ShortcutMe is all set for OS 7 - 20% off today only!

ShortcutMe 5.7
By Ryan Blundell on 18 Aug 2011 02:32 pm EDT

So you’ve picked up your new BlackBerry running OS 7 and you’re looking through the CrackBerry AppStore to see which apps you can install. ShortcutMe is one of the most popular shortcut creating applications available. As I’ve said many times before, it increases the number of functions available on your convenience key. No more are you limited to one application; now you have multiple applications and can make use of macros to take shortcuts even further. You can set it to go to a favourite mobile site, and paste information in a text box from your clipboard (just an example). Sam, from Fonware, let us know that the most recent version of ShortcutMe, version 5.7 is OS 7 ready. The application now runs the Bold 9900/9930 and Torch 9810. Support for the Torch 9850 and 9860 will follow soon.

New in 5.7:

  • Added NFC_Toggle function. (all other toggle features are intact and functional, but thanks to macros in ShortcutMe you can always make your own toggle functions or correct them if they are toggling the wrong item)
  • Added GetTime macro GetTime returns device clock. It can be used to control the flow in your macros based on time of the day.
  • Keypad Stroke Launching You can now launch your shortcuts just by moving finger on the virtual keypad, a very quick and convenient way of launching shortcuts.
  • Swipe to Switch You can now swipe your finger (top of the BB screen) toward left to switch between ShortcutMe views (Main menu, Direct launch, Stroke View, MultiClick View).
  • Swipe to Edit You can now swipe your finger (on a shortcut) towards right to open Edit page for that shortcut.
  • Launch shortcuts by multiple clicking a media key A shortcut in ShortcutMe 5.7 can be launched directly by multiple clicking a media key if you have MediaKeyBooster app.
  • True One Click Shortcut Launch A shortcut in ShortcutMe 5.7 can be launched directly by entering a hot key on BB Home Screen if you have MyOwnIcons application.
  • Auto virtual keypad hide when 99xx keypad is used.

For Today only, ShortcutMe is available for 20% off the regular price of $4.99. You can pick up ShortcutMe from the CrackBerry App Store.

More information/download ShortcutMe for BlackBerry smartphones

Reader comments

ShortcutMe is all set for OS 7 - 20% off today only!


A new version just for OS7? Backwards compatible so if say.....I don't keep an OS7 device, will it work on OS6 devices?

SCM version 5.7 and later will run on BB OS 7 and later.
This morning ShortcutMe was updated (mobihand & channels) to for all other BB devices that run on BB OS to 6.x.x.x.

Even that this version (5.7) is not backward compatible, all of its new features will be ported back (if feasible) to ShortcutMe for other BB models running earlier OS than 7.

Both SCM 5.7 and are compatible with MyOwnIcons and MediaKeyBooster (this is already tested by many users).

Excellent, I waited on ordering a new phone until i knew if this app would be upgraded for os 7.0-most used app on my phone, can't live without it!

OK- I'll say it...

Why do the graphics look all 1997ish? Reminds me of playing Doom on my Pentium II.

Fonts are taken from BBs own fonts, so are the keys in the keypad (taken from virtual keypad on the new 9860 running BB OS 7).
So unless you are an iPhone fan, you have to get used to this new look.

Times New Roman isn't the only font available. It's just my opinion, but this app looks cluttered and not appealing at all.

Vijik, maybe you should make one screenshot for every font found on BlackBerry so that maybe this guy likes one of them!!!!

The funny thing is that he doesn't have any second thought about the possibility that Times New Roman might only be one of the fonts on this app.

This is a terrific app. Indispensable. Thanks for updating it so quickly!

Installed on my 9810.

Very useful application. It has many features but I am a big fan of its macro feature.

Its customer support is also excellent. I got professional help regarding macros before and also a very quick response today when I had problem with installing it.

Keep up the good work!

Does anyone know if this will give a Cyrillic (Russian) on-screen keyboard on the 9900 when the phone input language is changed?

Pure epicness now in OS7, macros, scheduling and key mapping.

Blackberry users complaining about graphics? errr there havent been any good graphics in blackberry smartphones since their creation. Can't get "liquid" graphics because they get all fancy now...

Either way, functionality wins over bling this time, not to mention that the screen looks fine without a wallpaper, it has transparency and it looks fine.