ShortcutMe on sale today only! - Get it for only $2.99

ShortcutMe for BlackBerry
By Zach Gilbert on 31 Mar 2012 09:37 am EDT

If you’ve been reading CrackBerry enough you’ll know that we are no stranger to ShortcutMe by Fonware Ltd. The app gives you the ability to create even more shortcuts on your BlackBerry. No longer will you be limited to the number of shortcuts that RIM has built into the BlackBerry OS. The developers of ShortcutMe have just us let us know that they’ve temporarily dropped the price of ShortcutMe in celebration of it being featured on BlackBerry App World. If you’ve been feeling a little short handed (see what I did there?) and could use the ability to make your own quick keys to apps and fuctions on your BlackBerry, then I suggest you take advantage of this deal.

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ShortcutMe on sale today only! - Get it for only $2.99


hmmm, I just looked at it in the App World. Although it says $2.99, when I go to buy it, it shows $4.99. I'll check throughout the day to see if this is corrected.

This is simply not fair to buyers.

Developers have a portal where they can change the price for their apps. That is what I have used. The rest is done by the App World application and servers.

Could this issue be because App World application doesn't always sync its data with the server?
If that is the case, then ALT + R S T in My World of App World should get App World to sync up.

MyOwnHotkeys (%33 off) and ShortcutMe (%40 off) are on sale today so that users can get both apps for the price of one.

This was done after many sent requests asking for a discount if they got both of those apps.

I am glad to see MyOwnHotKeys is on sale as well.

I notice that the back-end payments system is taking a long time to update. Not to promote another product but I saw BeReader (BerryReader) listed for $4.99 on Thursday evening and as of this morning (Saturday) the payment price is still listed as $9.99.

This is a huge bug. How can a store show one price but charge you more when you pay?
With this bug, App World behaves like an illegitimate store stealing money!

Anyway, as it is mentioned in my post below, either App World or Fonware will refund the extra money users end up paying.

I was waiting for this app to go on sale & when it did a few days ago - I grabbed a copy & man am glad I did!

Fully recommended for everyone! Even newbies who don't know the meaning of 'Macro' can use this because, well, the support team and support community is friggin awesome & they'll simply code macros for you if you need it that way!

Go get 'em!

Ditto to OP. It comes up as $4.99 when you go to submit the payment, not the advertised $2.99. What gives?

Rockin' the 9900

Anyone who ended up (or ends up) paying more than advertised, please send an email to
help at blackberry dot com and CC
support at fonware dot ca

I am sure App World will refund you the extra money they have incorrectly charged you.
If not, Fonware will refund you that money. So, one way or another you will get your money back.

I also bought it and sent an email out. I look forward to using this app - it has great reviews!

if the developer changes the price then it takes appworld server 24 to 48 hours to refresh. so if the app was $4.99 and then changed to sale price $2.99 it will look like $2.99 in preview mode but when you purchase it might show up as $4.99.

Thanks for clarification. This is most likely the case now. What I don't understand is that it did not happen last time the price was reduced.

It is odd that App World application doesn't send the price (the price shown to user) along with other info it sends to its server when user wants to buy an app.
If it was sending the price info, the server could then either use that price, or sync itself with the database where the real price is stored.

I havent received any response from Blackberry... What should We do? (people who paid £5 / $4.99)???

Sounds nice ... << However, warning: FONWARE ShortCutMe does not work, and disables the phone for voice calls after installation ! >>. I purchased a new BB Bold 9900 about three weeks ago, downloaded and installed the latest 7.1 OS software, everything worked fine; and then I purchased ShortCutMe from FONWARE and installed it -- and the very next phone call resulted in connecting the phone call << but silence for both parties on the call >>, very frustrating. Repeated numerous times. ShortCutMe generates an error message dealing with incorrect mapping of the keypad keys after installation; but I did nothing regarding the keypad mapping after installation, I just placed a call. I e-mailed FONWARE tech support numerous times, and provided much more detail than this to them, with little information coming back. FONWARE, PLEASE SOLVE IT.
- AstroImager1