ShortcutMe updated to version 5.0

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By Ryan Blundell on 11 Nov 2010 03:00 pm EST

ShortcutMe is no stranger to the CrackBerry blogs. I had the opportunity to review the application over a year ago and I’ve continued to be impressed with each new version release. In a nut shell, ShortcutMe takes the idea of convenience keys to the extreme – allowing you to access multiple apps, browser bookmarks, reach out and call/email/SMS or Pin someone directly, and more.

ShortcutMe was the first app that introduced the multi-click feature, shortcuts with 3 key combinations, user input injection and cascaded shortcuts. Fonware didn’t want to stop there, oh no. Now, they also want ShortcutMe to be the first application to allow users to create their own macros, as well as let their macro shortcuts rock their BlackBerry the way they want it to. What this means is that you can now create a shortcut that will be able to launch an app, open the menu, select and open an item on the menu, enter a text and then push Enter key. This macro shortcut can be launched by hitting a key or multiple clicking Space or Convenience key and it can be added to a cascaded shortcut!

ShortcutMe has been updated to 5.0 and has brought along some much needed (and anticipated) features. The new version is OS 6 compatible for all BB devices (including the new 9780) and it has an improved upon 5 day weather forecast feature, that also shows wind speed, direction, humidity, etc. ShortcutMe is available from the CrackBerry App Store for $4.99 but is currently on sale today for 50% off. Hurry or else you'll miss this special promotion!

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Reader comments

ShortcutMe updated to version 5.0


It is a very good app for ppl who dont like to go from menu to menu and is a fast and easy way to access everything in you phone if you set macros. I tried the trial :)

QL is pretty awesome, however they dont support the Macro feature..

I tried SCM first a while back and then they did not have a lot of the features QL had. So I went with QL.. SCM and QL do well of mimicking eachoter (e.g. QL now supports the Multi-Click Feature). So I'm sure this new feature will be available in the next QL update. I just hope its soon, cause I was actually thinking that would be a cool feature the other day.. :)

Visually I enjoy QL better. Instead of Cascade menus they have submenus.

I guess the reason I like QL better because it looks more intergrated/native to the BB UI.

SCM looked very 3rd party to me.

Won a copy of 4.x some time ago from Crackberry. Paid this morning for the 5.0 upgrade. Worth every penny as far as I am concerned.

ShortcutMe was pretty hot to begin with, but now with multi-step macros it's becoming an scripting program that will take your BlackBerry use to a whole new level.

Way to go Fonware!

I would love to win a charging pod. would be so much nicer than using a plug in cord! Crackberry is always giving away great BB stuff! you are the best

Looks very robust. Probably really good for sending those quick message such as 'Just left work, be home in 20 mins', 'Arrived at work, call you at lunch time', or 'Driving, will call you back soon', or maybe even 'In a boring meeting playing with my BB creating macros with ShortcutMe 5.0' ;)

When I first explored ShortcutMe and Quicklaunch. THIS is what I had in mind! This is a REAL shortcut launcher.
I just created a macro to open my camera select macro and take the picture. Lots of cool stuff to configure now. Worth the 99cents to upgrade from 4.

Just added comments. Congrats to the SCM developers. This is a Huge leap forward. This opens up so many possibilities. Complete automation of tedious menu selecting and typing.
The camera is interesting. You could have it open the camera wait 10 seconds and take a pictue. Ya know like a point and shoot camera does with a timer.