Contest: ShortcutMe Gets an Update - 50 Free Copies!

By Ryan Blundell on 10 Jul 2009 01:34 pm EDT

Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win!

Near the end of May, we had a look at one of the shortcut applications available for the BlackBerry smartphone - ShortcutMe. Amongst its many features, the application allows you to add multiple shortcuts to one or both of your convenience keys. You can find ShortcutMe at the CrackBerry App Store. Sam from Fonware Ltd let me know that they've added a slew of requested features in recent updates. Here is a sample of the additions now available since our initial review:

  • Create shortcut to toggle Bluetooth
  • Airplane toggle mode: double click the convenience key to toggle all radios before boarding and after leaving the plane
  • Create shortcut to GPS Configuration page which makes it easier to toggle GPS and conserve battery life
  • New transparent, easy to use interface
  • Take screenshot images
  • View 5 day weather forecast for up to 4 cities
  • Create shortcuts to Media Explorer
  • Support for launching BlackBerry Wallet

We have 50 free copies of ShortcutMe to give away; all you have to do is leave a comment on this post for a chance to win. Contest entry ends Sunday at Midnight PST.

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Reader comments

Contest: ShortcutMe Gets an Update - 50 Free Copies!



I love shortcut apps. I have just installed 'quicklaunch' and I love the easy access to the features that I use most. ShortcutMe. sounds like a great app to give more freedom as to what your convenience keys can do. Definitely worth a try :)

I've thought about trying this app to compare to QuickLaunch. Maybe winning it will motivate me to actually do it!=.

I've been thinking about buying QL but if I win this... and finally win something... I don't have to buy QL. Awesome!

new to blackberry! have the blackberry storm 9530 and i like it so far, i have tried a couple of apps but some were not that great and took them off but this app sounds like a useful one and since i travel a lot most of the features sound very handy! marc

pick me !! I want this , I am a shortcut freaks, I literally know all the shortcuts available. This is already helping me to be more productive, so guys please pick me , with cherry on top :)

I own a Blackberry 8330. I have had many phones but the Applications for Blackberrys amaze me. This ShortcutMe is another great looking program.The whole world should go Blackberry, and all it great programs. Weather I would win a copy or not I may own a copy of it anyways. Keep up the great work. Blackberry owners Unite. The world is going Blackberry.

For someone like me who's always running around and needing to get things done ASAP, this is a great product.

I would love to win it.

Great application. Short cuts are always the best way to go when running an application and not to mention the customization for this application is nothing short of fantastic.

I don't think I could be happier (well unless I got a copy of this free :-) )

Can I have it?

Actually, I'm a keyboard maniac. Anything I can get done without touching the wheel/pearl is great, so this would be perfect for me!

Thanks for the chance.

The 2 convenience keys on most current BlackBerry models are not enough!
Well, 2 might be enough, if they could point to more than 2 apps, throuhg double, triple, etc clicks!!!!
This apps fixed the inherent limitation a BlackBerry has!
Simply genius! :D

This App looks great. I could really use something like this. I hates scrolling through everything for what I want but dont like alot of icons on my screen either. this is perfect for me.

Pick me - A women in need of something new to learn! :) Just to prove to my dear husband that a women indeed can use a application like this on her blackberry bold instead of needing his iphone. giggle

Here's a comment,do you know how long you ave to scroll down the page to get to your selection? Its bloody mad,gonna need a new trackball if I keep up the addiction to the crackberry! Roxy

Short Cut?? I love short cuts...We have ways of getting things done faster??? Easier??? Too cool!!!
Okay, guess I sound like a noobie here :-P secrets out :-D.
This place is awesome man....I was so scared when I first got my BB because I am really challenged when it comes to "tech" stuff and to find this CB site was such a blessing because in my search to solve little issues I am finding such hidden treasures :-D.
Thanks for your to find out more about shortcuts.....smiles and giggles!!!

I like the simple idea of being able to type a couple letters and get what you want. I live for speed on my BB curve and think this makes sense. I know WM has stuff like this so it's nice to see it here too.

shortcuts are the best. they make me more productive, and giving certain apps shortcuts make them more use full. sometimes we need to use an app quick, or not at all. CRACKBERRY... shortcut my ass.... plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

This program saves me so much time. In my job I cannot afford to spend time clicking from one menu to another to find an application or to toggle on WiFi or Bluetooth, with Shortcutme it becomes possible to just pull up the application or place you need to go. Great work guys.

Would love a new free copy! Sitting here in Lima, Peru.... the Amazon and Andees on the doorstep!

great looking app-looks like it would speed things up a the ability to toggle just using the keys.

I could totally see that Airplane & GPS toggle being completely handy.

That screenshot-image taker is a nice bonus too.

A winner of an app got better? Well, let me try my luck here at winning a copy first. This has been on my short-list for a while to buy. Fingers crossed, free stuff rocks.