ShortcutMe on sale today only - Get it for $2.99

By Adam Zeis on 23 Mar 2012 11:57 am EDT

ShortcutMe is a great little app that can really improve how you get things done on your BlackBerry. It allows you to create your own custom shortcuts and macros so you can speed up common tasks and increase your productivity. Create shortcuts for apps, macros to compose email or sms messages, toggle settings and much more. Features include:

  • 150 fully customizable shortcuts for major BlackBerry® applications and tasks.
  • Assign 3 applications to each convenience key.
  • Assign 3 applications to Space key (Only for devices with full QWERTY keypads).
  • Create your own shortcuts to do various tasks i.e. toggle Bluetooth or launch apps
  • Use Direct Launch feature to launch apps without even creating a shortcut for it.
  • Cascade your shortcuts so that they run one after the other (Leaving Home shortcut, where ShortcutMe turns off WiFi, Turns on Bluetooth, Turns on cellular radio and launches your favorite music so that you can hear it in the car stereo system. All of that by for example just double clicking the Space or side key.

ShortcutMe also fully integrates with NFCShortcuts - so if you use NFC on your BlackBerry 7 device, you'll want to have this app so you can go NFC wild! You can grab ShortcutMe for just $2.99 today only in BlackBerry App World.

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ShortcutMe on sale today only - Get it for $2.99


whoooo doesn't use it? since they invented the quicksearch, it's pretty much needed to use both search AND the oldschool shortcuts.

To have a nice user interface, it uses Blackberry's screeshot feature to take a screenshot and draw itself on top of it.

Does anyone know what time the sale will end (midnight Eastern Time or 12 AM Pacific Time)? There is something funky with my payment setting in app world and I won't be able to fix until I get home from work.

The sale is planned to end at 11:59 PM (PST, about 9 hours from now). Hopefully you are home before that.


I noticed that current version is 5.9.6 and you have been constantly adding improvements to the app. Is version 6 coming out soon and will there be a charge to upgrade from version 5.x?

(ShortcutMe will also be on sale today (%40 off) because of request from buyers in Asia who where sleeping when the sale was announced.)

Since 3 years ago, ShortcutMe had 51 free upgrades and 1 paid ($0.99).
In the same period, competitors have requested 3 paid upgrades each for ($1.99).

I am constantly working on developing/testing new versions. If I were you, I would take advantage of the sale now and get it for %40 off.
Even if the future version ended up as paid, it will be less than what you save on sale today.
That also means that you can faster get your hands on macros (your own macros)