Contest: ShortcutMe Gets an Update - 50 Free Copies!

By Ryan Blundell on 10 Jul 2009 01:34 pm EDT

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Near the end of May, we had a look at one of the shortcut applications available for the BlackBerry smartphone - ShortcutMe. Amongst its many features, the application allows you to add multiple shortcuts to one or both of your convenience keys. You can find ShortcutMe at the CrackBerry App Store. Sam from Fonware Ltd let me know that they've added a slew of requested features in recent updates. Here is a sample of the additions now available since our initial review:

  • Create shortcut to toggle Bluetooth
  • Airplane toggle mode: double click the convenience key to toggle all radios before boarding and after leaving the plane
  • Create shortcut to GPS Configuration page which makes it easier to toggle GPS and conserve battery life
  • New transparent, easy to use interface
  • Take screenshot images
  • View 5 day weather forecast for up to 4 cities
  • Create shortcuts to Media Explorer
  • Support for launching BlackBerry Wallet

We have 50 free copies of ShortcutMe to give away; all you have to do is leave a comment on this post for a chance to win. Contest entry ends Sunday at Midnight PST.

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Contest: ShortcutMe Gets an Update - 50 Free Copies!



I like the program especailly Multiclick feature and will probably replace quicklaunch. It would be nice if it had folders like Quicklaunch. Couldn't figure out how to add BIS mail separate from all messages email.

This sounds and looks like a great app! I'm constantly shuffling around the icons within my theme, this would solve that perfectly.

yep having multiple apps associated with a convenience key! I can now take flashlight off of my home screen!

This is a great App i will love to have it, also i think that is very usefull for me because i have a very bad memory, i hope to have a good luck and win this time. Thanks

I downloaded the trial version and throughly enjoyed the ease at which one could get to the features of the phone...not just the apps...hope i win a free copy ;-)