is already a way to launch macros with a date/time trigger and I'm not familiar with the other stuff.
Does anyone know if there is a youtube video on the upgrade features or something out there? I did not find one.

Google "ShortcutMe 6 released for all BB models" to see the CrackBerry post about its new features.

If you go to shortcutme . com / faq, you can find some links to YouTube movies.

Well kinda crap that I bought it 3 weeks ago for a full $5 and AppWorld is already prompting me for a $2 upgrade.

Wish the developer would actually do it like other BB App Vendors, free upgrade for people who bought it for the last month.

Yeah, I also just bought SCM maybe 2 weeks ago at the most myself for my new os7 BB phone. I had also bought it for my os4/5/6 phones before that.

I just bought it last week and now a paid upgrade! It's a great tool but now I wish I had know and I would have waited :(

It sounds like another Bellshare.... literally, a money grab. I mean yea its a cup of coffee...

Even apple will refund 100 for people who bought the ipad1 1mth earlier before the ipad2 was announced... and even some software vendors would do that.

ShortcutMe IMO should at least do something for people who've just owned the app for 1mth... 3mth ok.. a few weeks... just hurts to pay 2 bucks on top of 5

I had paid for it too. Then I thought: its only $2 for a good program. I tried to buy it. The 2 dollars were paid but I got an error message that I could not buy it as I already owed it. Therefore the upgrade did not take place and I lost $2. It appears to me that there a bug. Maybe there was no intention to charge those who paid. I will contact blackberry.

It is a problem with App World. It asks for another upgrade fee (to for those who have already chose to pay an upgrade fee to switch to ShortcutMe 6.


"App World Problem. Warning to ShortcutMe 6 owners"
to find a thread on CrackBerry that has links for you to upgrade to for free.

From there on, you can use In-App Updates feature to upgrade to newer (free) versions bypassing App World.