ShopCrackBerry Update: More BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboards shipping out today!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 May 2012 02:27 pm EDT

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BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboards Shipping

A week ago I was on location at our US e-commerce facility in Florida to help receive our first batch of long overdue BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboards. If you missed the video we recorded thanking everybody for their patience, be sure to watch it!

The Mini Keyboard is a hot seller with PlayBook owners and we're still catching up on backorders, but we're *almost* caught up. The store team just emailed me the photo above showing we received yet another shipment - another 200 keyboards will be shipping out the door before the end of the day. To all those who have had to wait on this one, thanks again for the patience, and we appreciate your continued support!

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ShopCrackBerry Update: More BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboards shipping out today!


Thanks, Kev. I received an email saying it was shipped yesterday night. Looking forward to getting it :).

Anyone is having trouble when you connect the Keyboard and try to browse? Because when I connect the keyboard browsing is awful it slike it cuts a lot. I have to disconnect it to have smooth browsing


I think Kevin signed my shipping box with a Thanks!

I haven't had any issues yet with the keyboard. I've had it for about 5 days. I do with the person who designed the power button would have done a better job. It's a little hardware to press than before when inside the new keyboard / case.

32GB Playbook
BB Bluetooth Keyboard

I was trolling Future Shop in Westbank BC and looking at me was the new BB Keyboard and case. YAHOO now I dont have to internet shop. Took one home with me. This keyboard is fantastic, I hate typing on glass. Very easy to setup and now learning curve in its use. Overall a great product. Keep it up BB. So looking forward to BB10.

I just put in an order and received a notice it's in back order. Called customer service and was told it'll take about two week to ship. They are waiting for another big shipment to come in.
I use my PB to watch youtube video and practice music. If I like a song, I'll find a lyric for it and add chords. Currently the virtual keyboard doesn't cut it for me. I ordered two one for my grandpa. I tried to steer him away from his old laptop. He doesn't need printing feature. He use it mainly for game, read news, and email. If this work out I'll get another two for my parents.
Hopefully I'll get it soon.

You guys better hurry and get these keyboards I just got confirmation from someone on the Playbook team that works for RIM that 2.1 dev beta is coming SOON!!! Also there is reason to believe we will have a totally rebuilt browser in this update along with all the other goodies you've heard about!


crackberry talks mainly about playbooks anymore !
more people have hand helds thats what BB is
not tablets. BB 10 !

Got my email today.... should have it by Tuesday! Yay!
Thanks Kevin and ShopCrackberry for all your hard work in getting these shipments out the door.. very much appreciated.

How depressing. :(

Mine finally arrived today after 2 long months of waiting.
I opened the box to find the Silica pack exploded and the fine grit was everywhere! Silica looks and feels like fineshards of glass. It was embeded in the leather, and was in and around every key on the keyboard.

If I want a replacement, I have to wait another few months (with no ETA).